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Paul Edgerley ensures that the production line at Procter & Gamble runs efficiently and effectively. We discover that keeping an eye on the perfume, pet food and Pringles is no easy task&#;

What do Procter & Gamble do?

Procter & Gamble is a multinational fast-moving consumer goods company. We own and manufacture an extensive product portfolio, including some of the best-known household brands such as Ariel, Duracell, Gillette and Pringles.

Did you always want to work for a manufacturer?

My passion in life is problem solving, and from a very young age I have taken an interest in how things around me work &#; this is why I chose to study engineering.

During my studies I developed an interest in resource management, information technology and the understanding of manufacturing processes. I am particularly interested in new technology and how it can be integrated into improving work processes, so it was a natural progression for me to move into the manufacturing industry.

What was the interview process like?

I applied to P&G’s Manufacturing Career Academy, having been impressed by the company’s presentation at my university.

There were a number of stages involved in the application process &#; an online assessment, verbal and numerical reasoning tests, and a face to face interview. Then I was invited to the Manufacturing Career Academy event in Newcastle &#; a three-day course that allowed me to find out what it’s like to work for such a prestigious organisation.

The Academy was really good fun – it was a great opportunity to get an in-depth understanding about what goes on in the production plant, as well as offering an opportunity to grill current employees about their own experiences.

What’s the best way to prepare for an interview?

I was told that lots of practise is the key. Perhaps it&#;s not the most encouraging piece of advice, but it’s true that the more interviews you do, the better and more confident you become.

I got my friends and family to run through possible questions that employers may ask, which really helped me organise my thoughts on the day. Doing research into the values and principles of the organisation helps establish if you are compatible with the company, and also gives a good idea of what qualities they are looking for.

What does your role involve?

As a process engineer I am responsible for improving the reliability and efficiency of the production line whilst always maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality. My role involves optimising the production of fine fragrances, making products for fashion houses like Hugo Boss, Valentino, and Lacoste.

Tell us about a typical day for you.

Generally it’s an early start, as the production plant is always busy and I like to get on top of what has happened over the last 24 hours.

After meeting with colleagues to discuss the priorities for the day, I spend the rest of the morning out on the production floor. I work with the line teams to address any problems they might be having with the machinery, and we work together to find a solution.

In the afternoon I finally get to sit down! I discuss the plan for the following day with my colleagues and then the rest of the day is spent preparing for the next line of products or researching ways to improve the reliability of the production.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I’m not deskbound all day. P&G offers a really exciting and dynamic working environment; I’m always kept on my toes.

Do you have a mentor or someone you go to for advice?

Everyone in the workplace is really approachable, so there is always someone to go to if you need help. I have regular one on one sessions with my manager. These help me to identify those areas where I need support but also encourage me to build upon my strengths and achievements within the organisation.

What challenges you the most?

The environment I work in is very dynamic, the production process needs to react quickly to any change in customer orders and so your plans and priorities can change very quickly. This makes it difficult to predict what you’re likely to be doing from one day to the next, but it also keeps the job exciting because it’s always so varied.

Is there much chance to travel?

There are certainly opportunities to travel, and I have visited other P&G sites in the UK for training courses. I have also visited one of our suppliers in France to help improve their systems, so that we can better control the quality of our own products. P&G has sites all over Europe and the rest of the world and opportunities to travel for training are not uncommon.

Do you get to socialise with other grads?

Yes, I work with some really great people. I go on regular team-building events with my colleagues, which are always good fun. Most recently I organised an outdoor assault course challenge for my team, followed by some much needed pizza and drinks in the evening.

What’s the biggest myth about your industry?

Probably that manufacturing is dry and that all engineers are boring. In fact, my job demands a high level of creativity and innovative thinking – I always have a machine to improve, a component to source or production team member to train and develop. Manufacturers can be really imaginative when it comes to solving problems, believe me!

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Still trying to find the best solution to a problem – there is always a better way to make something work and run smoothly. I hope that I am given the opportunity to continue this pursuit with P&G, and look forward to taking on bigger projects as I further my career.



How would you like to improve machinery and process systems? We want entry level engineers who can handle dynamic work environments and who know how to think outside of the box. We rely on our engineers in manufacturing and our physical distribution centers to make our products to the highest of standards. If you would like to be a part of this process, then we want you to apply!

Are you ready for the challenge?

Meaningful work on Day 1

We produce high-quality products and need to do so on-time and at a low cost. We value your creativity and skill in analyzing and solving some big, meaningful problems. From the beginning, you will be leading projects that matter and guiding teams that will impact the production of globally recognized branded products. Our manufacturing process engineers help us get things done!

We offer you:

  • An impactful career path, with meaningful work from the beginning
  • Continuous mentorship, coaching, training, and guidance
  • The opportunity to learn and work with the world-renowned technologies
  • The chance to influence the production and quality of our leading products
  • A diverse, multifaceted work environment passionate about safety and quality

We are seeking individuals with the following qualities:

  • The ability to problem solve and collaborate in teams
  • Highly motivated, self-driven, and eager to learn new skills
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, time management, and analytical skills
  • A desire to work in a fast-paced, hands-on manufacturing environment with technicians and equipment

What will you do?

Where you work depends on a number of things.  Manufacturing Process Engineers lead our efforts to identify and drive out losses through standards and system development. They support the daily activities of the production line and/or processing areas, and build long term capability into their area, systems, and technicians. Daily work could encompass any of the following:

  • Identifying, prioritizing, analyzing, and eliminating losses and inefficiencies
  • Delivery and start-up of new equipment, initiatives, and projects 
  • Collaborating with technical experts, other functions, and other manufacturing sites to create the best solutions
  • Creating learning programs and coaching and training technicians
  • Creating and improving standards to enable us to achieve the performance targets for the production line
  • Understanding and working with state-of-the-art robotics and automated equipment

We have plants all over the region, and where you go is based on your skills and interests as well as our business need.  With this Engineer role, you may work in either of these areas: 

  • Manufacturing (Making, Packing, Safety, or Health Safety & Environment)
  • Physical Distribution Centers and/or Warehouse


You are a good fit here if you:

  • Have a BS/MS degree in engineering. We prefer Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial, Chemical Engineering, though we may also consider other engineering.
  • Are willing to travel on the job on occasion. It really depends on your position, but we want to make sure you are ok travelling for this job.
  • Are willing to relocate during your career.
  • Have less than 2 years relevant work experience


All positions are entry level management roles.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, protected veteran status, disability status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, marital status, citizenship, HIV/AIDS status or any other legally protected factor.

Immigration sponsorship is not available for this role. As a general matter, Procter & Gamble does not sponsor candidates for nonimmigrant visas or permanent residency. However, Procter & Gamble may make exceptions on a discretionary basis. Any exceptions would be based on the Company's specific business needs at the time and place of recruitment as well as the particular qualifications of the individual.

Procter & Gamble participates in e-verify as required by law.

Qualified individuals will not be disadvantaged based on being unemployed.

Job locations:
Inwood, West Virginia, United States Job Type: Full time Job categories: Manufacturing Req No: R

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Are you ready to unleash your technical creativity?

Innovation is the driving force behind everything we do at P&G. Across the world, you will find thousands of scientists, engineers and developers working in manufacturing plants, innovation centers and distribution facilities.
You'll be in the ideal place to work on groundbreaking improvements related to the manufacturing and processing of our leading products with smart, connected technologies driving the 4th industrial revolution. Our aim is to ignite your potential and equip you to enhance the capability, safety and productivity of all our systems while reducing cost and boosting sustainability.

Your Role as a Process Engineer:

You will typically start as a Technical Engineer working with a broad range of processing equipment with specific responsibilities from day 1 on a key project that will involve the following
·  Design and evaluate technical options for achieving business objectives
·  Study technical feasibility using high end computer modeling and simulation.
·  Lead economic evaluations and consultations with Manufacturing, Research & Development and other contributing groups.
·  Design, develop and procure new processing equipment.
·  Develop and conduct acceptance tests on equipment purchased from vendors.
·  Lead new equipment commissioning in the production plants and train the production teams.
·  Solve equipment problems working closely with production staff on new or existing operations.

Your first assignment gives you the chance to contribute with your engineering skills to the business from day 1, while developing your leadership skills. You have clear responsibilities that stretch your technical abilities. You will work in professional and entrepreneurial multi-functional teams while receiving valuable mentoring as well as functional and corporate trainings.

What we offer:

·  A wide range of challenging engineering assignments in one of the most influential companies in the world. We don’t just offer a job; we offer a career with varying assignments and lots of development opportunities
·  An opportunity for you to develop and deliver state of the art technologies supported by multi-million capital investments.
·  Travel opportunities to the project locations to see your design come to life
·  Continuous coaching – you will work with passionate people and receive both formal training as well as day-to-day mentoring from your coach and manager
·  Dynamic and respectful international work environment – employees are at the core, we value every individual and encourage initiatives, promoting agility and work/life balance.
·  A competitive compensation package , in line with your qualifications and experience.


What we look for:

·  Recent Graduate in one of the following engineering majors: Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Industrial, Mechatronics or any relevant engineering degree with 1 – 4 years of relevant experience (preferred).
·  In addition to good knowledge of English, we also look for skills such as technical curiosity, creativity, innovation, initiative, communication, leadership and the ability to work with others.

Just so you know:

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. Our mission of Diversity and Inclusion is: “Everyone valued. Everyone included. Everyone performing at their peak”.

Job locations:
Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan Job Type: Full-time Job categories: Manufacturing Req No: MFG

Ace the P\u0026G Assessment Process and Test (2021) - 4 Simple Steps in 3 Minutes

Average Process Engineer Salary at Procter & Gamble Co

Avg. Base Salary (USD)

The average salary for a Process Engineer is $78,


What is the Pay by Experience Level for Process Engineers?

An entry-level Process Engineer with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $77, based on 6 salaries. An early career Process Engineer with years of experience earns an average total compensation of $78, based on 12 salaries.

What Do Process Engineers Do?

Every manufactured product undergoes certain processes before reaching the consumers, and process engineers are in charge of studying these processes within the context of chemical engineering. They evaluate efficiency, quality and safety of the process, and they make suggestions on how to improve the process when needed.

They evaluate procedures such as chemical interactions, equipment design, and the system performance involved with the manufacturing of that particular product. When …Read more

Gender Breakdown

This data is based on 18 survey responses. Learn more about the gender pay gap.

Common Health Benefits


Engineer process procter gamble and

Procter & Gamble Employee Reviews for Process Engineer

Changing Culture

Process Engineer (Current Employee) - Cincinnati, OH - May 9,

Let me start by saying P&G is filled with great people and still many opportunities. However in recent years, lackluster business performance overall has changed the culture of P&G, as separation packages are offered and benefits erode year after year the culture has shifted dramatically since I started. The same great, hard working passionate, smart people are here by and large, but the culture is negatively shifting due to P&G's continued choice to play to the investors rather than continue innovating at a high level, being the leader of innovation in the market and taking care of their employees as they have in the past. One thing remains, this is still a great company, great people and lots of opportunity to learn and grow yourself as a leader.


great work life balance, decent benefits, GREAT people


slipping benefits, culture is changing

P\u0026G Engineering

Procter & Gamble Pay & Benefits reviews: Process Engineer

Changing Culture

Process Engineer (Current Employee) - Cincinnati, OH - May 9,

Let me start by saying P&G is filled with great people and still many opportunities. However in recent years, lackluster business performance overall has changed the culture of P&G, as separation packages are offered and benefits erode year after year the culture has shifted dramatically since I started. The same great, hard working passionate, smart people are here by and large, but the culture is negatively shifting due to P&G's continued choice to play to the investors rather than continue innovating at a high level, being the leader of innovation in the market and taking care of their employees as they have in the past. One thing remains, this is still a great company, great people and lots of opportunity to learn and grow yourself as a leader.


great work life balance, decent benefits, GREAT people


slipping benefits, culture is changing


Now discussing:


You will be progressed through different assignments that will allow you to contribute at your peak and realize your maximum potential over different stages in your career. Engineers in P&G work on cutting-edge technologies with multi-disciplinary teams across the Company. If you enjoy contributing to a winning team and being part of something bigger than yourself, you'll love P&G manufacturing!

Responsibilities of the role

•Lead technical projects in P&G Manufacturing site.

•Fully responsible for Line performance at lowest cost and highest efficiency.

•Develop, design and partner with Engineering Team for new machine set-up and standardization.

•Control & analyze the Process Line for continuous improvement.

What we offer you

•Responsibilities from Day 1 – You will start working for key categories or brands from the beginning. Over time, as you expand your impact on the business, your responsibility and ownership of a brand will quickly grow.

•Recognized state of the Research & Development skills – We will constantly help you improve your research knowledge and management abilities.

•You'll receive continuous coaching & mentorship – We are passionate about our work. We will make sure you receive both formal training and as regular mentorship from your manager and others.

•You'll be part of a dynamic and respectful work environment – We live our Purpose, Values, and Principles daily. We value every individual and encourage initiatives promoting agility and work/life balance.

•You'll join an international team with regional responsibilities.

•Flexible work arrangements.

•Competitive salary and benefits program



•All Engineering Majors (including IT Engineering) are welcomed

•Strong leadership skill shown via your extra-curriculum activities at University or technical projects at work.

•Good analytical, communication & teamwork skill.

•Good English & Vietnamese communication.

•Vietnamese citizenship only

About us

We produce globally recognized brands and we grow the best business leaders in the industry. With a portfolio of trusted brands as diverse as ours, it is paramount our leaders are able to lead with courage the vast array of brands, categories and functions. We serve consumers around the world with one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality, leadership brands, including Always®, Ariel®, Gillette®, Head & Shoulders®, Herbal Essences®, Oral-B®, Pampers®, Pantene®, Tampax® and more. Our community includes operations in approximately 70 countries worldwide.

Visit to know more.

Our consumers are diverse and our talents - internally - mirror this diversity to best serve it. That is why we’re committed to building a winning culture based on Inclusion and our ideal candidate is passionate about the same principle: you will join our daily effort of being “in touch” so we craft brands and products to improve the lives of the world’s consumers now and in the future. We want you to inspire us with your unrivaled ideas.

We are committed to providing equal opportunities in employment. We do not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, gender, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, citizenship, disability, veteran status, HIV/AIDS status, or any other legally protected factor.

Job locations:
Binh Duong, Binh Duong, Vietnam; Bến Cát, Binh Duong, Vietnam Job Type: Full time Job categories: Multi-Functional Req No: R

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