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RV Cover Repair: Sewing versus Patch Kits

RV covers can suffer from wear and tear for a number of different reasons. The most common source is improper installation, either by leaving an oversized RV cover unsecured or by not padding sharp edges and corners. When paired with wind damage over time these sources yield holes and wear. The three most common approaches to RV cover repair are outlined below.

RV Cover Repair

Sewing Your RV Cover

Sewing an RV cover has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Sewing may be your only recourse for excessively large rips and holes of several feet. While sewing is a skill not found in everyone’s do-it-yourself wheelhouse, it can be self taught with relatively inexpensive materials. RV cover repair sewing supplies should include excess materials. You’ll want to avoid tightening your RV cover at its stress points. When sewing on a patch, leave ample material between your sew-points and the hole to prevent further fraying and bigger holes. Also, sewing creates puncture holes which may require additional glues and patches for waterproofing.

RV Cover Repair with a Patch Kit

Patch kit technology has made strides beyond the former prevalence of “iron on” patches. The most effective and efficient RV cover repair kits come with their adhesive glues already applied and require only a clean, dry surface for application. Simply wipe away dirt and debris with a damp towel and give your RV cover a few minutes to dry. Reduce the potential for peeling by rounding the corners of your patch with a scissors. Hanna RV offers SFS Aqua Shed RV Cover Patch kits to match both colors of SFS grey polypropylene, ADCO Tyvek Patch kits in white and grey, and ADCO Designer Series RV cover patch kits in white, tan, and dark tan.

Replacing Your RV Cover

After years of use and when RV cover repair appears to be too daunting a task, it may be time to consider replacement. Ensure your RV cover fits properly by buying one specifically engineered to match your camper size, and follow our RV cover installation instructions to maximize the life of your RV trailer cover.

Shop Class A, Class C, 5th Wheel and Travel Trailer Covers or contact the RV cover professionals at Hanna Trailer Supply today.

Patch & Repair


» Description

ADCO now offers Patch Kits as an easy fix to that hole in your vehicle cover. The kit consists of adhesive patch material designed to match your Polypropylene, Tyvek or SFS Aqua-shed cover. The patch fabric is essentially a big “sticker” and requires no ironing.

We recommend applying the patch fabric on both the inside and outside of the damaged area. It can be accomplished in just a few minutes.

  • Each Patch Kit contains 6 self adhesive strips (each 36" x 8.25"), one of each color pictured above
  • Adhesive backed fabrics for quick application
  • Easily fixes small tears and punctures
  • Reinforces areas with high wear such as rain gutters

Male & Female Buckle Set

» Part numbers & Sizing


» Description

2 pairs of buckles per set.

Replacement Strap Assembly

» Part numbers & Sizing


» Description

120" strap that includes 2 male and 2 female buckles.

***This kit will replacement for any straps on the RV including cinching straps.

Weighted Strap & Buckle

» Part numbers & Sizing


Plastic Grommets

» Part numbers & Sizing


» Description

2 Grommets per kit.

Cinching Rope

» Part numbers & Sizing


» Description

2 ropes included - 21' each.

Ladder Cap

» Part numbers & Sizing


Snap Screw Set (5th Wheel Skirt)

» Part numbers & Sizing


Bungee Ball Cord (Tyre Gards)

» Part numbers & Sizing


» Description

2 Bungee Ball Cords are included.

Storage Bag

» Part numbers & Sizing



» Description

• “Noodle” foam gutter spout covers help prevent RV Cover punctures 

• Drawstring closure for a snug fit 

• QTY 4 covers per pack

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RV Cover Patch Kit Selection and Application Guide

Ordering an RV Cover patch kit online is an easy solution to repairing your damaged cover. Below we outline easy to follow application instructions and offer factors to consider before you choose which patch kit to buy.

Installing an RV Cover Patch Kit in Under 5 Minutes

Torn RV Cover

Step 1: Clean

Begin the application by cleaning the area to be patched. Use a damp towel to remove all dust and dirt from the front and backside of the treatment area. Give the cover a few minutes to dry; moisture is just as damaging to adhesion as debris.

Step 2: Trim

Trim your RV cover patch to the appropriate size, leaving an inch or more of material around all worn and torn areas. Be sure to round the corners to minimize the chance of your patch peeling.

Step 3: Apply

Apply firm pressure to the patch to secure it over the damaged area. Apply another patch on the opposite side of the cover.

Congratulations. You’ve patched your RV cover quickly and easily.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Patch Kit

RV Cover Patch Kit Cost

Cost can more accurately be described as cost-effectiveness. Your RV cover patch kit’s primary purpose is to save you money on replacement costs. A fairly priced kit should fulfill your needs in an affordable manner. Look for patch kits of adequate size including extra material and additional patches. Err on the side of excess; you’ll want to apply patches both inside and outside of the affected area. This will account for mistakes and the possible need for future patching.

RV Cover Patch Kit Quality

Be sure to find a patch of adequate strength and durability. The material should be strong and the product should have reliable adhesion properties. If you have an appropriate water-resistant material on hand, Elmer’s Spray Glue or clear silicone sealant should be a suitable alternative.

Ordering an ADCO RV Cover Patch Kit Online

HannaRV offers patch kits in a variety of different colors to precisely match ADCO RV covers and compliment other top brands. Each ADCO RV Cover patch kit comes with three sheets of ample-sized patches, available in a number of colors. The SFS Aqua Shed RV Cover Patch Kit comes with patches in two colors of grey to match the grey SFS and polypropylene material of the ADCO SFS Aqua Shed. The ADCO Tyvek RV Cover Patch Kit comes in white and grey to match certain styles of ADCO RV covers including pop-up and fifthwheel RV covers. The ADCO Designer Tyvek RV Cover Patch Kit comes with white, light tan, and dark tan patches to match modern ADCO Designer Series Class A and Class C RV covers. These patch kits have strong adhesive properties and will also stick to off-brand RV covers.

Preventing the Need for Future RV Cover Patching

Most holes are caused by excessive wind damage from an un-secured or ill-fitting RV cover, or a sharp corner or point unaccounted for during the RV cover installation. Things like foam pipe insulation can be bought cheaply from your local hardware store and can be used to pad sharp edges. The foam is easy to install or put in place and can be held in place with simple duct tape. A little extra time to install an RV cover can make it last significantly longer.

Hanna RV is proud to be your total RV cover resource. Shop our full line of RV parts and accessories today.
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