3 pvc backwater valve

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3" PVC ProCheck Backwater Valve

Sioux Chief 869 series ProCheck backwater valves shall be used where necessary in drainage systems. Backwater valve shall be installed in horizontal drainage lines to reduce or prevent damage to dwelling from sewage backup. Backwater valve shall have a stepped design to provide adequate fall through the valve body and encourage flow. Flapper shall install into valve body via removable carrier, which utilizes key-to-slot to ensure proper alignment. Flapper shall have a permanent, one-piece sealing surface, and allow unrestricted, unidirectional flow. Valve body shall be sealed by an impact/solvent resistant lid with o-ring. Backwater valve shall be adaptable to either shallow or deep-bury installations and be designed in accordance with ASME A112.14.1-2003

  • Available for 3" or 4" Sch. 40 DWV lines.
  • Valves can be adapted for standard, shallow-depth or deep-bury installations
  • Modular valve design allows for interchangeable accessories - less inventory
  • Structurally rugged and molded from engineered resins to stand up to job site abuse
  • The unique flapper creates a tighter seal than other backwater valves
Hide DescriptionSours: https://www.supplyhouse.com/Sioux-Chief-869-S3P-3-PVC-ProCheck-Backwater-Valve

Spears S375P 3" PVC SCH40 DWV Backwater Valve, Soc x Soc

This item will ship the next day direct from Spears Manufacturing.

Backwater Valves are designed to prevent backflow in numerous applications where easy service access for maintenance and cleaning is needed. Excellent for use in sanitary or storm sewer drainage systems to prevent waste back up due to inadequate drainage, for balancing multi-level ponds, aquaculture features or storage tank systems, and many other applications. Spears® Backwater Valve has been engineered for improved function and easier service, especially in buried service with use of optional Service-Access Extension available either preassembled with valve or as an add-on kit.

  • Replaceable internal flapper assembly with EPDM Seat.
  • Service-Access Extension available either preassembled with valve, as an add-on kit, or as valve & extension kit components with user supplied pipe.
  • Direct Connection to ASTM D 2665 PVC DWV or other IPS size pipe. Spears® fabricated IPS x Sewer Adapters or DWV x Sewer & Drain Adapter Bushings are available for connection to ASTM D 3034 & ASTM D 2729 Sewer pipe.
  • Pressure Rated to 43 psi (100 feet of head) @ 73°F (23°C).
  • All extension kits can be cut shorter for custom application.
  • Conforms to ASME/ANSI A112.14.1 for Backwater Valves.
Sours: https://www.completeplumbingsource.com/spears-s375p-3-pvc-sch40-dwv-backwater-valve-soc-x-soc
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Oatey® Backwater Valves

Oatey® 6 in. PVC Flapper with O Ring

[UPC] 038753439297
[Part #] 43929

Weight: 0.45 LB
Color: White
Material: PVC
Pipe Size: 6 in.
Size: 6 in.
Cherne Channel: Waterworks
Cherne Channel: Specialty Chemical

Sours: https://www.oatey.com/products/oatey-backwater-valves-1253260801
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Backwater valve pvc 3

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Backwater Valve Installation

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