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Crown & Paw is incredible! It is a fun-loving custom pet portrait company that is dedicated to helping pet owners like me express our love and adoration for our furry little BFFs.

After seeing the first beautiful portrait of Tinkerbell created from Crown & Paw, I realized that I needed portraits of the rest of my furry bunch, and lucky for me, you can feature up to FOUR pets in a photo. Check out their group-style portraits here!


After just a few days, I received the portrait previews, and I must say, I was shocked at how amazing they all looked!

I approved each portrait, and just like that, they went off to print.

I loved everything about the process and was so excited the entire time–they looked so gorgeous digitally that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them!

The portraits arrived in less than a week and I was beyond excited and ready to see them! I unboxed each portrait one by one- I couldn’t have been any happier!


Stella Kruger

The site needs some work as the filters…

The site needs some work as the filters don't apply correctly and can be 'reluctant' to apply input. Would be great if there is a way to do a basic preview of the art to see if the photo selected will work or give the look one is after. Doesn't have to be precise just indicative. Or have some more examples of breeds and angles. Or even some recommendations of what animal/ bread will work with with what background.

Janet Tedder

Molly, Queen of Roses

I knew my brother was going to lose his senior dog very soon. So I took a couple of pictures of her and had a crown and paw portrait done. It was finished very quickly and arrived within a week. Molly, A Belgian Malinois, looks beautiful as the Queen of Roses He loved it.This is the second portrait I’ve had done by Crown and Paw for a family member who has lost a senior pet. Both of those portraits are cherished by the pets’ owners.

Perfect Christmas Gifts

I have purchased two Christmas gifts from Crown & Paw. I have family who absolutely love their pets and this is a perfect gift! So easy to upload pictures and pick clothes. I also love that they send me a proof before they complete the pillow to make sure that it is perfect. Then with my approval, the pillow is completed and sent to me quickly. Thanks!

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About a month ago, Ryan showed me an ad for a site that takes photos of your pets and turns them into printed regal looking portraits. My friend Michelle’s birthday was coming up in the next month, so I thought I’d try it out and order a portrait of her cat, Penny.

The site has lots of great options, with the different portrait types split by gender. Counts, Colonels, Dukes and Heiresses, oh my! I perused the sample photos and decided on the “The Ambassador“, mostly because there were a lot of cat examples in the sample photos, so I had an idea of how it would turn out. I thought Penny would look particularly dashing in this simple choice.

It’s pretty simple: you upload a photo, select the size, and then move on to checkout. Unfortunately, you can’t see a mock up of the finished item. You just have to hope that it looks okay. Frankly for the prices they’re asking – $60 – $100, I wish they could email you a proof of the item. I mean, Minted does it.

I’ve catsat Penny a few times back when Michelle was living in SF, but I didn’t have any great photos of him. So I scrolled back through Michelle’s Instagram feed, ohhhhh about 5 years or so.

I screenshot this photo, which follows the suggested Crown & Paw guidelines of having the animal facing either to the left or right, looking away from the camera. There were a few other photos that I wanted to use, but the photo guide said that the animal’s entire head had to be visible. The photo I originally wanted showed his beautiful orange markings well, but it cut out half his ear. Damn.

So choosing and uploading was fun. Then the experience got complicated.

I entered Michelle’s shipping information, and my billing information. Three times I tried to checkout. Three times I got a screen with an infinite spinner of death 0_0. Eventually I had to close out the browser tab each time. I started to get worried, did I just buy three cat portraits????

Two days later on May 27th I shot Crown & Paw support an email. In these screenshots I’ve removed names & order numbers, and replaced our addresses with fakes that still illustrate the issue.

The response

OK, it didn’t go through, confirmed that on the 28.

I tried again to purchase the portrait, with the same spinner of death plaguing me on checkout. Finally, I tried something different. I went through checkout paying via my Paypal account instead. It worked! Yay!

I got a confirmation email and thought nothing of it. It wasn’t until about a week later that I decided to check on the status of the item via a link sent in my confirmation email. There was an unidentified problem, so I looked back again at my confirmation email. The shipping address and the billing address were both addressed to Michelle, using an address that was a mash-up of both of our addresses!!!! It had her full name and Portland street address, and my San Francisco city, state and postal code. What??? Come on, this e-commerce system is buggy.

I sent another email to customer service on June 6.

I got an instantaneous auto-reply from a dog customer service bot.

Ummm, that’s really cute, but let’s talk to a human about this. Also, I’m not Michelle. Sigh.

Ok, I realize now looking back at this that maybe the person did not understand. They never say in the email THAT THEY ARE CHANGING IT TO THE CORRECT ADDRESS. I thought that it was clear what was going on from my initial correction email, but it was not, as you will soon see.

The next day I went to check the order screen again, and it said that my order was printing and shipping! I would receive a shipping notification soon. Ok I thought, they must have fixed the address issue. Cool.

I checked in again 9 days later on June 17, and shit, the addresses under shipping and billing are still the incorrect nonexistent address. I write back again:

The next day at 1:34pm I get an email that my order is on the way!

One minute later at 1:35 I get a delivery update:

Also at 1:35 a second delivery update:

At 1:37 I get an email response to my email from the previous day.

Goddamn it. This is annoying. Also, I’m not Michelle. I write back:

At this point I am a bit flustered and angry. My friend’s birthday has come and gone by several days. Based on the timing, Crown & Paw are within their delivery estimates, but this extra BS adds several days to get the present to her.

I call UPS, argue with them about the mixup, then take a Lyft to UPS pickup, argue there, and finally get the package. Wednesday morning I relabel the package and mail it via USPS. I receive an email response to my previous email expressing disappointment.

Damn it, I’m not Michelle. I’m Tracy, ugh. So this email is basically like hey, it was picked up. “I hope everythings good now.”


Maybe I’m spoiled by Amazon or Wayfair, but how about saying a real sorry for the mixup, not “our apologies for the inconvenience.” That phrasing is a non-apology apology. Hate that.

How about some empathy? Around the same time, I lost my Ally debit card. I called Ally, and the customer service rep was sorry that I lost my card, but he was gonna get me another one right away. I almost did a double take when I heard that – what, good customer service? It still exists?

Oh, and also, Crown & Paw, how about offering solutions to FIX the problem??? Jeeez. If this were Wayfair, they would have already printed that portrait out again and sent it express to my friend’s house. Is $80 really worth pissing someone off?

I fire back:

They write back a whopper, once again confusing the issue.

Let’s look at the circled part closer…

Once your item is with the courier we no longer have a control over it and we can only base as well the whereabouts of your package through the tracking information that is provided as well with the courier. I also see here that the courier was also making sure they deliver it to the address that was provided. So I think initially Michelle should have address this package to your address instead of her’s to avoid certain issue like this to happen or delays to happen.

Michelle should have addressed the package that was a surprise present that I bought for HER to MY address in San Francisco, instead of hers in Portland, so that this would not have happened? WTF. That makes no sense.

At this point I’m laughing hard. I realize that I’m never going to get the real apology that I want, nor am I going to get any sort of reimbursement for my time and shipping costs. This person just doesn’t get it. And they’re still blaming me for this mixup. I write back:


Did you see the little dig at the end? Just some advice, double check your info.





Anyways, that’s what I’ve spent the past few weeks doing. Moving, and emailing Crown & Paw to correct what was most likely a database error. To be honest, I’m really really shocked that they didn’t offer me ANYTHING to make this experience better, no promo code, no comped order, nada. They just kept writing me sassy clueless emails where they blame me for their fuck up.

After showing all my friends and having a good laugh, we’ve decided that based on the reading comprehension, Crown & Paw must outsource their customer service to somewhere where English is not the primary language. Also it’s been suggested that perhaps it’s not “Kathleen” responding to me each time, but a different rep. That would explain the lack of context and the cluelessness about the situation. But who knows, who cares. I’m done with this company.

Oh, and before I end this review, the actual product is great. My friend Michelle is very happy. Penny was not amused.

I will scream to the heavens however that no one I know should use this service, just on principle. God forbid there are any errors with your order, even if they’re not your fault. This company does not care. There are so many other pet portrait options, just google “royal pet portrait.” Here’s some on Etsy, here’s some place called Renaissance Pet.

Crown and Paw Review and Unboxing!!

We received a Crown & Paw custom pet portrait for review, but no monetary compensation was received for this rave review.

I finally did it, I found the coolest gift ever for any animal lover. It’s 100% guaranteed to make them swoon, and it’s as easy to do as it is awesome. Introducing Crown & Paw, a custom pet art creation company. Basically, they turn your pet’s picture into a work of art. Literally.

I’m going to stop you right now and warn you that if you know my husband IRL or on social media, you have to pinky promise you’re not going to tell him what you’re about to read. He finds out any of this below post and Christmas is as good as ruined. Ruined, I tell you.

Now, that you’re not going to ruin Christmas, you can read on.

Crown & Paw custom pet portrait

How Crown & Paw works

1). First, take a look at the Crown & Paw site and choose a costume or pose from over 150 unique options. Whether you go with a regal or formal portrait or you go for something truly whimsical, there’s an option for every pet personality. Want more than one pet in the portrait? No problem! You can do up to four in the pose, which I love because I couldn’t imagine separating our sugar gliders. They are a pair. A pair on a Dinner Date, presumably.

2). Then, you pick a photo from your camera roll {or, if it’s a gift for someone else, you scour their social media until you find the perfect picture} and upload it with your order.

3). This is the hard part…. Then you wait for a few days until your preview is ready. This can take 9-10 days during busy periods, but is usually around 1-2 days. Trust me, it is worth the wait. So, so worth it. Like, blow your mind worth it.

4). Once you have your preview, you can view your portrait, request edits, and approve it for printing. Then, your pet portrait will be finished up and sent to you all ready for gifting. All that’s left is preparing to make your recipient melt with all the cuteness.  

Custom pet portrait from Crown & Paw

I should start by saying that this isn’t your cousin’s brother-in-law’s photoshop skills. These are pet portrait artists, and it shows. They know custom pet art creation, and it’s really not as easy as it may look.

Crown & Paw’s expert designers create your personalized pet portrait with lots of love, care and attention. They use proprietary design techniques, transformative photo re-touching and professional blending processes in their design house to produce your custom pet masterpiece. All designs then go through an in-house quality check to ensure your unique pet artwork is absolutely perfect.

Honestly, I can photoshop pretty well. I could easily find one of my pictures and stick a pet’s face into it. If you can’t do something similar, you probably know someone who could, right? Well, Crown & Paw isn’t that. This isn’t a standard face swap because this isn’t a standard portrait. This is a pet, with very specific pet needs.

Start by asking yourself some questions: Do you have a library of portraits that lend themselves to a face-to-pet swap? If the answer is no, you can go right to the info at the bottom of the article that will give you all the info you need to order from Crown & Paw. If the answer is yes, you’re still not off the hook yet.

I have one last question for you that will determine if you need a pro or if DIY is the way to go: Have you ever photoshopped around whiskers? No? Then you have *no idea* how hard it is. Whatever they are charging is 100% worth it if they will produce this gorgeous masterpiece.

See those whiskers? All of those had to be photoshopped. Every. Single. One. Those whiskers take what could be an okay picture and make it into a masterpiece. This portrait without the whiskers on our sugar gliders is *fine*, but add those in and I will admit I was actually speechless when it arrived. I guarantee that when my husband sees it, he’s going to absolutely flip out.

Our Crown & Paw custom pet portrait

Don’t be fooled by this amazing portrait titled The Dinner Date. Our pets are impossible to photograph, and getting their photos into this portrait was no small feat. This magic is all thanks to their amazing artists at Crown & Paw.

First off, our sugar gliders are nocturnal. So, whenever there’s good daylight and photographable conditions, they are fast asleep. Should you wake them up, they will just cuddle back into you and fall asleep again. It’s adorable and endearing, but it’s terrible for photographing.

Secondly, they are skittish {especially when woken up} and don’t sit still. Ever. Nearly every single picture I have of them is slightly blurry, and I’m a professional.

Third, they like to cuddle. They don’t like being exposed, so in order to get them out we must be holding them, which means they are snuggled up. This doesn’t lend itself well to photographing their faces without any background distractions. We have a handful of great pictures of these critters and we’ve had them for 4+ years. I was dealing with 5 pictures total to get these images of our sugar gliders and neither of the pictures was perfect for their purposes.

So, to say that I’m impressed with their artist rendering is a vast understatement. They basically worked their magic to make our sugar glider faces match the portrait style, and they added some awesome artist touches that make them fit the portrait. Oh, and did I mention those whiskers? Swooooon.

Tips from the Crown & Paw team

Yes, the Crown & Paw artists are amazing, but they are not miracle workers. Here’s some tips to help them get you the best custom pet portrait.  

  • Take your pet photo at eye level with your pet
  • It works best if the pet is looking away from the camera
  • Try to make it a close up so they can see your pet’s unique features.
  • Avoid bad lighting. Outdoor, natural daylight always results in the best photos.
  • Avoid uploading blurry photos.
  • Make sure those cute ears aren’t out of frame!

Ready to order your custom pet portrait from Crown & Paw?

You can start searching at to find your favorite outfit or pose. Once you’ve fallen in love, you can choose your picture to fit the portrait. Upload it with your order and let the magic happen. Not sure if you want a traditional portrait or something else entirely? No worries, because they have all sorts of products that aren’t canvas. Just check out their amazing selection of gifts all ready for your special recipient.


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Crown and Paw Review and Unboxing!!

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