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In the early hours of January 15, 1978—one week after his arrival in Tallahassee—Ted Bundy entered FSU's Chi Omega sorority house through a rear door with a faulty locking mechanism. Beginning at about 2:45 a.m. he bludgeoned Margaret Bowman, 21, with a piece of oak firewood as she slept, then garroted her with a nylon stocking. He then entered the bedroom of 20-year-old Lisa Levy and beat her unconscious, strangled her, tore one of her nipples, bit deeply into her left buttock, and sexually assaulted her with a hair mist bottle. In an adjoining bedroom he attacked Kathy Kleiner, breaking her jaw and deeply lacerating her shoulder; and Karen Chandler, who suffered a concussion, broken jaw, loss of teeth, and a crushed finger. Chandler and Kleiner survived the attack; Kleiner later attributed their survival to automobile headlights illuminating the interior of their room and frightening away the attacker. Tallahassee detectives later determined that the four attacks took place in a total of less than 15 minutes, within earshot of more than 30 witnesses who heard nothing. After leaving the sorority house, Bundy broke into a basement apartment eight blocks away and attacked FSU student Cheryl Thomas, dislocating her shoulder and fracturing her jaw and skull in five places. She was left with permanent deafness, and equilibrium damage that ended her dance career. On Thomas' bed, police found a semen stain and a pantyhose "mask" containing two hairs "similar to Bundy's in class and characteristic".

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Finding the Location

The Chi Omega house is located near the FSU campus in Tallahasee, just across W. Jefferson St. from the campus' parking lot #111.

The sorority house has been recently renovated and repainted, and looks rather different than the photos that appear in the papers from Bundy's crimes. The home is now a deep gray color with large white columns at the main entrance. Large XΩ letters are mounted above the ominous red front door.

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TALLAHASSEE -- It is a nondescript, two-story building across Jefferson Street from one of the main entrances to Florida State University. The Greek letters chi and omega are intertwined in wrought iron posts on the front porch, but a sign says just "Chi Ome" -- the letters G and A are missing.

Covering the keyhole on the twin brown doors is a plastic shield bearing a red-letter message: "Warning: Deactivate Alarm System."

Every time they open the door, the women of Chi Omega must remember to punch a coded number to turn off the security devices that were installed in the days after Ted Bundy made their home a house of horror.

Inside, in the sorority chapter room, is a stained-glass memorial to Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman. Every year, the sorority sisters applaud the winner of the annual scholarship awarded in the murdered women's names.

The women of Chi Omega today, many of who were in junior high school when the murders occurred, "just try not to think about it. I think that makes them uncomfortable and nervous," said Kirk Bell Cocke, national president of the sorority and a Tallahassee resident.

"We'd just like to put that behind us," she said. "It was just a terrible, terrible tragedy."

But a few "sickos," she said, still tell crass jokes about Ted Bundy in front of Chi Omega sorority sisters and bother them with obscene phone calls.

Incredible as it seems to some in Tallahassee, some Florida State University students don't know who Bundy is and what happened at Chi Omega more than eight years ago, said Jim Sewell, a former FSU police officer and criminology instructor who frequently talked to such students.

But many would just as soon forget and know they cannot.

"They know," said Susan Flannery, 23. "They want to forget. It's something everyone's tried to put out of their minds, but the reality is they can't."

For her, the reminders are everywhere. She is a bartender at The Phyrst, formerly Sherrod's, the bar next to the Chi Omega house where Bundy drank the night before the murders and possibly saw one of his victims, Lisa Levy.

The Phyrst was packed with people to watch the NBC miniseries The Deliberate Stranger in early May.

For Flannery there was a sense of deja vu. She had been visiting friends in Tallahassee on the weekend Levy and Bowman were murdered and remembers hearing the news on the radio. Like them, she is from St. Petersburg and is majoring in fashion merchandising. Her brother knew Levy.

"It happened, it's over with. It's taken care of as far as security and things like that," Flannery declared, in between drawing beers and popping open wine coolers during happy hour. But she is very cautious. She lives a block from The Phyrst and drives to work.

"I will not work alone if I'm closing," Flannery said.

Many sorority houses, not just Chi Omega, installed alarms and stronger locks shortly after the murders.

But while the emphasis on security is still there, the practice has gotten a little lax. Melissa Block, a former Hollywood resident, said that one recent Tuesday night, a strange man selling prints was knocking on doors and entering rooms in her dorm. She chased him out but didn't call police.

Block said people "joke constantly" about the murders. "If you see a Chi O, they say, like, 'You're a Ted Bundy victim.' It was so long ago that I don't think it's such a big deal. I've joked about it too, but I would never say it to a Chi O," said Block, 20, a junior majoring in art.

"I like talking about it, just because it's something that happened at our campus that didn't happen anywhere else. It's an FSU reputation, she said, expressing widespread student sentiment. It was terrible that it happened, but I think it was kind of neat that there was a murderer on campus years ago. Right here, where we are now."

Student Don Tolliver, 22, has an unusual but personal connection to Bundy: He lives in room 12 at 409 W. College Ave., where Bundy lived for several weeks. "I kind of wonder, what did he think between these four walls?" said Tolliver, gazing at the beige paint of the 10-foot by 12-foot room at the top of the stairs. "When my friends come up here, they want to see where he was. They say, 'I hope it doesn't rub off on you."'

Sours: https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-xpm-1986-06-29-8602080121-story.html
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FSU Alpha Chi Omega

     Welcome to the Beta Eta chapter of Alpha Chi Omega! I hope that our website can provide you a glimpse of the sisterhood that has truly changed my life for the better. Beta Eta is composed of some of the most genuine, driven, encouraging, and passionate women I have ever met; it is my greatest honor to lead them.

     When I became a member of Alpha Chi Omega in 2018, I had no idea what to expect as Greek Life was a completely new experience for me. As I went through recruitment, Alpha Chi remained the chapter I always wanted to go back to and I couldn’t wait to meet more amazing sisters. When I ran home, I got this overwhelming sense of belonging and I knew the big red doors of the 518 would be my home away from home for the rest of my years here at Florida State. Alpha Chi has given me so much — from lifelong friendships to networking opportunities, this chapter continuously strives to uplift each other in all aspects of our life. I will always cherish the amount of support, kindness, and love that this chapter of strong women has provided me with from the very beginning for a lifetime. 

Sours: https://fsualphachiomega.com/
FSU Chi Omega Recruitment Video 2017

The Florida Sorority Attacked By Ted Bundy In 1978 Is Actually Thriving Today (PHOTOS)

A new docuseries about Ted Bundy was released on Amazon Prime, offering a new perspective of the infamous serial killer through the eyes of his long-term girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall and daughter Molly. While many of our questions were answered during the show, others popped up — like what became of the Chi Omega sorority that Bundy terrorized in 1978? According to Facebook and Instagram posts, it appears as though the Chi Omega sorority still exists and thrives in Florida today.

The docuseries came out on Amazon recently, coinciding with January 15, the 42nd anniversary, of the killings at the Chi Omega house located at 661 Jefferson St., at Florida State University in Tallahassee.

As the documentary retells, Bundy escaped from prison and made his way to Florida. He broke into the sorority home, murdering Margaret Bowman and Lisa Levy, and attacking three other victims, Cheryl Thomas, Karen Chandler, and Kathy Kleiner, who survived. 

Bundy was not apprehended until almost a month later.

The sorority that saw the horrors of this man still exists in several chapters across the country, and the Florida house that he terrorized still stands at the same location.

Narcity reached out to the Chi Omega house for comments but has yet to hear back. There are some pictures and posts from the sorority as seen on their social media pages below. 

The new Amazon docuseries aims to take a different look at Bundy’s crimes through a female lens, enlisting the stories of the women who went largely nameless in the wake of his gruesome title.

The director, Trish Wood, said she felt it was time for the families of the victims, survivors, and the women in Bundy’s life to have their moment. 

A portion of the series was dedicated to retelling and giving another look at what happened at Chi Omega.

Over 40 years have passed since the Bundy rampage. Recently, the sorority had an initiation for 2020, and a recruitment video showcases life at the sorority today.

Chi Omega is active on their Facebook page, and it appears that they do not let the horrors of history affect what happens there today. 

Sours: https://www.narcity.com/the-chi-omega-house-attacked-by-ted-bundy-in-florida-still-stands-today

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Florida State Chi Omega Bid Day 2019

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