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1/2" x 2" O.D. x 1/4" Thick Fender Washer Plain Finish - 10 pcs per bag

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1/2" x 2" O.D. x 1/4" Thick Fender Washer Plain Finish - 10 pcs per bag is available to buy in increments of 10


  • For bolt size: 1/2"
  • Inside diameter: 9/16"
  • Outside diameter: 2"
  • Thickness: 0.250"
  • Material: Low carbon steel
  • Finish: Plain
  • Circular, flat fastener used to improve stress distribution, span large clearance holes, increase the hold of the fastener or to widen the bearing surface
  • Use with low-carbon fasteners


Diameter1/2" (0.5000)
FinishPlain Finish
Inner Diameter9/16" (0.5625)
Outer Diameter2"
Order Qty Increment10
Units ( BOX = 263 ) ( BAG = 10 )
Item Number590001040
Sours: https://www.shopjfi.com/1-2-x-2-o-d-x-1-4-thick-fender-washer-plain-finish-10-pcs-per-bag.html

Extra Thick Flat Washers

Standard Vs Extra Thick Flat Washers Transcript

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Bob: Welcome back to Albany County Fasteners - Fasteners 101. I'm Bob and today we're going to discuss washers. Let's get started.

What I have here are extra thick washers. I have a standard stainless steel washer here, you can see, the thickness of the two different washers. I'm going to try to do this as best I can for you, but you can see here, the difference in thickness. This one here is a standard washer thickness and this is a extra thick stainless steel washer. So you can see the substantial difference. That's probably almost 2-1/2 - 3 times the standard washer. The extra thick washer is.

They also are available in fender washers.

So again, they're about two to three times as thick - the extra thick washers. We also have them in grade 8, SAE, extra thick. You can see the difference: between this is the standard and this is the extra thick and in that situation it's definitely three times not two and a half time like the stainless, but like three times thicker than the standard SAE flat washer.

Sours: https://www.albanycountyfasteners.com/mm5/
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Oversized Washers

Compared to our general purpose washers, these have exaggerated diameters and/or thicknesses for covering oversized holes or for use as spacers and levelers.

Zinc- and zincyellow-chromateplatedsteel washers are corrosion resistant in wet environments.

Hot-dippedgalvanizedsteel washers are 10 times as corrosion resistant as zinc- and zinc yellow-chromate plated washers.

Blackultra-corrosion-resistantcoatedsteel washers resist chemicals and withstand 1,000 hours of salt spray. They’re also known as black luster washers.

3D CAD models availableFor technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a part number.

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IDODThick.HardnessSpecifications MetPkg.

Zinc Yellow-Chromate Plated Grade 8 Steel

1/4"0.281"0.625"0.090"-0.108"Rockwell C43__100000000000000000
5/16"0.344"0.688"0.090"-0.108"Rockwell C43__500000000000000
3/8"0.406"0.812"0.110"-0.126"Rockwell C43__5000000000000000
7/16"0.469"0.922"0.110"-0.126"Rockwell C43__250000000000000
1/2"0.531"1.062"0.190"-0.208"Rockwell C43__2500000000000000
9/16"0.594"1.172"0.168"-0.191"Rockwell C43__100000000000000
5/8"0.656"1.312"0.206"-0.229"Rockwell C43__100000000000000
3/4"0.812"1.469"0.206"-0.229"Rockwell C43__1000000000000000
7/8"0.938"1.750"0.235"-0.264"Rockwell C43__50000000000000
1"1.062"2.000"0.235"-0.264"Rockwell C43__50000000000000
1 1/8"1.188"2.250"0.235"-0.264"Rockwell C43__500000000000000
1 1/4"1.375"2.500"0.235"-0.264"Rockwell C43__500000000000000
1 3/8"1.438"2.750"0.235"-0.264"Rockwell C43__10000000000000
1 1/2"1.562"3.000"0.235"-0.264"Rockwell C43__10000000000000

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel

1/2"0.562"3.000"0.235"-0.265"Rockwell B40__10000000000000
5/8"0.688"3.000"0.235"-0.265"Rockwell B40__10000000000000
3/4"0.812"3.000"0.235"-0.265"Rockwell B40__10000000000000
7/8"0.938"3.000"0.235"-0.265"Rockwell B40__10000000000000
1"1.062"3.250"0.235"-0.265"Rockwell B40__10000000000000
1 1/4"1.375"4.000"0.485"-0.515"Rockwell B40__10000000000000


No. 100.203"0.500"0.089"-0.099"Rockwell B84__250000000000000
1/4"0.281"0.625"0.120"-0.130"Rockwell B84__250000000000000
5/16"0.344"0.750"0.120"-0.130"Rockwell B84__2500000000000000
3/8"0.406"0.875"0.120"-0.130"Rockwell B84__100000000000000
7/16"0.469"1.000"0.151"-0.161"Rockwell B84__1000000000000000
1/2"0.531"1.000"0.183"-0.193"Rockwell B84__1000000000000000
5/8"0.656"1.250"0.245"-0.255"Rockwell B84__500000000000000
3/4"0.781"1.500"0.245"-0.255"Rockwell B84__500000000000000
7/8"0.906"1.750"0.245"-0.255"Rockwell B84__10000000000000
1"1.031"2.000"0.308"-0.318"Rockwell B84__10000000000000
1 1/8"1.156"2.250"0.308"-0.318"Rockwell B84__10000000000000
1 1/4"1.281"2.250"0.308"-0.318"Rockwell B84__10000000000000

Black Ultra-Corrosion-Resistant Coated Steel

1/4"0.313"0.750"0.090"-0.110"Rockwell C38USS Standards50000000000000
5/16"0.375"0.875"0.090"-0.110"Rockwell C38USS Standards50000000000000
3/8"0.438"1.000"0.110"-0.126"Rockwell C38USS Standards50000000000000
7/16"0.500"1.250"0.110"-0.126"Rockwell C38USS Standards500000000000000
1/2"0.563"1.375"0.156"-0.188"Rockwell C38USS Standards10000000000000
9/16"0.625"1.500"0.156"-0.188"Rockwell C38USS Standards10000000000000
5/8"0.688"1.750"0.170"-0.195"Rockwell C38USS Standards10000000000000
3/4"0.813"2.000"0.170"-0.195"Rockwell C38USS Standards10000000000000
7/8"0.938"2.250"0.235"-0.265"Rockwell C38USS Standards100000000000000
1"1.063"2.500"0.235"-0.265"Rockwell C38USS Standards100000000000000

Metric Oversized Washers


Black-Oxide Steel

Zinc-Plated Steel

Black Ultra-Corrosion-Resistant Coated Steel

Blue-Dyed Steel

Stainless Steel

Black-Oxide Stainless Steel

Compared to our general purpose washers, these have exaggerated diameters and/orthicknesses. Use them to cover oversized holes, hold heavy fastening loads, or as spacers and levelers.

These washers meet various DIN and ISO specifications, which are international standards for washer dimensions. ISO 8738 is formerly DIN 1440.ISO 7093 is formerly DIN 9021.

Plainsteel washers are stronger, more wear resistant, and less costly than zinc-plated steel and stainless steel washers. They should not be used in wet or corrosive environments because they easily rust.Black-oxidesteel washers have a matte-black finish that prevents corrosion in dry environments.Zinc-platedsteel washers have an outer layer of zinc that prevents the steel from rusting in wet areas. Compared to stainless steel,they'restronger, more wear resistant, and less costly, but not as corrosion resistant. Avoid exposing them to salt water and chemicals.Blue-dyedsteel washers have a unique color so you can tell they're metric at a glance.

Stainless steel washers are more corrosion resistant than steel washers, and almost as strong. Use them in damp and washdown applications without worrying about rust.18-8stainlesssteel and 17-7PHstainlesssteel washers have similar qualities to one another, except 17-7 PH stainless steel washers are stronger.Black-oxide18-8stainlesssteel washers resist corrosion just as well as regular 18-8 stainless steel washers and have a matte-black finish.316stainlesssteel washers stand up to salt water, chlorine solutions, and other chemicals without rusting.Bumax88stainlesssteel washers are the most corrosion resistant washers in our offering.They're commonly used in marine environments and chemical-processing plants.

3D CAD models availableFor technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a part number.

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HardnessSpecifications MetPkg.


M33.06.00.7-0.9Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 873810000000000000000
M44.08.00.7-0.9Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 87381000000000000000
M55.010.00.7-0.9Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 87381000000000000000
M55.518.01.7-2.3Rockwell B50DIN 440-R10000000000000000
M66.012.01.3-1.7Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 87381000000000000000
M66.417.02.7-3.3Rockwell C35DIN 63405000000000000000
M66.622.01.7-2.3Rockwell B50DIN 440-R250000000000000
M77.014.01.3-1.7Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 87381000000000000000
M88.016.01.8-2.2Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 873810000000000000000
M88.423.03.7-4.3Rockwell C35DIN 63402500000000000000
M89.028.02.4-3.6Rockwell B50DIN 440-R100000000000000
M1010.020.02.2-2.8Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 87385000000000000000
M1010.528.03.7-4.3Rockwell C35DIN 6340100000000000000
M1011.034.02.4-3.6Rockwell B50DIN 440-R2500000000000000
M1212.025.02.7-3.3Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 8738250000000000000
M1213.035.04.4-5.6Rockwell C35DIN 63401000000000000000
M1213.544.03.4-4.6Rockwell B50DIN 440-R50000000000000
M1414.028.02.7-3.3Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 87382500000000000000
M1616.028.02.7-3.3Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 87382500000000000000
M1617.045.05.4-6.6Rockwell C35DIN 6340500000000000000
M1617.556.04.0-6.0Rockwell B50DIN 440-R50000000000000
M1818.030.03.7-4.3Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 8738100000000000000
M2020.032.03.7-4.3Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 8738100000000000000
M2021.050.05.4-6.6Rockwell C35DIN 6340500000000000000
M2022.072.05.0-7.0Rockwell B50DIN 440-R10000000000000
M2222.034.03.7-4.3Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 87381000000000000000
M2224.080.05.0-7.0Rockwell B50DIN 440-R10000000000000
M2424.038.03.7-4.3Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 87381000000000000000
M2425.060.07.0-9.0Rockwell C35DIN 634010000000000000
M2426.085.05.0-7.0Rockwell B50DIN 440-R10000000000000
M2525.040.03.7-4.3Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 873850000000000000
M2626.040.04.4-5.6Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 873850000000000000
M2730.098.05.0-7.0Rockwell B50DIN 440-R10000000000000
M2828.042.04.4-5.6Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 8738500000000000000
M3030.045.04.4-5.6Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 873810000000000000
M3031.068.09.0-11.0Rockwell C35DIN 634010000000000000
M3232.050.04.4-5.6Rockwell B76DIN 1440, ISO 873810000000000000

Black-Oxide Steel

M33.28.01.5-2.4Rockwell 15N80__2500000000000000
M33.212.02.5-3.4Rockwell 15N80__50000000000000
M44.310.01.5-2.4Rockwell 15N80__2500000000000000
M44.314.02.5-3.4Rockwell 15N80__50000000000000
M55.311.01.5-2.4Rockwell 15N80__100000000000000
M55.315.03.0-3.9Rockwell 15N80__50000000000000
M66.413.02.0-2.9Rockwell 15N80__100000000000000
M66.418.04.0-4.9Rockwell 15N80__50000000000000
M88.416.02.5-3.4Rockwell 15N80__100000000000000
M88.422.04.5-5.4Rockwell 15N80__50000000000000
M1010.519.02.5-3.4Rockwell 15N80__100000000000000
M1010.523.04.5-5.4Rockwell 15N80__50000000000000
M1213.022.02.5-3.4Rockwell 15N80__100000000000000
M1213.026.04.5-5.4Rockwell 15N80__50000000000000
M1415.025.02.5-3.4Rockwell 15N80__100000000000000
M1415.027.04.5-5.4Rockwell 15N80__50000000000000
M1617.028.03.0-3.9Rockwell 15N80__100000000000000
M1617.032.04.5-5.4Rockwell 15N80__50000000000000
M2021.035.03.0-3.9Rockwell 15N80__100000000000000
M2021.035.04.5-5.4Rockwell 15N80__50000000000000
M2425.040.03.5-4.4Rockwell 15N80__50000000000000
M2425.043.06.0-6.9Rockwell 15N80__500000000000000
M3031.044.03.5-4.4Rockwell 15N80__50000000000000
M3031.048.06.0-6.9Rockwell 15N80__10000000000000
M3637.050.04.5-5.4Rockwell 15N80__500000000000000
M3637.050.07.0-7.9Rockwell 15N80__10000000000000

Zinc-Plated Steel

M2. B56DIN 90211000000000000000
M33.29.00.7-0.9Rockwell B56DIN 90211000000000000000
M33.29.00.9-1.1Rockwell B76DIN 73491000000000000000
M44.312.00.9-1.1Rockwell B56DIN 90211000000000000000
M44.312.01.4-1.8Rockwell B76DIN 73491000000000000000
M55.315.01.0-1.4Rockwell B56DIN 90211000000000000000
M55.315.01.8-2.2Rockwell B76DIN 73491000000000000000
M66.417.02.7-3.3Rockwell B76DIN 734910000000000000000
M66.418.01.4-1.8Rockwell B56DIN 90211000000000000000
M88.421.03.7-4.3Rockwell B76DIN 73495000000000000000
M88.424.01.8-2.2Rockwell B56DIN 902110000000000000000
M1010.525.03.7-4.3Rockwell B76DIN 73495000000000000000
M1010.530.02.3-2.7Rockwell B56DIN 90215000000000000000
M1213.030.05.4-6.6Rockwell B76DIN 7349100000000000000
M1213.037.02.7-3.3Rockwell B56DIN 90212500000000000000
M1415.036.05.4-6.6Rockwell B76DIN 73491000000000000000
M1415.044.02.7-3.3Rockwell B75DIN 90212500000000000000
M1617.040.05.4-6.6Rockwell B76DIN 73491000000000000000
M1617.050.02.7-3.3Rockwell B56DIN 90212500000000000000
M1819.044.07.0-9.0Rockwell B76DIN 734950000000000000
M1820.056.03.4-4.6Rockwell B56DIN 90211000000000000000
M2021.044.07.0-9.0Rockwell B76DIN 7349500000000000000
M2022.060.03.4-4.6Rockwell B56DIN 90211000000000000000
M2223.050.07.0-9.0Rockwell B76DIN 7349500000000000000
M2425.050.09.0-11.0Rockwell B76DIN 734910000000000000
M2426.872.04.0-6.0Rockwell B53DIN 902110000000000000
M2728.060.09.0-11.0Rockwell B76DIN 734910000000000000
M3031.068.09.0-11.0Rockwell B76DIN 734910000000000000

Black Ultra-Corrosion-Resistant-Coated Steel

M44.312.00.9-1.1Rockwell B56DIN 9021, ISO 709350000000000000
M55.315.01.0-1.4Rockwell B56DIN 9021, ISO 709350000000000000
M66.418.01.4-1.8Rockwell B56DIN 9021, ISO 709350000000000000
M88.424.01.8-2.2Rockwell B56DIN 9021, ISO 709350000000000000
M1010.530.02.3-2.7Rockwell B56DIN 9021, ISO 709350000000000000
M1213.037.02.7-3.3Rockwell B56DIN 9021, ISO 709310000000000000
M1415.044.02.7-3.3Rockwell B56DIN 9021, ISO 709310000000000000

Blue-Dyed Steel

M67.013.62.7-4.0Rockwell C38__2500000000000000
M89.017.02.5-3.5Rockwell C38__5000000000000000
M1011.021.53.0-4.5Rockwell C38__2500000000000000
M1214.027.03.1-4.8Rockwell C38__100000000000000
M1618.034.03.1-4.6Rockwell C38__50000000000000
M2022.042.03.1-4.6Rockwell C38__50000000000000
M2426.050.03.4-4.6Rockwell C38__500000000000000
M3033.060.03.4-4.6Rockwell C38__10000000000000
M3639.072.03.4-4.6Rockwell C38__10000000000000

18-8 Stainless Steel

M22.27.00.6-1.0Rockwell B75DIN 90211000000000000000
M2. B52DIN 90211000000000000000
M33.28.01.5-2.4Rockwell B83__10000000000000
M33.29.00.7-0.9Rockwell B52DIN 90211000000000000000
M33.29.00.9-1.1Not RatedDIN 73491000000000000000
M33.212.02.5-3.4Rockwell B83__10000000000000
M44.310.01.5-2.4Rockwell B83__10000000000000
M44.312.00.9-1.1Rockwell B52DIN 90211000000000000000
M44.312.01.4-1.8Not Rated
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Washer 1/2 thick

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Pros and Cons of the LG All in One Washer Dryer Combo #WM3488HS

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