Honda grom brembo brake kit

Honda grom brembo brake kit DEFAULT

Galfer Complete Brake Kit - Honda Grom  MSX125 

Galfer Complete Honda Grom Braking Upgrade Kit!

Galfer premium products included in complete kit:

- One Semi Metallic Front Brake Pad - New improved upgraded material from the previous inferior kevlar/ceramic pad design.
- One Double H Centered Rear Brake Pad, improved design and compound for excellent heat dispersion
- Heavy Duty Wave Rotors, Front and Rear
- Steel braided brake lines, Front and Rear with color choice
(64 count braided stainless and Dupont Teflon lines w/ banjos.)

Honda Grom (All Years)
Honda MSX125 (All Years)

CHOOSE your brake like color preference in "Make It Your Own" above to the right.

This kit has a discount that makes it insane to buy these parts individually. If purchased seperately, the cost would run $427. You just can't beat it.

Galfer Steel lines offer a much more reliable braking and better response.
Galfer rotors are heat treated, ground, 420 high carbon stainless wave rotors not only look better, they brake better!
Galfer premium brake pad compounds offer undeniable increased braking feel and stopping power with improved heat dispersion.
Commonly preferred kit for endurance races as the materials stand up to long use and abuse.

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  • 3.0 lbs.

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Watch this video for more details :


for the '13-'20 Honda GROM / GROM SF  NON-ABS MODELS ONLY

Complete Upgrade Kit Includes:

- Brembo 2-piston, 34mm calipers (Front & Rear)
- Brembo Brake Pads (Front & Rear)
- Tyga Billet Alum. Caliper Brackets (Front & Rear)
- CoreMoto Custom Stainless Brake Lines (Front & Rear) 

We are Stocking the following SS Lines included with Kit:

Smoke/Carbo Jacket - Black Ends


If you want ANY Other Color Variation, it would be a CUSTOM COLOR ORDER  (Approx. 10-14 days for CORE to make them)
If you want CUSTOM COLORED LINES  , please Click Here >> CUSTOM COLORS <<

Honda Grom gets new rear brake setup! Fixing the rubbing issue...

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Grom brembo brake kit honda

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Z125 Pro Installing Brembo Brake Upgrade - HUGE Improvement in Better Brakes #HardRacing #Z125

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