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Calligraphy Set For Beginners, 3 Calligraphy Pens, 4 Ink Bottle 15ml, 20 Calligraphy Nibs, 1 Calligraphy Pen Holder, Dip Pen Set, Perfect Gift For Men, Women And Kids, Calligraphy Kit For Beginners

Our calligraphy nibs come with protective oils on them to ensure they reach you in the best condition possible. Please follow the instructions below before using the nibs.
1. Please remove the nib already installed in the pen by gently pulling it out.
2. Dip a soft toothbrush in water to moisten it.
3. Squeeze a little bit of toothpaste/dish detergent onto the brush.
4. Scrub the brush on nib for about 30 seconds.
5. Once finished scrubbing, drop the nib in water for a few seconds to get the toothpaste/dish detergent off.
6. Fish the nib out of the water and wipe it dry with cloth or paper towel.
7. Push the nib in the pen, dip it in the ink about half way through and enjoy a magnificent writing with your new calligraphy pen!
8. After use, please wipe the nib clean so it works great in the next use as well.

Calligraphy dip pen set is made with love by our finest craftsmen. Fancy pen set is a perfect calligraphy pens set for beginners. It has 3 nib pen, 4 15ml dip pen ink, calligraphy pen holder, 20 calligraphy nib. We are sure you will love this caligraphy set.

Caligraphy kit has three different caligraphy pens. Three dip pens are a brown caligraphy pen, a black pen and a golden pen. Calligraphy ink set also has 4 different color 15 ml fountain pen ink well. Black ink bottle, blue ink bottle, red ink well and green bottle ink. Calligraphy pen for beginners comes with 20 different calligraphy nibs for different writing styles. Caligraphy pen set also includes a silver pen holder.

One of our highest quality calligraphy sets. Wooden Calligraphy pens are designed for a comfortable grip and high quality calligraphy ink and calligraphy nibs ensure a smooth clog free writing. The wooden pen calligraphy set provides a enjoyable calligraphy writing experience.

Perfect gift for men and women.




Besides the fingers, one must use the wrist and elbow to write Chinese characters. The wrist is crucial and must be used with agility. You use the wrist to manipulate the tip of the brush. The four positions of the wrist are: rest, cushion, lift and suspend.

1. Rest the wrist of your right hand on the table. This will enable you to use your fingers well. Employ this method when you are writing very small characters-as small as the head of a fly, the Chinese say.

2. Cushion the wrist of your right hand. Usually you cushion it with your left thumb or your left wrist. This lifts your right wrist. This method is very often used for writing ordinary small characters.

3. Lift your right wrist from the table. Some people also call it suspending the wrist. It is used to write medium-sized characters.

4. The last position is to suspend both the wrist and the elbow. Neither touches the table. This method is used to write big characters.

5. These four wrist positions are only relative if you intend to raise your script to the level of art, you must practice the suspended-wrist position from the very beginning. Would-be calligraphers must not be afraid of difficulty. They must acquire this basic skill.

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The Best Dip Pens for Calligraphy and Illustrations

To enable your best calligraphy or illustration work, you’ll need a reliable set of pens. Dip pens, which draw ink when dunked into an inkwell and deposit pigment as you write, are a fantastic alternative or complement to fountain pens and brushes. With lots of nibs to choose from, dip pens offer a great level of flexibility and therefore more control over your final designs or decorative writing. Depending on their size, shape, and degree of rigidness, nibs can be used to combine thick and thin upstrokes and downstrokes—whereas fountain pens maintain a consistent line width with every stroke. Breathe a little more life into your pen work with our recommendations below.

1. Brause Calligraphy Writing Nibs Variety Set

The answers to all your needs for elegant writing can be found in the German-made Brause calligraphy set. It comes with flexible and near-rigid writing nibs as well as a natural wooden nib holder so you can create six different pens for a wide variety of strokes. Made from cold rolled steel, the nibs are durable to tolerate long-term use, and each is pressed to form a precise point for satisfyingly smooth writing. They also respond beautifully to pressure and hold an impressive amount of ink so you can spend less time dipping and more time drafting.

2. Manuscript Pen Leonardt Copperplate and Shadow Set

If you want to practice Copperplate script—the sophisticated, centuries-old style of calligraphy originally produced by master engravers—consider this set of nibs from Leonardt, which has been making dip pens since the 19th century. Included are five wide-ranging nibs to encourage you to get creative, from the flat Crown nib to the large, rounded Steno nib that can create a range of strokes and weights. Each has a pleasing amount of flexibility to accommodate dramatic, fluid flourishes; you also get a slick, tapered holder in dark wood.

3. Speedball Calligraphy No. 5 Artists Pen Set

Looking for an inexpensive way to get started with dip pens? Go with Speedball’s set, which comes with nine nibs (B style, C style, and pen points) for a variety of illustration and calligraphy styles. They are less flexible than their artist-grade counterparts and generally require more pressure, but newcomers might find that this is helpful when just starting out, as this makes the pens more forgiving. Also included are two nib holders—made of plastic, but easy to assemble and maintain.

4. AXEARTE Glass Dip Pen Set

Glass dip pens are an eye-catching alternative to typical metal nibs. Made entirely of glass, these writing implements don’t have a reservoir and instead catch ink in swirling grooves near their tips. Beautiful to look at, they’re easy to wash clean and are therefore a great option if you like to work with different inks. This option comes with a pair of pens in different designs, 14 bottles of shimmery ink ( ounce each), and a rest to prop up your pen when not in use. The glass pens are nicely balanced, hold a lot of ink, and feature smooth points for continuous, non-scratchy writing.

5. Hethrone Calligraphy Pen Set

If you want even more nibs to experiment with, this might be the best set for you. In addition to one sturdy pen holder, you get 11 metal nibs in different shapes. Each writes cleanly, picks up a good amount of ink, and deposits color without blobbing on the paper. You also get a milliliter bottle of opaque black ink so you can begin writing at once.

Ancient Calligraphy Quill Feather Pen Vintage, Antique, part 2

In this article, I discuss the time honored artform of calligraphy including the types of pens and how to use them! I’ll also give you a recommendation for some of the best calligraphy pens for beginners to buy.

I’ve always enjoyed receiving calligraphy stationery — whether as a birthday card, wedding invite, or thank you note. And, I personally think anyone is able to create a good piece using easily accessible modern calligraphy tools.

Calligraphy History

Calligraphy is practiced in civilizations all over the world, and is the careful process of rendering handwritten letters into a work of art. From the Greek kallos meaing beauty and graph&#; meaning writing, it is used to decorate items such as religious texts or even animal bones. Calligraphy is particularly notable in both Eastern and Western cultures.

Despite its age, calligraphy has not lost its cultural importance. Where people use to use calligraphy to painstakingly decorate scripture, it can now be seen in wedding invitations, typography, hand-lettered logo design, commissioned art, maps, as well as all over social media. On explore pages everywhere, thousands of videos are dedicated to the slow, therapeutic practice of calligraphy, played out for an audience of millions.

If you have spent any time at all being awed by these seemingly effortless swooping letters and are eager to try your hand, you’re in the right place! We’ve compiled an explanation of the basics to get you started and concluded with a list of our favorite calligraphy pens to top it all off.

Calligraphy Lessons for Beginners

Before we jump into pens and tools, if you are fairly new to the world of Calligraphy and are trying to take it on yourself, may we suggest taking an online course if you haven’t already.

You must checkout CreativeLive for online courses.

Disclosure: Yes, I am an affiliate — mainly because I use the service and love it! So, it is easy for me to promote their platform. CreativeLive offer all sorts of online courses. For our purposes today, take a look at the Introduction to Calligraphy course.

introduction to calligraphy course on CreativeLive

The goal of the course is to teach you the basic calligraphy alphabet as well as beginner techniques you can use to practice making letter forms. By the end of the course you should have a solid understanding of:

  • Tools and materials that every good calligrapher needs
  • How to properly hold a pen
  • Basic strokes
  • Forming letters and numbers

Types of Calligraphy Pens

When it comes to calligraphy pens, there are two main kinds:

  1. Dip Pen – As their name would suggest, dip pens are dipped into an inkwell periodically in order to continue writing
  2. Fountain Pens – These pens get their ink supply from cartridges inserted into the pen

Fountain pens are generally a little less messy and can be an excellent type of pen for beginners. There is no need to keep pausing to dip a pen into an inkwell. (Check out our list of more expensive fountain pens under $ here).

Dip pens allow a choice between the standard straight style and the easier to use oblique pen style. An oblique calligraphy pen allows the user to exert even pressure on both tines of the nib, which can be difficult for right-handed people. While both kinds of pens may be used for calligraphy, personal preference and desired calligraphy style will likely cause you to lean towards one or the other.

How to Use Calligraphy Pens

Ink selection

There are few guidelines when it comes to choosing ink. If you like the color and are satisfied with its performance, go ahead and use it!

For beginners using a dip pen, we recommend Speedball India ink. It’s waterproof once dry, relatively inexpensive, and easy to find (purchase it at Michaels).

For those using a fountain pen for calligraphy, many pens come with ink cartridges. If no cartridges are included, a quick search for “ink cartridges” by the company that made your pen is a surefire way of supplying your fountain pen with high quality ink.

Pick your paper

Even if you’re just practicing calligraphy, good paper is key. If the paper is too slippery, you will have a hard time properly rendering characters. Whereas if the paper is too rough, the calligraphy nib will scratch and catch, which can potentially dull or even break the nib.

In addition, paper needs to keep the ink from bleeding and ruining your work. We recommend #32 Laserjet paper for a relatively inexpensive yet professional canvas. Now that you’ve got all your supplies, get started!

Calligraphy Fountain Pens


DRYDEN Luxury Fountain Pen

Begin by inserting the cartridge into the pen. Most pens have barrels (the long upper half of the pen) that unscrew to reveal an empty cavity meant for holding ink. Once your cartridge is nested inside the pen, push firmly until you hear a click.

The fountain pen is now ready to use! You might have to scribble on a scrap piece of paper while you wait for the ink to begin to flow, but it will be smooth sailing after that.

To change your ink, simply remove the old cartridge from the inside of the pen and rinse the nib by repeatedly filling and then emptying it with water. Once the water runs clear, allow your nib to dry and then replace the ink cartridge.

Cleaning your fountain pen every time you change ink cartridges is a good habit (even if the ink is the same), as it removes any dust or dried ink from the nib. This ensures a consistent flow and longevity of the fountain pen.

Calligraphy Dip Pens



Plotube Wooden Pen Calligraphy Set

For dip pens, the process is a bit more involved. After selecting ink, either pour it into an inkwell or use the container it came in. Take the pen and dip it into the ink. You only need to submerge enough of the pen to cover the ink reservoir in the nib.

Next, make a small shaking motion in order to flick off any excess ink back into your inkwell. This avoids any unsightly splatters that could result due to too much ink. Whenever you run out of ink, repeat the above processes in order to replenish the pen’s ink reservoir.

It’s important to have a container of clean water within arm’s reach. Every minute or so, swish the nib of your pen in it. This keeps everything flowing and rinses away any gunk that might have accumulated on or in the nib. When you’re done, make sure to rinse the nib and use a non-fibrous cloth to wipe any excess water or ink from the nib. This ensures that no ink is congealed on the nib and that it is put away, clean and ready to be used for next time.

Pen Calligraphy Tips

  • For both fountain and ink pens, its important to hold the pen at a 45 to 55 degree angle while writing. This is the optimum range for a smooth, controlled ink flow.
  • Don’t press hard like you would with an ordinary pen, as that can ruin the nib. Instead, relax your hand and let your pen glide effortlessly across the paper.
  • Use your arm rather than your wrist or fingers in order to guide the pen. This will allow you to write for longer without your hand cramping up.

Calligraphy is an art and it takes practice! Don’t be discouraged by a little bit of ink splatter here and there. Know that if you continue to work at it you will begin to develop the muscle memory to sail across the page in controlled swoops.


Where To Buy Calligraphy Pens Online

It is important to invest in a high quality pen with both longevity and performance. While you can buy calligraphy pens nearly anywhere, buying online is difficult because you cannot hold or practice with the pen before purchase.

At the forefront of comprehensive calligraphy gear is The Paper Seahorse. Featuring several nice calligraphy starter kits for the uninitiated, The Paper Seahorse offers a plentiful specialty selections of calligraphy pens, inks, and workbooks to practice hand lettering.

Another site dedicated to delivering quality calligraphy supplies is Paper & Ink Arts. With pens, replaceable nibs, inks, and calligraphy kits, Paper & Ink Arts provides customers with tools that perform well.


Best Beginner Calligraphy Pens

1. Pilot Parallel Pen

By Pilot

Pilot Parallel Pen 2

The Pilot Parallel Pen is one of the best broad nib calligraphy pens available for beginners. It’s an easy to use fountain pen that comes in four different sizes: mm, mm, mm, and mm. We recommend starting with the mm as it’s a nice medium. Each pen comes with two ink cartridges (red and black), a converter, nib cleaner, and instruction booklet to guide you through the first couple of basic strokes.

2. Plotube Wooden Pen Calligraphy Set

By Plotube

Plotube Wooden Pen Calligraphy Set

This calligraphy set features a rosewood dip pen, golden pen holder, eleven interchangeable nib, and black ink. If the number of nibs seems overwhelming to you, the set comes with a preinstalled golden nib.

3. Dryden Luxury Bamboo Fountain Pen

By Dryden Designs

Dryden Luxury Bamboo Fountain Pen

The Dryden Luxury Bamboo Fountain Pen is made from bamboo and comes with a matching bamboo case to keep the pen protected. Although ink is not included, this handcrafted pen includes a converter. This makes choosing your own ink much easier as converters allow you to draw your ink up from a bottle before inserting it into the pen. Lightweight with a medium nib, this fountain pen works well for those looking to dip a toe into the world of calligraphy.

4. Duke Sapphire Fude Pen

By Lanxivi

Duke Sapphire Fude Pen Calligraphy Fountain

While the “Fude” series of pens comes in a fantastic array of different colors, our favorite is the sapphire. Open the jet black pouch containing the Duke Sapphire Fude Pen and you’ll see that it comes with a curved italic nib for italic calligraphy (unique among our top six). In addition, this pen includes a removable converter.

5. Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Set

By Wordsworth & Black

Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Set

This fountain pen set includes a medium nib black fountain pen with gold detailing, six ink cartridges, ink converter, gift case, and a PDF file detailing care and instructions upon purchase. Perfect as a gift, this calligraphy set is elegant and comes in several different colors.

6. Sheaffer Viewpoint Calligraphy Pen

By Sheaffer

Sheaffer Viewpoint Calligraphy Pen

The final pen on our list is the Sheaffer Viewpoint. This fountain pen sports a stainless steel nib and a body that comes in either orange, red, or yellow. The pen is designed with a window in the barrel so that ink levels can be easily monitored. It comes with two Sheaffer Skrip ink cartridges to get you started.

Phew! That’s enough calligraphy talk for one day. Now, go grab your pen, paper, (and intro calligraphy course!) and get making beautiful letters.

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