Polaris general transmission oil capacity

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We’re gonna start by removing the drain plug. That takes an 8 mm allen. Make sure you have your drain pan in the correct location to catch your oil.

Check your drain plug for any metal shavings. This one has a little bit on there. Not too much. As you’re cleaning it off check for your seal, your O-ring here. You’ll wanna make sure that’s in good shape otherwise you’ll need to replace it. This one’s good.

Once the oil is done draining, you can reinstall your drain plug and remove your fill plug. It takes the same 8 mm allen. Once you remove it, you’ll want to check and make sure your O-ring is in good shape.

Today we’re going to be using Polaris transmission fluid. You’ll want to fill this up until it seeps out of the fill hole. Wipe off any excess that’s spilled out. Reinstall your fill plug.

And that’s how simple it is to change your oil in your transmission. Happy riding!

Sours: https://www.superatv.com/offroad-atlas/how-to-change-the-transmission-fluid-on-a-polaris-rzr/

How To: Polaris RZR XP 1000 Transmission Fluid Change

Fluid Specifications & Step-By-Step Directions

August 26, 2015

The Polaris RZR XP 1000 Transmission or (Main Gearcase) is only changed every 100 hours or about once a year. It’s a very simple process but doing it correctly is super-important to the life of your RZR. The drain plug is located on the bottom of the gearcase, and there is an access hole in the skidplate. The fill plug is at the back of machine, midway up the rear gearcase, and accessed through the triangular hole in the radius rod mounting plate.

Polaris RZR XP 1000 Gearcase Specification Chart
Front Gearcase
How To: Polaris RZR XP 1000 Transmission Fluid Directions:
1. Remove the fill plug, place a drain pan under the drain plug and remove the drain plug.
2. Allow the fluid to drain completely, clean the drain plug, and reinstall with a new o-ring sealing gasket. Torque to specification. (10-14 ft. lbs)
3. Add the recommended fluid up to the bottom of the fill plug hole. Do not overfill.
4. Reinstall the fill plug, Torque to spec. (10-14 ft. lbs)
5. Check for leaks and properly discard of used fluid.
Sours: https://www.atvrider.com/how-to-polaris-rzr-xp-1000-transmission-fluid-change/
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Transmission Specification Chart




(Main Gearcase)

Transmission Oil Change

NOTE: It is important to follow the transmission and

gearcase maintenance intervals described in the

Periodic Maintenance Chart.

Transmission Specifications

Specified Lubricant:

AGL Plus Synthetic Gearcase


(PN 2878068)

Approximate Capacity at Change:

23.7 oz. (700 ml)

Fill / Level Plug Torque:

30-45 in-lbs (3-5 Nm)

Drain Plug Torque:

18 ft-lbs (24 Nm)

Transmission Oil Level Check:




AGL Plus - Synthetic

ATV Gearcase


9923983 - 2012-2013 RZR 170 Service Manual

© Copyright 2012 Polaris Sales Inc.





23.7 oz. (700 ml)

18 ft-lbs (24 Nm)

The fill plug is located on the side of the gearcase next to

the shift lever bell crank. The fluid level should be

maintained so it is even with the bottom of the fill plug hole.

• Be sure vehicle is positioned on a level surface

when checking or changing fluid.

• Check vent hose to be sure it is routed properly

and unobstructed.

1. Position vehicle on a level surface.

2. Remove the fill plug.

3. Add the recommended fluid through the fill plug hole

until it is even with the bottom of the check plug hole.

4. Reinstall the check/fill plug and torque to 30-45 in-lbs

(3-5 Nm) or tighten by hand sufficiently.

Transmission Oil Change:

1. Remove the level check plug (refer to "Lubricant

Level Check").

2. Place a drain pan under the main gearcase drain plug.


/ L








30-45 in-lbs (3-5 Nm)

Transmission Oil Fill/Check






Sours: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1068620/Polaris-Ranger-Rzr-170.html?page=40
Polaris RZR 1000 XP Oil Change, Transmission Fluid, and Front Differential Fluid

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Capacity polaris general transmission oil

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GENERAL XP 1000 Front Gearcase Fluid Replacement - Polaris Off Road Vehicles

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