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Duramax 7hp engine $ with shipping Are they any good?

HoosierBuddy said:

Small engines have come down A BUNCH. Maybe they're all coming from China now?


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Basically, though that doesnt make them necessarily cheap. B&S and Kholer are really the only ones left as far as USA manufacturers but both charge some pretty good money for their China made blocks. Both are embracing China and even Honda Knock-Offs to fill certain parts of the market. B&S engines made in the USA will be obvious, they're badged with a large "Made In The USA" sticker and that will be essentially limited to some of their industrial/commercial engine lines.

Got a pamphlet the other day that Toro will be dumping B&S and switching most of their line to Honda knock-offs as well and self badging them as Toro Engines. The switch includes their zero turn ride on mowers :(. I guess theres no stopping it.


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Only as Strong as Its Core.
The DuroMax XPS unit features a 7 Horsepower, Air Cooled Engine and is designed with a Low-Oil Shutoff Sensor to protect the Motor. Built to offer more power and longer lasting durability, The DuroMax DSS Generator has a Cast-Ironed Sleeved, cc Engine rated at 7 HP delivering a peak of 4, surge watts / 3, Constant. This is a sufficient amount of power that can handle an overhead Air Conditioner in an RV to basic house power. Designed for Safe and Easy Operation, the DSS features a user-friendly, Recoil Start, that's easier than starting a lawnmower. The attached oversized noise reducing Muffler has a built-in Spark Arrestor for safe use in mandated camping areas and jobsites. This unit can be tossed around on the jobsite or truck mounted for maximum security. It also is available with an optional Wheel and Handle kit, this makes transporting it a breeze. All DuroMax Generators are user-friendly and are ready to use out of the box within minutes. Simply remove all packaging, add Oil and Gas and it is ready to begin producing power.

Max AC Output Watts
Rated AC Output3, Watts
Engine Displacement               
Max Torque ft-lbs
Run Time at 1/2 Load8 Hours
Fuel Tank Capacity4 Gallons
Start TypeRecoil
Decibels69 dB(A)
Shipping Weight lbs

Easy Out of Box Operation & Peace of Mind.
All DuroMax Generators all carry a 3 Year Factory Warranty and 1 Year Commercial Factory Warranty so if for any reason your generator gives you problems simply let us know and we will do our best to make it right. As always DuroMax offers its 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee standard on every item we sell. All DuroMax Generators are ready to use out of the box within minutes. Simply remove all packaging, add Oil and Gas and it is ready to begin producing power.

Available Outlets

/v 30A Twist Lock Outlet

v 20A Standard Outlet

  • DuroMax XPS Recoil Start Generator.
  • Generator Tool Kit.
  • Owner's Manual.

  • 3-Year Residential Limited Factory Warranty.
  • 1-Year Commercial Limited Factory Warranty.
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Sours: https://www.andrewequipmentstore.com/
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Best Go Kart Engine

Finding the right engine for karting can help you win that race. Check out our review for our top 4 favorites for Go Kart engines below.

Best Go Kart Engine Reviews


With a wide variety of options, it can get confusing to choose only one. But the thing is unless you have multiple Go-Karts, you should only look for the best. And to help you, here are four of our top Go Kart engine choices.

Predator HP cc OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine Review

Heavy-Duty and Durable

This Go Kart-ready engine dons a powerful horsepower with gas-saving overhead valves. It has a horizontal shaft with a ball-bearing mount, which makes it an ideal replacement for a lot of standard engine configurations.

With its heavy-duty cast iron cylinder, it works perfectly well with several other machines. It’s also ready to withstand wear and abuse so you can have this engine for longer while it continues to provide a cooler and cleaner performance.

Easy To Use

The Predator engine has user-friendly controls for starting and operation. It also features a safety transport feature thanks to its fuel shut-off system.

Predator HP cc OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine

How to use it?

The Predator HP cc engine is best for go-kart racing, pressure washers, cement mixers, compressors, mowers, generators, and even water pumps.


  • Cool and clean performance
  • Strong engineering and construction
  • Durable cast iron material
  • Multi-purpose engine
  • Not certified for California use

Predator HP cc Engine Verdict:

If you want a strong, multipurpose engine for Go Karting, the Predator cc is a clear winner. With its horsepower and cc OHV, you can’t go wrong with this durable and easy to use of an engine.

DuroMax XP7HPE 7HP Electric/Recoil Start Engine Review

Solid Power

If you want a heavy-duty workhorse, this is the engine for you. The DuroMax XP7HPE is a premium engine that features a cc – 4-stroke overhead valve design. It has a 7-hp capacity that can crank out ft/lbs of torque. If you’re looking for solid power output, this one delivers.

Approved in 50 State Emissions

This mighty engine is feeding off of a 1-gallon fuel tank. At only half a load, it can run for 2 hours on a single tank. What’s more, it’s EPA and Carb approved in mandated areas. It also features an easy Key Start with a backup recoil start, and it comes with a standard shaft that’s perfect for most projects.

DuroMax XP7HPE 7HP Electric/Recoil Start Engine

How to use it?

Aside from customizing your Go-Kart, you can use this DuroMax engine for log splitters and water transfer pumps.


  • Impressive power
  • Standard shaft size
  • Easy operation
  • Sounds mechanical
  • The motor requires choke when warm

DuroMax XP7HPE 7HP Start Engine Verdict:

Consider the DuroMax XP7HPE if you want maximum torque and horsepower. It’s also easy to use thanks to the electronic ignition, and back-up recoil start.

X-Pro cc 4-Stroke Engine Review

Automatic Transmission

A 4-stroke engine that comes with an automatic transmission and reverse is something most people want. This cc X-Pro engine is a single-cylinder with an electric start is perfect for Go Karts and other ATVs. The engine assembly comes with an intake pipe, drive sprocket, sprocket cover, and spark plug. What’s more, it has high-quality aluminum cylinder head and an iron cylinder body.

Great Compatibility

The X-Pro cc engine is compatible with all cc sizes of ATVs and Go Karts. It also pairs with vehicles such as the Coolster, Taotao, Roketa, Kazuma, and lots more. If you aren’t quite sure what engine to try but know it’s for a cc, this might be the one to consider.

X-Pro cc 4-Stroke Engine

How to use it?

The X-Pro cc 4-stroke automatic engine is compatible with all cc Go Kart and ATV models.


  • Automatic with reverse
  • Wide compatibility
  • High-quality engine
  • Mostly works only for vehicles

X-Pro cc 4-Stroke Engine Verdict:

If you need a specific cc engine, the X-Pro one might be a good try. It’s has a good build with a variety of engine assembly.

XtremepowerUS 7HP 4-Stroke Gas Engine Review

Industrial-grade Strength

Enjoy go-kart racing and more with an industrial-strength engine that is the XtremepowerUS gas engine. This durable OHV engine offers an incredible seven horsepower that’s perfect for go-karts or other machines. It works with a standard 87 Octane operating fuel, but it’s better with gasoline. It also has a low oil shut off to make sure that there will be no serious damage or failure.

Durable Design

This extremely quiet and dependable engine is EPA certified. It provides a smooth but powerful operation every time. Whether you need an average or maximum power, the XtremepowerUS gas engine can handle the job.

XtremepowerUS 7HP 4-Stroke Gas Engine

How to use it?

Use it to power a variety of equipment such as go-karts, log splitters, pressure washers, and more.


  • Starts easy
  • Industrial strength power
  • Large tank
  • Not for use in California
  • Prone to the air filter and spring issues

XtremepowerUS 7HP 4-Stroke Gas Engine Verdict:

Try the XtremepowerUS 7HP gas engine for your next go-kart project or as replacement for other applications. It provides industrial-grade strength but works quieter than the alternatives.

Building a Go-Kart is one of the fun ways about it. Whether you consider it a hobby or an extreme sport, it’s a project that’s likely to keep you busy. With the many things you can do to customize your Kart, there’s no wonder a lot of people enjoy this recreation.

Still, the one thing that’s probably most exciting about working on a Go-Kart is the engine. You can go as fast and as powerful as you want or build something that even your kids can use.

But you might be wondering: What is the best engine for a go-kart?

Well, it all depends on what you want. But to make sure you end up making an informed decision here’s a quick buyer’s guide to help you.

Go Kart Engine Buyer’s Guide

The market is full of several engine options for you to choose from, and it can be quite confusing when it’s time to make a decision. To make things a bit easier, here are some factors which you should consider when looking for the best engine for your Go Kart.


If you’re building a racing Go Kart, the first thing you should consider is the class in which you plan to compete. Different categories depend on where you’re from, and it usually depends on age. But the best way to determine this factor is to go to your local club and talk to the other members. Doing so will allow you to land a better decision on which engine to buy for your Go Kart.

Second-hand or Brand New

Another consideration you must think about is whether to buy a second-hand or a brand new engine. Of course, if your goal is to win, it’s easy to believe that it would be better to purchase a proven race-winning package. However, it also means that the parts of that winning engine are already deteriorating. And you’d need to maintain it along the way. With a brand new engine, everything is fresh, and you have the assurance that you can use the best part of the motor.


Finally, it all comes down to your budget. Since there are several choices out in the market, it’s quite easy to find an engine that fits your budget. Still, you also need to combine this consideration with the features and capacity of that engine.

Last Updated on June 15, by Patrick

Sours: https://backyardtoolshed.com/best-go-kart-engine/
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Duromax XP652WP 7 hp Water Pump Unboxing and First Start

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