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The Best Mouse Trap Options for Your Home

While keeping your home clean and sealing off common entry points are two essential ways to keep mice outdoors, these creatures often find a way to get inside your home&#x;regardless of your efforts. If this happens, don't fret: There are ways to lure them out and remove them effectively. "Mice are quick and clever animals, so bait is a valuable tool for reducing populations. Homeowners can count on sweet or fatty foods to draw in rodents, including peanut butter, wet cat food, and soft cheese," explains Shannon Motley, a senior merchant at The Home Depot. "For optimal results, homeowners can try specialty baits, which are designed to lure in and poison mice, like Bait Block Peanut Butter Flavor Anticoagulant Rodenticide for Mice and Rats ($, homedepot.com)."

Another option is to use a trap. If you're concerned, know that there are several humane, live-capture varieties on the market. Here, experts explain the different trap options available to you, no exterminator required.

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Electric Traps

"An electric mouse trap&#x;like the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap ($22, homedepot.com)&#x;is essentially a small box where bait is placed," says Motley. "Once the rodent enters the trap, a high voltage current is sent throughout the body of the mouse or rat, producing a kill in as little as five seconds." She adds that electric shock happens because it completes the circuit once the mouse steps on it, releasing the voltage into the rodent.

Live-Capture Traps

This option allows you to catch a mouse without harming it at all. Essentially, the rodent finds its way to the bait in the trap. Once this happens, a metal door closes and keeps the mouse inside. While this type of trap&#x;such as the Harris Catch and Release Humane Mouse Trap ($, homedepot.com)&#x;is reusable, safe around pets and kids, and the most humane variety, you should think through how to properly exterminate or keep the mouse out afterwards. Motley says rodents usually try coming back, making this option less effective to ward them off permanently. Lou Manfredini, Ace Hardware's home expert, agrees and recommends looking at your community's regulations; many municipalities do not allow homeowners to catch and release rodents back out in the wild, he says. He recommends the JT Eaton Repeater Multiple Catch Trap ($14, acehardware.com), since there is almost always more than one mouse in a home.

Snap Traps

Before using this choice, Manfredini explains that snap traps will need bait&#x;but you shouldn't use cheese. He recommends peanut butter or hummus. "Snap traps are ones that activate quickly and kill the rodents in less than a second or two, so there is little to no suffering," he adds. While these come in different makes and models, most traditionally you will find one that has a metal bar. After placing this trap in an area where the mouse is most likely to visit, the bar will snap and kill the rodent once it makes its way to the bait, Motley says; she suggests the Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap Bundle ($, homedepot.com). Manfredini notes that snap traps are typically effective, but mice can set them off and still not get caught. Another variation on this is the Tomcat Spin Trap ($8, acehardware.com). This exterminates mice immediately (they're much less likely to get away)&#x;plus, you won't see the mouse at all. All you'll need to do is add peanut butter to the trap and activate it. While you can reuse this option, Manfredini suggests throwing it away once the mouse dies.

Glue Traps

Glue traps are coated with adhesive to cause mice or rats to immediately stick to the product's surface. This trap often comes pre-baited, so you simply need to place it in the necessary areas of your home. However, this choice is not recommended. Once the rodents get stuck, they typically die of starvation unless otherwise exterminated. More humane options are suggested to limit as much suffering as possible, our experts explain.  

Bait Traps

"Baits are a food source that kill the rodents, and the best way to use these is to bait them outside of the home," Manfredini says. "Creating a food source outside of the home pulls the rodents out and there is a better chance they expire outside of the home, rather than indoors." His suggestion? D-Con Bait Station Blocks For Mice and Rats ($22, acehardware.com), specifically since the bait station will only attract the mice&#x;so it is safe to use around your pets.


Whenever you can, consider using humane options that draw mice away from your interior without killing them. "Repellents are just that&#x;humane sprinkles and enclosed pouches you place to repel the rodents from areas of your home," Manfredini says. "These, used in combination with baiting outdoors, can be very effective." While he notes that there are electronic repellents (these emit a wave that hurts a mouse's ears) on the market, they don't work for an extended period of time; critters can eventually learn to ignore the sound altogether. He recommends Bonide Rat Magic Repellent Pouches ($20, acehardware.com) since they are especially helpful around troublesome areas&#x;like the underbelly of your sink or your basement.

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The 9 Best Mouse Traps of

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an efficient, reusable, and safe product foreliminating mice and rats, we recommend the Authenzo Humane Mouse Trap (view at Walmart). It’s a hygienic and efficient method for dealing with unwanted rodents. However, if you prefer an electric model, opt for the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap (view at Home Depot).


The size of the mousetrap you choose needs to match the space you’re trying to target. Since many mice run along baseboards, inside cupboards, and in other tight spaces, you might want to consider slimmer, streamlined traps that will fit the mouse-infested areas in your home. On the other hand, bigger traps may be a better choice for larger mice or if you have a spacious area (like a barn or basement) that you’re trying to rid of rodents.


Many people are skittish about setting a mouse trap, since they don’t want it to snap closed on their own fingers. If that’s how you feel, there are a number of different types of traps that are easy to set and feature finger-friendly mechanisms. Read the directions on any trap you choose and bait it accordingly for best results.


Your goal is to rid your home of mice, but you have options in how you eliminate rodents. You can choose to kill the mice for fast population control, or you might opt for a catch-and-release trap to relocate them to another area (far away). The majority of mousetraps kill rodents with a spring-loaded mechanism that catches them by the head or neck, but several alternatives exist—which are especially useful if you don’t want to see the dead mouse in the trap.

This round-up was written by Camryn Rabideau, who grew up in an s farmhouse. As such, she's no stranger to having mice in her home, and she's used many of the traps on this list.

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They may sound more "humane" than your traditional, spring-loaded, snapping type of mouse trap, but glue traps — which lock live rodents into place with powerful adhesives — are anything but kind.

In fact, animal rights activists describe such traps as "one of the cruelest methods of killing animals that exists today."

"Trapped rodents and other animals suffer immeasurably during the days that it takes for them to die," writes PETA.

"Glue traps rip patches of skin, fur, and feathers off the animals' bodies as they struggle to escape, and many animals even chew off their own legs trying to get free."

"Some animals get their faces stuck in the glue and suffocate, which can take hours," the organization continues, "Glue-trap manufacturers generally direct consumers to throw animals in the trash along with the trap, leaving the victims to suffer for days until they finally die of starvation."

In an effort to prevent small animals from suffering these types of agonizing, drawn-out deaths in the future, a Toronto-based group called Canadians for Animal Protection is mounting an unprecedented legal challenge against retailers that sell glue traps — and not just any retailers, but the biggest retailers in Canada.

Retired lawyer and animal rights advocate Sandra Schnurr kicked off what supporters are calling a "David-and-Goliath" court case in Toronto on Friday against Walmart, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, Home Depot and Lowes.

Schnurr is arguing on behalf of the Canadians for Animal Protection that the use of rodent glue traps contravenes animal cruelty laws in Canada and that stores should be banned from selling them.

"The Criminal Code prohibits causing unnecessary suffering to animals, yet these stores sell products that torture animals to death," says Schnurr. "This is totally unnecessary, given the availability of far more humane methods of rodent control."

The vegan lawyer was joined by protestors for a rally ahead of their first court hearing at University Avenue on Friday.

It's still the early days, but Schnurr is hopeful that the case can proceed past the initial "housekeeping" stage to a hearing where she can make her case for banning the sale of glue traps.

But first, the Canadians for Animal Protection will have to defend their right to even ask a judge to hear their case.

"In legal jargon, [Canadian Tire and Walmart] say our application is an 'abuse of process' because we are trying to use the civil courts to enforce a criminal law, which traditionally has not been allowed," explains Schnurr. "Enforcement of criminal law is normally only within the purview of the government."

Should the retail juggernauts win, the case will be over. Should the animal rights activists emerge victorious, it'll be on to the next stage of battle.

"We have an excellent judge and we are assured of a fair hearing (which, unfortunately, is not the same as a WIN!)," says Schnurr, hailing The Honourable Justice Lorne Sossin as progressive, open to new ideas and passionate about access to justice.

"He did not indicate that he thought the issue of rodent glue traps was trivial or unworthy of his valuable time; and he decided that he would be 'seized of the matter', meaning that he would be the judge to deal with all the stages of the proceeding," says Schnurr.

"So, it was a good day at court," she continued. "And it was made far better by a small but passionate group of supporters who demonstrated loudly outside before court started, but who behaved with perfect decorum in the courtroom."

Another hearing is set to take place some time this summer.

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Len Goldberg

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Top 10 best mouse traps / Simple mouse traps with plastic pipes / The mice cannot get out

Mouse Control at Home Depot: The Top Home Depot Poisons to Rid Your Home of Mice

Without a doubt, mice are one of the most dreadful pest problems to have in your home. They can be a real nuisance in more ways than one.

Once mice gain entry into your home, they can gnaw on electrical wires and possibly cause an electrical fire, eat your food and make messes that you&#;ll have to clean up, and leave their urine and droppings in food and spread serious illnesses. Let&#;s not forget the embarrassment they can cause if your guests spot them.

Fortunately, Home Depot has a wealth of mouse control products. We&#;ve gone the extra mile for you and compiled information that will help you find the ideal Home Depot mouse poison for your rodent problem.

Home Depot Products to Remove Mice

Home Depot has several different types of products that you can use to eliminate a mouse infestation of any size.

They include:

  • poisons,
  • repellents,
  • lethal traps,
  • humane traps.

Home Depot has more than different mouse control products.

The Home Depot

If you want to remove mice from your home without killing them, then repellents and humane traps are your best options. On the other hand, if you don&#;t mind having to dispose of dead mice bodies, you can go for lethal traps or poisons.

Setting out mouse poison and setting up lethal mouse traps will both kill the mice in your home. Go here to learn more about how to kill mice.

Mouse Poisons

Every Home Depot carries products that poison the mice nesting in your home. These products have a number of advantages over other types of mouse extermination products.

The main advantages of using mouse poisons are:

  • Ease of use. They&#;re easy to use. You only need to set the poison out and leave it to do its job. That&#;s unlike mouse traps that will have to be set up.
  • Cost. They don&#;t cost a lot of money. What&#;s more, there&#;s a wide variety of mouse poisons, so you&#;re sure to find one that fits your budget.
  • Fast-acting. The bait included in the poison attracts all the mice in your home. Once they eat it, they&#;ll die after a while. For mouse traps, one trap can only kill a single mouse.

Mouse poison can come in several different forms. These include meals, blocks, and pellets. Learn everything you need to know about mouse poison pellets in this informative article.


Let&#;s now turn our focus to some of the products you&#;ll come across when shopping for mouse poisons at Home Depot:

  • d-CON Refillable Mouse Bait Station

    Bait Station by d-CONThis weather-resistant mouse control product includes 12 bait blocks and a refillable bait station. It&#;s tamper-resistant to dogs and kids.

    Cost: $

    Where to use: It&#;s ideal for use in attics, basements, corners, garages, sheds, and behind appliances.

    How to use:

    • Open the station by pressing the top and bottom latch.
    • Load a new bait block inside the station and make sure it&#;s on the peg.
    • Close the station and place it in areas you&#;ve spotted signs of mice. It&#;s best to use multiple stations set at intervals of feet.
    • Wash your hands thoroughly once you&#;re done loading the bait stations. Maintain the stations for at least 15 days or until the signs and symptoms of rodent activity cease.
  • Harris Mouse Killer Bars with Refill Bait Station

    Mouse Killer Refillable Bait Station by HarrisHarris Mouse Killer consists of 10 bait bars that kill rats and mice. It also comes with a refillable bait station that&#;s child tamper-resistant.

    Cost: $

    How to use:

    • Get rid of all possible mouse food sources.
    • Choose placement areas, preferably areas where the mice have been most active such as below appliances, inside cabinets, and along walls.
    • Set the bait station in a horizontal or vertical position with both of the entrances exposed. Make sure you keep restocking the station with fresh bait for at least 15 days or as long as the mouse activity persists.

    Comparing different mouse control products to try to get the best one for your needs can be a daunting task. For an easier time in figuring out the best mouse poison, read this article.

  • MouseX

    MouseX Bait TraysThis nontoxic bait kills mice without posing a threat to humans and pets. It doesn&#;t contaminate food and crops. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.

    Cost: $

    How to use:

    • Remove food sources from the areas you want to treat.
    • Peel off the tray cover and place the pellets in the places you&#;ve seen mouse activity, especially along runs and inside holes and voids.
    • Refill the areas regularly until all mouse activity stops.

    How it works: One or two days after feeding on the bait, the mice experience blood thickening, and their circulatory system collapses due to dehydration.

Top 5 Best Home Depot Mice Killers

Mouse poison is an effective way to kill mice. It has a good success rate when applied correctly. But with the many mouse poisons available at Home Depot, you&#;re probably confused which product you should buy. It also goes without saying that users will find some products to be more reliable at exterminating mice than others.

To help you out, we&#;ve listed some of the best mice killers you can get at Home Depot.

The Home Depot Advantage
Home Depot offers a unique Low Price Guarantee. If you find a mouse control product that has a lower price at a competitor store, Home Depot will match that store&#;s price and even go one better than the competitor by offering an additional 10% discount.
To benefit from the Low Price Guarantee, the items at the competitor store and Home Depot have to be identical.

  1. JT Eaton Bait Block Peanut Butter Flavor
    This product is specially formulated to kill house mice, roof rats, and Norway rats. It includes mouse poison blocks. You can use it in your basement or garage to keep mice away. This product is useful even in large, open spaces.
    Cost: $
    How to use: Place 1 or 2 blocks at intervals of feet. You may need to use 3 blocks in places with very high mouse activity. Maintain a constant fresh bait supply for at least 15 days.
    How it works: The blocks have a peanut butter flavor that attracts mice. The active ingredient in the blocks, diphacinone, will kill the mice a couple of days after feeding.
    JT Eaton Bait Block
  2. Tomcat Mouse Killer
    This product is tamper resistant for both children and dogs. According to no-choice lab tests, a single bait block will kill up to 12 mice. This article will give you more details about the Tomcat mouse poison.
    Mouse Killer by Tomcat
  3. JT Eaton Bait Block Apple Flavor
    The tamper-evident resealable pail contains mouse poison blocks. It&#;s perfect for keeping away small rodents in basements and garages and can also be effective in large, open spaces. Besides house mice, it kills Norway rats and roof rats.
    Cost: $
    How to use: Place blocks at foot intervals. You may have to use 3 blocks for heavily infested areas. Fresh bait should be in constant supply for 15 or more days.
    How it works: The apple flavor of the blocks attracts mice, and the diphacinone eliminates them several days after feeding.
    Apple Bait Blocks by JT Eaton
  4. Black Flag Refillable Mouse Bait Station

    This product comes with 16 bait blocks and a refillable bait station. The station is resistant to tampering by children.

    Cost: $

    Where to use: It should be used indoors only. It can fit in cabinet corners and room corners.

    How to use:

    • Place the station in places you&#;ve spotted mice or their telltale signs. If you need to use additional stations, ensure you place them feet apart.
    • After a few days, check the bait placements. In places where there&#;s been heavy feeding or continuous mouse activity, replace the baits with new ones.
    • Keep baiting until mouse activity ceases.

    Refillable Mouse Bait Station by Black Flag

  5. RatX

    Thanks to its nontoxicity, RatX is safe to use around kids and animals. It kills both rats and mice, and you can use it both indoors and outdoors. RatX is fully biodegradable and causes no environmental pollution. You can use it as a refill for your bait boxes.

    Cost: $

    How to use:

    • Remove all food sources from the area you&#;re treating.
    • Place 1//2 oz. or grams of the mouse killer pellets in the areas where you&#;ve seen mouse activity, especially along holes and runs.
    • Revisit the treated areas to refill the pellets regularly.

    How it works: Mice have sensors in their stomach that tell them when they&#;re thirsty. RatX turns these sensors off. When mice consume it, they stop desiring water. What follows is dehydration, kidney failure, coma, and eventually death.
    RatX Control for Rats and Mice

You can combine the use of a Home Depot mouse poison with other control methods such as traps to create a multiplying effect on the results. Make sure you collect and dispose of the dead mice and leftover poison correctly.

Once you&#;ve eliminated mice from your home, you should take the necessary steps to prevent reinfestation, for example, by limiting rodent food sources as much as possible and sealing holes in your home&#;s outside structure.

You can find further details of Mice Control here.

Sours: https://pestkill.org/mice/home-depot-poison/

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How To Rid Your Home of Mice - The Home Depot

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