Modern corner wood burning stoves

Modern corner wood burning stoves DEFAULT

Enhance your living room with a modern wood-burning stoves

When you peruse our JC Bordelet modern wood-burning stove and fireplace catalogue, you will be enchanted by these suspended, airy, timeless creations. Installed in the centre of your living room, they are unlike anything you have seen before. With styles ranging from raw industrial to colourful and even whimsical, you are sure to find a modern wood-burning stove that perfectly matches your living room while being a joy for you and your guests to gaze upon. Impress them with a unique design blending visual enjoyment and ideal temperatures.

Modern wood-burning stove

For more information and to view our wide range of modern wood-burning stoves and designer fireplaces, take a look at the JC Bordelet catalogue. It is a great source of inspiration, interior design and daring to enhance your daily wellbeing.

modern wood-burning stoves selection

Discover some of our modern wood-burning stoves to add warmth to your home:
&#; Calista modern corner wood-burning stove
&#; Lea modern corner wood-burning stove
&#; Zelia modern corner wood-burning stove


CH-5 Corner Wood Burning Stove

CH-5 Corner Wood Burning Stove.

A classic design with a wood storage compartiment. Where the heating has got its maximum storage thanks to the reflective bricks.


- Foundry Grill and Removable Ashtray Drawer.

- Made of 4 mm. Welded Steel with a Refractory Combustion Chamber.

- Door with ceramic Cord.

- Casting Combustion Chamber.

- Inorganic resistant paint: °C.

- Ceramic glass: °C.

- Superior Smoke Outlet: mm.

- Primary Air Regulation.

- Secondary Air Regulation.

- Crystal-Clean System.

- Fuel: Wood.

- Trunk Maximum Size: 53 cm.

- Wood Entry Door: x mm.

- Combustion chamber depth: mm.

- Heat Volume: m3.

- Heat Output: 9,5 KW.

- Yield: 75%.

- Emissions CO: %.

- Consumption: 3,70 kg / h.


- Glove.


- Height: 75,2 cm.

- Widht: 74,8 cm.

- Depth: 48,6 cm.

- Weight: 69 kg.

- Made by fm calefacción.

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Contemporary Stoves


Klover Traditional Smart wood pellet stove&#;8, inc. VAT at 5%

The Klover Traditional Smart central heating wood pellet cooker has a more traditional look designed specifically for the UK, but inside it is the same highly efficient pellet boiler.


Opus Trio&#;1, inc. VAT

The round shape, discrete handles and unrivalled view of the fire all combine to produce a superb looking stove. With the logs below and the curling orange flames above, the Trio fills any room with warmth, light and relaxation


Klover Smart Wood Pellet Stove&#;8, inc. VAT at 5%

The ultimate in style and functionality, the Smart becomes the heart of your home, providing hot water, heating the house and allowing you to cook. The Smart pellet cooker is MCS registered. The price above is with the optional hob covers.


Klover Smart 80 Wood Pellet Stove&#;6, inc. VAT at 5%

The Klover Smart 80 is a wood pellet boiler combined with a cooking hot plate. so you have a compact, modern, highly efficient pellet stove which you can heat a kettle or saucepan on, whilst also providing your domestic hot water and heating.


Klover Traditional Smart 80 Wood Pellet Cooker&#;6, inc. VAT at 5%

The Klover Traditional Smart 80 central heating cooker is a highly efficient wood pellet boiler with a cookplate and hob cover making it a perfect addition to the kitchen.


Opus Tempo 70 F&#;1, inc. VAT

The Freestanding version of the popular Opus Tempo 70 woodburning stove.


Opus Melody LS&#;1, inc. VAT

The open log store compartment under the firebox of the Opus Melody LS is a handy addition and the wood looks nice too all stacked up.


Dik Geurts Ivar 5 low stove&#;1, inc. VAT

The Dik Geurts Ivar 5 is a cleanly designed kW stove, a great pick for the smaller living room.


Opus Melody GLS&#;1, inc. VAT

The Opus Melody GLS has the glass-covered door and the log store underneath - a nice combination, and handy too.


Purefire Eco Design Slimline 5kw SE StoveSpecial Offer Price &#;
(Normal price &#; inc. VAT, save £)

The Purefire Eco Design Slimline SE 5kw woodburning stove is a new design for which meets the new Eco Design requirements.


Opus Harmony LS&#;1, inc. VAT

The Harmony LS has an open log store area under the door which is useful for storing that night's firewood and the logs look really nice too.


Opus Harmony PR&#;1, inc. VAT

The Opus Harmony PR can be partially rotated - so you can have a better view of the flames if you move to another part of the room.


Opus Aria Stove&#;1, inc. VAT

Elegant, curved and compact, the Opus Aria is a lovely 5kW wood stove.


Opus Harmony GLS&#;1, inc. VAT

The Harmony GLS has the glass-covered door and the log store underneath - I really like the combination of the deep black finish to the door and the texture of the logs.


Saltfire Peanut 5 Stove&#; inc. VAT

This is the Saltfire Peanut 5 - a 5kW stove which you can run on firewood in a smoke control area .


Parkray Aspect 5 Eco stove&#; inc. VAT

Parkray Aspect 5 stoves bring a controllable 4 to 7 kW of heat to your home with an large and attractive fire window.


Duroflame Rembrand Pellet Stove&#;2, inc. VAT

The Rembrand is a lovely stove that combines the automation of a modern wood pellet stove with much more classic traditional UK looks and style.


Charlton and Jenrick Go Eco 5kW Stove&#; inc. VAT

The Go Eco 5kW steel multifuel stove.


Charlton and Jenrick Go Eco 5kW Wide Stove&#; inc. VAT

The Go Eco 5kW steel multifuel stove with a wide door.


Woodfire Passiv Boiler Stove&#;2, inc. VAT

The Woodfire Passiv is a 10kW contemporary freestanding boiler stove.


Broseley Desire 7 multifuel stove with log storeSpecial Offer Price &#;
(Normal price &#;1, inc. VAT, save £)

Standing tall and wide this stove gives such a warm and welcoming focus to your house.


Esse SE designer stoveSpecial Offer Price &#;
(Normal price &#;1, inc. VAT, save £)

The Esse is a designer stove made here in the UK. One of the things that distinguishes the (apart from its stainless steel tubular legs) is that it is a multifuel stove – most contemporary stoves are woodburning only.

Sours: Wood stoves - An Architect's Buying Guide ( what you need to know )

The 10 Best Corner Stoves in

Corner stoves are an effective, stylish, and practical method to heat the home.

Corner wood burning stoves and electrical corner stoves can be positioned in the corner of the room, either to free up space or to act as a focal point.

They often have a 90 degree angle glass facade that enables the flame to be seen from all areas of the room.

Installation is relatively easy provided a qualified heating engineer is used.

Here's our Top 10 Corner Log Burner Ideas 

Below, we provide an overview of the 10 best corner stoves currently on the market.

1. Purevision PVR Cylinder

PureVision PVR Cylinder StoveFuel Type - Multifuel

The Purevision PVR Cylinder stove has a sleek and elegant curved exterior, providing style to any home.

The stove can be customised with low or high log stores and be situated on a low or high pedestal.

With its curved glass frontage, the flames from the stove can be seen from all angles.

Get more details on the PureVision PVR Cylinder Stove.


2. Varde Ovne Samso

Varde Ovne Samso has a contemporary appearance and can be used as a corner stove or in any other location.

The large viewing window makes Varde Ovne Samso a great choice as the focal point of a room.

The stove features an innovative airwash system to keep the glass clean.

It also has a user-friendly, easy to access ash pan.


3. Varde Ovre Aura 1

 Varde Ovne Aura 1 wood burning stoveFuel Type - Wood

Ovre Aura 1 from Varde Stoves is an understated yet stylish corner wood burner stove with an impressive curved ceramic glass window.

The model has many innovative features, such as a soft-close door mechanism and air controls designed for maximum efficiency.

A large wood storage area is included.

The Varde Ovre Aura 1 is available to order online.


4. Jotul F

 JOTUL F wood burning stoveFuel Type - Wood

A modern and attractive wood burning stove available in black or white enamel.

The Jotul F has durable freestanding legs and a large square frontage for viewing the flames.

The sides of the stove have smaller glass panels for viewing at different angles.

This model is ideal for use in a corner or in any other area of the room.

Take a closer look at the JOTUL F wood burning stove.


5. Scan 53

Scan 53 Wood burning stoveFuel Type - Wood

The Scan 53 wood burning stove has a contemporary, cylindrical design, with a curved glass viewing area.

It is available in black and grey and provides great heat efficiency.

This model has innovative features, such as a door handle that never gets too hot.

Various optional extras are available, including a glass shelf and top plate.

More details are available online, learn more about the Scan 53 Wood burning stove.


6. Scan

Scan 57 Wood burning stoveFuel Type - Wood

The Scan wood burning stove is perfect for any area of the room, including corners.

It has a stylish, elegant appearance with three glass panels and stainless steel accents.

This enables everyone in the room to see the impressive flames.

Customers can choose from a glass top or a soapstone top for the Scan 57 Wood burning stove.


7. Nordpeis Duo 1

Nordpeis Duo 1 wood burning stoveFuel Type - Wood

This DEFRA-approved wood burner has an innovative, stylish design that enables views of the flames from all angles of the room.

It works well in corners and can be used as the main focal point of any living quarters.

Features include highly efficient heating and an airwash system to keep the glass viewing panel clean.

Find out more about the Nordpeis Duo 1 wood burning stove.


8. Nordpeis Duo 2

Nordpeis Duo 2 wood burning stoveFuel Type - Wood

The Duo 2 wood burning stove from Nordpeis is DEFRA-approved and has impressive heating efficiency and an understated yet stylish design.

A log storage area below the main glass viewer provides great convenience while keeping the wood out of sight.

A powerful in-built airwash system keeps the glass frontage clean.

The Nordpeis Duo 2 wood burning stove is available to order online.


9. Nordpeis ME

Nordpeis ME Steel Stand wood burning stoveFuel Type - Wood

The Nordpeis ME wood burning stove is available in a pedestal design or with a boxed steel stand.

Customers can choose from a standard front glass viewing area, or expand the flame visibility with glass sides.

Other features include a ventilated handle to prevent heat build-up and 79% heat efficiency.


Rocal Estela

Rocal Estela (kW) Multi fuel StoveFuel Type - Wood

Rocal Estela is a wood burning corner stove with a traditional appearance.

It has a large four-window glass area that gives impressive views of the flames.

The flue attached to the top and triangular shape of the main stove makes it ideal for placing in corners.

It also features a front log storage area.

Add the finishing touches to your home with the stunning Rocal Estela (kW) Multi fuel Stove.

What you should look for in a corner stove

There's a few things you need to consider that will help guide you to the ideal corner stove for your needs.

Corner Stove Finance Available

The Fireplace Warehouse are proud to offer all our customers finance options across our entire range of corner stoves. Get up to 12 months interest free finance when ordering online, all you need to do is select the finance at checkout.

Order Your Corner Stove at The Fireplace Warehouse

Visit us at Fireplace Warehouse where we supply a wide range of corner wood burning stoves for all tastes, budgets, and requirements.

Our friendly customer service team is waiting to respond to your call or e-mail.


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modern corner wood burning stoves

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