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Mass Effect Andromeda - Final mission Meridian: The Way Home - Scourge clusters, Meridian Control, final boss

Mass Effect Andromeda Meridian: The Way Home is the final mission that follows the penultimate story mission The Journey to Meridian.

If you're after help for parts of the game, consult our Mass Effect Andromeda walkthrough and guide.

Meridian: The Way Home

Talk to Suvi, Scourge clusters probed for data, Speak to crew about Scourge research

The first step is straightforward; take the Tempest to any three of the marked systems and fire off a probe to reveal the location of Meridian.

Return to Remnant city in Civki System

Once you've located it, head back to Khi Tasira. Starting this mission will begin the endgame - once it's finished you can carry on with all the side missions, but until the mission is over you won't be able to do much of anything else so make sure you're ready.

Reach control center and reveal Meridian, Struggle to reach door

From the landing zone head towards the markers - they will lead you through a series of doors with a few Remnant on the way, until you finally reach a console.


When you activate it things won't quite go according to plan, but you should just about be able to make it to the next marker at which point you'll be given control of the other Ryder sibling.


Get a weapon, Fight to communications, Reach maintenance access, Send signal to restore Pathfinder's implant

Head towards the gun locker and grab a weapon, then make your way through the Nexus - enemy presence is fairly light, but be aware that you may not be as heavily armed or armoured as you're used to so proceed with care.

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Interface to open door

Once SAM has been rebooted you'll regain control of your own character - interact with the terminal a few times until it kicks in, then head through the corridor until you reach a gravity well. Once you're back on the Tempest head to the bridge to trigger the final stage of the mission.

Rally your team at the Tempest, Somehow recover Hyperion, Somehow face the Archon's fleet, Go to bridge to launch, Chase the Archon in the Nomad, Defeat kett guarding the entrance

You'll start off in the Nomad. Ignore everything that's going on around you and just drive full steam ahead along the valley floor.

After a couple of minutes you'll reach your destination so disembark and take out the Kett guards blocking your path before heading through the giant doors ahead.


Enter Meridian Control, Fight to reach the Archon

Use the terminal and then activate the gravity well and continue your path into the building. You'll pass through three open areas filled with enemies that you need to clear before proceeding, and you will then reach another gravity well.


Defeat kett guarding gravity well, Eliminate kett protecting the Archon

When you reach the bottom you'll be free from attack for a while; your sibling will have taken control of the Remnant and will open doors for you as you go and lead you directly to the central chamber. Upon your arrival your first task is to clear out the Kett, and doing so will trigger the final boss fight.

Kill all Remnant and reach relay, Defend until sibling exposes interface/bridges chasm/exposes interface

The fight is essentially three instances of the same process. First you need to clear the area of enemies, and once that's done you need to head to the marker and hold your position against additional waves while you wait for the console to become active.

Mass Effect Andromeda walkthrough and guide

Want more help? Our Mass Effect Andromeda walkthrough and guide provides steps to completing every main mission, and our on-going Remnant Decryption puzzle solutions can help with the many Sudoku-like challenges the game can throw at you. Meanwhile, we can help with Memory Trigger locations, Architect locations and the hidden Fusion Mod of Adrenaline, as well as helping you decide on the many Mass Effect Andromeda Romance options for both male and female Ryder.

Final boss

The Mecha-Archon becomes briefly vulnerable during the wait, and shooting its exposed conduit makes life a little easier, but for the most part this is an exercise in staying out of trouble - there can be an overwhelming number of enemies as well as hazards to fall in to.


Interface to take Meridian from the Archon

Once the Archon is down Ryder will give a rousing speech and then you can sit back and watch the credits!

Epilogue: Home and Away, Talk to your squad and crew, Return to the Tempest to continue exploring

Wander round the Nexus and speak to your team members to wrap the whole thing up. (Oh, and don't forget to have a little dance to celebrate.)

You're able to still explore the game, so use our Mass Effect Andromeda walkthrough and guide to learn more of what's our there in this new galaxy.

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Missions progress the game storyline and allow Ryder to explore the Heleus Cluster and some of its planets. Most missions reward Ryder with XP, AVP, planetary viability, or a combination of the three. Some missions are purely character narrative, rewarding in their own right.


Missions are acquired in a number of ways.

  • Some are automatically added when the previous or prerequisite mission has been completed: A Better Beginning begins automatically when the last objective of Nexus Reunion has been completed.
  • Some are triggered by emails: Task: The Witnesses begins when Ryder reads Wisdom, an email from Moshae Sjefa.
  • Some are acquired through conversation: Speaking to Dr. Harihn in the Angaran Resistance Base begins Medical Caches.
  • Some are discovered: Task: Naming the Dead is acquired when Ryder finds one of the bodies associated with the mission.
  • Some have multiple methods of acquisition: If Ryder fails to respond to Captain Dunn'semail, Contagion will be automatically added to the Journal the next time Ryder arrives at the Nexus.
  • Some may be prompted by an alert such as an email but require additional actions before acquisition: All of the missions in the Movie Night Line are acquired after talking to a crew or squad member, though all of these missions have associated emails alerting Ryder to the mission's availability.
  • Some are indicated by the Map symbol New Mission Map Icon.png. This map symbol shows up when there is the potential to acquire a new mission.

Mission Types[]

Priority ops

Priority ops are the backbone of the story. While they don't necessarily provide the greatest XP rewards, they do provide the largest AVP rewards, making the largest contribution toward the goal of the Andromeda Initiative. Completing most priority ops adds star systems to the Galaxy Map, adding opportunity for adventure.

Allies and relationships

Allies and relationships missions add to the richness of the story but aren't required to be completed. Romance and loyalty missions fall into this category. Many of these missions are smaller and mostly narrative, providing a glimpse into a squad or crew member's personal life. These smaller missions, for the most part, tend to have no XP or viability rewards.

Heleus assignments

Heleus assignments deal with the issues and concerns of the major planets/starships. All vault missions and outpost establishment missions are Heleus assignments. These missions vary in difficulty, range, and reward. All except Monkeys in Space5 provide XP, most provide some AVP and planetary viability.

Additional tasks

Additional tasks are optional missions that range from very short to very lengthy missions. The XP rewards range from + XP to + XP. Some include viability rewards, some include monetary rewards. The small rewards of these missions individually doesn't amount to much but this category has sixty-two missions, which can add up quickly. It should be noted that some of these missions are prerequisites for Heleus assignments.

Completed missions

This category is for any missions that have been completed. Some missions, such as Task: Researching Remnant, autocomplete and can only be found in this category.


There are a number of missions that don't appear in the five categories of the Journal for various reasons.

  • There is a broken mission that can't be started.
  • There are a number of "ghost" missions that display on-screen but don't appear in the Journal. These are really alerts or warnings rather than missions.
  • Miscellaneous missions that don't appear in the Journal or on-screen.
  • Non-journal missions that show up on screen but not in the Journal such as A Job for Danny Messier.
  • Sub-missions that are part of another mission such as Take Down the Architect, a set of objectives common to all four RemnantArchitect missions.

List of missions[]

Priority ops[]

These missions are critical to the Initiative's survival in Heleus. Italicized missions are secondary operations that need to be completed in order to advance the story that may or may not be priority ops.

Main storyline[]

Other priority ops[]

Allies and relationships[]

These are missions of personal importance to the Pathfinder and the Tempest's crew. Loyalty missions and romance missions are included in this category.


These missions are listed in order of acquisition.

Cora Harper[]
Jaal Ama Darav[]
Liam Kosta[]
Nakmor Drack[]
Vetra Nyx[]


Other Allies and Relationships[]

Heleus assignments[]

Many groups and individual across the Heleus Cluster have asked for the Pathfinder's help.










Additional tasks[]

These goals may not be essential to the Initiative's survival, but every little bit helps.

Completed missions[]

Completed missions, tasks, and activities.



This mission is broken and cannot be acquired without a third-party mod.


These missions appear on-screen and do not appear in the Journal. These are really alerts or warnings rather than missions and there are no rewards for them.


These missions are not named in the game and do not appear in the Journal, but they do earn XP.


These missions don't appear in the Journal but do appear on screen.


These are not independent missions, but subsets of Heleus missions.


At some point, the New Item Icon.png symbol will get locked to the Journal at the top of the screen. This is due to ghost missions that aren't displayed in the Journal and as such don't allow you to check the new item to make the symbol go away. Once this happens, you will have to open the Journal screen and check to see if any of the categories are showing a new mission has been added.

All missions and any mission progress are reset when a New Game + is started.

1Helping Havarl's Scientists is a Priority Ops mission if Ryder partially completes the Meet the Resistance mission arc — Meet the Resistance → On the Frontlines → Stage a Rescue.
2 Meet the Resistance is a Priority Ops mission if Ryder completes this mission before Helping Havarl's Scientists.
3A Trail of Hope requires Ryder to make a choice to go to Havarl or to Voeld. Based on this choice, On the Frontlines only exists if Ryder completes Voeld before Havarl.
4 Stage a Rescue is a Priority Ops mission if it was started by On the Frontlines.
5Monkeys in Space is exclusive to Deluxe and Super Deluxe Editions.
6 Helping Havarl's Scientists changes from a Priority Ops mission to a Heleus Assignments mission if Ryder first completes the Meet the Resistance mission arc — Meet the Resistance → On the Frontlines → Stage a Rescue.
7 A Trail of Hope requires Ryder to make a choice to go to Havarl or to Voeld. Based on this choice, Eyes on the Ground only exists if Ryder completes Havarl before Voeld.
8 Meet the Resistance changes from a Priority Ops mission to a Heleus Assignments mission if Ryder completes this mission after Helping Havarl's Scientists.
9 Stage a Rescue changes from a Priority Ops mission to a Heleus Assignments mission if it was started by Eyes on the Ground.
10Temporary Crafting Quest only appears in Completed Missions and it can't be determined from the available information which mission category this mission should be classified as.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda - Where is the Point of No Return?

Like most open world games, Mass Effect: Andromeda allows the player to freely explore the world up until a certain point in the main storyline. At this point of no return, exploring freely becomes locked until the player completes the final portions of the main storyline, at which point they’ll be able to move back out into the galaxy and explore on their own. In this article we’ll discuss Mass Effect: Andromeda’s point of no return, and offer some tips to help you prepare.

Where is the Point of No Return?

Andromeda’s point of no return comes during the sixth main mission of the game, Meridian – The Way Home. After chatting with Suvi and learning the coordinates to Meridian, head to the Galaxy Map and set course for KhiTasira (the planet originally thought of as Meridian) in the Civki system. A confirmation will pop up advising you that this mission begins a “point of no return”, which will lock any side quests or free exploration until after the mission concludes. At this point you can either exit and continue exploring the side quests in the game, or go ahead and begin the final main mission.

How to Prepare for the Point of No Return

Before you go off completing the main story, make sure you take a look at some of the notes we’ve included below. While many of the side quests and operations in the game will still be available after beating this mission, we’d advise you to finish the items listed below before embarking to Meridian.

  • Complete the Missing Arks task in Allies and Relationships. We won’t go into too many details on this, as there are spoilers a-plenty in this area, but we will say that you should definitely look into this mission as much as possible and complete the missions Turian Ark: Lost but Not Forgotten and Cora Harper: Asari Ark.
  • Complete the mission Know Your Enemy in the Resistance Headquarters on Voeld.
  • Complete any Hyperion-based missions, such as Station Sabotage.
  • Complete any Vault and Architect Battles to obtain special Fusion Mods that enhance your powers.
  • Stock up on Elemental Ammo and Disruptor Ammo.
  • Respec your character for any additional powers that you might have missed out on.
  • Research and Develop high powered gear such as the best shotgun and the best armor sets.

If you use the information we’ve provided above, you should be able to head into the final missions of the game with the best chance of survival. Remember to make a save before passing the point of no return, as this will allow you to reload to this earlier state if you need to for some unforeseen reason. For more helpful articles be sure to head back over to our Mass Effect: Andromeda guide.

Mass Effect Andromeda Story Decisions, Major Choices, and Consequences Explained

Priority ops missions

A lot of the decisions you make in Mass Effect: Andromeda feel important, and some of them are. But not every one has long term effects — at least in this installment of the franchise. Some of the binary decisions — like at the end of “The First Murderer” — feel a lot more momentous than they are. These have some minor impacts on the rest of the game (in terms of dialogue and who lives where), but don’t effect the ending of the game.

There’s only one version of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s ending (the ending to the six priority ops missions). The game doesn’t, strictly speaking, end there. You can continue chasing down side missions and errands. The people who appear at the end of the game vary depending on (some of) the choices you’ve made. In this guide, we’ll show you the choices you make that determine who shows up to help you in the final fight.

A Better Beginning

The first major decision you face comes early on in the game — at the end of “A Better Beginning.” When you get Eos to the point where you can place an outpost, you are asked if you want to place a scientific outpost or a military outpost. If you place a military outpost, the Initiative militia will arrive to help you during the end of the game.

A Trail of Hope

The next decision comes at the end of the “A Trail of Hope” mission. After you save the Moshae, you’ll have the choice to make a deal with the Cardinal or destroy the kett facility. If you choose to save the angarans (even if you immediately shoot the Cardinal), the Resistance will help you in your fight against the Archon.

Hunting the Archon

During your escape from the Archon’s flagship during “Hunting the Archon,” you’ll have to choose between saving the salarian Pathfinder or Drack’s krogan scouts. If you choose to save the krogan scouts, they will show up to shoot some remnants for you at the end of the game.

Meridian: The Way Home

The final impact your decisions have depends on whether or not you’ve completed a couple missions. If you have completed Cora’s loyalty missions and the Turian ark missions, you will have all four Pathfinders, and Captain Dunn will survive the Hyperion’s arrival at (on? in?) Meridian. (Finding the salarian ark and Pathfinder are part of the “Hunting the Archon” mission — if you don’t save Pathfinder Raeka, you’ll get Captain Hayjer instead.)

Cora’s loyalty missions

The impact of the decision at the end of Cora’s loyalty missions is relatively minor — someone will show up to help, but your decisions determine who that character is. If you choose to keep Sarissa’s actions a secret (or allow her to stay on as Pathfinder), she shows up. If you replace Sarissa with Vederia, Vederia shows up instead.

Peebee’s loyalty missions

During the long and convoluted process of getting Peebee over her ex, you’re faced with the choice of allowing Peebee to save Kalinda or the remnant device. If you let her save Kalinda (by not shooting her), Kalinda will arrive to help at the end of the game.

Jaal’s loyalty missions

The choice you make at the end of Jaal’s loyalty missions doesn’t actually effect the end of the game because Jaal’s family will show up to help you regardless of the choice you make. You just have to finish the missions. We should note, though, that if you kill Akksul, the roekaar will become even more problematic in the Heleus cluster.

Drack’s loyalty missions

Just like Jaal’s missions, the choice you make at the end of Drack’s loyalty missions doesn’t change who shows up. Vorn will show up to help you if you complete Drack’s missions. (Mostly, we just wanted to say it was OK to let Drack drop that jerk.)

Turian ark

To find the turian Pathfinder, you have to complete both “Not Dead Yet” and “Lost But Not Forgotten.” You’ll pick up the first mission from turian survivors on Havarl, and the second after you interrogate Vehn Terev during “Hunting the Archon.” The second mission will take your from Elaaden to the Ark Natanus. At the end, you just have to convince Avitus Rix to become the turian Pathfinder. If you don’t, the turians will just keep searching for a Pathfinder, and the Initiative will be short-handed.

Truth and Trespass

“Truth and Trespass” is a long mission involving a lot of intrigue and subterfuge that you’ll pick up from Kallo after you leave Eos. The end of the mission faces you with a choice between letting Dr. Aden go in exchange for his intel on the kett or arresting him. If you arrest Dr. Aden, Saelen will come help you in the final fight.

Uncovering the Past

After completing the “Remove the Heart” mission on Voeld, you’ll unlock a nearby mission called “Uncovering the Past.” There’s a lot going on in the ice cave it leads you to — there’s an archaeological dig, some kett, angaran hostages and an ancient city frozen in ice. After you free the captives and blast your way through a wall of ice, you’ll meet an old (and possible crazy) angaran AI. You have two pairs of choices to make here. First, you can straight up shoot it and end the mission there. If you choose to let it live, you have to choose to keep it for yourself, or give her to the angarans. If you give the AI to the angarans, the angarans will use her intel to help you at the end of the battle for Meridian.

Dissension in the Ranks

There’s some weird stuff happening among the kett on Elaaden. When you investigate their activities on Elaaden as part of “Dissension in the Ranks,” you’ll speak to a kett named (the) Primus. It seems not all kett are on board with the Archon’s obsession with exaltation and the angarans. Primus offers to help you defeat the Archon, but the downside is that you have to make a deal with the kett. If you accept the help, Primus will give you a kill code that will weaken the kett defenses during your assault on Meridian. There’s no downside to making this deal during the remainder of the game, but, unofficially, we imagine this’ll have some sort of consequence in subsequent sequels.

High Noon

The last mission that affects who shows up for the final showdown is another one that only changes who’s there, not if they’re there. During the meeting in the Kadara mission, “High Noon,” you determine which faction of outlaws controls the port, the Outcasts or the Collective. If you save Sloane Kelly’s life, she’ll help out at Meridian. If you don’t, Reyes will make an appearance.


Last mass mission andromeda effect

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Final Mission: How to complete "Meridian: The Way Home"

Mass Effect: Andromeda's main campaign may look small on paper — it's only got three main missions to complete. But each one contains numerous smaller tasks to complete before you head off to face the big bad, get your ending and mull over the game's unresolved plot threads, like who the Andromeda Initiative's mysterious benefactor is. If you're having some trouble completing the game's final mission, "Meridian: The Way Home," we've got some tips to help you finish up the game strong.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Final Mission: Find Meridian by probing the Scourge clusters and make your way to Meridian's front door

According to Eurogamer, once you get the quest "Meridian: The Way Home" the first thing you'll need to do is head to any of the three marked systems on your map and use a probe on them. Doing so at any of them will reveal Meridian's location, and from there you'll want to head back to  Khi Tasira in the Civki system.

Once you head there, you'll start the last leg of the game, and you won't really be able to pursue any more side quests until you complete it, so make sure you've gotten your important ones out of the way before you head to Khi Tasira.

Once you've gotten the information out of the Remnant city, head back to the Tempest and launch a probe at the newfound anomaly in the Civki system. This reveals a Remnant structure that you can land on. Fight your way to the console inside and activate it for some good news and some bad news — the good news is that you've revealed Meridian. The bad news is that the Archon is hacking your SAM uplink and also knows where it is, and he'll disable your uplink and incapacitate your character.

At this point, you'll switch control to the other Ryder sibling, and have to shoot your way through the kett on the Nexus in order to reactivate the Pathfinder's SAM uplink. Do so, and you'll have control of the Pathfinder again.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Final Mission: Chase the Archon to Meridian and put him down for good

Once your implant is restored, Ryder will take control of the Remnant using the console on the flagship in the Civki system. After that, you'll be given the opportunity to make a "rally the troops" speech with your team. Following the speech, you'll head back to the Tempest, where you can embark on the final fight for Meridian from the bridge of your ship.

After sitting through a cutscene where you break through the kett fleet by using the Scourge to your advantage, you and your team will drop down onto Meridian proper. Once there, you should make a mad dash in the Nomad through the valley toward the objective marker.

Disembark outside the Meridian control center and fight through the kett guarding it, and then head inside. Fight through the areas you find inside and continue to use the gravity wells to descend to the lowest point of the control center. When you reach the bottom, your twin will have control of the Remnant and will open up the doors into a large plaza. There you'll have to clear out some high-level kett to trigger the final boss battle against the Archon, who's taken control of a giant Remnant.

You'll have to fight through Remnant at three uplinks stationed around the final boss arena and then hold those uplinks until they become available for you to interface with. Once you do that at all 3 stations, you'll have to take out the robo-Archon, whose giant laser tentacles can make things a real nuisance for you.

There's a lot to keep track of for sure, but if you put enough bullets in the Archon, he goes down. Once you've wrestled control of the Remnant console from the Archon, you'll finally find your golden world.

More Mass Effect: Andromeda news, updates, tips and tricks

For more on everyone's favorite space opera, check out the rest of what Mic has to offer. Here's an essay on the troubling history of colonialism in Mass Effect, a story about the horrifying harassment campaign carried out against a former BioWare employee, a guide to removing Ryder's helmet, a guide on romancing Keri, a guide to romancing Reyes and a quick explainer on the different types of health in Andromeda.

MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA Final Mission Walkthrough (PS4 PRO) 1080p HD

The fear in her eyes disappeared, he was replaced by the highest triumph of revenge and let him not see her sufferings, he knows that they will soon overtake her. These were the feelings and thoughts of the serpent as he left. For a brief moment, an unusual fire arose in his eyes, long forgotten in these worlds and the serpent looked anew at what was happening in the.

Hall, eyes that had become alien to him. So much time passed that all suspicions disappeared and were forgotten as soon as he remembered.

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