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Steps for Obtaining Your Arkansas Drivers License

Obtain you AR drivers License

ATTENTION: This information is provided as a courtesy from the Center for Global Learning and Engagement to international students at the University of Central Arkansas. If you are a domestic or American student, please refer to the Arkansas Department of Motor Vehicle for any assistance.

1. Study the Arkansas Driver’s Manual

Study the Arkansas Driver’s Manual. This explains all the traffic laws and regulations of the state of Arkansas. You can pick this up at the Arkansas State Police 1 State Police Plaza Dr, Little Rock, AR It can also be downloaded here.

2. Written Driver’s Test

Study the manual and take the written portion of the drivers test. You can take several practice tests at:

The written test is offered at two locations:

  1. McGee Center
    College Ave
    Conway, AR

Monday through Friday
Written Exam ONLY, am

2. Arkansas State Police Headquarters, Troop A**
1 State Police Plaza Drive
Little Rock, AR

Monday through Friday
Written Exam ONLY, pm
(must appear by 4pm)

Bring your passport, I, I and foreign drivers license. If you do not pass the written test, you may take it again as many times as you would like. It is not unusual for people to fail the written test on the first attempt.

3. Learner’s Permit

If you pass the written test, you will be given a Learner’s Permit. This will allow you to drive with another licensed driver over the age of 21 in the vehicle with you. You do not have permission to drive alone yet. You will keep this permit for a minimum of 30 days.

4. Driving Test

You must wait a full thirty (30) calendar days (from the date of issue) before returning for the driving portion. You may return on the 31st day. The test will be given at the Arkansas State Police in Little Rock- 1 State Police Plaza Dr, Little Rock, AR . You can schedule an appointment online here. You will be asked to drive a short distance with an evaluator in the car with you.  Do not drive to the library by yourself. Before you pass the driving test, you are not allowed to drive alone. You must have a friend drive you there so that you will be able to drive his or her car for the test. The friend must show proof of ownership of the vehicle and proof of current automobile insurance and the car must be clean.

5. Arkansas Drivers License

When you pass the driving portion of the test, you will return to the Arkansas Revenue Department where you will receive your Arkansas driver’s license! Be sure to bring your passport, I and I when you go. You will then be legally allowed to drive anywhere in the US at any time. A drivers license does not give you authorization to work off-campus.
For more information, see the handout Auto Insurance and Vehicle Registration.


How to Pass the Arkansas Road Test: The Ultimate Guide

As a new driver, you’re probably a little nervous about taking your road test. However, there’s nothing to worry about as long as you prepare properly. Knowing what to expect is essential to a successful testing day. 

We’ve gathered a number of tips that will help make the day of your Arkansas practical driving test as stress free as possible. Read on to learn everything you need to know before taking your test. 

Requirements for the Arkansas Driving Test

First, you should make sure that you’ve completed all the necessary requirements. Arkansas’ graduated driver’s license program applies to you if you’re under the age of This program is designed to ensure that new drivers are introduced to the road in a safe and gradual manner. 

If you’re aged 18 or over when you begin learning how to drive, you can simply get a permit and then your unrestricted license. 

When you’re ready to transition from the learner’s license, you’ll be required to take and pass a road skills test. Before you begin the process of applying for your test, make sure you’re ready by checking out the requirements below.

  • You’ve obtained a learner’s license.
    • After reaching the minimum age of 14, you’ve brought the correct documents to a driver licensing office.
    • You’ve passed the necessary vision and knowledge tests.
  • You’ve had a learner’s license for at least six months with no violations.
  • You’ve reached the minimum age of  

Arkansas does not require drivers to complete a driver’s education program or to complete a set amount of driving hours. However, it’s a good idea to get as much driving practice as possible. The more experience you have, the more time you’ll have to practice, and the easier the driving test will be. 

How to Schedule the Road Test 

Once you’re ready to take your road test, go ahead and schedule an appointment. Testing is administered by the Arkansas State Police; find a location near you and schedule your test.  

On The Day of Your Arkansas Road Test

Prepare for the big day by collecting documents and checking your vehicle in advance. Don’t forget to practice your driving as well, and make sure you’re completely comfortable performing any driving maneuvers you might be asked to do during your road skills test. 

What Should You Bring?

You’ll be required to have a number of items with you on the day of your road test. These vary slightly, depending on your age. 

If you’re under 18, you’ll need:

  • Your birth certificate (either the original or a certified copy).
  • Your parent/guardian’s signature. 
  • Secondary Identification.
  • Your learner’s license. 
  • A completed Financial Responsibility Acceptance Form. 

If you’re a little confused about the identification documents, you can learn more about specifically which documents will be accepted.

If you’re age 18 or over, the document requirements are slightly different. You’ll only need:

  • Identification (either two primary documents or one primary document and one secondary document)
  • Your learner’s license. 

Regardless of your age, you’ll need to have a licensed driver who is 21 or older with you on the day of your driving test. They should present their license to the examiner. Additionally, you must have vehicle insurance and registration documents. 

Vehicle Requirements

The Arkansas DMV requires that your vehicle meets specific requirements, so your examiner will inspect the vehicle to make sure that it is working safely. You’ll want to make sure that your car will pass this inspection prior to your testing day since you won’t be allowed to take your test if it doesn’t.

Check your vehicle’s:

  • Dashboard: Make sure that there aren’t any warning lights on and that your speedometer is accurate.
  • Interior: It should be moderately clean.
  • Lights: All lights should be working, including brake lights, headlights, taillights, and turn signals.
  • Windshield: There should be nothing obstructing the view.
  • Muffler and exhaust system: It should be functioning properly.
  • Horn: Your car horn should work well.
  • Tires: They shouldn’t be too worn down or deflated.
  • Brakes: Your brakes should be working properly.
  • Insurance and registration: You must have valid insurance and registration for your vehicle. You’ll have to present proof of both to your examiner. 

What’s Tested on the Road Test in Arkansas?

You should know where all the controls on your vehicle are located and be able to use them properly. Consult the checklist below so you know how to use the following:

  • Turn signals and emergency flashers.
  • Side and rear view mirrors.
  • Accelerator.
  • Ignition.
  • High and low beam headlights.
  • Foot brake and emergency brake.
  • Seat belt.
  • Windshield wipers and defroster.
  • Car horn.

During the driving part of your road skills test, you’ll be tested on overall driving ability. As you prepare for your test, work on forming good driving habits anytime you’re behind the wheel.

Here’s an overview of maneuvers that are tested on the Arkansas road test:

  • Know how to back properly. Put your vehicle into reverse, check behind you, and drive slowly. Keep your vehicle moving in a straight line. Don’t bump the curb, the sidewalk, other vehicles, pedestrians, or any other obstacles. 
  • Obey signs and signals. Watch for any traffic signs (speed limit signs, stop signs, etc.) and signals and obey them at all times.
  • Stay in your lane. Don’t swerve or drift out of your lane. Only change lanes when you need to. If you need to change lanes or turn, use your turn signal, check your blind spots, and move into the new lane deliberately and smoothly.
  • Observe right-of-way. Give others the right-of-way when it is theirs and always be a courteous and polite driver.
  • Use intersections correctly. If there’s a stop sign, make a complete stop and wait until it is your turn to proceed. Stop at red lights and don’t try to beat a yellow. If there is a stop line, stop your vehicle before you reach it. 
  • Adjust to weather, traffic, and road conditions. Make sure that you know what to do in order to drive safely during poor conditions. 

What Errors Can Make You Fail Your Driving Test?

You may fail your driving test if:

  • You make many small mistakes.
  • You ignore your examiner’s instructions.
  • You are involved in an accident.
  • You disobey a traffic law.
  • You drive recklessly or dangerously. 
  • Your examiner determines that you aren’t ready to have the privilege of a driver’s license.

That’s It!

That’s everything you need to know about passing the Arkansas road test. We hope this guide has helped you out, and that you now feel comfortable with the steps moving forward. If you need any help studying for your upcoming exams, then Zutobi is the perfect study guide with online practice tests, a summarized handbook, and practical driving tips that will help you immensely during the actual road exam. 


Take our full course with tests and theory

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Each highway patrol troop commander is responsible for establishing a regular schedule of driver’s license testing in each of the troop counties. Hover your cursor over and select the area on the map below to determine your county&#;s troop headquarters and locations for Driver License Testing. Study guides are also available for download in Adobe PDF format below.

Driver License and Commercial Driver License Study Guides

Arkansas Driver License Test Study Guide- VOLUME 1 – EDITION 8 (January )

Manual de manejo de Arkansas Guja de Estudio &#; Volume 1 Edicio&#;n 7 (Updated January )
Arkansas Driver License Test Study Guide &#; Volume 1 Edition 6 (*aural Version)
Commercial Driver License Study Guide
Motorcycle Endorsement &#; Study Guide

Arkansas State Police Driver’s Audio Testing Instructions for Those with a Learning Difference (Updated August )

The Arkansas State Police Official Driver License Practice Test is available on the web

Click on the icon above to go to the practice test website.

Also available for your mobile devices:

Driver license tests are administered in all Arkansas counties:

  • Select a county from the map or list below to download information regarding locations and test times in your area.
  • Testing dates and times differ by location, particularly at sites other than a troop headquarters.
  • Testing schedules may change unexpectedly.  It is recommended you call to verify test schedules before making an extended trip.
  • Study guides are available for download in PDF format below, and can be printed.
  • Learn more about the Arkansas Graduated Driver License Law and safety information for teen drivers and their parents.

Click on a county below for listing of testing sites & hours of operation.

Testing Sites

Are you taking your knowledge test at Troop A or Troop L Headquarters? If so, you can now schedule it online for the following categories: New/Existing Applicants, the CDL Knowledge, Immigration Knowledge Applicants, and Oral Testing for the NCL Knowledge Test.

Did you already pass your Knowledge Test?? Don&#;t wait in line at any location! You MUST schedule all appointments for skills testing.


Do you need assistance? Contact the DL support office here: [email protected]


Before a driver license testing applicant will be permitted to begin the testing process there are particular documents and records the applicant will be required to have ready for inspection by the testing examiner: The checklists below can help you take exactly what you need with you to the Driver Testing Site!!!:




Financial Responsibility Acceptance Form (Now valid for all ages &#; The Arkansas State Police Signature Affidavit for Test Applicants 18 years of age or older is no longer needed. )

CDL (Commercial Driver License) Testing Information

Act relating to commercial driver license went into effect on July 31,  Read More

This act requires the completion of a Human Trafficking Prevention Course for the issuance or renewal of a Class “A” CDL.  This course will provide evidence of completion (a certificate) to the Department of Finance and Administration in order to be issued a new Class “A” or the renewal of a Class “A” license. Please go to to complete the requirements and get certified.

To see the certificates that will be accepted under this new regulation, please click here. **NOTE** &#; ONLY the certificates pictured will be accepted.

BEFORE CDL TESTING: you must purchase a CDL-1 Form (test packet) from the Department of Finance & Administration, Revenue Office. You will need a valid Arkansas Driver’s License and one (1) Proof of Legal Presence Document. Acceptable Proof of Legal Presence includes: U.S. Birth Certificate, U.S. Passport, Birth Abroad Certificate, Certificate of Citizenship, Certificate of Naturalization, Permanent Resident card or Employment Authorization Card (excludes Canada and Mexico). Applicants must present a valid Arkansas Driver’s License, a current CDL-1 Form and one 91) Proof of Legal Presence Document, upon each visit to the testing center.

The written test for commercial driver licenses is administered at ALL of our troop testing sites. CDL Skill tests are ONLY administered at the following troop locations:

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