Curtains with hooks and rings

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How to hang curtains with hooks

Off the rack curtains often fit the budget, but not the quality or look that many of us are wanting.  When you learn these simple tweaks for how to hang curtains with hooks your curtains will instantly look better.  Paired with the addition of drapery weights curtains will hang straighter too!

how to hang curtains with hooks


Y&#;all have been with me during my very-first-world-problem of my living room curtains.  But even after finally dismantling and replacing the curtain rods one thing was missing &#; the curtains.  When we bought the house we inherited professional drapery (and alllllllll the hardware that came with it).  Because I&#;m impatient and couldn&#;t stand looking at the mess of drapes I ruined a pair of them by washing them.  Yes, I know I&#;m an idiot. That left us with two pairs of drapes that matched on the side windows and a bare rod over the patio window.  I was trying to figure out what to do when I found a near-ish match of the drapes at a thrift store one day.  They weren&#;t exact but I went ahead and got them so that at least I had something there while I figured out the rod and curtain situation.  Over time we realized that someday we do want professional drapes put back into the living room.  There is one thing stopping us though &#; budget.  Real drapes cost real money, yo.  And while I can say that I know it is a skill and you get what you pay for, right now that dream can&#;t be a priority.  I&#;ve got waaaaaaay to many things that have to get done before I drop the money on drapes.  So I&#;ve been left with a choice &#; keep living with the mish-mash of drapery that we currently have or to find inexpensive off the rack curtain panels that will work for now.  This post is all about how I used off the rack curtain panels to make them feel more like drapes.

In my living room I needed 84&#; panels.  I know that this is unusual these days for a blogger to seek out the shorter length but because of the ceiling beams in my living room I couldn&#;t have gone any longer than that.  I looked at curtains in every price point but at the end of the day decided that I wanted to spend as little as possible because these aren&#;t my forever curtains and I really DO have some bigger projects coming up that I want to spend my money on.  Armed with a gift card I hit up all of my local Home Goods, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx stores but couldn&#;t find panels I liked enough that had enough of the panels I needed.  For my living room I needed a minimum of 8 panels.  There is a Tuesday Morning near my house so I popped in to see what they had.  They actually have a large curtain section that has a variety of colors and lengths.  I ended up finding 8 panels in a plain off white fabric.  What is nice about stores like Tuesday Morning & Home Goods is that they sell curtains in sets of 2.  That was a big help when trying to spend as little as possible on this in between update.

DIY curtain hack

Before moving into this house I never really paid attention to what the difference between drapery and curtains are.  Now that I&#;ve been battling drapery for 3 years I am well versed.  I am not a drapery professional so I&#;m just here to share what I&#;ve figured out along the way.  The biggest difference between drapes and curtains is quality.  Drapes are usually hand made, not always, by a seamstress or other sewing professional.  Drapes are usually lined, weighted and always have a a buckram header.  Buckram is a stiff starched material that is sewn into the header part of the drapes and can be manipulated into different styles of pleats and headings.  Curtains do not have this and therefore are generally more casual.  Drapes are also usually hung with drapery hooks (also called drapery pins), whereas curtains are made to hang directly on the rod with a rod pocket, back tab, grommet or other hanging method.

Now that we&#;ve covered the differences between drapes and curtains let&#;s talk about what all of us middle-class-regular-house people can do to get the best results from our off the shelf curtain panels.  You basically need 3 supplies:  curtain rings (preferably with an eyelet), drapery hooks, and drapery weights.

what you need to hang curtains with hooks

Most of us are familiar with what a curtain ring is.  It is a ring that slides onto the curtain rod and many times has a little clip hanging off of the bottom of it so you can clip your curtain panel to it.  I&#;ve used a lot of rings with clips over the years but for my living room I knew that wasn&#;t an option.  Those curtain rings are totally fine, but coming from the previously discussed drapery situation I knew I needed something cleaner looking than how the clip looks.  I also have been learning how to use drapery hooks, and they don&#;t work with the rings with clips.

drapery hooks for pleated drapes

You may be reading this and thinking, &#;Ok, but what is a drapery hook?&#;.  It&#;s ok, I didn&#;t know either until I inherited a mountain of them with this house.  A drapery hook is a little piece of metal that can be hooked through a curtain ring with eyelet and pinned directly into the buckram heading of a drape.  One end points up and has a sharp point &#; that is the side that gets put into the curtain header.  The side that is blunt and points down goes through the curtain ring.

How a drapery hook attaches to a curtain ring

How a drapery hook is used in pleated drapes

Drapery hook in pleated drapes

So knowing how and why drapery hooks are used I decided I would attempt to figure out how to hang curtain panels with hooks.  I wanted to try this method because even though back tabs do hang nicely on the bar the length wouldn&#;t have been right.  I needed the extra length of the ring for the curtains to be the right distance from the floor.  I also wanted to see if using the the drapery hooks would give the header a higher end look than just hanging them.

I laid out my curtain panels and got to work inserting the drapery hooks.  I chose to use a drapery hooks everywhere there was a back tab.  As you can see these off the shelf panels do not have a buckram header and are a bit of a floppy fabric.  I figured that the spacing of the back tabs would be even and that the extra fabric would give the hooks more  stability.

Using off the rack curtain panels as drapes

How to hang curtains with hooks

How to use drapery pins to hang curtains

Use drapery hooks to transform your curtains

After all of the hooks were in place I went ahead and threaded the hooks through the eyelet of my curtain rings.  The curtain rings I am using on my bars are from Ikea and are a little different than standard rings.  These are wood with a little piece you can add on that the hooks goes into.  I&#;ve not seen other rings like this, and these I believe are being discontinued, so you should probably look for the normal wood curtain rings with eyelet screwed in it.

How to use drapery hooks to hang curtain panels

Once your hooks are in the header and added to the rings your top should look like this:

how to hang curtains with hooks and rings

The other thing that will help off the rack curtains is adding drapery weights to the hem.  If you&#;ve ever looked at your curtain and saw them &#;winging&#; to the sides it&#;s because they are so light weight.  By adding a drapery weight they will naturally lay straighter and you&#;ll avoid the odd curtain wisps to the sides.  Now remember I&#;m not a professional and I&#;m just a gal fluffing her house.  I&#;m also not a perfectionist about everything, so I&#;m going to tell you how I did this and you can make the choice about what&#;s right for you. 🙂

why you add drapery weights to curtain hems

Adding drapery weights is super simple.  You will need a seam ripper or something to open just a few stitches.  Run your hand to the edge of the bottom hem and using the seam ripper open up about a 1 inch section of the hem.

How to add drapery weights to curtain panels

how to use a seam ripper

Insert your drapery weight.  Repeat this on the other side of the curtain panel (each panel should have 2 weights, one on each bottom corner).

how to add drapery weights to curtain hems

If you are into sewing then bust out your needle and thread and stitch up the hem where you opened it.  I have two kids and very little time or patience to sit and stitch teeny openings on 8 curtain panels so if you&#;re Klassy like me dig out your stapler and throw a staple there.  Or if you don&#;t care at all then leave it open.  Either way your hooks and weights are done and your curtains are ready!

No sew curtain hemming

Once your weights are in the bottom hem this is how your curtains will fall:

how drapery weights help your curtains hang better

If ya&#;ll have stuck with me through this post you deserve an award.  The before and after here isn&#;t amazing, from far away you probably can&#;t even see a difference.  BUT when I&#;m in the room opening and closing my curtains it&#;s different and it doesn&#;t drive me insane every time I&#;m sitting in here&#;.so I think that&#;s a win?

Drapes before:

Off the rack curtain panels hung with hooks, rings and weights after:

How to hang curtain panels with hooks to hang like drapery:

  • Gather supplies:  curtain panels, curtain rings with eyelet, drapery hooks, seam ripper, drapery weights
  • Using your drapery hooks insert a hook into the heading of your curtain panel at regular intervals (everywhere you want to use a ring, normally panels use rings).
  • Thread drapery hooks through the eyelet of the curtain ring
  • Hang panels
  • Using your seam ripper open the top edge of the bottom hem about 1 inch on each end of the curtain panel.
  • Drop in 1 drapery weight into each end of the curtain panel
  • Sew close hem.  Or if you&#;re lazy like me leave it open  For even more &#;I don&#;t have time for this&#; points use your stapler to staple it up.  No one is going to notice and if they do it sounds like they have enough time to come over and stitch them up for you 😉

My curtains have been hung with hooks and rings for the past 5 months and they still hang as straight as the day I put them up.  I&#;m so happy I went ahead and made the swap with these inexpensive curtain panels!

Don&#;t forget to pin!

how to use drapery hooks

how to hang curtains with hooks and rings


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Ripple Fold

Curtain heading styles help define spaces. We offer the following heading styles. 

loft curtains ripple fold style drapery

ripple fold sheer custom curtains white extra large window treatment

  • Creates a modern, sleek look. 
  • Ripples always stay in shape when sliding
  • Only works with ripple fold tracks and carriers. Tracks and hardware can be purchased in our ripple fold ordering page here
  • Popular in commercial projects and it has been seen more in residential projects these years. 
  • For more details, click here for our "all about ripple fold curtains" blog.
  • To order ripple fold curtains, please go to
  • To calculate the stack back width for ripple fold curtains, please go

loft curtains grommet colors

grommet bronze heading from loft curtains

  • It is a popular choice for contemporary space
  • Grommets come in silverantique bronze, gunmetal and black.The inner diameter of all the Grommets is ", which will fit on a rod with a diameter of " or less. If you need a 2" diameter Grommet, we only have it in the Silver color and it is not available all the time, please email us for availability.
  • No other accessories needed. Easy to install on curtain rods. 
  • It only works with curtain rods, not for tracks.
  • Grommet panels have the least stack back out of all the heading styles.
  • It is constructed without added fullness, meaning the width you are ordering is the width of a flat panel. Multiple your window width by to create the fullness you desire, we recommend 2x fullness.

Double Tailored Pleat

Tailored Double Pleat Heading by Loft Curtains

Triple Tailored Pleat

Triple Talored Pleat by Loft Curtains custom drapery
  • A modern, casual take on the traditional French pleat
  • Double Tailored Pleat is constructed with two times the fabric of the panel width. Triple Tailored Pleat is constructed with two-and-a-half times the fabric of the panel width. The panel width should be the same as the coverage width.
  • Default 2" return and 2" overlap, contact us if you would like a custom return or overlap width.
  • Hooks are attached to the back of the panel before shipping
  • Hook rings in " or 2"Diameter in multiple colors can be purchasedhere
  • Hook rings in "Diameter in multiple colors can be purchasedhere

Double French Pleat

French pleat heading from Loft Curtains

Triple French Pleat

loft curtains triple french pleat heading style flow white

  • It creates a formal and elegant look.
  • We offer double ( 2-fold ) and triple ( 3-fold ) French pleat style options.
  • Double French Pleat is constructed with two times the fabric of the panel width. Triple French Pleat is constructed with two-and-a-half times the fabric of the panel width. The panel width should be the same as the coverage width.
  • Default 2" return and 2" overlap, contact us if you would like a custom return or overlap width.
  • Hooks are attached to the back of the panel before shipping

Box pleat heading style by Loft Curtains

Inverted box pleat by loft curtains custom drapery

  • Creates a uniform refined look
  • Inverted Box Pleat is constructed with 2x fullness built-in, the panel width should be the same as the coverage width
  • Default 2" return and 2" overlap, contact us if you would like a custom return or overlap width.
  • Hooks are attached to the back of the panel before shipping

loft curtains heading custom drapes rod pocket clipped white

loft curtains heading rod pocket hooks white drape custom made

loft curtains pleat rod pocket custom made drapery affordable

  • It offers a casual, simplistic, and versatile look and is the best value
  • It can be clipped or hooked into rings, the tape is 3" in height, and the pocket opening is approx. ", if slipped over, the pocket will fit a rod with a diameter of " or less. 
  • When the rod diameter is over " and you would like to slip curtains over the rod, we recommend the Rod pocket - Fold Over style.
  • It can be hung flat or made into pleats
  • It is lined on top to create a clean tailored look
  • It is designed without added fullness. Multiply your window width by to create the fullness you desire.
  • The clipped style is not recommended for heavy/tall drapes or drapes that open frequently. 
  • Hooks or rings are NOT included. Rings are usually purchased with the curtain rod to match the color, hooks can be purchased on Amazon with the following links: Pin-on hooks and Prong hooks (Even though Ikea doesn't call it Prong hooks)
  • Hook rings in " or 2"Diameter in multiple colors can be purchasedhere
  • Hook rings in "Diameter in multiple colors can be purchasedhere
  • Clip ringsin black that can be purchased on Amazon:

Rod pocket fold over heading style by loft curtains

The fold-over style rod pocket is simply folding the same fabric over to create the pocket, available in 3", 4" and 5" opening options. Rod pocket fold-over style offers a casual look. It is a perfect choice for the sheer layer in a double layer curtain setup. It is not recommended for every day sliding, especially for non-sheer thicker fabrics. 

  • For a rod " in diameter, we recommend a 4" pocket opening.
  • For a rod 2" in diameter, we recommend a 5" pocket opening.

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Great Way to Hang CurtainsDianeWe used this method to hang curtains on a very large window in our mid century modern living room. The rings look great and make it super easy to open and close the curtains. We love this look.5

OkReneIt serves it’s purpose3

easy to installBEATRIZeasy to install5

Make my curtains look soMaryMake my curtains look so much nicer5

If you like it, then put a ring on it!KeithA YouTuber brought up this idea to go with the HILJA curtains and this was an awesome idea! The grommet style curtains are pretty basic now. This gives curtains a more elegant and luxe vibe. (Best to buy a pack per curtain panel)5

Easy and fastMegan M.I love these. I use them on all of my curtains. The clasp is much stronger than it looks, holding some pretty heavy black out drapes.5

Great for priceAmdowdyJust what I needed. Not fancy but does the job well.5

Like themMarieLike them5

Easy movement on the rodHeidiI added these to homemade curtains and I love the way they move on the curtain rod--no catch on the overlap. Plus the color is appealing and a nice change from a brassy color.5

Not a fantraceeBought these to help the panels we bought move easier across the curtain rod however they didn't work. I tired each way the page suggest and still didn't work and it was only for seers. The clips won't stay on the curtains, so we tried the hooks. The hooks slid off the curtains either. When we did have them up, and didn't move them (which is the opposite of why I bought them), they looked like shower curtain hooks from the 80s. Now I am stuck with them and will keep for, well I have no idea. Packaging was thrown away too early. My niece will make something with her crafts with them.1

Used these for my curtainsDianaOne pack is for a panel of curtains only. I have to go back to ikea as I assumed a pack is for two panels. They are hidden at the back so one cannot really see them. The end hook comes off the attachment once in a while when pulling the curtains esp where the two curtain rods connect and there’s a bump. But really makes curtain easy to open and close.4

Curtain ringsNatalieGood product. Works as expected. Great price on this and all curtain products!5

Easy, affordable, low profile.Abby88Easy, affordable, low profile.5

Wrong sizeJdballI finally bought the large rings after making at least 5 trips for the smaller ones. Always promised on “the next truck”! If IKEA were next door to us, it wouldn’t have been a big deal but 40 minutes away The product was fine but the service was frustrating.3

Works perfectlyhyp19Great value, works well with Ikea curtains but need to factor in additional length after adding these in (unfortunately I had changed from using the rod pocket which is very difficult to use on Ikea curtains due to the flimsy threads that form these pockets and decided to add hardware retrospectively which resulted in some puddling of the curtains- more romantic perhaps but certainly need to mind where you step around the window).5

Perfect for sheersjeepguy_miamiPerfect for sheers that you want to open and close daily. Without these, the sheers don't slide along the rod very well. With these, it's a breeze. Makes things so much easier.5

Easy to useEcc69I bought the rings for my other curtains and loved them. So easy to hang my curtains :)5

Great product!VIKAIIan very happy that I bought this item5

Out of the size I wantedPannersThese are bigger than the ones I wanted which, if in stock, would have saved me money and employees time trying to find them.3

Work wellholamomI'm satisfied with this purchase. These rings look and function well.4

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