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This gun’s range is borderline absurd, and its low recoil means that you rarely have to bother to “aim” it. You’ll need to pair this with a viable close-range option to get the most out of it, but it’s an easy gun to love. 

Swiss K31

There’s a very good chance that most sniper rifles are going to survive the next round of Warzone nerfs, and if that proves to be the case, then the Swiss K31 could become one of the new meta’s biggest stars. 

This is just a well-balanced, reliable, and potentially powerful sniper rifle that has everything you’d want from such a gun outside of raw stopping power. It might just be a little better than the Kar98k at the moment. 


The EM2 is the new assault rifle on the block, which also means that it has a pretty good chance of surviving any incoming nerfs. 

That’s good news for AR fans, as the EM2 is another long-range option that feels like it has the potential to simply dominate. This is an accurate weapon with respectable stopping power that could very well become one of the best overall options in the game. 

Bruen MK9

The Bruen is in kind of a weird spot at the moment. It’s not nearly as powerful as it used to be, and it’s honestly hard to recommend it as a longer-range option over some of the guns we’ve previously mentioned. 


At the start of Season Five, your Season Level will refresh to Level 1, and your progress will resume from the highest Prestige Level you achieved previously. This season offers four additional Prestiges to achieve across the first levels, as well as a new Weapon Blueprint:

·      Level New Prestige, Emblem, Prestige Key, Weapon Blueprint, and Battle Pass Tier Skip

·      Level New Prestige, Emblem, Prestige Key, and Battle Pass Tier Skip

·      Level New Prestige, Emblem, Prestige Key, and Battle Pass Tier Skip

·      Level All Season Challenges Available

·      Level New Prestige, Emblem, Prestige Key, Battle Pass Tier Skip, Master Prestige Calling Card

·      Levels –1, New Prestige Key every 50 levels

This means you can earn four new Prestige Levels during Season Five — now 23 in total — and you can always catch up to the latest available Prestige if you didn’t reach it during the previous season.

Reach Level in Season Five to achieve the title of Prestige Master for this season. This changes your Season Level color and grants you the ability to personalize your Prestige Icon with Legacy Prestige Icons, or customize your Player Profile with Calling Cards from previous Call of Duty® games, simply by spending some of your hard-earned Prestige Keys at the Prestige Shop. Prestige Keys can also purchase exclusive Weapon Blueprints, such as the Legendary “Confrontation” assault rifle or the “Dark Horse” SMG that both came during Season Four Reloaded.

You can continue past Level all the way to Level 1, during Season Five, and receive Prestige Key milestone rewards at every 50 levels along the way.

Finally, don’t forget that your Prestige-leveling journey is synchronized with Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, meaning you can progress through Season Levels and increase your Prestige Level by earning XP in any of the three titles!

Look for more details about the Season Five update’s file size for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone at the beginning of next week.

Now execute the mission.

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Call of Duty Season 5 release date, guns, leaks, Warzone changes, and more

There isn't much time left in Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The new season, Season 5, set to arrive in the first week of August will be here very, very soon. But fret not: Here is everything you need to know, so far, about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5, from its release date to the new Operators, weapons, and other exciting changes coming to Verdansk.

When is the release date for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5?

On July 30, Infinity Ward announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 will begin on August 5.

The announcement was made on a major Instagram post that not only announced the August 5 release date, but also a hint at some big pieces of new content.

What new guns and changes will Season 5 add to Call of Duty:Modern Warfare?

Generally speaking, a new season of Call of Duty includes a slew of new updates for players to enjoy. That means new Operators and Operator skins, new guns and weapons, new maps, changes to the wide-open Verdansk map in Warzone, and a slew of game patches to better balance the competitive gameplay.

In a blog post for Season 5, Infinity Ward introduced the Shadow Company, a new in-game faction within the Allegiance who represent the changing dynamics of the ongoing battle in Verdansk. Players will get to choose Shadow Company Operators in both multiplayer matches as well as the stand-alone battle royale game, Warzone.

What do you want to see from Call of Duty and future Warzone updates? Take our poll!

Some early leaks, based on what enterprising fans find in the game's files, may reveal what guns are coming to Modern Warfare. Based on several June 11 tweets from well-known leakers in the Call of Duty fan community, weapons like the Spas shotgun (remembered from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in ) and the Intervention, a sniper rifle also from Modern Warfare 2 may return to the series in Season 5.

How will Warzone change in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5?

Late in Season 3, Infinity Ward introduced bunkers to the open field of Verdansk. These bunkers acted as ominous teasers for the Call of Duty game, rumored to be titledCall of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Due to the inclusion of inactive nukes and several other uncovered secrets, fans started speculating Season 4 would cause some extreme changes to Verdansk. Like, blowing it up.

That hasn't happened, yet, so it's unknown just how much Warzone's map will change in Season 5 if at all. That being said, Video Games Chronicle claims from sources that the football (or rather, futbol) stadium, a key landmark in the game, will open its doors to have an interior space for players to bunker down, regroup, and find more loot. A moving supply train is also expected to appear on the map sometime during Season 5.

This isn't a big change to Warzone necessarily. But due to the sheer size of the stadium, it may be a big change for the map, as the open space may allow players to think of a new strategy as they drop into Verdansk with their crew.

Who are the new Operators for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5?

Just as Season 4 introduced Captain "Mr. Mutton Chops" Price, Gaz, and Roze to the roster of playable multiplayer Operators, Season 5 is sure to add even more.

On a July 30 Activision blog, Infinity Ward revealed Shadow Company, a new group within the Allegiance. As Infinity Ward summarized, Shadow Company is a "splintger group" made up of "Allegiance Operators who have grown impatient with Coalition progress under the command of Captain Price."

"[F]ormed without compromise, ready to take the war directly to Mr. Z and into Verdansk and deal with terrorist threats directly," wrote Infinity Ward.

Shadow Company is made up of three characters:

  • Roze, an already-released Operator formerly with the Jackals.
  • Velikan, a mostly-unknown Operator who, like Krueger, prefers to hide his identity. "A shadow of a shadow."
  • Marcus "Lerch" Ortega, a former U.S Marine who re-entered combat when civilian life bored him. He is considered the leader of Shadow Company.

One more character for Season 5 is rumored: A character named "Woods," which Call of Duty players theorize may be Frank Woods, a crossover character originating from the separate Call of Duty: Black Ops series. Because the Warzone bunkers are (again, theorized) teasers for the next Call of Duty game, fans believe Frank Woods is being kept prisoner somewhere in Verdansk. And there are two solid pieces of evidence that they may be right.

First, an Easter egg — part of a collection of "Intel" found in Warzone — was uncovered by a YouTuber, TheGamingRevolution. It is a printout of a brief conversation shared by two unknown speakers. The conversation discusses "prisoner" that one speaker decides to "Put him in the spire box. Let him rot."

The description sounds vaguely close to Frank Woods, a supporting (and sometimes leading/playable) character in the Black Ops series. First appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops in , Woods memorably had to be rescued from a shipping container containing rotten corpses in a story mission in 's Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

The second piece of evidence are leaked audio files, all identified as belonging to a "Woods." Little is known about these recordings except it was not done by original Frank Woods actor James C. Burns.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 is expected to begin in August

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Modern Warfare Season 5

Modern Warfare Season 5 RELOADED LIVE: Release Date, Patch Notes, Games Of Summer, Road Map, Weapons, Maps, Warzone News, Battle Pass Rewards, Operators And Everything You Need To Know

Season 5 of Modern Warfare and Warzone is just a few weeks in and the midseason update is already here.

With the new update, the rumoured Games of Summer finally arrives along with the brand new LMG weapon the 'FINN'.

Along with a new Gunfight map, new modes will also be added to the game plus an expected weapon balance and bug fixing patch.

Here's everything we know about Modern Warfare Season 5 Reloaded.

Click the links below to read more:

Latest News

Season 5 Reloaded Update Is Now Live! - 24th August

The Season 5 Reloaded update is now live across all platforms and ready for download.

The download sizes are:

  • PS4: GB
  • Xbox: GB
  • PC: GB (WZ) & GB (MW)

Check out the patch notes here.

Here's how to download the update faster.

Season 5 Reloaded Road Map- 24th August

The mid-season update is arriving early in Modern Warfare and Warzone, just 3 weeks after it started.

click to enlarge
+ 4

Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes for version

Update Patch Notes

Download Sizes

  • PS4: GB
  • Xbox: GB
  • PC: GB (F2P) / GB (Premium)

Playlist Update

Modern Warfare

  • Ground War
  • Ground War Reinforce (32 players)
  • Blueprint Gunfight
  • Shoot the Ship
  • Face Off Verdansk Stadium (2v2)


  • BR Solos
  • BR Duos
  • BR Trios
  • BR Quads
  • Plunder: Quads
  • King Slayer Trios

General Fixes

  • Ground War: You can now spawn on APCs even while they're in combat, just as long as the vehicle isn’t low on health
  • You can now inspect your weapon during infil sequences!
  • Fix for a bug where players could see Tracker footprints on the ground after respawning, even when they don’t have the perk equipped
  • Fix for an issue where the Riot Shield could appear sideways in the preview screen
  • Also, fixed a bug where the Riot Shield could appear crooked in the squad walk
  • Fixed a bug where using Flaming Throwing Knives would not reset Dead Silence
  • Season 5 Week 1 challenge reads: "Call in the Personal UAV Killstreak 7 Times." Should be written as Personal Radar
  • The Week 1 challenge reads: "Play 3 matches with Wyatt and your Coalition Operator". Using and instead of as
  • Fix for an issue where the scoreboard could reflect inaccurate information when going from a multiplayer match to a Warzone match
  • Fixed a bug where some users were unable to unblock players
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘World Eater’ calling card appeared animated, although it should be a static image
  • Fix for an issue where partially watching the killcam and then skipping it, can sometimes result in reduced respawn time
  • Various fixes to help the Tomogunchi Turbo watch function as intended
  • Fixed an issue where the Stopping Round Field Upgrade could become unlimited after using two of the same weapon


  • Adjusted weapon stats graphs to better match rate of fire and post-launch weapon balancing
  • Fix for a bug where tracers could lose their impact VFX when the ammunition is changed from the default NATO ammunition on the M4
  • Sniper – Thermal Scope: lowered optic resolution and reduced thermal range
  • Adding ‘HEI’ (High Explosive Incendiary) label to cosmetic dismembering ammo types


  • Fix for an issue where the gas mask could become invulnerable
  • Fixed a bug where the yellow highlighting of your name in the Squad widget was missing from BR Buy Back
  • Fix for a bug where the parachute could open randomly when jumping over certain areas of the map
  • In BR Quads, the player's minimap icon had both the downed icon and arrow when the player started the Most Wanted contract. This has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug where the loot dropped from a squadmate who died in the gulag would be available for other squad members to pick up if they enter the same gulag
  • Fixed a bug where players will observe no ping audio from a spectator creating world pings
  • Various fixes for issues with Self Revive:
    • Players may see no UI for Self Revive after buying it at a kiosk, then see the Self Revive 'Use' UI right before the player dies when downed but too late to be able to revive themselves
    • Players may see no UI for Self Revive and when downed, they are able to use a Self Revive
    • Players may be unable to buy a Self Revive at a kiosk stating "The player already has this item", despite not having one in their inventory

Call of Duty League

  • Fixed a bug where barrels with integrated suppressors were still available


  • Improved stability and performance
  • Fixed an issue that caused screen resolution to be higher than native resolution at render resolution when in fullscreen borderless mode
  • Fixed an issue that could lock FOV to 60 after playing a game of Ground War

When Will Season 5 of Modern Warfare Start?

The new season will begin on the 25th August at 11pm PT/ 7am BST.


Modern Warfare Season 5 Maps

Amongst the new maps being added are Suldal Harbor (6v6), Petrov Oil Rig (6v6), Livestock (Gunfight) and Verdansk International Airport (Ground War).

The focus of Season 5 was around Verdansk Stadium now being opened and in the mid-season update, we're getting it as a Gunfight map.

The pitch level of the larger Stadium is the featured play space and much smaller in Gunfight - remember to use those tents, crates and other obstacles for cover.

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THE CROWD GOES WILD: Stadium arrives in Gunfight

Modern Warfare Season 5 Weapons

The new weapons in this season's battle pass are the ISO SMG and AN Assault Rifle.

Alongside them, in the mid-season update, is the FiNN LMG.

The FiNN LMG will punch well above its weight against many of the existing LMGs.

This new LMG can be earned by completing an in-game challenge or a blueprint variant can be acquired by purchasing the “Mainframe” bundle.

An agile, mobile, and hostile tank of an LMG, the FiNN’s ultra-light and open-bolt design is uniquely paired with advanced recoil controls.

This all adds up to a weapon with exceptional full-auto accuracy while still being lightweight, allowing for a unique playstyle that further blurs the line between an assault rifle and LMG.

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FINNESSE: The new agile LMG arrives in the mid-season update

Call of Duty: Warzone

New Mode: King Slayer

King Slayer is large-scale Team Deathmatch on Battle Royale where teams fight to earn points by defeating hostile players.

However, the circle doesn’t collapse, rather it moves around the map for an agile battle on the go. The top five team’s top-scoring player will be marked as a ‘king’ on the Tac-Map. Eliminate kings to get additional points and be awarded a free Killstreak.

Games Of Summer

For the first time in Call of Duty franchise history, community members from around the world can represent their country in easy-to-play, hard-to-master, single-player Trials of skill.

By earning medals in each Trial, competitors will prove which country’s Tier One Operators are truly the best in the world.

Within the 'Games of Summer', there are five Trials. These miniature experiences are similar to those introduced at Modern Warfare’s launch and in post-launch Season updates.

Trials will be available for Modern Warfare and free-to-play Warzone players, starting on August 28 at 10am PT/6pm BSTPlayers will have unlimited entries, meaning you can keep playing them to set your best time or score and go for Gold.

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GAME TIME: Summer of Games is the Call of Duty Olympics

Shadow Company

Alongside Season 5 comes a new faction for Modern Warfare and Warzone.

The Shadow Company have arrived in Call of Duty with a selection of operators to represent them.

Let's check out what we know about Shadow Company and what they'll bring to Call Of Duty.

Who Are The Shadow Company?

The Activision Blog reveals:

"An elite PMC, Shadow Company operates outside the boundaries of the original Armistice. Forged from the fires of in-fighting between the Coalition and the Allegiance, Shadow Company has a framework and agenda all of their own."

"Shadow Company is a splinter group formed without compromise, ready to take the war directly to Mr. Z and into Verdansk and deal with terrorist threats directly."

Shadow Company are an organisation that operates without pretence and operate under their own terms.

All members of Shadow Company have formal military experience and are experts in their field.

Who Are The Shadow Company Operators Coming To Modern Warfare and Warzone?

Shadow Company will bring with it a trio of operators with a diverse range of skills.

Shadow Company consists of Rozlin “Roze” Helms (formerly Jackals), Velikan,  and Marcus “Lerch” Ortega, the Company’s leader.

The Activision Blog has some interesting details on each of the operators, check it out below:

  • Lerch hails from Plano, Texas and is a former member of the U.S. Marine Corps. Known on the battlefield for his enthusiasm and success in regards to eliminating the enemy, it was better to have Lerch with you rather than against you. Following USMC, civilian life didn’t suit Lerch, so he re-entered the fight in the private sector and is considered a one-man force multiplier. When the Shadow Company CEO came across Lerch’s dossier, he was the perfect combination of skill and moral flexibility. There’s no contract Lerch won’t take on nor challenge he won’t face which is how he finds himself in Verdansk leading the other Operators of Shadow Company.
  • Not much is known about Velikan. Dressed in full body armor for protection in battle and to hide his identity, little is confirmed about this Operator. A shadow of a shadow. Tales of his exploits are written off as fairytales at best and gross exaggerations at worst. Those who know him never speak ill of him. Whether it’s due to fear or respect, no one knows. 
  • Rozlin “Roze” Helms joined the Shadow Company after migrating from the Allegiance faction Jackals. Previously, Roze cut ties with the Armed Services and returned to support her family and ailing father. Periodically in contact with Mace, now a PMC who left the Army after abandoning his post in protest of combat orders he deemed illegal, Roze gained entry into the Jackals mercenary group. Now Roze is letting her skill prove her worth as she provides support to Shadow Company while remaining on cordial terms with Mace. 

Season 5 Battle Pass Rewards

There will be Tiers of content, some of which will be free, but the rest requires players to purchase the Pass for 1, CoD Points.

The Battle Pass traditionally features an array of weapons, blueprints, emblems, stickers, charms, calling cards, watches, operator skins, vehicle skins, finishing moves, XP tokens and COD Points.

Each pass has had a featured Operator for you to obtain as an instant reward with a special skin once you reach max rank; this season features Lerch.

Rodion also shows his alliance to Shadow Company with the “Archangel” skin and Mission.

As well as Lerch’s evolving skin and Rodion’s “Archangel” outfit, expect a number of additional skins (with associated Operator Missions) as you progress through the Battle Pass.

There’s the “Safeguard” Otter skin, “Lynx” Domino skin, Joint Task Force Mil-Sim skin, “Honcho” Yegor skin, “Pursuit Special” Wyatt skin, “Chill Pill” Syd skin, “Jackdaw” Talon skin, and the “Cut and Run” skin for Iskra. Lastly, if you’re wanting to defeat a foe with a savaging from the jet-black beak of an attack Raven, be sure to equip the “Nevermore” finisher!

The ultimate Season Five Battle Pass reward is the “Rook” skin for Roze, as well as “The Veil” vehicle skin, and more. Shoot for “The Company’s Might”; negative tracer rounds for Assault Rifle Lima to fill your foes with fear as well as projectiles!

The Season Five Battle Pass system enables you to obtain two new weapons: the ISO SMG (Tier 15) and the AN assault rifle (Tier 31) that all players in Modern Warfare including Warzone can earn for free, just for playing the game.

This season, players can also get a trio of Wartracks to play whilst driving vehicles. Expect a dark and brooding look to many of the Battle Pass items in-keeping with the arrival of Shadow Company.

These include a variety of vehicle skins like the “Tarrasch” (ATV) and “Siege Tower” (Cargo Truck). Continue your matte black vehicle collection with the “Night Ranger” (SUV) skin. Check out all the vehicle skins in the Battle Pass system and equip them in the Vehicle Customization menu.

You'll be able to purchase 20 Tier skips for 2, CoD points, too.

If you managed to grind your way through the battle pass for Season 4, you should have earnt enough points to buy the Season 5 pass for free.

Read More: Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 5: All Battle Pass Tiers And Rewards

Spec Ops

The Spec Ops mode is receiving less love as time goes on, although a few new maps have been added to the survival mode.

There are no planned updates for Spec Ops this time around.

Season 5 Operators

A new season means new Operators and as more campaign characters are added to the mix, there are plenty that could still arrive.

Last season we had Captain Price starring alongside Gaz and Roze, but who could join alongside him?

Shadow Company will be joining the new season with Marcus “Lerch” Ortega as the Battle Pass Operator with Velkin and Morte arriving later on.

In the mid-season update, we'll also be getting Morte, who is a spaghetti western-loving gunslinger ready to lay down the law for the Coalition.

Sergio “Morte” Sulla hails from Italy and is a skilled tracker who loves the Old West. Served with the legendary Col Moschin paratrooper regiment in Italy before being selected to join Warcom.

Season 5 Game Modes

The new season arrived with Bare Bones and S&D Double Down.

Now we're getting more new modes.

Ground War Gets Reinforced

In this Ground War mode variant, three flags are positioned towards the centre of the map, in a similar manner to Domination mode.

If you or a teammate are downed, you enter Spectator mode instead of respawning, rejoining the battle only after a new flag is secured by your teammates. Claim all three flags and you automatically win the round. Win enough rounds, and your massive platoon will all earn the victory.

Gunfight Tournaments

Gunfight tournament winners will be rewarded with XP, high tier cosmetic rewards, and bragging rights as victors of the summer tournament.

All players can join in the tournament during the Free Access Weekend from August 28 to September 2 featuring the Gunfight Tournament playlist.


Check out our Season 5 guides here:

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5 guns modern warfare season

Warzone Season 5 - map updates, fresh weapons, and a new Gulag

Warzone Season 5 has launched, bringing some big changes and a lot of new content to the multiplayer battleground. Once you've installed that beefy update file, clocking in at around 13GB on consoles and 19GB on PC, you'll be able to jump into combat and see exactly what's changed in Warzone, as well as trying out the new Operator and working towards unlocking a couple of fresh weapons. As always, there's a lot of information to take in and some of the revisions won't be immediately obvious, so let us bring you up to speed with all the biggest changes in Warzone Season 5.

Warzone on-demand texture streaming | Warzone Tempered perk | Warzone Combat scout perk | Warzone Season 5 weapon changes

New Points of Interest have been added

Warzone Season 5 introduces two new Points of Interest to Verdansk, though these aren't a simple as a couple of fresh areas. Instead, you'll find Mobile Broadcast Stations that offer significant loot rewards, but change locations each match to keep players on their toes, and when you find one you should bear in mind the ominous warning to "keep your head and tune out the broadcast each one emits." The description of the other new Point of Interest has been heavily redacted, so all we know so far is the location has "gone off grid" and will play an important role in "discovering and stopping Stitch."

The way Red Doors work has changed

The Warzone Red Doors that players have been using to teleport around the map have been updated, and may now send you to unexpected random locations other than the loot-filled room that was previously the standard destination. This is apparently due to the arrival of the aforementioned Mobile Broadcast Stations in Warzone Season 5, so we'll need to see what effect they have on journeys through those mysterious doors.

Rush is the brand new Gulag

Once you're eliminated for the first time and shipped off for a survival one-on-one, you'll find yourself in a very different Gulag for Warzone Season 5. If you're a veteran of Black Ops 2 then you may recognise this location as the speedball arena from the Rush map, and with various obstacles blocking your line of sight plus new Gulag loadouts available, you'll need to master this fresh arena to stay in the fight.

EM2 and TEC-9 weapons have been added

To kick off Warzone Season 5, the EM2 assault rifle and TEC-9 SMG from Black Ops Cold War have been added to the weapon pool. The EM2 offers full-auto fire and high damage at a slow rate of fire, while the TEC-9 uniquely has two muzzles to alter its fire type to provide improved accuracy at range, and you'll obtain them for free by reaching Tier 15 and Tier 31 of the Battle Pass respectively. Keep an eye out for the Cane melee weapon and Marshal handgun, as they'll be available by challenges or blueprints later in the season.

Combat Scout and Tempered are new perks

There are a coupe of new perks to add to your loadout in Warzone Season 5, which are always worth experimenting with to see if they'll benefit you or your squad. Combat Scout sits in slot 3, and when equipped will automatically highlight and ping an opponent when you damage them. Tempered is applied to slot 2, and reinforces armor plates to provide protection from 75 damage instead of 50, so you only need to use two armor plates to give yourself full protection. The existing Cold-Blooded perk in slot 1 has been tweaked, to negate the effects of an opponent using Combat Scout and stop them from pinging you with damage.

Kitsune, Hudson, and Stryker join the roster of Operators

Arriving at the start of Warzone Season 5, Kitsune is a cybersecurity specialist (that means hacker) with Yakuza ties who is allied with the Warsaw Pact. Coming later with the mid-season update, future warfighters (of the '80s) Stryker and Hudson, who were last spotted in DC during the Black Ops Cold War single-player campaign, will be added to join the NATO forces.

The Season 5 Battle Pass is full of rewards

We mentioned earlier that the Warzone Season 5 Battle Pass has two free weapons included, but you can also unlock a new Operator, Blueprints, Operator Skins, and a whole lot more as you progress. As an added incentive to pick up the Battle Pass Bundle, if you purchase it within the first two weeks of the season launch you'll receive the bonus "Kyubi" Legendary Operator Skin for Kitsune, as pictured above.

Warzone Special Weapons | Warzone Assault Rifle Golf |New Warzone map |Call of Duty Warzone tips|Warzone Error codes|Is Warzone down?|Warzone best guns|Warzone Patch notes|Best Warzone FARA 83 loadouts |Warzone best MAC loadouts|Best Warzone MG82 loadouts|Best Warzone M16 loadouts | Best Warzone C58 loadout 


Even More Free Content: Multiplayer Modes and Missions

Season Five is also set to deliver new game modes, as well as playlists, mosh pits, and other additional updates during the Season. Expected content includes:

Bare Bones: Ready to focus on pure, unadulterated combat? Then try out Bare Bones; a rotation of TDM, Domination, HQ, Hardpoint, and Kill Confirmed with the same rulesets as before, albeit with one important distinction: There are no Killstreaks, no Field Upgrades, and no perks.

Search and Destroy Double Down: This variant game mode features elements from the classic Search and Destroy; where one team must plant a demolition charge on an enemy weapons cache. Except this time the stakes are higher as the scale is bigger; this is a 12v12, not the usual 6v6. Expect tactics and chaos!

Season Five Missions and Challenges: Whether you’re playing Multiplayer or Warzone, the Challenges tab allows you to easily tailor your progression through the Season’s Ranks whether you’re focusing on Daily, Weekly, or Mission Challenges. Crave an even bigger Challenge for massive rewards? Over a dozen Mastery Challenges have been added across Warzone and Multiplayer for only the most elite players. In addition, don’t forget to visit the Barracks and check on your new Rank Progression section to see all Season Five’s ribbons and Officer Challenges. Focus on maxing out your Officer Ranks to earn a unique weapon blueprint.


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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5 Weapon Tier List

By Robin Meyer-Lorey


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone's best and worst guns have shifted a lot in Season 4, and now Season 5 brings new weapons.

With a new season of Modern Warfare and Warzonecomes a new set of weapons added to the ever-expanding roster of armaments in the game, while balancing changes, meta shifts, and new discoveries have re-defined the best weapons and builds over the course of the last season. Season 5 brings the ISO SMG, based on the Swiss B&T APC9 recently adopted by the US Military, plus the AN Neither of these weapons change the meta too much, but huge shifts in Season 4 have rolled over into Season 5.

Both Modern Warfare and Warzone saw several loadouts and setups go viral after a few seemingly mundane balancing changes, which ultimately caused some weapon like the FAL to skyrocket in power and popularity. While some weapons are still at rock-bottom, many guns have slowly trended up in power, while others, like the MP5, have been nerfed considerably. Things will continue to evolve as Season 5 carries on, but for now this list represents the current state of the meta in Warzone and Modern Warfare. Guns are rated on power, versatility, and the elusive, all-important fun-factor.

RELATED: Leak Claims Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Reveal Happens in Unlikely Place

D-Tier Modern Warfare and Warzone Weapons

At the start of Season 5, only a few weapons grace the bottom of the barrel as worst in class, which is a sign that balancing changes are working. Weapons can end up in D-Tier if they are frustrating to use, woefully underpowered, or if there are other weapons that do all of the same things far better. For example, the EBR is a decent gun, but everything it does, the FAL does far better, making it practically obsolete and putting it firmly in D-Tier. Likewise, the M19 is a decent 9mm pistol until one considers that the Renetti is 9mm, fires faster, and has a wide array of attachments that make it several classes above the M

The Kar98k is a slow bolt action without the stopping power of a sniper, the MG34 is an outdated LMG that can't compete with any of its modern counterparts, and the Dragunov lacks the damage of a sniper or the versatility of a DMR. The VLK Rogue can provide some entertainment as a frighteningly mobile shotgun, but it will surely tank the K/D of any user. All of these belong in D-Tier as guns that don't have a competitive use, and aren't even that much fun to mess around with either.

C-Tier Modern Warfare and Warzone Weapons

C-Tier weapons are often decent enough, but lack the versatility to compete with top-tier guns that can be pushed into a variety of circumstances across all the ranges that the game presents. Some C-Tier weapons are great for a specific purpose, but fall flat outside of one relatively unlikely circumstance. For example, the Oden is amazing at tearing through body armor and doing high damage, but its slow fire rate and oppressive recoil make it far less useful in other areas, making the Oden a solid C-Tier choice.

The P90, Uzi, and PP19 Bizon are all very respectable SMGs, with the P90 and Bizon sharing the advantage of high ammo counts. However, the SMG class is already full of strong contenders like the MP5 and MP7, making these guns less viable by comparison. The M91 is a middling LMG without any real flavor. Meanwhile, the SA87 has great range advantages, but with ammo and a slow fire rate, it is out-competed by ARs set up for ranged combat.

The Model 's slow pump action is incredibly damaging, but its saving grace is Dragon's Breath rounds. They are extremely strong and fun to use, barely hoisting the out of D-Tier and into C. Likewise, the Revolver has great damage but a slow fire rate and glacial reloads, making it far worse than the Desert Eagle. At the very least, it is an extremely fun and satisfying weapon to use, and with Snake Shot rounds, it can do some serious work as a pocket shotgun. The Riot Shield is the last weapon in C-Tier. It is extremely valuable as a utility, but anyone who has tried to get damascus will likely remember getting triple-kills with the Riot Shield as a dark time.

B-Tier Modern Warfare and Warzone Weapons

Past the B-Tier threshold, weapons are viable in a variety of situations and are typically pretty fun and unique. Usually, though, one or two glaring downsides prevent these guns from reaching the hallowed halls of the A- and S-Tiers. For example, the FR , or FAMAS, has great damage, blistering fire rate, and plenty of customization options. However, it is restricted to three-round bursts, which makes it a fun challenge to use but definitely holds it back from competing with the likes of the M4A1.

In the same class is the Kilo, a slightly slower competitor to the M13 and M4A1 that has tweaked damage multipliers and the option of a drum mag, but just doesn't hold up in DPS. The FN SCAR and AK are solid caliber weapons, but the SCAR suffers in mobility and ammo where the AK has low accuracy despite its wealth of customization options. The CR out-competes them both as a mobile, accurate gun with good customization choices. The Striker 45, on the other hand, is a great B-Tier weapon because with a little practice it can compete strongly with high-tier guns. Its slow rate of fire is a downside, but can also help keep it accurate at range.

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The R9-O is a strong shotgun with a lot of ammo and the benefit of two rapid shots before needing to pump the action, but its customization options are lacking. The Holger has the benefit of being an LMG-style weapon with relatively quick handling, but its damage is lackluster. The SKS is a strong choice as a DMR, but is just edged out by the FAL in damage, fire rate, and versatility. The and JOKR are both middling choices in their respective classes, with not much to make them stand out from the rest.

The knife also finds itself in B-Tier because as fun as it is, the Kali sticks and Dual Kodachis do everything it does better. Likewise, the Rytec AMR is a great compromise anti-material rifle for taking out killstreaks, but other snipers outplay it against human opponents. Closing out B-Tier is the new ISO SMG. It seems like a strong contender at first, but all of its benefits can be had in other, better SMGs. It does have a good recoil pattern and high rate of fire, but its ammo counts are too low, and other weapons like the MP7, MP5, and Fennec can all out-compete it in each of its strong areas.

A-Tier Modern Warfare and Warzone Weapons

A-Tier is the ideal position for a weapon in Modern Warfare and Warzone. A-Tier weapons are strong, fun, yet not overpowered. They are typically versatile all-rounders, but usually have a quirk or two that make them unique to handle. For example, the M13 has a high fire rate and great accuracy and mobility, but also has low body-shot damage and a high headshot multiplier. That characteristic isn't quite a downside, it just means that to really master the M13 players will have to get used to it, at which point it is extremely strong.

Other examples of solid A-Tier weapons include the MP7, with its high DPS, accuracy, and sharp damage dropoff, the Fennec with its blistering rate of fire balanced by limited ammo, and the 's brutal damage limited to two shots at a time. The Origin shotgun can be strong even in Warzone, but has its limits, while the X16 pistol offers great damage up close but lacks the rapid-fire of the Renetti or the stopping power of the GS. The MK2 Carbine is another great example of a gun with amazing one-shot potential, but unique handling that makes it challenging to master.

Some weapons end up in A-Tier just because they are so fun, even if the downsides are heavy. The Crossbow is the best example, followed by the Kali Sticks and new Dual Kodachis, both of which are incredibly satisfying to use depending on the map. Others are not quite so lucky, falling into A-Tier just because they are strong without quite being overpowered. The Bruen MK9 LMG, the HDR and AX snipers, and the PILA and Strela-P launchers are all great at what they do, but typically stay in their lane without being OP.

S-Tier Modern Warfare and Warzone Weapons

At long last, S-Tier weapons sit at the very top of the game as genuinely OP guns that still feel great to use. While many of these guns have had balancing changes that stopped them from being too overpowered, they are still best-in-class weapons with no true rivals. The fact that none of these guns are still absolutely broken is a testament to the balancing efforts of the developer, but nonetheless they can't be beat. The MP5 is the quintessential example. Despite a nerf to 10mm ammo, it still sits at the top of the SMG food chain with great mobility, incredible point-blank DPS, smooth recoil for ranged fights, and a wealth of customization options.

The M4A1, RAM-7, and Grau are all well-rounded, reliable beasts. The Grau offers negligible recoil and amazing range, the RAM-7 has the highest DPS, and the M4A1 is still the perfect middle ground as the gold standard by which all other ARs are measured. In caliber rifles, the FAL is one of the most competitive guns currently in Warzone, and still serves admirably in core playlists. Meanwhile, the CR offers great accuracy, low recoil, and respectable handling, blowing the AK and SCAR out of the water.

The PKM is arguably the best LMG in the game, giving it an automatic S-Tier rating, and the RPG-7 is the best launcher for taking out players but can still damage killstreaks in a pinch. The Renetti offers a blistering 3-round burst mod, but is still a great pistol even without it, and the GS blows enemies away with incredible stopping power and even more stunning style. The newest addition to S-Tier is the AN Added just this season, the AN's hyperburst feature on the first shot heavily rewards landing accurate flicks, but it still follows up with great damage and a well-rounded list of stats. As the season progresses, the meta will undoubtedly change and more weapons will come, but as always the key to victory is finding the gun that feels best for each individual player.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone are available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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