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Opal engagement rings are perfect for women. Women want a ring that is going to be seen from far away, but they also want a ring that is lightweight and gorgeous. “The bigger, the better” is not always the case; simple and classy might not always be preferred, so you need something in between that is beautiful, light, and, at the same time, won’t exceed your budget.

White Opal Engagement Ring Stone

Opal is the national gemstone of Australia, which accounts for 95-97% of the world’s supply of opal. Boulder opal forms when high rainfall dissolves silica that seeps into cracks and crevices in ironstone. As the water evaporates, the silica hardens into unique formations of tiny spheres of the same shape and size.


Unique Opal Rings for your Engagement

An opal engagement ring might just be the engagement ring you are looking for that is perfect the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.

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Fire Opal Engagement Rings

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Choosing your Vintage Opal Ring

Opals are among the fragile of gems, subject to thermal shock and sensitive to humidity changes. They are gorgeous, but not very durable. However, you can still find beautiful vintage and antique opal engagement rings that have been past on from parents to children that are still in perfect condition.

Real Opal Engagement Rings Ring To Perfection

An opal engagement ring is the sixth-most popular gemstone after diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and tanzanite. While black opal is the largest-selling variety, boulder opal has a specific attraction to sellers, buyers, and collectors of these precious opal stones.

The main appeal for those who select an opal engagement ring is its unique play of iridescent color. Light diffraction produces a rainbow effect called opalizing. This inconsistency adds a magical touch to opal’s coloring together with the appeal of its unique form and shape. For this reason, couples who like to be unique and are not scared of the durability of gemstones pick an opal engagement ring.

The price of opal is determined by its uniqueness of color and form. The range of prices is wide and is based on the piece, not the carat size. Opal does lend itself perfectly to making one-of-a-kind artistic pieces of jewelry being assured only you have the perfect opal promise ring, engagement- or wedding ring.

The Evolution from Opal to Diamond

Diamonds only really became the must-have engagement ring gemstone in the early to the mid 20th century after an advertising campaign by De Beers. Before that, color gemstones were much more common to use for opal engagement rings.

In ancient times, opals were believed to be hugely lucky gemstones as it was believed they possessed the powers of all the gemstones of the colors in the opal. However, in the 1800s a character from a Walter Scott wore an enchanted opal stone and when it touched water, the character turned to ash. Pretty soon after that, opals lost their popularity for being an engagement or wedding ring and gained the diamond wedding ring more popularity.

Nowadays, finding the perfect vintage opal engagement ring has become a real obsession for many to-become-brides. We gathered a beautiful selection of modern and antique opal rings for your inspiration below.

What to look for in an Opal Ring

When you decided that you want to buy an Opal Engagement Ring then you should consider choosing the type and color first. As with many gems you also want to take into consideration the type of stone, the size, patterns, and brilliance.

Opal Ring Type

The value of opals is mostly determined by the type and size of the gem. Black opal is amongst the more expensive ones, whereas crystal opal has an average opal price and is white opal the least valuable.

Types Opal Engagement Rings

Opal Ring Color

The more colors you see in an Opal Engagement Ring the more valuable the ring. Also, the dominant colors of fire have value in the order of red, orange yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Opal Ring Size

Similar to other gems like diamonds, opals are measured in carats. If all the other factors will be the same, then the bigger the opal the more valuable the opal is.

Opal Ring Patterns

The combination of colors and brilliance have a big effect on the value of the opal. Large flashes and broad patterns are unique, thus, valuable small types of pattern like pinfire.

Opal Ring Brilliance

The degree of brightness is of supreme importance. The more vibrant the colors in Opal Rings, the greater it’s value. A dull stone with many colors will be less valuable than an Opal ring with only one vibrant clear color.

Men’s Opal Rings

Are opal rings suitable for men? Mens opal rings are one of the world’s most marvelous gemstones and men from different parts of the world are fascinated by its striking colors. If you are planning to buy an opal ring then it is important that you should do your own research.

Rose Gold Opal Engagement Rings

Opal is not as hard as diamonds. In fact, it ranks 5 or 6 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness while diamonds rank 10. The hardness of opal is the same as glass. Hence, it is very important that you should take precautions in order to make sure that your opal ring will not get damaged. There are a lot of ways that you can do to ensure the durability and security of your opal. You should consult an expert before buying opal rings for men.

An increasing number of men are now shopping for opal rings for men. Perceptive consumers who want to buy only the best. Men who are style conscious want to invest in unique jewelry deviating themselves away from the norm. All types of men, whether he is young or young at heart, should get an opal ring. Mens opal rings can add vivacity and a touch of lavishness to your style.

Opal Engagement Ring Rose Gold

Men’s opal rings have excellent colors making them great for everyday wear. They are also a perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. There is a myriad of designs and styles to choose from and each one of them is unique when it comes to its finishing or textures. Some opal rings are accentuated with precious gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, and others.

Opal rings can look amazing on anyone. Most men choose a large solid opal ring. If you want to make a statement, then you should go for a black opal ring. However, keep in mind that they are a bit expensive. Some men prefer an inlaid opal ring. Most opal rings are set with claw settings which look more feminine. Men should choose “rub over” settings that look simple, sleek, and have the slightest feminine touch. Mens opal rings could be large and could include diamonds placed adjacent to the opal to increase the opal’s appeal.

Opal Engagement Rings Frequently Asked Questions

Buying an engagement ring is a big step forward in your relationship. You want to make sure you are as well-informed as possible when shopping. Here are some frequently asked questions about opal engagement rings to help guide you:

What do opal engagement rings stand for?

Opals are said to represent faith in a relationship, loyalty, and excitement in a relationship. This is a meaningful and heartfelt way to express your feelings to your partner through a gift.

How long will an opal engagement ring last?

Even though opal is a soft gemstone, that doesn’t mean it won’t last. If you care for it properly, it can last a lifetime with no incidents.

Can you wear an opal ring in the shower?

Water can harm an opal, but this is only a concern with prolonged exposure. You shouldn’t worry if you forget to take it off every once in a while, but it should be avoided when possible.

How do you pick a good opal?

You can choose the best opal for your partner’s skin tone. Light opals tend to work for darker complexions and dark gemstones look great on lighter skin tones. However, these are not hard and fast rules. Go with whatever you like the best!

Are opals cheaper than diamonds?

A high-end opal runs from $200 USD to $700 USD, making them a much more cost-effective option than diamond jewelry. If cost-effectiveness is important to you, an opal ring is a wonderful choice.

Buying Opal Engagement Rings

Each woman is unique just like the ring you are purchasing. There is a vast sea of jewelry available online for partners looking for opal rings; you just have to look out for them according to your own style, needs, taste, and budget. In the end, you know your fiancé better than anyone else.

Hence, when buying expensive opal engagement rings, you want to make sure you get it appraised and insured. Over time the value of opal jewelry goes up as long as it is being taken care of. You want to make sure your ring is insured because there is always the possibility of your ring being stolen or getting lost.

Be honest towards your budget, since you are probably also be paying for your wedding and your future together, don’t spend your life savings on your new engagement ring. You can always upgrade your ring over the years as a wedding anniversary gift!

Chantal Ring to Perfection

Chantal Patterson

Hey lovely readers! My name is Chantal and I am obsessed with everything accessory and jewelry. My husband (and best friend) John and I, have been writing content for this blog for over 4 years now started the RTP store with over 4000 curated accessories and jewelry. We are traveling around the world to find the latest products, negotiate the best prices and find the best quality for our readers. We have managed to make our passion for feeling and looking good into our work. We are always open to new product suggestion, improvements or feedback. If you would like to chitchat with me, email me here!


Fire Opal Engagement Ring"Chloe" MADE TO ORDER, Ethiopian fire opal ring, Sterling Silver ring, welo opal, twig ring, flower ring

Ethiopian Fire Opal engagement ring "Chloe" is made out of sterling silver 925 by hands with great attention to details. There are flowers and leaves placed around the symbolic Sun. It's perfect as engagement ring or promise ring. There is beautiful high quality natural Ethiopian Fire Opal cabochon with intensive colorful flashes in the ring. The ring has an opening in the back so that the energy of the fire opal is exposed to skin.

*** *** ***

Metal: Sterling Silver 925
Stone: Natural Ethiopian Fire Opal
Stone Size: 6mm*8mm

This ring will be made to order in the size specified by the customer. It is possible to make it in sizes 3-11. Please choose the size you need when you place the order. This ring needs around 10 business days to be created.

*** *** ***

Opal is the most colorful of gems. Its splendid play of color is unsurpassed, and fine examples can even be more valuable than Diamond. The play of color consists of iridescent color flashes that change with the angle at which the stone is viewed. Among all types of opal stones, fire opal has unique characteristics and richness of benefits. It is believed that wearing fire opal stone can help to improve energy stability and fertility. Opal has always been associated with love and passion. It makes us emotional, seductive, unconventional, in love with life and enhances optimism.

*** *** ***

We use only fine silver or gold and highest quality gemstones. All our creations are made by hands and unique in their own way.

*** *** ***


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Opal Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

If you hadn't considered an opal engagement ring already, let us introduce you to their mystifying beauty and allure. "For the untraditional non-diamond bride, opals make the perfect engagement ring because they display a different kind of sparkle than a diamond—a magical, iridescent sparkle," explains jewelry designer Misa Hamamoto.

What Is an Opal?

An opal is an incredibly unique gemstone known for its display of flashing colors, which is called play-of-color. Formed during the dry period after seasonal rains in regions like Australia, the opal is also the October birthstone.

"You can't deny the wondrous beauty within an opal and each opal is truly one-of-a-kind which is fitting for the one-of-a-kind bride," she continues. "The wonderful thing about opal jewelry is not only that they're absolutely stunning, but they are much more budget-friendly than big diamond rings."

Meet the Expert

Misa Hamamoto is a jewelry designer and creator of Los Angeles-based Misa Jewelry.

Pros and Cons of an Opal Engagement Ring

The pros for opal rings aren't a secret: they come with deep significance. Not only are they known as the birthstone for October birthdates, but also their irresistible charm. Opals have lustrous shine and brilliance to them. They shine naturally without having to have too many extra details. 

But even the best (and shiniest) stones aren't perfect. Opals can easily scratch and are more delicate than other stories. 

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What to Look for in an Opal Ring

  • How much do opals cost? Opals come in a wide variety of colors and are characterized by their background tone. White is the most common color and black opals are the most expensive.
  • Do opals have as much shine as other stones? The ethereal flashes within the stone are called its "play of color" and can occur in a kaleidoscope of hues.
  • Are opals full of color? There are opals with very muted plays of color that can seem completely opaque.
  • Are opals rough? Opals, like pearls, are smooth stones and not faceted like other gems.

How to Care for an Opal Engagement Ring

First things first, opals are one of the softest gemstones and need to be handled gently. Also, note that lab-created opals tend to be a bit stronger than their natural counterparts. Since opals are softer gems, your ring should always be handled with care. Always take the ring to a jeweler for cleaning—they will be experts at delicately cleaning the opal.

"We advise that you wear your opal jewelry with great care and love so they become future heirlooms," says Hamamoto. "Don't submerge them under water, don't apply harsh cleaning agents to them, and don't go rock climbing with them! (One of our clients did this and they learned the hard way)."

History of Opal Rings

If you're looking for deep meaning with your engagement ring stone, look no further. Known as "The Queen of Gems," and recognized as the October birthstone, opals have incredible significance attached to them, dating back to the middle ages—it was believed opals had the power to make their wearer invisible. Opals rose back into fashion when Queen Victoria became fascinated with them. Other famous opal-lovers in history include Cleopatra and Empress Josephine. So you're in good company. In fact, it's so difficult to resist the charms of these stones that we're willing to bet you've already fallen under their spell, so here are some facts before you begin the search for your perfect ring.

Ready to find your own opal engagement ring? We've curated a list of our 56 favorite styles below.

The 14 Best Places to Buy Engagement Rings Online

Stella and Bow Punta Vista Ring

A simple setting of an opal-colored stone and 14k gold vermeil. The milky iridescence of the stone exudes a comforting warmth. Stella and Bow specializes in delicate, cool-girl jewelry pieces that are both budget-friendly and timeless.

Blue Nile Opal Rope Ring

An opal stone is set on a sterling silver, split-shank band with rope detailing. The soft, cool-toned hues of the stone have an entrancing quality about them, emphasized by the white metal. The combination stands out beautifully on a wide array of skin tones.

Reeds Jewelers Oval Opal Ring

A golden borealis of vibrant pastels pairs perfectly with the glow of yellow gold. This vintage-inspired opal is set in a ring of 10k yellow gold. Rounded prongs and bead accents exquisitely complement the curves of the oval stone.

A Sweet Pear Fire Opal Ring With Bead Rope Design

Fire opals have earned their name from their incendiary glow. This translucent gem glitters with a mythical radiance. The ring features an oval stone set on a 14k yellow gold, beaded band.

Master Jewelry Shop Opal Diamond Engagement Ring

There is a heavenly milkiness to this beauty. An oval-shaped opal set on a 14k rose gold pavé band. The pink tones of the metal almost give this stone a mother-of-pearl quality.

Emi Conner Jewelry "Olivia" Australian Opal Ring

Such a fitting tribute to the "Queen of Gems." This pink-hued stunner boasts a regal topper. An Australian opal finished off with a half-crown and set in 14k gold.

Misa Jewelry Compass Ring

This ring features a pear-shaped opal, horizontally bezel-set in 14k gold. "Some of our clients love the white, milky opals with a fiery flash so I'll customize their ring around an opal with those characteristics," says Hamamoto. 

Diamond Fine Jewelry Genuine Opal Engagement Ring

A hexagonal halo gives this classic style a geometric twist. And check out that incredible blue aura emanating from deep within the gem. An opal center stone is framed by a pavé halo and set in 14k gold.

Misa Jewelry Tribe Opal Ring

opal. This ring features a marquise-cut opal set in 14k yellow gold. The horizontally-set marquise stone is a much more boho take on its vertical counterparts.

Fade to Black Studio "Teardrop Shift" Ring

This stunner is bursting with a kaleidoscopic array of colors. An Australian opal is simply set on an 18k yellow gold band. The minimalist design lets the natural beauty of the gem take center stage.

Fade to Black Studio Light/Form Ring With Crystal Opal

A full rainbow of refractions encased in a halo of gold. The ring features an Australian, crystal-opal solitaire bezel-set in 18k yellow gold. Fade to Black Studio is known for their timeless designs that illustrate the age-old juxtaposition of light and dark.

Wwake Nestled Opal and Diamond Ring

A minimalist design with supernatural brilliance. This nestled style may be small, but the brilliance emanating from that opal is anything but. The ring features a tiny diamond sitting atop a nestled opal, set in 14k yellow gold.

Misa Jewelry Lookout Point Opal Ring

An opal center stone is framed by a V-shaped shank with diamond accents, set in 14k gold. "I love any jewelry with opals," says Hamamoto. "They simply look beautiful set in yellow, rose, and white gold and I love how they play off of the colors of other stones set with them." 

Misa Jewelry Raindrop Opal Ring

The Raindrop ring celebrates the stone's enchanting color spectrum with a pear-shaped opal accented with pavé diamonds, and set in 14k gold.

Zoë Chicco Opal & Sunburst Diamond Ring

A glittering white ring that can represent so many things. Three teardrop opals and one white diamond are set in 14k gold. Turn the ring upside-down, for an angelic silhouette. Flip the perspective and you have all the symbolism of a half lotus or sunburst design.

Variance Australian Opal Small Ring

A diamond in the rough, err, an opal in the rough. There's something hauntingly beautiful about a ruggedly organic ring. This one features an Australian opal set in a mix of 14k rose and white gold, and 18k yellow gold.

Stud and Stuff Opal Bridal Ring Set

A perfect nuptial match, just like you and your spouse-to-be. An Ethiopian opal is flanked by diamonds in an art-deco design and set in 14k gold. Its mate perfectly nestles in on top of it creating a delicate tiara topper of diamonds.

AuRate Diamond Halo Opal Ring

A soft pink opal is oh-so feminine. The opal center stone is framed by a pavé halo and set in 14k gold. AuRate believes your conscience should be just as gleaming as the jewelry you wear so they strive to create ethical and sustainable pieces with transparent pricing.

Capucinne Opal Engagement Ring

A sweet cluster ring to take on any symbolism that resonates with you. The ring features an Australian opal accented by a single diamond and set in 14k gold. The blaze of this cool-toned gem is absolutely electrifying.

Grace Lee Square Bezel Opal Ring

A contemporary style with old-world charm. An asscher-cut opal is bezel set in 14k gold. The thin band creates the illusion that the translucent stone is floating atop your finger.

Opal and Diamond Cocktail Statement Fashion Ring

A vintage 1960's design with a contemporary opal center stone. A white opal is flanked by diamond accents and set in 14k gold. The elevated prong setting allows the gem to be bathed in light, constantly glittering with its colorful aura.

Misa Jewelry Shima Reef Opal Ring

"My jewelry designs are intricately hand-sculpted and inspired by various elements of nature from tree roots to the glowing moon," explains Hamamoto. Here, a round Ethiopian opal is set on a 14k gold cutout band.

Misa Jewelry Native Opal Ring

"I personally have my heart set on Australian opals with more saturation in color because it reminds me of the sea and warm waters," says Hamamoto. "So I take the time to select each opal that I use in my jewelry line." Here, a marquise-cut opal is enveloped in a half halo of pavé diamonds, and set in 14k gold.

Jennie Kwon Opal Long Spear Ring

Opal Engagement Rings 💎

Is an Opal Engagement Ring Right for You?

Have you been bewitched by the fiery color and unique appeal of an Opal Engagement Ring? You’re not alone! Opal has been a coveted gem since Ancient Rome. But, what many do not know is that Opal is quite soft, making it not the right choice of engagement ring for everyone. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to caring for this soft gem which will help it last for a lifetime. There are also harder gem options that give a similar look to Opal! So, let’s plan your perfect Engagement Ring!


What is Opal?

Opal is a unique silica-based gem that exhibits dancing color flashes when rocked side to side. This dazzling effect is called “play of color” – and for good reason – it looks like a rainbow bouncing around inside the stone! Opal forms when mineral-rich water seeps into rock crevices. When the water evaporates, it leaves behind Opal in the shape of the crevice! About 90% of the world’s Opal is mined in Australia. It ranks around 5.5-6.5/10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale (depending upon how much water is left in your stone). In other words, Opal is one of the softest gemstones used in jewelry. This is important when considering an Opal engagement ring, which may need to stand up to some wear and tear. But, we’ll get to how to handle that later.



What Colors are Best for an Opal Engagement Ring

While most people think of Opal as being a white gemstone, Opal actually comes in a variety of colors. Opal is classified by the color of its main background color, instead of the color it flashes. They can come in white, black, grey, and orange main backgrounds. And they can flash all the colors of the rainbow! So, there is definitely a color combo to match your love.

White Opal

White Opal is the most common Opal on the market and what typically comes to mind when people think of “Opal.” It shows rainbow-colored flashes of light on a white background. These flashes can be long and broad, or small and glittery. Lower quality White Opal may show very little play of color at all, and instead, will appear like a simple pale white stone. Couples choosing a White Opal Engagement Ring should look for bright, multi-colored play of color.

white opal with green spots on black background

White Opal (Photo by: GIA)

Mexican Fire Opal

Mexican Fire Opal is a bright fiery orange. Some stones exhibit orange and yellow play of color, others do not show play of color at all. While often appearing in cabochon form (a gemstone style with a flat bottom and a rounded top), Mexican Fire Opal is also regularly faceted. This is due to the fact that Fire Opal is often more transparent than its brothers and sisters. Couples choosing a Fire Opal Engagement Ring should look for great clarity – make sure there’s no cracks (called “crazing”) that will take away from the stone’s beauty.

bright red oval stone on black background

Mexican Fire Opal (Photo by: GIA)

Black and Grey Opal

A smoky body color is the hallmark of Black and Grey Opal. This dark background helps show off the Opal’s dramatic play of color, which can flash red, blue, green, and yellow. Black Opal is the most rare and expensive form of Opal, while red play of color is the most sought after. Couples choosing a Black or Grey Opal should ensure the play of color extends fully across the stone. Dead spots detract from value and beauty.

bright red, green and blue pattern on black opal

Black and Grey Opal. (Photo by: GIA)

Crystal Opal

Crystal Opal is what it sounds like – a jelly-clear crystal with flashes of color! The main color of this gem may be completely clear, or have hints of white, grey, or black. Often, Crystal Opal’s play of color is so extravagant that its main color is not really that noticeable. Most frequently cut as a cabochon, Crystal Opal is also sometimes faceted. Couples choosing a Crystal Opal Engagement Ring should look for stones that have a high degree of transparency from all angles. Tilt that stone around and look through it! Patches of opacity (lack of see through) will detract from beauty.

pink, green and blue pattern on loose opal stone

Crystal Opal. (Photo by: GIA)

Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal is a gem that includes part of the rock it was found in! Gems are cut in this fashion when attempting to pull the Opal from its boulder would result in the stone breaking. Boulder Opals should not be confused with Doublets (discussed below). Boulder Opals will have random pieces of host rock, not a sheet of dark backing. Couples choosing a Boulder Opal Engagement Ring should look for well-proportioned, well-polished gems, where the boulder does not detract from the beauty.

brown, yellow and blue pattern in loose opal

Boulder Opals. (Photo by:GIA)

Doublets & Triplets

In order to make an Opal more durable, a common enhancement is to glue a strong, dark backing to a clear piece of Opal. This type of Opal is a “doublet” (meaning two pieces). Similarly, a “triplet” has a dark backing and a clear quartz top. Couples should note that Doublets and Triplets, while being stronger than Natural Opal, are still not very hard. They are also less valuable than Natural Opal.

example of opal with doublet and triplet

Left: Solid Opal. | Middle: Opal Doublet. | Right: Opal Triplet

Lab Opals

Lab Opals are Opals created by man in a laboratory. While there is no real chemical difference between a Natural Opal and a Lab Opal, the calm, consistent environment in which Lab Opals grow (as compared with wild nature!) does result in a different look. Because we control what goes into the gem, Lab Opals are much more uniform in color and flash than their natural counterparts. In other words, where a Natural Opal may have a broad flash of light across one part of the gem and no flashes of light across a different section, Lab Opals will often show even flashes of light across the whole stone. Lab Opals also come in a larger variety of colors, such as lilac, lime green, bright yellow, etc. This huge variety in color and consistent flash are big factors in couples choosing a Lab Opal Engagement Ring.

Another benefit of choosing a Lab Opal Engagement Ring is that Lab Opals are a bit stronger than Natural Opals. Because Lab Opals form in a consistent way, with less water, they benefit from a denser makeup. As a result, Lab Opals are a bit stronger in practice than Natural Opals, however, they are still not very durable daily gems.

variety of lab created opal colors for engagement ring

Color spectrum of Lab Opals. (Photo by: Gemsngems)

Why Choose an Opal Engagement Ring

Couples choose Opal Engagement Rings for many reasons. Some are searching for a unique look, and many want a less flashy option than Diamond. Cost is another common factor. Opal Engagement Rings tend to be much less expensive than Diamond Engagement Rings.


How to Pick an Opal Engagement Ring

Congrats on your special engagement! And your choice of a very unique engagement ring. Couples selecting Opal Engagement Rings tend to be romantic, artsy, or bohemian! Let’s talk about how to select your perfect stone.


As with all colored gems, Color is the most important factor. In Opal, this also includes the quality of its flash (or “play of color”). The most valuable Opal is black. This is because a dark background shows off play of color better than a light or clear background. The most sought after play of color is full-spectrum with a good portion of red. All that said, couples looking for an Opal Engagement Ring will often choose a lighter stone for a more traditionally “bridal” look.


Some Opals show large flashes of color, others show patches of color (“harlequin”), and some others show tiny sparkles of color (“pinfire”). Gems with broad flashes of red have a “flame” pattern. “Peacock” patterns show blue and green! All couples will have a different pattern preference for their Opal Engagement Ring. No matter what pattern you choose, make sure that the pattern is evenly displayed over your gem – no dead spots allowed!

variety of bright opal patterns

Opal Patterns from Left to Right: Harlequin | Peacock | Pinpoint | Flame


The cut of your Opal refers to whether its outline is symmetrical or free-form. It also refers to how tall your Opal is. Because Opal does not form in crystals like other gems, it comes in many more shapes. Couples should choose whatever cut they feel is most beautiful for their Opal Engagement Ring.



Because they are so soft, protective ring settings like our Callan bezel are the only kind of Opal Engagement Ring that should be considered. Bezel settings with diamond halos and other more unique designs are also incredibly beautiful. Have an idea? We’ll make it for you!


Is an Opal Engagement Ring Right for Me?

Maybe. Opals are incredibly soft. So, for very active couples or those who dislike removing their jewelry, an Opal Engagement Ring is probably not the best choice. For those willing to be exceedingly careful with their rings – and recognize that damage to your stone may occur even when being extremely careful – an Opal Engagement Ring may be right for you!

I suggest that couples choosing an Opal Engagement Ring weigh the benefits and risks, and also consider the alternatives, before deciding on one. The best Opal couples are those that want Opal no matter what, and won’t worry if they need to replace the gem later on.


Are There Other More Durable Options that Look Like Opal for My Engagement Ring?

Yes! Before choosing an Opal Engagement Ring, couples should consider the following alternatives which are more durable.


Star Sapphire (Any color!)

Star Sapphire is a variety of Sapphire which shows a unique star when light strikes the gem! It is whimsical, romantic, and very durable at 9/10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

opal engagement ring alternative with star sapphire center stones in white gold

Left: White star sapphire engagement ring. | Right: Blue star sapphire engagement ring.

Cabochon Sapphire or Topaz (Any Color!)

Cabochon cut Sapphire and Topaz both give a magical, billowy look that many couples love. Because of their supreme hardness – Sapphire is a 9/10 and Topaz is an 8/10 – they make excellent Opal Engagement Ring alternatives.

large colored stone engagement rings for opal engagement ring alternative

Left: Cabochon Blue Topaz engagement ring. | Right: Cabochon Yellow Sapphire engagement ring.


Alexandrite is a unique gem that changes from Green to Red depending upon the light it is in – some call it an “Emerald by Day, Ruby by Night.” In mixed light, Alexandrite often looks like a watercolor painting, with green, blue, purple, and red showing at the same time. It is quite durable at an 8.5/10. This often appeals to couples looking for an Opal Engagement Ring alternative.

opal engagement ring alternative with side diamonds and alexandrite center stone

Alexandrite engagement ring. (Photo by: Juliet & Oliver)

How Do I Take Care of My Opal Engagement Ring?

Opal Engagement Rings require certain special care. Couples choosing an Opal Engagement Ring should practice the “last on, first off” rule. That is, your ring should be the last thing you put on before you leave your house, and the first thing you take off when you walk through the door. That means you get a great little ring dish to keep it in!

Do not shower with your Opal on, and do not use typical jewelry cleaner. Avoid ultrasonics and steam cleaners at all costs. Your beautiful Opal cannot take that kind of heat and will crack. Instead, use only warm water with a mild soap, like baby wash, to clean your Opal. In addition, couples should take care not to shock their Opal by going from extreme heat to extreme cold, or vice versa.


Can You Help Me Design a Durable Opal Engagement Ring?

I’d love to! Feel free to email me with an idea of what you want in your Opal Engagement Ring and I’ll be happy to look for your perfect stone. Questions about whether an Opal Engagement Ring is right for you – or whether an alternative would be better? Drop me a line!


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