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Single story house plans (sometimes referred to as "one story house plans") are perfect for homeowners who wish to age in place.

Note: A single story house plan can be a "one level house plan," but not always. defines "levels" as any level of a house, e.g. the main level, basement, and upper level. However, a "story" refers to a level that resides above ground. Therefore, in this collection of single story house plans, you'll discover one level house plans (i.e. one level and that's it) as well as one level floor plans that feature a basement (because a basement lives below ground).

With unbeatable functionality and a tremendous array of styles and sizes to choose from, one story house plans are an excellent choice for now and years to come. While Ranch is probably the most well known single story house plan style, other styles have also traditionally favored one story variations. For example, Southwestern styles (such as Spanish Colonial, Mission and Pueblo) that arose in the open spaces of the North American frontier typically feature one story layouts. Mediterranean style homes, prominent in the Southeastern states and inspired by the residential architectures of southern Spain, Italy, France, Morocco, and Greece, also feature single story designs.

The practicality of a 1 story house plan is undeniable — with living spaces on one level and no stairs to navigate, they handle aging in place with ease. Note: Even if you select a single story house plan that features a basement (and, therefore, stairs), you don't have to use the basement unless you want to. For instance, the basement might be an awesome gaming/wet bar area in which to entertain friends now, but, later in life, you could choose to simply remain on the main level, assuming stairs become difficult to manage.

Craving drama? Choose a one story house plan design that features a vaulted foyer, bay windows, or decorative ceiling treatments. For added versatility, look for 1 story house plans with bonus space (usually above the garage) that can be finished later to add an extra room without eating into lot space.


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One story home plans are certainly our most popular floor plan configuration. The single floor designs are typically more economical to build then two story, and for the homeowner with health issues, living stair-free is a must. Single story homes come in every architectural design style, shape and size imaginable. Popular 1 story house plan styles include craftsman, cottage, ranch, traditional, Mediterranean and southwestern.
Some of the less obvious benefits of the single floor home are important to consider. One floor homes are easier to clean and paint, roof repairs are safer and less expensive and holiday decorating just got easier.
Most of our 1 floor designs are available on basement, crawlspace and slab foundations.

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One-Story House Plans

One-story home plans have ageless appeal—that is, they are perfect for everybody regardless of age or ability—making them one of our more popular house plan collections. For many people, the lack of stairs is important, and because these house designs include all living spaces and bedrooms at ground level, everything remains accessible and comfortable. The appeal extends far beyond convenience, though. One story house plans tend to have very open, fluid floor plans, making great use of their square footage across all sizes. Our builder-ready, complete home plans in this collection range from modest to sprawling, simple to sophisticated, and they come in all architectural styles. With everything from classic ranch house plans to cozy cottages and luxurious single-story estates, you're sure to find a fantastic home with all the features you want. One story floor plans keep growing in popularity as more people plan for aging in place which offers good resell factors if you ever choose to sell. If you need assistance finding a one-story plan, please email, live chat, or call us at 866-214-2242 and we'll be happy to help!

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One-Story House Plans
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10 Modern Four Bedroom One Story House Plans

Dream One Story House Plans, Customizable Single Story Homes

One story house plans are striking in their variety. Large single story floor plans offer space for families and entertainment; smaller layouts are ideal for first-time buyers; and cozy cottages make for affordable vacation retreats. Among popular single-level styles, ranch house plans are an American classic, and practically defined the one-story home as a sought after design. 1 story or single level open concept ranch floor plans (also called ranch style house plans with open floor plans)—a modern layout within a classic architectural design--are an especially trendy, practical and beautiful choice.

Another important advantage that one-story homes have over two-story homes: greater accessibility. Aging in place isn’t a glamorous topic or one that most of us want to consider, but even if you’re lucky enough to retain mobility for decades to come, what if you have an elderly, less-mobile relative come to live with you? By choosing a plan with minimal stairs, you make it easier for everyone to get around. Now that’s planning for the future.

If you’re concerned that a one story house plan may not offer the space or privacy you desire, note that many of the designs in this collection feature well over 4,000 square feet. Additionally, some one story homes present their master suite on a separate wing of the floor plan, offering seclusion from other bedrooms.

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10 Modern Four Bedroom One Story House Plans

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