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"How are you feeling," Lisa asked as I rocked back and forth on a chair. My head was still stinging but apart from that, I was getting better, second by second.

The mate bond was broken, destroyed as I wanted it to be. It wouldn't be long before all my feelings for Luciano would disappear into the oblivion.

"I'm fine," I replied, taking the glass of wine off her hands. "Thank you,"

"Why did you do it?" Lisa sat on her bed, her eyes fixated on me as I sipped on the wine that loosened the tension off my body.

"I didn't want to be with Luciano,"

"But you loved him, Red."

I nodded, "You're right. I did love him but not anymore. I can't see myself with someone who kill witches for no reason. You don't know about the things he have done."

"It's not like you haven't killed his men," Lisa reminded me of the time when I lost control.

"I know I did wrong, I apologized for it—I even apologized from Charlotte. I've stopped it but Luciano, he hasn't stopped. He had killed two witches last night and it's going to keep happening if he keeps looking for me. It was the only way to stop it," I explained to her.

"So," she paused for a second, "It will be all over?"

"It is already. I'm just going to start with my trainings and see where it leads too. Hopefully, it wouldn't be too long before my child is returned to me." It was all for my daughter, the only thing I was living for.

I had no one except for her and my Nana.

I titled my head to look at my reflection and found Luciano's mark on my neck gone. It was over. We were over. We weren't mates anymore, just two people who loved each other once.

A knock landed on the door and Lisa stood up to open it while I drank the rest of my wine. I was exhausted and ready to fall asleep until I heard a man on the door.

It was Damon.

I cocked my head at the direction of the door where I found him, speaking with Lisa. I wasn't able to make out what they were talking about as they were whispering but after a moment or so, Lisa walked out and Damon came inside.

"Hello, Red."

I gave him a smile and replied, "Hey. How was your trip?"

Damon had been gone for a weeks to the north where the other witches resided and there was a chance that my daughter was being kept there as Gretel told me nothing about the trip.

"It was good,"

"When did you come back?"

"Ah, just a few minutes ago. Tell me about yourself, how are you?"

"I'm okay," I replied, sighing, I was nowhere near okay. I couldn't think about anything properly. My mind was blank since I had spoken to Luciano.

"I heard from my mother that you spoke with your husband?" My stomach twisted upon hearing the word 'husband' and while they were ways to break the mate bond, there wasn't anything to break that term apart from getting a divorce.

And, a divorce was against my religion and beliefs.

I couldn't get that.

"Don't say that," I rolled my eyes and continued, "And, yeah, I spoke to him. Hopefully, he won't be killing anymore witches."

"Let's do hope that,"

I was still sore and aching when I forced myself on the bed to sit. Gretel informed me earlier that I would be weak for a couple of days and that it would take time before I could do any kind of magic.

"You look unhappy," Damon said, and then sat beside me. The distance between our bodies were only inches apart.

The sunlight cascaded into the bedroom, warming up the cold room. It was Lisa's room and I was supposed to stay here for a while—until I got better.

I turned my face too Damon. He was right. I was unhappy and miserable. "Yeah, I'm but it will go away, all the sadness, it will go away."

"Then, let me tell you something that will make you happy,"

My eyes flickered with doubt, "What?"

"I saw your daughter,"

"Really?" My heart skipped a beat upon hearing that and my vision blurred with tears. "When? How was she? Is she fine? Please, tell me she's fine."

Damon laughed, "She's perfectly fine and being taken care off. You don't need to be worried, the witches around her are nice and they'll do everything to make you happy." His thumb breezed along my cheekbone, forcing the hair on my skin to rise.

"Oh," A warm tear left my eyes and rolled down my cheeks as my head narrowed down. "I can't believe it. Has she grown?"

"Oh, yeah. And, she has the same eyes as you, perfect and hazel." He replied, cupping my face.

I felt an emotion pass through me. It was for my daughter. The desire to see her again kept me sane enough. She was everything I wanted.

Motherhood was something new and it was feral for me.

"Thank you," I mumbled at him.

Damon had been good to me over the past month, everyone has. I dreaded at first but things began to fall in the right direction. I belonged with the witches as I was one of them.

"Don't. You'll get to see her soon," He responded, his head leaning down towards my lips.

I flinched and moved back while bringing my hand up to create a barrier between us, "I can't do this, I'm sorry."

"Why not?" Damon asked, annoyed as he pulled away too.

"I'm still married to someone and I can't think about being with another man. I have to focus on getting my daughter back and maybe then, I can think about this all. I'm sorry." I explained to him in easy terms.

My life was committed to Fiona and being with another man wasn't in my mind. I still had feelings for Luciano, they weren't strong but they were still there. Betraying Luciano wasn't what I wanted.

Damon nodded, "All right, I understand."

A few minutes later, I left the room and he said nothing more after I declined him, politely. Damon was great but I simply saw him as a friend.

As I walked outside, I found a woman who took me to Gretel's room as she requested for me. It was odd as we were all about to sleep and most of the witches were exhausted by trying to break the mate bond and I had lost a lot of my blood as well.

When I came inside Gretel's room, her lids flipped open and her eyes connected with mine.

"Come in," she got up from her bed and said.

I went further inside her room and stood in front of her, "Did you want something?"

"Yes, I couldn't wait till morning." She tied up her hair and continued, "For the next few months, you'll be trained by the witches—of course, after you heal from all this. After that, we will start bringing in wolves and test out your magic."

"Will I have to kill them?"

"Of course," she scoffed. "It's necessary. But, we won't be getting any innocent ones. They'll be rogues and mutts that do not belong anywhere."

"All right and after that?"

"Then, according to the outcome, you'll be either trained for few more months or sent back to Pennsylvania."

"What?!" I gasped, "Why?" I didn't expect to go back so quickly.

"Most of the Alpha's reside in parts of Pennsylvania, and so does the King. Your work is there, nowhere else."

I gulped hard and noticed that Gretel hadn't mentioned anything about my daughter. "When will I be able to get my daughter back?"

"When you kill Luciano, you'll have your child."

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I hope you enjoyed book 1, I enjoyed writing this book a lot, it was most precious to my heart and it was the first one on here. I'm aware it needs MAJOR EDITING, and I'm happy to say that it's currently being edited, rewritten and swapped between beta readers. If something lacked on here, it will be all added in the final draft, which I hope you'd love reading it! I'll be announcing the release date soon, so stay tuned.

I had planned this as a duology, but it's now a trilogy.

Book 1: Red Riding The Alpha

Book 2: Red Loving The Alpha

Book 3: Red Saving The Alpha

Book 2 will come on Wattpad in a week, hopefully, I just need to get the cover done and I'll start updating it on here. Of course, if you'd want to skip the wait and read the full book 2, you can find it on my patreon, and Book 3 is currently being planned and written.

Thank you all for the massive support, 13 million reads, I'm balling my eyes out! I wouldn't have ever written this without the support. I appreciate all the love I had recieved and the hate which got blocked but it's overwhelming to know how many people, from all over the world, has read this book, commented, loved it, hated it. It's still a dream for me.

If you somewhat enjoyed reading this book, you'll definately love my other books as well.

Submitting To The Bully (Highschool bully romance)

The Alpha's Desire (Werewolf romance)

The Scarred Beast (Werewolf romance)

Give it a try and I hope you'd like them, they are packed with smut and chaos.

Lastly, out of all the support I recieved, I'd want to dedicate a new book to my readers on here, you can check out some of my one-shots to see which one of them would you like me to turn into a novel or you can give out your own ideas and I'll try making one (eg; mafia romance, paranormal romance, shifter, vampire, demon.)

Also, I read most of the comments and try to respond to a lot of messages per day but if I missed out yours, I'm deeply sorry.

Now, excuse me from wattpad while I attend my sister's wedding next week. I will return soon and respond to everyone <3

Thank you again



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Red Riding The Alpha

"Run all your want princess, just remember, you'll always be mine."

Chapter : 01


"Darling, could you please come here and take this away from me!" My grandmother said through the bedroom.

I quickly placed the bowl of soup on the tray and replied, "Yes, nana, I'll be there in a minute!"

I picked up the tray and carefully carried it to her room. Nana was covered in three bedsheets as there was a wild storm hitting the town. Her eyes were slightly closed, and she was humming a song. With the help of my shoulders, I pushed the door open and walked inside.

"Oh, darling, you don't have to do that much." She cried out of love as she glanced at my direction.

I placed the tray on the table beside her bed and carried out the dirty bag from her room. Nana didn't like dirt; she hated it. She loved keeping her room clean, and since I was the only one around, I had to do that job as well.

I returned to the room, and Nana got up to eat.

"I made broccoli this time. I hope you like it," I said excitedly as she sipped on the soup.

"It's delicious, but you forgot to add salt," she said.

"Oh, the doctors said no more salt for you. Your blood pressure rises whenever you eat salt." I replied with concern.

She shook her head, "I want to die with delicious food in my stomach,"

I gasped and shook my head, "Don't say that!"

"Well, I'm going to someday. Next time, add a bit of salt, nothing will happen." She winked before drinking up the rest of the soup.

In the meantime, I walked outside our small house and picked up the letter that was inside the mailbox. It was from the town's mayor.

"Nana, we got a mail from the mayor!" I shouted.

"Bring it here, let me see it!" She replied.

I hurried inside the room and gave her the letter. She peeled it open and gave it back to me.

"Read it for me," she asked.

Straightening the paper, I cleared my throat and began reading it.

"Dear Mrs. Mae, I hope you're doing well! As you must've known, the mating season is upon us, and we would like any females in the house above 18 to participate at the night of mating. It has come to me that Red had finally turned 18 two weeks ago. Please give her my blessings and ask her to drop by my office for more details on the night of mating. She'll be given a dress and anything else that is required. Regards, Mayor Thomas." I said.

My heart wrenched with pain as I completed the letter. Nana immediately got worried. Wrinkles formed in her forehead with all the tension that spurted out of the message.

"Oh, no," she cried.

I quickly placed the letter aside and turned my attention to Nana. Placing my hand on hers, I said, "Don't worry, nothing will happen."

"Oh darling, I should have known that this was going to come upon us!" She exclaimed with horror in her eyes.

"What should I do?" I asked, completely lost.

Whitebridge was a small town in Pennsylvania — it was more like a village than a town. The neighboring town was four hours away from here. Our surroundings were covered in forests and trees. Whenever the dark struck upon us, wild creatures walked out, hunting for their prey.

[Derek Hale] Una humana para el alpha [wattpad] - book tráiler

Author authormiakerr

The story is very well written, but I personally found it heartbreaking.  The story was listed as complete, but it seemed incomplete.

I rate this story

This story is about

This story is about

This story is about


Saving the wattpad red alpha

(This book has been edited) 38 year old, Jessica Wallace, had a secret. She had a secret that no one had ever heard of, until she had written what had happened down in a journal. Her secret, was that she was supposed to be mated to a Werewolf named, David Berkley. He was the Alpha of the Withering Willow Pack, a pack in Kansas. However, they were not mated at the beginning, because he had rejected her when she was 15 years of age. Jessica had suffered from heart break for 5 years, until she had pulled herself together with the help of her learning how to be a teacher and kept sane. 23 years later, and David finally came back into her life, with her teaching his son, Daniel Berkley. However, Jessica had changed for better or for worse. She doesn't look like a nerd like she did back then. Nor did she have to use her inhaler as often anymore. Now, David wants her back and he wants her back really bad. However, Jessica wants him to pay for all the pain that he had caused her. Will they find love that they know is there between them, or will Jessica reject David like he had done 23 years ago? Find out in 'I Saved the Alpha and the Pack'. _______________________________________ NOTE: IF YOU READ THIS BOOK ON ANY OTHER APP BESIDES WATTPAD THEN IT IS COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. I GAVE NO ONE PERMISSION TO USE MY BOOK AND HAVE NOT POSTED IT ANYWHERE ELSE, SO... YA. REPORT THAT BOOK. Thanks. ~Rissa

All Rights Reserved


Dangerously Beautiful - a wattpad trailer (werewolf/romance)

"I'm sorry, I'll go see on him." I said, getting off my seat and excusing myself away from the brunch. I wanted Luciano to agree, not piss him off, which he had been.

Flicking my head to the left, I found him scurrying away into an empty hallway. I rushed behind him, calling out his name until he didn't stop. When he did, he whipped around, anger storming into his eyes and his jaw clenching.

"I don't want to talk to you, Red. You got what you wanted, aren't you happy?" He asked.

The sun from the window directly cascaded into the castle, hitting right over his face and his eyes that glimmered underneath the morning light.

"No. I don't want to piss you off." I took his muscled hand and said.

"Then you don't need to trigger your wolf."

"I do. I'll be stronger and I can kill Gretel, that is all why I want to trigger my wolf. I didn't even know that I had one until your mother told me!" I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air out of frustration.

He grabbed my elbow, tugging me closer, "I told you, you don't need to worry about her. I can kill her my self."

"Then what is the problem?" I asked, my features softening. Why was he mad over the fact that I wanted to trigger my wolf? What else was the problem?

"I don't want to see you hurt. It takes a lot of power to fucking shift and you're going to wail." His gaze was filled with worry as it met with mine.

"Do you think I care about hurt anymore, Luciano? I literally lost the most precious woman in my life. If I can handle that, I can handle anything else." I replied, easing his worries down.

"You can't."

"We wouldn't know unless we try it. It's just going to hurt a few times. All of your people go through that pain. Why can't I?" I said.

"Because these wolves, they shift when they are young, it doesn't hurts that much and they get used to it as they grow older. You aren't a young child where it will be fine for you," He snarled. I could almost feel his anxiety for me.

"I know and it will be fine," I rubbed my hand down his arm, "It's just going to hurt for a few days, maybe months and then I'll get used to it. I will become a hybrid, making me stronger than Gretel."

Silence quickened between us when Luciano didn't say anything. He pursed his lips together and narrowed his head. His grasp loosened around my elbow and he released me at once.

"Fine. It's fine. You do as you wish," His hand reached for my face and he kissed my forehead as the anger between us vanished away. "Let me know if you need anything,"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah," He nodded, barely looking into my eyes. "I've some work, I'll see you later."


My wolf.

The words ringed in my mind as I held my talisman tightly around my fist. It was the only thing required for the spell, apart from my blood and the blood of my mate. There was a burst of excitement bubbling inside me as I went over to Jaqueline's chambers.

Luciano had allowed her to do the spell and Vincent had no objection either, he was supportive of my decisions.

When I went inside the room, I found a red ashes on the ground and Jaqueline sitting inside the circle, her eyes shut closed as she murmured a mantra. I went over to her quietly and sat down on the ground.

"Did you get it?" She asked.

"Yeah," I handed my talisman to her and she took it.

She glared at my talisman for a whole minute before her eyes flickered to my neck. "Is that the stone of Lycan's?"

I curled my finger around the gift Luciano had given me for our wedding. I dared not to remove it, not even for a second as he wanted me to wear it at all times.


"Do you know what it does?"

"Luciano told me that it provides with strength..." I trailed off, sounding unsure.

Jaqueline heaved in a sigh. "It also revives ones wolf after it's death but I'm guessing he must've missed that part out as he didn't know that you were going to become an hybrid."

My eyes widened slightly. "Really?"

"Yes, there were three of these made hundred's of years ago and were worn by Lycan's. Luciano's great-great grandfather was a Lycan, and when he passed away, his wolf lived and it's still lingering around the world." She explained, frightening me a little with her words.

"So, it keeps the wolf alive?"


"Wow," I mumbled, still curling the diamond around my finger.

"It also has a lot of strength of those Lycans that had died wearing this. Keep it safe," she said before continuing with whatever she was doing.

I gave her a small nod and then lengthened my hand out. She drew a small incision over my palm, drawing out my blood into a glass and binding it with Luciano's.

"How did you trigger your wolf when you hadn't even found your mate?" I asked her as she had told me that her mother did it with a spell.

"The blood of a mate is optional. My mother triggered my wolf side by taking blood of another wolf that was an Alpha then. The stronger, the better." She explained hastily before dropping my talisman into the blood.

"Is it going to happen now?" I began panicking, "I mean—will I shift right away?"

"Yes. There will be a pain. Do you want me to start?" She asked for my approval.

I nodded, giving it to her. I was ready to my wolf to surge out and take control.

"Be quiet and don't say anything until it's over,"

Jaqueline moved her hands in circles, waving it over the blood while whispering the spell. My heart thumped in my chest and my breathing quickened. She pulled out a string of a plant and dropped it inside the cup, melding all the four things together.

A deep breath filled up my chest and my fingers tightened, tangling with the dress I had over. I choked on my breath as an awful sensation of pain twisted inside me. I stayed in place until Jaqueline didn't stop but with every second passing, I felt a strange swelling grew in my throat, taking over my body.

When she finished, her eyes flickered open and she said, "It's done. You're going to shift now,"

A surge of heat passed over my body and after that, I saw red.

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