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NBA 2K The 10 Best Small Forwards In The NBA (According To Overalls)

NBA 2K21 is the signature basketball game out right now and is always the center of fan discussions and arguments. Some fans like to use it as the central focus of player rankings, while others believe the ratings couldn't be more out of touch.

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Either way, it seems that overalls in the game are the main point of contention among fans when it comes to ranking players. Let's now take a look at the best small forwards in the NBA according to the player overall rankings in the next-gen version of NBA 2K21 on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

10 Gordon Hayward (83)

Since his gruesome injury as a member of the Boston Celtics, Gordon Hayward has had a hard time returning to his NBA All-Star form he had as a member of the Utah Jazz. He's now playing for the Charlotte Hornets and will likely be an important mentor in the growth of promising rookie point guard LaMelo Ball.

It's unclear if Hayward will ever be the player he once was, but his core talent and fundamentals still make him a Top 10 player at the small forward position for the time being. He has an overall of 83 in NBA 2K

9 Tobias Harris (84)

Is Tobias Harris the most underperforming small forward in the NBA? That's a tough question to answer considering the Philadelphia 76ers had plenty of issues outside of Harris' consistency the last few seasons. He's had some of his best seasons in Philadelphia, but it's unclear if he provides enough in the postseason to help them win despite an NBA 2K21 overall of

Not only did his points per game drop 4 points come postseason play, but Harris shot an abysmal 13% from the 3-point line after averaging almost 37% during the regular season.

8 T.J. Warren (85)

Readers may be scratching their heads wondering who T.J. Warren even is and how he has a Top 10 overall among small forwards in NBA 2K His 85 overall may seem egregious and high for a guy many people are unfamiliar with, but his stat line says it's % earned.

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Warren had one of the breakout runs of the NBA playoffs in the bubble and posted multiple games of 40+ points. The Indiana Pacers may not have won much, but that says more about the loss of Domantas Sabonis and less about Warren's competitive effort when it mattered most.

7 Khris Middleton (86)

Khris Middleton is an excellent player who's currently dealing with what both Klay Thompson and C.J. McCollum have had to endure. Middleton is the 2nd best player on a team starring a perennial MVP and likely Top player, but he would likely be a superstar on many other rosters.

Middleton is an effective wing-scorer whose game complements the inside the paint dominance of Giannis Antetokounmpo. His 86 overall is good enough to make him the #7 small forward, which is impressive considering the position features many of the NBA's most dominant players.

6 DeMar DeRozan (86)

DeMar DeRozan spent 9 long years making a name for himself in Toronto as a member of the Raptors organization. He built a resume that proved he was a star player and saw plenty of success in the magenta and purple. Since being moved to the San Antonio Spurs 3 seasons ago, he's all but been forgotten by fans despite averaging career bests in rebounds and assists per game and continuing to be a walking bucket.

Just because the basketball world has forgotten about DeRozan doesn't mean the 86 overall he has in NBA 2K21 is not spot on.

5 Brandon Ingram (86)

When the Los Angeles Lakers decided to move several young players to the New Orleans Pelicans in exchange for Anthony Davis, it was unclear what Brandon Ingram was going to become. Once he landed in the bayou and was the clear #1 scorer for his team, Ingram flourished and showcased just how talented he was.

Ingram's large wingspan allows him to score similarly to Kevin Durant. NBA 2K21 giving Ingram an 86 overall, the same as Zion Williamson, misrepresents the breakout season Ingram had during the NBA season.

4 Jimmy Butler (93)

Hot off the heels of one of the more surprising and gritty NBA playoff runs in the history of the league, Jimmy Butler and company are out to prove it wasn't a fluke. Butler has always been an All-NBA defender and through the years he's done a good job at becoming a more consistent presence on offense.

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Butler still lacks consistency from behind the 3-point line, but it doesn't hurt him enough to affect his 93 overall. Another deep playoff run in a Miami Heat uniform could have Butler obtaining a Top 5 overall in NBA 2K

3 Kevin Durant (96)

Kevin Durant has finally made his return to the NBA after overcoming an unfortunate Achilles injury that forced him to miss an entire season. Now, as a member of the Brooklyn Nets, Durant is looking to contend for a title alongside point guard Kyrie Irving.

Because of his absence, some fans might have forgotten how good Durant is at basketball. He's an almost unguardable scorer who also happens to be a solid rebounder and underrated defender. Seeing him with a 95 overall in NBA 2K21 and landing as the #6 overall player feels a bit low.

2 Kawhi Leonard (96)

Kawhi Leonard caught a lot of heat for the Los Angeles Clippers postseason failures during the playoffs. Some of it was warranted, but Paul George was the primary reason the Clippers failed to reach their lofty aspirations. The NBA is divided on if Kawhi's resting schedule is good or bad for the game, but his 96 overall shows it's worth being careful and keeping him healthy. Thankfully those who use him in the game won't have to worry about providing special treatment or worry about him showing up late to practice.

1 LeBron James (98)

Whether you fall in the camp of LeBron James being the greatest NBA player of all-time or not, it's hard to deny his legacy. He's had the best run in terms of longevity and his streak of consecutive NBA Finals appearances was ended due to injury and his team not making the playoffs, not because he fell short and lost in a series.

James' 98 overall may seem like a no-brainer in NBA 2K21, but people forget he has played 16 seasons in the league and has logged more minutes on the court than anyone else to ever play the game.

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NBA 2K The 10 Best Small Forwards In MyTeam, Ranked

The NBA Playoffs are almost over as the playoff bubble comes to a close in Orlando, Florida, and basketball fans will now turn to NBA 2K21 to satiate their basketball hunger. Every fan has their favorite position and players, but with the success of LeBron James and Kevin Durant this last decade, the small forward position has strikingly rose in popularity.

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It is such a versatile position in basketball that can be played by athletes of all different shapes and sizes. In NBA 2K's MyTeam mode, which are the 10 best small forward cards currently available, though? Let's answer that question down below.

10 Larry Bird '95 (92)

It only feels right that a list having to do with small forwards starts with Larry Bird. Bird is not only considered the best Boston Celtic of all-time by a good portion of the NBA fan base, but he also happens to statistically be one of the best scorers the game has ever seen. There's a legendary story about him at an All-Star weekend where he told all of his opponents he was winning the 3-point contest minutes before it started, then went out and did it. Seems fitting that that type of confidence is met with a 92 overall card in NBA 2K21's MyTeam mode.

9 Purvis Short '90 (93)

Contrary to his name, Purvis Short stood at a reasonable small forward height of 6'7" and weighed just over lbs. Short never made an All-Star team and didn't have many accomplishments in the league outside of playing for 13 seasons which means he must have done something right. Despite having a 93 overall card that is kind, to say the least, sometimes players who contributed to the NBA in ways not remembered by history deserve their spot in the sun. Just don't expect him to put much effort in when playing defense.

8 Rolando Blackman '94 (93)

Let's now talk about the pride of Panama City, Rolando Blackman. Blackman was a 4x NBA All-Star who went on to have a successful career in Italy playing basketball overseas after retiring from the NBA following his 14th season in For his career, he ended up averaging 18 points per game and finished with over 17, career points under his belt. The Panamanian was honored via a 93 overall card that, based on the ratings, can score from outside but won't rebound effectively and is useless inside the paint.

7 Mark Aguirre '94 (93)

Mark Aguirre was a 6'6" small forward who primarily spent his career in Dallas playing for the Mavericks, but eventually suited up for both the Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Clippers. Despite most of his stats coming in a Mavericks jersey, Aguirre ended up winning two NBA championships as a member of the bad boy Pistons.

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His 93 overall card in NBA 2K21's MyTeam is a solid inside scorer with above-average athleticism and great rebound ratings for the small forward position. Avoid letting him handle the basketball if you can.

6 Kevin Durant (95)

Kevin Durant has been one of the best players in the NBA since entering the league, and sadly the NBA wasn't the same without him this year. It's unclear how successful his team-up with Kyrie Irving will be in Brooklyn, but there's no denying how great he is. Durant's ability to score and rebound at the height and length he possesses is almost unfair at times. Fans often argue about his legacy and how he'll be remembered, but if this 95 overall card is any indication, no one will ever say he wasn't talented and a scoring phenom.

5 Luka Doncic (95)

In only his first two years Luka Doncic is quickly ascending to superstar status and becoming one of the faces of the league. Like LeBron James, it's the things Donic does outside of scoring that makes him incredibly special. During the NBA Playoffs, he added to his early legacy with a dynamite game-winning shot and it seems we'll be seeing his feats of athleticism for years to come. MyTeam has rewarded the youngster with a 95 overall card that's an absolute bucket from anywhere on the court and a solid playmaker in its own right.

4 Bernard King '93 (95)

Being a New York Knicks fan must be one of the most painful things someone could do to themselves. Despite the lack of success, the team has seen some remarkable players come through and call Madison Square Garden home.

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Bernard King was one of those players, and he made a name for himself in New York despite only playing games with the organization. Despite his card being a 95 overall, it is a liability both in rebounding as well as on defense, so many equip him as your 6th man of the bench if you acquire it.

3 Paul George (95)

This card is currently a joke to many fans considering the number of memes and punchlines lobbied at Paul George in the wake of his subpar performance during the NBA Playoffs. Rumors are swirling on whether or not the Los Angeles Clippers will be moving on from George a year into his deal. Whether you enjoy the jokes at his expense or not, George was a legitimate superstar in Indiana for the Pacers. This 95 overall card is more a throwback to that era of his career and doesn't reflect his recent struggles in the city of Los Angeles.

2 Elgin Baylor '72 (95)

Elgin Baylor was simply a man among boys when he dominated the NBA through the 60s. He put up scoring record after scoring record and also established himself as arguably the greatest rebounder of all-time at the forward position. He stood at just 6'5" and managed to average almost 20 rebounds in a single season. This 95 overall card has zero weaknesses as long as you're not expected him to be your primary ball-handler or playmaker. Let him move without the ball and see how good Baylor was.

1 Paul Pierce '08 (96)

For Paul Pierce's sake, thankfully his 96 overall card doesn't have a rating for television commentary. The career Pierce put together on the court and the one he's started on network TV couldn't be farther apart. Despite never looking like a world-class athlete or being flashy, Pierce was a scorer and clutch performer for the Boston Celtics and helped them win a championship. Oddly, he has the highest overall small forward card in MyTeam, but that will likely change with future updates and additions.

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NBA 2K21 ratings prediction: Who are the five best small forwards?

NBA 2K21 - Small Forwards

LeBron James – Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Predicting who will be the best small fowards in NBA 2K

When it comes to the NBA and small forwards, that position might be the most stacked in the entire league. Getting your hands on one of these players in NBA 2K21 is going to boost your chances to win by a very wide margin. Often times when I watch games of NBA 2K on Twitch or rather in person it amazes me how often these players are able to score at a consistent pace just like the regular NBA.

The NBA is going to be resuming their season in Orlando on July 31st and there is a very good chance that you will be seeing some of the small forwards on this list in the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile, NBA 2K21 will be releasing on September 4.

With the release less than two months away, we take a look at which five players should be the five best-rated small forwards in NBA 2K21. So without any further discussion lets take a look at the five players that deserve that top five honor.

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Ranking All Of The Best Small Forwards In Nba 2K22 Myteam!! Nba 2K22 Small Forwards Tier List!!

Small Forwards play a pivotal role in every game on both ends of the floor, making it necessary to have a good one on your squad. Here are the top 5 SFs in NBA 2K22 MyTeam right now:

  1. Amethyst Kawhi Leonard: The typical Kawhi card that plays above his card level. The best defender in the game that can also spot-up and finish at the rim. Decently priced compared to the rest of the list.
  2. Diamond Grant Hill: Above average in every category, but especially good at defense, playmaking, and slashing. His jumpshot is not great, but once you learn to time it, Hill is a top SF in the game.
  3. Pink Diamond Vince Carter: A great dunker, spot-up, and create his own shot. Requires some defensive badges, but can also hold his own on that end. Expensive.
  4. Pink Diamond Carmelo Anthony: Underwhelming for the grind. The best shooter in the game and has some great attributes, but requires too many expensive badges in the defensive category.
  5. Pink Diamond Glenn Robinson: A free card from the Draft game mode, Glenn is a good &#;free&#; shooter, playmaker, and finisher, and can hold his own on the defensive end.

Best Budget Small Forwards:

  1. Coming Soon.

The Best Cards at Other Positions:


Small forward 2k21 ratings nba

NBA 2K21 Ratings: Top 5 Small Forwards (SF) - Lebron James, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant & more

The small forward position is where you'll find some of the league's biggest and most influential stars - and this will be no different in NBA 2K

Here are our predictions for the best small forwards (SF) in NBA 2K21 and their ratings.

Lebron James - 97 OVR

Lebron James has evolved into a different style of play, but don't think he's any less successful.

NBA 2K21 Lebron James
click to enlarge
+ 3

LEGENDARY: Lebron James' career is nothing short of legendary as a contender for GOAT

James leads the Los Angeles Lakers to a dominant hold on the Western Conference. And while the NBA figurehead still does it through his dominant ability on both sides of the court, he's slowed down his scoring in favor of becoming more of a facilitator. It shows in his league-leading assists per game - which is also a career-high for James.

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With this, despite his lowest average points per game since his rookie season (if only by a hair) - James should retain his massive 97 OVR rating heading into NBA 2K

Kawhi Leonard - 96 OVR

Kawhi Leonard remains a massive franchise-making star, leading the Los Angeles Clippers to a very successful year.

NBA 2K21 Kawhi Leonard
click to enlarge
+ 3

Leonard has built a reputation for being a shutdown defender that can produce in all facets of the game. And not only has he held this standard, but he's also improved many areas of his game to career-highs, including points per game and assists.

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These improvements are great, but aren't significant enough to bump Leonard up from his huge 96 OVR rating for NBA 2K

Kevin Durant - 95 OVR

Kevin Durant made huge news stepping away from the Golden State Warrior dynasty to build something new with the Brooklyn Nets alongside Kyrie Irving.

Kevin Durant NBA 2K21
click to enlarge
+ 3

A NEW CHALLENGER: Kevin Durant joined the Brooklyn Nets, and it should make them a title challenger when he's healthy

And while this great story hasn't had its time on the court due to Durant's injury in the NBA Playoffs, all signs point to his time coming next season. Durant will be a huge presence for the Nets when he's healthy, and will have plenty of opportunity to shine as his new team's figurehead.

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But with Durant's injury, we do expect his production to slow down just a bit - at least initially. For this reason, we think Durant will fall to 95 OVR in NBA 2K

Jimmy Butler - 89 OVR

Jimmy Butler has transitioned into a veteran leader for a young and dangerous Miami Heat.

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The Heat have had plenty of success this year with Butler giving a veteran presence for a great young roster featuring Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herro. Butler is a great defender with the ability to distribute the ball, drive through tough defenses, and fight for boards.

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With Butler producing career-high stats in rebounding and assists per game, this offsets his so-so scoring this year to push him ahead to 89 OVR in NBA 2K

Khris Middleton - 88 OVR

Khris Middleton is enjoying yet another awesome season as part of the massively successful Milwaukee Bucks.

READ MORE:NBA 2K21 Release Date CONFIRMED: New Current-Gen Gameplay Trailer, Mamba Forever Edition, Next-Gen Price & more

Middleton has pushed several career-high numbers this season, including rebounds, points, and tying his career-high for assists. While these still aren't pushing any league leading stats, it points to Middleton's important role on perhaps the best team in the league today.

READ MORE:NBA 2K21 Buyer's Guide: Is next-gen price worth it? - Editions, Price, Features, Rewards & more

Middleton's growth in these areas should push his rating up to 88 OVR in NBA 2K

RealSport is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more Sours: https://realsportcom/nba-2k/nba-2kratings-small-forwards-sf-lebron-james-kawhi-leonard-kevin-durant-jimmy-butler-khris-middleton/

NBA 2K22 predictions: The 5 highest rated small forwards

NBA 2K22 is just around the corner and everyone is excited for the release. 2K Sports has intentionally delayed information such as trailers, gameplay videos and several other details to keep up with the mystery and the hype that comes with it. Seeing as we have no NBA action until October , 2K Sports is capitalizing on the lack of games and generating interest in fans by releasing one detail at a time.

As usual, LeBron James and Kevin Durant are two of the highest rated players in the game and they share that podium with Giannis Antetokounmpo and Stephen Curry.

Small forwards are some of the highest rated players in the game. James and Durant are practically cheat codes and who wouldn't love to drop 60 points with them in NBA 2K22? They do a little bit of everything for the team and a gamer can dominate the floor with them. You can block a player on one end and then run coast to coast to posterize your defender.

On that note, let's take a look at the five highest rated small forwards in NBA 2K Many on here are revealed ratings while one is a predicted one. Also keeping in mind that NBA is a lot more positionless now than ever before so we have adjusted the positions accordingly.

#5 Jayson Tatum - 90

Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics as seen in NBA 2K20 [Source: VGR]

Jayson Tatum has a rating of 90 in NBA 2K He started off the game last year (NBA 2K21) with an 88 rating and then proceeded to put on a show in the NBA season so his rating ended up at 91 at one point. However, he did end the game with a 90 rating and 2K Sports has kept his rating the same for NBA 2K However, Tatum personally feels his rating should at least be 92 to begin with given his spectacular performances last season. He brought up his 50 point games and his point outing when he tied Larry Bird for the Celtics record to justify his increase in rating.

Tatum has rated outside scoring, rated inside scoring, rated athleticism, rated playmaking, rated rebounding and rated defense. He has a total of 46 badges in NBA 2K21 with 12 gold, 24 silver and 10 bronze. He still has a long way to go to earn Hall of Fame badges in NBA 2K but given his progression and how he continues to get better, it wouldn't be surprising if 2K Sports rewarded him one in NBA 2K

#4 Jimmy Butler - 91

Jimmy Butler with the Miami Heat as seen in NBA 2K20 [Source: NBA 2KW]

Jimmy Butler might not be the most fun player to play with in NBA 2K but one cannot deny he is certainly one of the most important ones for your team. If you pick the Miami Heat, you will find yourself using Jimmy Buckets more than you realise. He does everything for the team, from scoring and defense to playmaking and rebounding. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that he is the Heat's most valuable player and his recent $ million contract extension proves that.

Jimmy Butler started off NBA 2K21 with an 89 rating but it shot up to 93 during the NBA Finals. His ratings the rest of the year kept fluctuating; he touched a low of 90 at one point but finished the game with a 92 rating.

Jimmy Butler&#;s NBA 2K21 ratings over the year [Source:]

Jimmy Butler was underwhelming, to say the least, in the NBA playoffs and his NBA 2K22 rating will reflect that. The four-game sweep is remembered for the Milwaukee Bucks' Bryn Forbes outscoring Butler in the series. He scored just points per game on 29% shooting from the field including 26% from three-point range, while making 72% of his free throws, all career-lows. We predict his rating to go down by at least one point in NBA 2K22 with the possibility of 90 as well.

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