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recieving&giving marriage in diplomacy?
Does the AI marry off all their eligable people for marriage as soon as they can? i mean i very rarely get to find anyone with a eligable man/woman to marry in the other factions unless its very early in the game, once maybe in a whole game do i once in a while get a proposal, but i never seem to be able to even find any single man/woman in any other faction myself. Just unlucky?
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Best way to get my heir to marry?

I'm playing Cao Cao and I'd like my heir, Cao Ang, to have a wife.

I've seen three ways to do this but only one of them seems available.
1 - Go into diplomacy and receive a marriage with any faction. However, there are currently zero suitable wives from this option.
2 - Select the Marry option in family tab and spend gold. However, yet again there are no options available.
3 - Select the Arrange Marriage option and spend gold! This is the only way I can get a wife. However, the wife will be some random character, currently an old lady.

Is option 3 really all I can do? Should I ever bother finding a wife for my heir yet? He's 22 years old which is perfect for the time period.


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Total War Three Kingdoms: How to Marry Characters

As Sun Tzu once said, &#;sometimes it&#;s better to marry off members of your court than engage an enemy in open battle.&#; He actually didn&#;t say that. I made it up&#; But Tzu was a master strategist and I&#;m sure he said something similar somewhere in The Art of War. The point is that it&#;s a legit tactic, and you&#;ll have the chance to use it in Total War Three Kingdoms. Here&#;s how to marry characters.

How to Marry Characters in Total War: Three Kingdoms

Why Marriage Is Worthwhile

War is as much about politics as it is about fighting, and sometimes it&#;s better to strengthen bonds with rivals than fight them. In Total War Three Kingdoms, you&#;ll be able to do just that by offering ladies of your court to opposing generals.

Marriage can be useful for recruiting new members to your faction without having to pay much for the benefit. You won&#;t have to pay the salary of a character married into your faction. Your retinue, though, will grow by one as a result of this new general joining your faction.

Conversely, you&#;ll sometimes be offered the opportunity for one of your court members to marry into another faction. This is useful both for increasing your standing with that kingdom, and possibly for getting rid of a general you might not like.

Obviously, with said general not there, you&#;ll be able to fill that slot with someone more suitable, with the added benefit of gaining points with a rival.

How to do it

For faction leaders, finding a match is as simple as using the find spouse option. But for other members of the court, you&#;ll need to seek a match for them, which is only available if they&#;re already unmarried and you have a match that is also unmarried.

First, you&#;ll need to actually make sure you have a character in your court who is willing and able to marry. You can review the court page by pressing &#;2,&#; which will show the hierarchy of your faction, reviewing the members of your court &#;Warlord, Prime Minister, heir, chancellor, etc, depending on what you have unlocked.

Here you can review which members of the court are eligible for marriage. In some cases, members of your court will already be wed, but in others, they&#;ll have a wedding slot available.

From here you&#;ll need to review the court page of the faction you&#;re intending to marry into to check if they too have an unwed court member available.

You must have gold to arrange a marriage.

Note that you will only be able to marry characters that are within your family tree. If you have gained a new general and want to marry him/her off, you will need to adopt them into your family.

That&#;s everything you should need to know about how to marry characters in Total War Three Kingdoms. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

YEAR OF MARRIAGE AND WAR! - Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - Eight Princes (Sima Ying Campaign) #4

Marriage mechanics in depth

Hi guys, I write this post to gather some opinions/information about this mechanic, which has the potential to be one of the most interesting feature in the new diplomatic system.

Let's start with some questions:

)As we know from the stream, if we arrange a marriage between 2 faction leaders there's a chance to create a big confederation under your control (you''ll get everything from the other faction, except for the characters). In your opinion can we achieve the same result arranging a marriage between a faction leader and a heir? For example, I marry my leader (Zheng Jiang) to the heir of another faction (Ma Chao); when Ma Teng dies Ma Chao becomes the leader. At this point is there the chance to confederate?

2)Between whom can I arrange a marriage? Just faction leaders and heirs? All members of the leaders' family trees? Every character in the game?

3)After a marriage will the wife join the faction of the husband (or viceversa) or they will remain in their respective factions? In the second case, what about the babies? Will they join mother's or father's faction?

Let me know your guesses :)

War kingdoms total marriage three

How to Marry Cao Pi & Zhen Ji in Total War: Three Kingdoms Fates Divided

Cao Pi & Zhen Ji is a marriage made in battle heaven, and in Total War: Three Kingdoms Fates Divided, their union is inevitable with our quick guide.

In Total War: Three Kingdoms Fates Divided, some essential characters in this incredible franchise called Cao Pi and Zhen Ji, historically, get married. Getting them to that point does involve a few maneuvers and events to occur. There will be many steps to accomplish this goal, but each is necessary to have history repeat itself. Marrying them will satisfy even the most hardcore of historical Romance of the Three Kingdoms fans.

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The actual history of the marriage of Cao Pi and Zhen Ji is quite detailed and does have a great story attached to it. To begin, Cao Pi is the second son of Cao Cao, a Chinese Warlord during the Eastern Han Dynasty. After Cao Pi defeated Cao Cao's rival Yuan Shao at the Battle of Guandu, the stories go that when Cao Pi entered the building that had Zhen Ji, she was so frightened that she hid her face in her then mother-in-law's lap. Cao Pi asked that she raise her head to see her and her beauty immediately struck him. Zhen Ji ended up divorcing her husband Yuan Xi and marrying Cao Pi.

How to Marry Cao Pi & Zhen Ji in Total War: Three Kingdoms Fates Divided

Cao Pi and Zhen Ji's marriage, as easy as it sounds in the history books, involved many battles to occur, which will be the same in Total War: Three Kingdoms Fates Divided. As history has shown, there will be a battle against Yuan Xi's forces after Cao Pi has turned It's essential that Yuan Xi's forces stay in the area and don't get eradicated, or else that will scatter Yuan Xi's people, including Zhen Ji. Spreading them will make the marriage option very hard to accomplish.

To make life easier, annihilate Yuan Shao to force the alliance with Cao Cao to end. Afterward, go back to Yuan Xi and ask for peace to keep them close and attempt to annex him with the good relations created. Some helpful tips will be to use diplomatic methods such as Imperial Decrees or Credibility to turn him to Cao Cao's side. After the annexing, it will lower Yuan Xi's guard enough to allow the divorce of Zhen Ji to happen and free her to marry Cao Pi. If doing it this way doesn't work, try gaining peace from other factions, such as getting Yuan Tan, Liu Bei, and Gao Gan on board.

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Total War: Three Kingdoms Fates Divided is available for PC and MacOS.


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