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Sound Not Working On Your Chromebook? Read This

Chromebooks are a reliable machine. The operating system is simple to use, bloatware-free, secure, and fast. Many Chromebooks are very affordable, and there are even some high-end devices for those with expensive taste.

But even Chromebooks have their issues from time to time—something we see semi-regularly on the Google Product Forum issues with sound. One day your music works perfectly, the next, nothing.

There are a lot of things that could be causing sound issues on your Chromebook, and I will attempt to address the big ones here.

So, your sound isn’t working on your Chromebook, what should you do?

Well, let’s start with the basics. The fundamentals. Let’s make sure you haven’t inadvertently muted your Chromebook by pressing the mute button on your keyboard.

It happens.

Simply press the volume UP button a few times and make sure the volume is actually turned up, and test your audio.

If it’s still not working, make sure you’re not casting to a Chromecast, or Google Cast enabled device. Do check this, click on your profile picture in the bottom-right corner and you should see an option for casting.

Ok, so your volume is turned up, and you’re not casting but your audio still isn’t working. What next?

Click on your profile picture again, and select the audio option and make sure that your audio is set to the correct Output.

Chromebook speaker icon

OK, so you’ve checked all these things and your sound still isn’t working. That’s not a great sign, but all hope is not yet lost. Let’s try a few more things.

First, what exactly isn’t working? Is there no sound coming out of your speakers? Try headphones. Does that work? What about vice versa? Maybe your speakers are working but headphones are not. Do these headphones work in other devices, such as your phone or another computer? Do other headphones work in this Chromebook?

Is it a Bluetooth speaker/headphones not working? That’s probably a Bluetooth problem, not an audio problem. Make sure you check the audio Output sources like I mentioned before. Sometimes Chrome OS doesn’t like to properly switch from internal speakers to Bluetooth and vice versa like it’s supposed to.

Maybe you have a Chrome extension that’s causing your issues. What happens when you log out, and log into Guest Mode? Does sound work there? If so, one of your extensions is interfering.

Do you have some kind of audio equalizer app/extension installed? Check the settings on that and make sure your sound didn’t get muted.

If all else fails, here are some things you can do to try and get your Chromebook up and running, in the order in which you should perform them:

  1. Hardware Reset
  2. Factory Reset (Powerwash)
  3. USB Restore

If you’ve done all these things, and your audio still isn’t working, you probably have a hardware issue. It’s worth providing feedback in case it’s an issue with the operating system that the Chrome OS team needs to know about. To provide feedback at any time while using your Chromebook, press ALT plus SHIFT plus the letter “i”. This opens a dialogue box which you can use to provide feedback to the Chrome OS team. You can provide a detailed description of your issue, as well as a screenshot.

I hope you found this useful. For a more detailed list of things to consider if you’re having audio issues, check out this awesome post from one of my fellow Google Top Contributors, Jim Dantin.

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Some users have reported that their having audio issues with their Chromebook. Either the sound is completely silent or it’s cutting in and out intermittently. There are a variety of problems that can cause this for both sound coming from the speakers and sound coming from headphones. If you’re listening only through the built-in speakers and not headphones then skip to Fix #4.

Otherwise follow each step in order until your sound is fixed! Good luck!

Fix #1: Make sure the headphone are securely plugged in

This seems like a silly and obvious solution but I’ve seen this problem fixed a few times because the headphones weren’t fully inserted into the headphone jack on the chromebook. Make sure you really insert and push the headphones in, chromebooks seem to have strange audio jacks so give it a good push until you hear the click.

Fix #2: Try a different set of headphones or earbuds

For some people the fix is just that simple. The problem lies with a pair of broken headphones rather than with the chromebook itself. So try a different set and see if that works for you.

Fix #3: The “close lid” solution

  1. Unplug your headphones.
  2. Close the lid of the chromebook and wait ten seconds.
  3. Plug in the headphones.
  4. Open the lid. The chromebook will re-scan for audio devices and should find your headphones.

OR, if that doesn’t work:

  1. Turn off your chromebook.
  2. Plug in the headphones
  3. Turn on the chromebook. The chromebook will re-scan for audio devices on startup and should find your headphones.

Fix #4: Check sound settings

Look to the lower right corner of your screen. There you will see a series of icons. Click on your account picture at the very right. A window will appear showing you information about your chromebook. Make sure that the audio is at a high volume. If it’s muted, unmute it. And make sure that the output is set to the proper destination; headphones if you want to listen through headphones, speakers if you want to listen through speakers.

Fix #5: Clear the cache

Clearing the cache on the chromebook can resolve some audio issues. To clear the cache do this:

  1. Click on the chrome setting button in the browser in the top right corner (it looks like three horizontal lines).
  2. Click Tools and then Clear browsing Data.
  3. Specify that you want to clear information From the beginning of time.
  4. Make sure only Empty the Cache is selected.
  5. Click Clear Browsing Data.

Turn the chrome book off and then on again and try the sound now. If it still doesn’t work then move onto Fix 6.

Fix #6: Disable all extensions

The sound issues could be the result of a faulty extension. To solve this you need to disable all of them. Check if the sound now works. If it does then the problem was one of those extensions. Now you need to re-enable each extension individually while checking the sound between each enable. Once the sound breaks again you’ve found your culprit.

You can find instruction for disabling extensions here:

(Note: if this doesn’t work then remember to turn on your extensions before moving onto Fix #7).

Fix #7: Browse as guest

Turn off your chromebook and then turn it back on. At the login screen select Browse as Guest. This will allow you to run the chromebook without any special settings that might have been added after the fact. Try to play sound now. If it works there is some broken setting or component in your regular login. To fix this permanently you’ll need to reset your chromebook. Go to Fix 8.

Fix #8: Completely reset your chromebook

This step will completely wipe your chromebook so you need to backup all of your data first. Again: this will erase EVERYTHING and bring your chromebook back to the state it was when you bought it.

  1. Click on your account picture in the lower-right corner of your screen.
  2. Click on Settings. A window will appear.
  3. Click on Show Advanced Settings at the bottom.
  4. Find the “Powerwash” label and click Reset.
  5. In the window that opens click Restart.

Once the chromebook restarts you will be presented with the setup window. Go through the setup and enter your google account information. Try to play a sound now, if it works then success!

Have any more ways to fix broken sound on the chromebook? Let us know in the comments below.

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Chromebook Sound Not Working

Chromebook Sound Not Working

Didn’t you hear sounds or audio from your Chromebook? Want to listen to your favorite music and sounds while playing games? Don’t worry! You have landed on the right article.

Chromebook is the best alternative to your Windows or Mac laptops. It comes up with the Google Operating System, so we can’t install Windows or any other operating system’s apps.

There are many benefits of Chromebooks, such as budget-friendly for all categories of users. But there are some drawbacks too, and one is sound/audio not working while using our Chromebooks.

Even we face these kinds of problems with our desktops and laptops. There is no need to worry at all because we offer the standard methods to fix this Chromebook Sound Not Working issue. Have patience and execute the steps correctly on your device.

Problem Overview

The users who want to use Google OS can use Chromebooks to finish their works. Even we play the games that are compatible with this operating system.

The complaints regarding the Sound Not Working issue on Chromebooks are increasing. Some people are trying few tricks to fix it but failed to do so.

The reasons might vary from one user to others, but we can fix it with simple and easy techniques. Before going to use the methods, it is necessary to understand why the audio is not working on your Chromebook.

To know the reasons for this Chromebook Sound Not Working issue, read the below steps.

  • You may be muted the volume on your Chromebook.
  • The Google OS on your device might be older.
  • Faulty Sound Settings
  • Audio devices (Bluetooth speakers or earphones) connected to your computer also cause this issue.
  • If the sound is not coming from your headphones, then there may be some hardware issues with those devices.
  • Problematic or outdated extensions and plugins

When this problem occurs, you can’t even play any audio or video on your Chromebook. The users will not enjoy while playing video games because the game sounds are not audible.

That’s the reason why you have to go through the following steps to fix this problem.

Related Problems

Chromebook Sound Not Working issue occurs on various branded companies. Go through some of those related problems discussed below.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Sometimes, the simple steps can fix the Chromebook Sound Not Working issue. That’s why we are listing out the basic methods to apply them on your Chromebook.

  • Check for Hardware Issues

The first thing you have to do when you didn’t hear any sounds from your headphones or Bluetooth speakers is checking for hardware issues.

  1. Disconnect your audio device and reconnect it to another USB port. Now, check the sounds are coming from your audio devices or not.
  2. In case if you are using Bluetooth speakers, then connect the USB dongle to other ports to verify the speakers are working or not.
  3. Even we face sound issues when our Chromebook contains any hardware errors. To validate our system, better to plug the headphones or any other sound devices into another Chromebook.

If you heard sounds on other Chromebooks, then there might be some other issues. So, go through the following steps to fix the Sound Not Working issue on your Chromebook.

Sometimes, we accidentally mute the volume on our Chromebooks. Once the volume and move the slider to high to increase it. Now, play any music and check the sounds are coming from your Chromebook’s speakers or not.

Still, you face the Chromebook Sound Not Working error? Move to the following section to use the advanced methods.

Steps To Fix Chromebook Sound Not Working Issue

It’s time to check out some more tricks that can resolve the Sound Not Working on your Chromebook.

Install the Latest Chrome OS

Are you using older versions of the Chrome Operating System? Then this will become the reason for the Sound Not Working error.

Therefore, you have to check for the latest Chrome OS versions and install them on your Chromebook to keep it up-to-date.

Once you finished installing the latest Chrome OS updates, check whether you hear the sounds from the audio devices or not.

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Modify the Sound Settings

The users make some mistakes accidentally or intentionally while using their Chromebooks. One we have discussed in the basic steps, muting the volume.

Apart from that, the sound settings are configured on your device. In order to fix it, you need to change the settings as specified below.

If you want to listen to sounds through your headphones, then set the headphones as the default output device. Open the Sound Settings, choose the Speakers/Headphones, and click the Set Default option.

Now, check the sound comes from your audio devices or not. If not, go with some other tricks given below.

Unplug the Sound Devices (Headphones or Speakers)

Some users say that their Chromebooks show this kind of issue whenever they connect headphones or Bluetooth speakers. Once they eject these audio devices, the audio can be heard from the inbuilt speakers.

We recommend you disconnect the audio devices if you plug into your Chromebook and check the Sound Not Working issue is fixed or not.\

Disable Extensions

Have you installed several extensions on your Chrome browser? Then there is any problematic plugin that you are using on your web browser. Due to this extension, the sound devices are not working correctly.

First of all, disable all those extensions, and start re-enabling them one by one to find the problematic one. After that, remove that extension completely from your Chrome.

Now, see whether you listen to the sounds while playing games or music on your Chromebook.

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Clear the Cache

Chrome stores all kinds of details, such as images, browser data, site information, and others in History. If you didn’t clean the Browser History regularly, then you will engage in many issues, including the slow loading of web pages.

  1. Go to the Chrome menu and go to the settings option.
    Select the settings options from the menu
  2. Click on Privacy and Security.
    Now click on Privacy and Security
  3. finally, click on Clear Browsing Data.

Remove the entire browsing history and restart your Chromebook. Mostly, the problem “Chromebook Sound Not Working” will be fixed on your device.

Reset your Chromebook

If the above methods didn’t resolve the issue, then try fixing it by resetting your Chromebook. Follow the below procedure to reset the device.

After that, check the Chromebook Sound Not Working problem gets resolved on your system or not.

Grant Permissions on your Chrome

Some people are complaining that they hear sounds while playing music or playing games on their Chromebooks. But when they play music on some websites, they didn’t hear any audio.

For example, users who browse YouTube might not hear sounds while watching their favorite videos or lectures. In this situation, you need to allow those sites to listen to the sounds. For that, you have to add those sites to Chrome.

  1. Click Customize and Control Google Chrome -> Select Settings.
  2. Go to the end of the page and click Advanced.
  3. Click the Site Settings placed under the Privacy and Security section.
  4. Now, go with the Sound section in the Additional Content Security section.
  5. Click the toggle button to turn on the Allow sites to play sound (recommended).
  6. If you want to add any specific sites, then click the Add button under Allow. Now, add the website address and click the OK button.

Check the Sound Not Working issue is resolved on your Chromebook device or not.

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Browse as Guest

We install several programs, games, and other necessary software on our Chromebooks. If you don’t know why you can’t hear sounds from your device, then simply access the Chromebook as a Guest. For that,

  1. First of all, shut down your Chromebook and turn it on.
  2. When you see the Login screen, click Browse as a Guest option.
  3. It immediately starts your device with the default settings (You will not see any of those apps installed on your Chromebook).

Now, play any audio file or video song, game, and check the sound is coming out from your speakers or headphones.

Tips To Avoid Chromebook Sound Not Working

  • To avoid this problem, we have to upgrade the sound card drivers with the latest versions whenever released by the manufacturers.
  • Use your Headphones or Bluetooth devices smoothly to avoid damages so that you can escape from these sound issues.
  • Never install conflicting applications (from unknown sources) to stop infecting your Chromebook and avoid damaging your hardware components.
  • Regularly scan your Chromebook with the best antivirus software to keep it clean and run the device without any issues.

Contact Official Support

Chromebooks are just like laptops, but it contains an inbuilt operating system that is Google OS. The rest of the things are the same, such as Motherboard, video cards, sound cards, etc.

Whenever the sound is not working on the Chromebook, we can fix it through the methods discussed above. If the sound/audio still does not come from your Chromebook’s speakers or headphones, or Bluetooth devices, take your system to the authorized store.

Professionals who have experience in dealing with these sound, not working issues can easily it on your system. Or else directly contact the customer support team of your Chromebook.

Final Words: Conclusion

At last, there are several people who are using Chromebooks for multiple tasks. We have given step by step procedure to overcome the Chromebook Sound Not Working issue.

Now, you got to know this troubleshooting guide will help you in fixing the audio problems on your device. The above tips and tricks are applicable to all brands of Chromebooks, such as Samsung, Acer, Google, Asus, etc.

Share the post with your friends who own Chromebooks, so that they can solve this issue on their devices. If you have any doubts, contact us through the comment section.

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