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Clerk of Courts

As many of you are aware, the federal government enacted the CARES Act on March 27, 2020.  The Act bans foreclosures on federally backed or insured mortgages for 120 days, expiring on 7/25/2020. A lesser known part of the act bans any evictions from properties receiving aid such as Section 8 and public housing. It also bans evictions from any property with an open federally backed mortgage. This includes Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, HUD and VA loans, among others.  Court Commissioner Lovejoy has drafted an affidavit for the landlord to sign when filing an eviction that states they don’t receive any funding aid and their property doesn’t have any federally backed mortgages. This must be filed when filing an eviction before 7/27/2020. It is available here on the Douglas County websiteas well as through our office. For the present, this ban ends 7/26/2020 and anyone can file as of 7/27/2020.


The Clerk of Courts' mission is to operate a multi-court system, consisting of two Circuit Courts

Services Provided

The Clerk of Courts office is responsible for: 
  • Providing services to the public, legal profession, and the judiciary through: 
    • The two branches
    • Criminal and traffic
    • Small claims
    • Civil
    • Family support
  • Providing clerical, record keeping, accounting, and administration services to the court system
  • Acting as registrar of appointments
  • Collecting fines, bail, and court ordered payments
  • Keeping a court record of every civil, criminal, traffic, divorce, and small claims proceeding
The Clerk of Courts has small claims, restraining orders, and divorce forms available. There is a $30 fee for the divorce packet.

Fines can be paid by credit card by calling Government Payment Services at (888) 604-7888. They accept Discover, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. You may also pay fines by cash, personal check (if drawn on a Superior, WI bank), or money order by coming into the Clerk of Courts Office, Room 309.  If paying by mail, send check or money order to:
Clerk of Courts
1313 Belknap Street, Room 309
Superior, Wisconsin 54880

Probation & Parole

(715) 392-7915

State Public Defender

(715) 392-7866


CIRCUIT Court Branch I

Branch I of the Douglas County Circuit Court is one of two trial courts handling the caseload of Douglas County. It is presently presided over by Judge Kelly Thimm, who was elected to the bench in 2009.

The two branches share the caseload according to a rotation plan approved by the judges. Large claims, civil actions, family law cases, and all forfeitures are divided equally between Branch I and Branch II. Case types that are divided equally between the judges include traffic, forfeitures, small claims, evictions, civil, family, adoption, criminal, and termination of parental rights.

Circuit Court Judges

Circuit court judges are elected by the citizens of the County and serve six-year terms. The powers of circuit court judges are the same throughout the State. Occasionally, the judges are assigned to handle cases in neighboring counties in their district, such as Ashland, Burnett, or Bayfield.


If you are in need of a transcript for a hearing for Judge Thimm, please contact his Court Reporter, Tracy Bennet, at (715) 395-1357. There is a cost associated with the production of transcripts and will need to be paid before a transcript is started.

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Circuit courts

Circuit court judges & court websites

Note: The following county links lead to external websites and will take you away from

CountyNameCourt website
AdamsAdams County Clerk of Circuit Court
AshlandAshland County Circuit Court
  • Babler, Hon. James C.
  • Bitney, Hon. J. Michael
  • Boyle, Hon. Maureen
    (Chief Judge)
Barron County Clerk of Circuit Court
BayfieldBayfield County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Hammer, Hon. Marc A.
  • Hinkfuss, Hon. Timothy A.
  • Hock, Hon. Tammy Jo
  • Kelley, Hon. Kendall M.
  • Liegeois, Hon. Beau G.
  • Walsh, Hon. Thomas J.
  • Zakowski, Hon. John P.
  • Zuidmulder, Hon. Donald R.
Brown County Clerk of Circuit Court
Buffalo/PepinBuffalo County Clerk of Circuit Court
Pepin County Clerk of Circuit Court
BurnettBurnett County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Froehlich, Hon. Jeffrey S.
  • Reed, Hon. Carey J.
Calumet County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Gibbs, Hon. Steven H.
  • Isaacson, Hon. James M.
  • Lane, Hon. Benjamin J.
Chippewa County Circuit Court
ClarkClark County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Cross, Hon. Troy D.
  • Hepler, Hon. Todd J.
  • Voigt, Hon. W. Andrew
Columbia County Clerk of Circuit Court
CrawfordCrawford County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Bailey-Rihn, Hon. Valerie L.
  • Berz, Hon. Ellen K.
  • Colas, Hon. Juan B.
  • Conway, Hon. David
  • Crawford, Hon. Susan M.
  • Ehlke, Hon. Stephen
  • Frost, Hon. Jacob B.
  • Genovese, Hon. Julie
  • Hyland, Hon. John D.
  • Lanford, Hon. Rhonda L.
  • McNamara, Hon. Nicholas
  • Mitchell, Hon. Everett
  • Remington, Hon. Frank D.
  • Reynolds, Hon. Josann
  • Taylor, Hon. Chris
  • Trammell, Hon. Nia
  • White, Hon. Mario D.
Dane County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • De Vries, Hon. Martin J.
  • Pfitzinger, Hon. Brian A.
  • Sciascia, Hon. Joseph G.
  • Snow, Hon. Kristine A.
Dodge County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Ehlers, Hon. D. Todd
  • Weber, Hon. David L.
Door County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Glonek, Hon. George
  • Thimm, Hon. Kelly J.
Douglas County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Mayer, Hon. Christina M.
  • Peterson, Hon. James
  • Wagner, Hon. Luke M.
Dunn County Clerk of Circuit Court
Eau Claire
  • Harless, Hon. Sarah
  • Long, Hon. Emily M.
  • Manydeeds, Hon. John F.
  • Schumacher, Hon. Michael A.
  • Theisen, Hon. Jon M.
Eau Claire County Clerk of Circuit Court
FlorenceFlorence County Clerk of Circuit Court
Fond du Lac
  • Christenson, Hon. Andrew J.
  • Czisny, Hon. Paul G.
  • English, Hon. Dale L.
  • Grimm, Hon. Peter L.
  • Walker, Hon. Tricia L.
Fond du Lac County Clerk of Circuit Court
ForestForest County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Day, Hon. Craig R.
  • Van De Hey, Hon. Robert P.
    (Chief Judge)
Grant County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Phillipson, Hon. Faun M.
  • Vale, Hon. Thomas J.
    (Chief Judge)
Green County Clerk of Circuit Court
Green LakeGreen Lake County Circuit Court
  • Koehler, Hon. Margaret M.
Iowa County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Stella, Jr., Hon. Anthony J.
Iron County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Becker, Hon. Anna
  • Diehn, Hon. Daniel S.
Jackson County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Brantmeier, Hon. Bennett J.
  • Dehring, Jr., Hon. Robert F.
  • Gruber, Hon. William V.
  • Hue, Hon. William F.
Jefferson County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Curran, Hon. Paul S.
  • Smith, Hon. Stacy A.
Juneau County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Dougvillo, Hon. Gerad T.
  • Gabriele, Hon. Angelina
  • Kerkman, Hon. Chad G.
  • Meier, Hon. Jodi L.
  • Milisauskas, Hon. Anthony J.
  • Rossell, Hon. Jason A.
    (Chief Judge)
  • Schroeder, Hon. Bruce E.
  • Wilk, Hon. David P.
Kenosha County Clerk of Circuit Court
KewauneeKewaunee County Clerk of Circuit Court
La Crosse
  • Bjerke, Hon. Todd
  • Doyle, Hon. Gloria L.
  • Gonzalez, Hon. Ramona A.
  • Horne, Hon. Scott L.
  • Levine, Hon. Elliott
La Crosse County Clerk of Circuit Court
LafayetteLafayette County Clerk of Circuit Court
LangladeLanglade County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Russell, Hon. Robert R.
  • Tlusty, Hon. Jay R.
Lincoln County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Dewane, Hon. Robert P.
  • Dietz, Hon. Jerilyn M.
  • Rohrer, Hon. Mark R.
Manitowoc County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Corbett, Hon. Scott M.
  • Huber, Hon. Gregory B.
    (Chief Judge)
  • Jacobson, Hon. Lamont K.
  • Moran, Hon. Michael K.
  • O'Neill, Hon. Suzanne C.
  • Strasser, Hon. Gregory J.
Marathon County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Morrison, Hon. James A.
    (Chief Judge)
  • Sequin, Hon. Jane M.
Marinette County Clerk of Circuit Court
MarquetteMarquette County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Kussel, Jr., Hon. William F.
  • Sloma, Hon. Katherine
Menominee/Shawano County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Ashley, Hon. Carl
  • Ashley, Hon. Kori
  • Borowski, Hon. David L.
  • Brostrom, Hon. Ellen R.
  • Carroll, Hon. Jane V.
  • Childs, Hon. Milton L.
  • Colon, Hon. Pedro
  • Connolly, Hon. Gwen
  • Crivello, Hon. Laura
  • Davis, Hon. Cynthia M.
  • Dee, Hon. Christopher
  • Dugan, Hon. Hannah C.
  • Dávila, Hon. Jack L.
  • Feiss, Hon. David
  • Foley, Hon. Christopher R.
  • Grady, Hon. Lindsey C.
  • Grayson, Hon. Brittany C.
  • Hanrahan, Hon. Michael J.
  • Havas, Hon. Michelle A.
  • Kegel, Hon. Katie B.
  • Keifer, Hon. Rebecca A.
  • Kies, Hon. Jean Marie
  • Martens, Hon. Kevin E.
  • McAdams, Hon. Thomas
  • Morales, Hon. Reyna
  • Murray, Hon. Marshall B.
  • Perez, Hon. Laura Gramling
  • Pocan, Hon. William S.
  • Protasiewicz, Hon. Janet
  • Richards, Hon. Jonathan D.
  • Rosa, Hon. Frederick C.
  • Rothstein, Hon. Stephanie
  • Sanders, Hon. Mark A.
  • Shelton, Hon. Danielle L.
  • Skwierawski, Hon. Audrey
  • Sosnay, Hon. William
  • Stark, Hon. Carolina
  • Swanson, Hon. David C.
  • Triggiano, Hon. Mary
    (Chief Judge)
  • Van Grunsven, Hon. Paul R.
  • Wagner, Hon. Jeffrey A.
  • Wall, Hon. Joseph R.
  • Watts, Hon. Jonathan D.
  • Witkowiak, Hon. Timothy M.
  • Yamahiro, Hon. Glenn H.
  • Yang, Hon. Kristy
  • Vacancy
Milwaukee County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Goodman, Hon. Mark L.
  • Radcliffe, Hon. Richard
  • Ziegler, Hon. Todd
Monroe County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Conley, Hon. Jay N.
  • Judge, Hon. Michael T.
Oconto County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Bloom, Hon. Michael H.
  • O'Melia, Hon. Patrick F.
Oneida County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Biskupic, Hon. Vincent
  • Lonergan, Hon. Emily I.
  • Metropulos, Hon. Mitchell J.
  • McGinnis, Hon. Mark J.
  • Rein, Hon. Yadira
  • Schneider, Hon. Carrie A.
  • Schroeder, Hon. Mark G.
Outagamie County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Cain, Hon. Steven M.
  • Malloy, Hon. Paul V.
  • Williams, Hon. Sandy A.
Ozaukee County Clerk of Circuit Court
Pepin/BuffaloPepin County Clerk of Circuit Court
Buffalo County Clerk of Circuit Court
PiercePierce County Circuit Court
  • Anderson, Hon. Jeffery L.
  • Tolan, Hon. Daniel J.
Polk County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Baker, Hon. Patricia
  • Eagon, Hon. Thomas B.
  • Shannon, Hon. Robert
Portage County Clerk of Circuit Court
PricePrice County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Boyle, Hon. Timothy D.
  • Cafferty, Hon. Kristin M.
  • Flancher, Hon. Faye M.
  • Fredrickson, Hon. Jon E.
  • Gasiorkiewicz, Hon. Eugene A.
  • Laufenberg, Hon. Wynne
  • Martinez, Hon. Maureen
  • Nielsen, Hon. Mark F.
  • Paulson, Hon. David W.
  • Repischak, Hon. Robert S.
Racine County Circuit Court
  • Sharp, Hon. William Andrew
Richland County Circuit Court
  • Dillon, Hon. Daniel
  • Grubb, Hon. Derrick A.
  • Haakenson, Hon. Michael A.
  • Hanson, Hon. Karl
  • Kuglitsch, Hon. Jeffrey S.
  • McCrory, Hon. Barbara W.
  • Wood, Hon. John M.
Rock County Circuit Court
RuskRusk County Clerk of Circuit Court
St. Croix
  • Needham, Hon. Scott R.
  • Nordstrand, Hon. Scott J.
  • Vlack, Hon. Edward F.
  • Waterman, Hon. R. Michael
St. Croix County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Barrett, Hon. Patricia A.
  • Klicko, Hon. Wendy J. N.
  • Screnock, Hon. Michael P.
Sauk County Circuit Court
SawyerSawyer County Circuit Court
  • Kussel, Jr., Hon. William F.
  • Sloma, Hon. Katherine
Shawano/Menominee counties Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Bastil, Hon. Samantha R.
  • Borowski, Hon. Daniel J.
  • Hoffmann, Hon. Kent
  • Persick, Hon. Rebecca L.
  • Sutkiewicz, Hon. Angela
Sheboygan County Clerk of Circuit Court
TaylorTaylor County Clerk of Circuit Court
TrempealeauTrempealeau County Circuit Court
VernonVernon County Circuit Court
  • Milanowski, Hon. Martha J.
Vilas County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Drettwan, Hon. Kristine E.
  • Johnson, Hon. Daniel S.
  • Koss, Hon. Phillip A.
  • Reddy, Hon. David M.
Walworth County Clerk of Circuit Court
WashburnWashburn County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Giernoth, Hon. Sandra J.
  • Martens, Hon. Todd K.
  • Muehlbauer, Hon. James
  • Pouros, Hon. James G.
Washington County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Aprahamian, Hon. Michael
  • Bohren, Hon. Michael O.
  • Bugenhagen, Jr., Hon. Paul
  • Carter, Hon. Lloyd V.
  • Domina, Hon. William
  • Dorow, Hon. Jennifer
    (Chief Judge)
  • Lau, Hon. Laura
  • Lazar, Hon. Maria S.
  • Maxwell, Hon. Michael P.
  • Melvin, III, Hon. J. Arthur
  • Ramirez, Hon. Ralph M.
  • Schimel, Hon. Brad D.
Waukesha County Circuit Court
  • Clussman, Hon. Vicki
  • Huber, Hon. Raymond
  • Nielsen, Hon. Troy L.
Waupaca County Clerk of Circuit Court
WausharaWaushara County Circuit Court
  • Basiliere, Hon. Teresa S.
  • Bissett, Hon. Daniel J.
  • Haase, Hon. LaKeisha D.
  • Hart Key, Hon. Barbara
    (Chief Judge)
  • Jorgensen, Hon. John A.
Winnebago County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Brazeau, Jr., Hon. Nicholas J.
  • Potter, Hon. Gregory J.
  • Wolf, Hon. Todd P.
Wood County Clerk of Circuit Court
Courtroom 8 Cowlitz County District Court


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Douglas County is within the Wisconsin Court of Appeals District III.

The people of Douglas County are served by the 10th District Circuit Court.

The United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin has jurisdiction in Douglas County. Appeals from the Western District go to the United States Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit.


Douglas County, Wisconsin

Court of Appeals

Wisconsin Court of Appeals District III

Circuit Court

Douglas County Circuit Court, Wisconsin

See also

See also: Wisconsin judicial elections

Wisconsin is one of 43 states that hold elections for judicial positions. To learn more about judicial selection in Wisconsin, click here.

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Election rules

Primary election

A primary is held on the third Tuesday in February to nominate judicial candidates for the spring election. Candidates seeking election must file by the first Tuesday in January preceding the spring general election.[1] A primary is required if more than two candidates file for nomination to the supreme court, the same district of an appellate court, or for the same branch of a circuit court.[1] If the number of candidates for office does not exceed twice the number to be elected to the office a primary is not held and all the candidates will appear on the ballot in the spring election.[1] The two candidates who receive the most votes in a primary race advance to the general election.[2]

General election

A spring election is held on the first Tuesday in April.[1]


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