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Friends photo book

Celebrate life with the people who brighten it up every day. With bonusprint, you can easily collect all your favourite moments with your best friend in a beautiful photo album. From your first adventure abroad to all the milestones you achieved together, keep reliving your favourite memories in a keepsake that’ll last a lifetime. Here’s how to get started:

  • Create a high-quality friends photo album
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Quick and easy to order online

Create your best friends photo album

Collect your favourite moments with your best friend in a photo album

Surprise your best friend with a collection of the most special moments you’ve shared over the years. Dig out your old school pictures, graduation photos, or some of the funniest selfies stored in your camera roll — no matter how you choose to tell your story, a friendship photo album is a meaningful gift that your best friend will love forever.

How to create your friendship photo book

With our editors, creating a personalised photo album for your best friend is easy and fun. To get started, take a trip down memory lane and dig through old scrapbooks, yearbooks, as well as your camera roll to find the best shots with your favourite people. Next, create a storyline for your album and upload the pictures in order. Maybe you’d like to follow a timeline starting from your very first picture together, or how about grouping the pictures by a theme like the holidays you spent with your friend?

Remember to add cool mementoes like boarding passes, festival tickets, and special invitations to the mix. Once you’re ready, you’ll only have to drag and drop your snaps into every page to fill your friendship photo book. Make it yours — play with our layouts to style your photo book pages or add colours and illustrations. Finally, add captions to remember the most important dates, the funniest stories, or to keep track of all the kilometres you’ve travelled side by side.

Make your own friends photo album

bonusprint offers a wide variety of prearranged styles rendered using vivid colours and high-grade materials. However, we also provide you with the option to make your own friends photo album. Create a photo album for your friends that matches your styles, or create collections that speak to your own unique character and to the nature and quality of your friendship. Create your own friends photo book design with bonusprint as it’s easy and expansive, offering a range of different ways to customise your albums to help them stand out from the average and create a lasting impression down through the years.

Order your best friends photo album

Happy with your creation? Click on ‘Add to basket’ to order it. As a final step, you’ll be able to add upgrades or order the album in multiple sizes — perfect to share those unique memories with your friend group. Once you’re done with your selection, you’ll be ready to receive your friends photo album at home.

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17 Best Friend Photo Album Ideas That’ll Make You Both Smile

Year in Review

Highlight your best year yet with photos and memories of all the epic things you and your bestie accomplished in 365 days. Nothing will put a smile on both of your faces quite like flipping through a book full of all the happy memories you have created together. If you haven’t seen our Rifle Paper Co. Year In Review books yet, you're missing out. They are to die for and would be a perfect fit for this bestie book!

Through the Years

Whether you’ve been BFFs since birth or your friendship is relatively new, collect all of your memories to date and put them all in a Chatbook. Include photos of ticket stubs or funny pictures from your 8th grade sleepover. Whatever it is, it’s sure to be a hit for you and your bestie. 

Girls’ Trip 

Reliving your favorite trips with your BFF over and over again is half of the fun. Create a photo book with pics from all of your fun trips and relive your most memorable getaways.

Your Favorite Places

Where do you always shop? Favorite Korean restaurant in town? Best place to get an ice cream cone at midnight? This photo book is a perfect way to reminisce on all of your favorite places and give you ideas of places you can go and things you can do when you spend time together. Not only is it a memory-keeper, but it can also be a guide for your future adventures!

More Than Friends

BFF turned significant other? This is the perfect way to convey your lifetime of love. Compile your photos together from the very beginning of your friendship and let them tell your super cute love story.

Best Friend Siblings 

If you’re related to your best friend, you’re pretty darn lucky. Siblings may be hard to love sometimes, but you know that they always have your back. This photo book could include photos of both of you over the years. From bath time to high school graduation, this photo book will be full of precious memories.

Best Friends on the Court/Field

There are few things better than the bestie who played pee wee tennis with you and stuck around to play against you in intramural sports in college. Show off your friendship on the field or court with this fun, themed photo book. Be sure to include pictures of your iconic jerseys, trophies and major high fives after epic games.


I don't know about you, but my mom has always been my best friend. What better way to celebrate her and your relationship than by a photo book that beautifully pieces together images of you two throughout the years. Celebrate mom with this memoir that will warm her heart and definitely earn a spot on the coffee table.

Bachelorette Party 

From bridal showers and bridesmaid dress shopping to crazy bachelorette parties, prepping for your best friend’s big day is an important job. Let her relive all of the fun leading up to the big day with a photo book recap of the festivities. This is a perfect wedding gift and a great way to show her that you care!

High School BFF 

Nothing beats a high school bestie who has been with you through it all. A perfect high school graduation gift or a college send-off present for their bookshelf: a book full of high school memories that will last a lifetime. 

Road Trip

Is it even a road trip without a few car selfies? Throw these into a photo book along with some shots from random rest stops and a few natural attractions and you will have a keepsake that you will cherish. 

Animal Lover 

Everyone knows that dogs are a human’s best friend. Why not pay tribute to your bestie pup with a photo book of your relationship together? Include pictures from the first day you picked them up, that time they ate your lipstick and everything in between. Don’t shy away from creating a book for any of your pets — cats and ducks can act as BFFs, too! 

Favorite Memes

These days, it’s hard to find a pair of friends who don’t have a running thread of their favorite and funniest memes. Why not keep them around for good? Upload images of your favorite memes into a photo book and keep the laughter going.

Extended Family Connections

Aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents can all play a role as friends and best friends in your life. Let the fun from family reunions and yearly lake trips live on with photo books for all of your extended family members who are dear friends, as well. 

Bucket List Book

At one point or another, you and your best friend probably made a bucket list. Maybe you had a bucket list of summer accomplishments? Or perhaps your list featured all of the countries that you wanted to visit before you turned a certain age? Either way, making a photo book of all of your current bucket list items is a really fun way to have a visual to go along with your list. It’ll probably make you more excited to check the items off, too!

All of Our Favorite Things

Similar to all of your favorite places, use this book theme as a way to keep track of all of you and your bestie’s favorite things. What are your go-to coffee orders? Your classic car freshener scents? The perfumes you wore this summer? Use this photo book as a journal to keep track of all the things you both love.

Most Embarrassing Moments

It’s hard to celebrate all the normal stuff without making space for all of the crazy things that all best friends participate in. Use the text pages to write in all of your crazy and embarrassing moments mixed in with photos. You will love this fun and funny keepsake. 

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Friendship Photo Books

Celebrating Friendship with a Photo Book

Friendship is one of the most valuable things in life. A good friend can bring you happiness, comfort, and fun, even when times are tough. Celebrate your friendships with a photo book that collects all of your favorite memories of your friendship. The kinds of moments that make you laugh, warm your heart, and make you feel grateful for your friends. 

Include photos of your favorite shared hobbies, frequent hangouts, and all the adventures you’ve gone on together. Weekend football games, cozy movie nights, throwback pictures, chaotic game nights, meals at your go-to restaurant, and more all have a place in your friendship photo book.

Friendship Photo Books Make Great Gifts

Personalized friendship photo books filled with lovingly selected pictures make an incredibly thoughtful gift for any friend in your life. Design a friendship photo book to delight them with styles that fit their personality and taste. When you create a custom photo book, you have the power to add, move and resize pictures and text anywhere on the page. Choose from a variety of photo book styles, from softcover and hardcover photo books to premium layflat — or even opt for metallic cover accents or a luxury leather album. With space to add custom captions, pre-designed Ideas pages, and decorative embellishments, there are endless ways to create a friends photo book that's one-of-a-kind. 

Friendship Photo Book Ideas

It can be tricky to come up with friendship photo book ideas. Shutterfly can help. If you’re designing your own photo book, we have an extensive collection of backgrounds, layouts and embellishments that can inspire you to dream up the perfect friendship photo book concept. We also have a variety of pre-designed photo books that you can choose from.

Friendship Quotes for Photo Book

Friendship quotes for your photo book can make your friendship photo book even more special. Further personalize your friendship photo book with quotes from a mutual friend, a shared role model, or a favorite movie, book, or TV show you have in common. If you’ve been keeping a quote book for all of your and your friend’s most iconic lines, you can flip through it to find quotes for your friendship photo book.

Best Friend Photo Album

You and your best friend have been through a lot together, and have created countless cherished memories along the way. With all of the time you spend together, it can be easy to lose track of all of your favorite moments. Create a best friend photo album to preserve the moments you never want to forget. A cute best friendship photo book is more than a treasured keepsake for times from the past — it’s also a promise for the future of wonderful nights spent reminiscing together.

Gift Ideas for Friends

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, holiday treat or just a way to say thank you for all that they are, there are plenty of personalized gifts for friends on Shutterfly. From custom wall art to gifts like fleece photo blankets or personalized wine glasses — there's something perfect for every style and personality.

Friendship Day Scrapbook -- Best Friendship day Gift-- Friendship Scrapbook Tutorial

14 Best Friend Photo Album Ideas To Reach Maximum Friendship Goals

Best friends enrich our lives and experiences. We immediately want to call our best bud when something special or funny happens in our day-to-day. These very special people have been through the ups and downs of life with us and it’s time to celebrate that special bond.

The best part about best friends is that you already have so many pictures with them on your camera roll. We invite you to gather your favorite pics andcreate a photo album documenting your friendship, shared interests and adventures.

Get inspired with this list of 14 best friend photo album ideas for you to start this fun project.

1. Brunch Besties Forever

custom professional photo book with memories and soft cover photo book designIf you and your bestie’s mission is to find the best brunch spots in the city, then you are obligated to chronicle your findings in a deliciously looking brunch photo album. Includefood shots of your favorite brunch staples and perfectly crafted lattes, as well as pictures of you and your best friend before you dig in to enjoy the meal.

2. Childhood Friends

custom collage photo album or photo book with coffee mug and succulent plants.A childhood friendship a precious thing to have and behold. Maybe you were nextdoor neighbors or adorable ballet class besties. No matter how you both met, you surely have a bond like no other. Select your favorite photos to tell the story of your kinship in a lovely photo album.

3. Four-Legged-Best-Friend

custom high quality dog photo album with collage photos and hardcover

Dogs are loyal and full of unconditional love — in other words, they are possibly the best kind of best friend. Plus, they are the cutest furriest things, especially when captured with your camera. Create the most darlingdoggie photo album as an ode to the unbreakable bond with your pet.

4. Fashionista Hot Spots

layflat custom collage memory photo book with hardcover and high quality photosIf you have that special someone who shares your passion for fashion, then creating this best friends photo album is a must. You both are always on trend and would most likely plan a trip to visit the major fashion capitals of the world. Celebrate your friendship with a custom made BFF photo book so you can remember the moments you have shared and will keep sharing for many seasons to come.

5. Adventures In Friendship

make your own custom professional travel photo book with collage pictures and layflat designDesign a best friend photo book with that one friend who shares your love for travel and adventure. If you have already checked a few locations off the list, then it is the ideal time to build a photo book that showcases the passion you both share. Include shots of stunning landscapes and sunrises, and of course shots of the two of you!

6. High School BFFs

photo book gift with collage photo book layout and hardcover

High school memories are meant to be cherished forever, especially those with your best friend forever. You’ve grown up together and have been there for each other through those awkward years. Strengthen that bond by designing a photo album that can be a quick ticket down memory lane when you are longing for the good old days.

7. The Love Of Your Life

make your own photo book with high quality photos for a memory photo book gift

Create a photo album celebrating the ultimate best friend you can have — your loving partner. Because you both share your lives, complete each other sentences, and have so much history to cherish, a couple’s photo album is the perfect way to celebrate your love.

We have come up with 8 additional best friend photo album ideas to inspire you:

  • Sibling Friendship: The most original and instant best friends in the world.
  • Kitty Bestie: Cats are cuddly great listeners and can make the best of friends.
  • Sports Team Friend: Ideal for that one friend you’ve shared your team spirit with.
  • Parent BFF: Parents often turn into the best kind of BFFs.
  • Cousin Love: Cousins share a part of your mischievous fun history.
  • Workplace Best Friend: That one friend who totally gets your work predicaments.
  • Concert Buddy: Dedicated to the one friend who shares your taste in music.

Friendships are treasures we find throughout our lives, but best friends are those special people who  fill our lives with joy, support and love. That is why we are sure that you will enjoy creating personalized photo albums to showcase each of these very special friendships.


Book photo album best friend

Celebrate the Best Moments Of Friendship in a Photo Book


30th November 2020

Remembering the Good Times

When you scroll through your photo gallery on your phone, we are sure you’ll find plenty of funny snaps with your friends, stunning landscape photos from a road trip together or selfies from a relaxing girls night in. If you’re like us, you’ll feel that all these beautiful moments with our friends can often be taken for granted. Celebrate those good times in the form of a small gift to give to your best friends. Bring all of your cherished moments together in a personalised Square CEWE PHOTOBOOK – it’s a great way to feel closer to your friends, especially when you can’t be with them.

Show them how much you miss their company with a photo book filled with your favourite memories together - the perfect gift that they can leaf through whenever they start to miss you too.

A Small Book with a Big Message: I Miss You!

Close friendships are characterised by the fact that you enjoy spending a lot of time together. Whether that’s through chatting on the sofa, catching up in your favourite café, on a walk in the park, or even while shopping or travelling. However, friendships don't end when you can’t meet face-to-face – it’s quite the opposite! We keep in touch with friends through calls and messages of kind words. For some, we may not see one other for a long time yet still feel as if it was yesterday. Despite the physical distance, those special moments experienced together do not disappear.

Reminisce on those happy times as you piece together a CEWE PHOTOBOOK as a thoughtful gift for your friends. Our Small Landscape CEWE PHOTOBOOK is on the smaller side but still provides you with plenty of space to add supportive and thoughtful messages throughout. This added gesture will let them know you’re there for them through thick and thin, whether together or apart. It is sure to go down a treat with your friends and will build on the anticipation for the moment you can finally see each other again!

Small Gestures Bring Great Joy

Show your friends how much they mean to you with this meaningful friendship photo book. It’s not about the value of the gift, but instead about your expression of appreciation for them. From pocket-sized to XXL, a CEWE PHOTOBOOK personally designed by you will show exactly that, regardless of the size.

Share what makes your friendship so special, look back on your memorable experiences and create a memento that will carry you through difficult times. You can focus your friendship photo book on a specific experience you’ve shared, such as a day trip, a holiday or a concert. Alternatively, look back at your friendship over the years to create a personalised photo yearbook like no other. Our Pocket, Small and Square CEWE PHOTOBOOK are the perfect size to fit into any letterbox as a surprise gift to send in the post.

Top tip: Order your photo book twice. This way, you can keep one for yourself to leaf through whenever you start to miss your friends, as well as sending a copy to brighten their day too – a similar sentiment to a friendship bracelet!

How To Create A Friendship Photo Book

Tell the story of your friendship in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK in just a few clicks. Simply download our free Creator Software or create your photo book online with Boots Photo in minutes. Add your favourite, funniest and most loved photos you’ve taken together and insert into a stylish ready-made template, or create your own! 

Top tip: Alternate photos and messages. Get creative and break up your images with colourful tiles that contain heartfelt messages. Just write down what you love most about your friend, what connects you or a fond memory you share - a simple "I miss you" will do too!

Over to You

Are you missing your friends? Share your friendship photo book with us on social media using the hashtag #BootsPhoto – we’d love to see what you create!

Best Friend Photo Album

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