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Best Water Heating Plumbers in Iowa City, IA

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When you run out of hot water or your water heater breaks you need a trustworthy, expert plumber at your side, and in Iowa City, IA Rheem has a full directory of independent plumbers that can help you out in no time. Browse our entire list of the best Iowa City, IA plumbers below, and if you want to find more click here to use our handy Find a Pro tool.

This list of independent third-party contractors who exercise independent judgment and are known to sell and / or service Rheem / Ruud heating and air conditioning equipment is strictly for your convenience. The decision to select, hire and/or manage any of these independently owned and operated third-party contractors is the sole responsibility of you--the end-user or customer. These independent third-party contractors are not agents for, not joint venturers of, not employed by, and do not work for Rheem Manufacturing Company nor any of its subsidiaries. (Rheem / Ruud Air Conditioning Division). Neither are these independent third-party contractors authorized by Rheem to make any warranty, guarantee, or promise on behalf of Rheem.

Rheem also cannot guarantee that this information has not changed since being provided to us as it is provided on a voluntary basis by the third-party contracts themselves.


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It’s no secret it gets very cold here in Iowa City. What the challenge can be is making sure you have the right heating system in your home, or keeping your existing heating system in good shape. We can help with both. The heating experts at Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling bring almost 70 years of expertise to every job we do. Our pros can help with new installation, replacement, repair or annual maintenance of your heating system. As NATE- and SAVE-certified professionals, you can rest assured that we have the training, expertise and experience to handle any heating issue you may have, including:

  • Heating installation
  • Heating repair
  • Heating maintenance
  • Furnace repair and maintenance
  • Geothermal heating services

Furnaces are one of the most popular types of heating systems in Iowa City, but their commonality doesn’t mean they can be handled by just anyone. Whether you hear a strange sound or know that it’s time to replace an old system, it’s time to give our heating experts a call for professional furnace repair in Iowa City, IA.

Geothermal systems are the most efficient type of HVAC system available to homeowners, but they work very differently from traditional systems. Their components, layout and design are nothing like a furnace, so if you are considering a geothermal system, or have one, it is imperative to work with experts who are fully trained on how to install and service these kinds of systems. We are those experts, and we have the years of experience needed to make sure your geothermal system is installed, replaced, maintained or repaired correctly.

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Repair water heater thermostat. How to check and repair?

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