Freightliner cascadia turn signal relay

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SW IAI have a Freightliner dump truck we use to haul manure out of feed lots. I got it out to start summer clean out and I had turn signals on the right side and nothing on the left. I let the truck sit a day and when I went to work on it, I now have no turn signals. Brake lights work and running lights work. I replaced the turn signal switch thinking that was the issue and I still have nothing. Juice is flowing into the switch and back out of the switch, not sure where to check next. Any help would be much appreciated.

Ns/Tr co. KsSomeone told me there is a relay in front of the gear shifter. Look in there maybe.

St.Clair Co. IL.hmmm my first thought was the turn signal unit on the steering column,
But you changed that, so I'm lost too sorry can't help this should not be the problem but how about the flashers? should be two, one for turn, one for flasher, just thinking here.
is this a signal stat type or under the steering wheel type?
interested in the answer to your problem

you never stop learning if you do your DEAD!!

Fowlerville, MiI've had to zip tie the signal stat type on a couple because they didn't want to stay "up" making good contact.

Essex County, extreme SW Ontario,Do the lights come on, but not flash, or are they dead? If they come on buy don't flash I'd look for the flasher in the dash, they are cheap and easy to change. If that doesn't solve it, pull the covers on your fender mount light assemblies. I've had corrosion inside those assemblies cause all sorts of weird things, from no flash, to flashing clearance lights to blown fuses. Next check your rear turns, again look for corrosion in the plugs etc.

SE Nebraska

You need a new turn signal switch. Common problem on Freightliners

Center of the Universe, Huron County, Ontario. CanNot sure of your year or model.
But see attached.
Keep in mind some years have passed since this was a concern.....
Good luck.

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Freightliner Cascadia Turn Signal Switch A06-52311-001 Multi-Functional w/Cancel

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Freightliner Cascadia Turn Signal Switch A06-52311-001 Multi-Functional w/Cancel

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  2. Found the problem. Turned out to be a relay was sticking. Turn it out and swapped it with the right side relay. If it sticks again, I'll just go buy a new one.:biggrin_25512:
    Hi bro I read your post, I have the same problem could you please tell me where is the relay located I have freightliner cascadia 2013
  3. Freightliner-2013 said: ↑
    Thanks , I did open it I didn't found relays turn signals on the identification paper, sorry bro , could you please tell me what name I should look for .
    Driver side, in the engine bay fuse box near steering column.
  4. Hi can someone please tell me what to do I just buy a 2011 Freightliner cascadia I drive it all the way from Texas to pa with no problem now my headlights and my turn signals and my bunk lights are not working can someone help me out? Also where do I find the turn signals relay thank you
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  • Sours:
    How to replace a turn signal/ high beam switch on a Freightliner



    Remove the tapping screws that attach the lamp

    assembly and trimplate to the overhead console.


    Separate the lamp assembly from the trimplate

    and disconnect the wiring harness.


    Replace the lamp assembly.


    Snap the lamp assembly and trimplate together.


    Connect the lamp assembly to the wiring har-



    Insert the tabs on the trimplate into the slots on

    the overhead console attachment plate.


    Center the lamp assembly in the headliner cutout

    and install the center tapping screw.


    Install the remaining tapping screws.

    Dome Light Switches

    In the standard cab, there is one dome light switch in

    the driver's door that turns on the diffuse dome light

    when the driver's door is opened. In one option, two

    switches are installed, so that the diffuse dome light

    turns on when either the driver's or passenger's door

    is opened.

    Clear Reading Lights, Optional

    Clear reading lights are available as a option. They

    are included only in the light assembly installed in

    the overhead console, located next to the diffuse

    dome light in the same fixture

    dome lights, the reading lights are door-activated.

    Multifunction Turn Signal


    The multifunction turn signal switch is attached to the

    steering column, just below the steering wheel, on

    the left-hand side. This switch has the following


    The turn signals

    The windshield wipers and washers

    The headlight high beams

    The hazard warning flasher


    Fig. 4.10

    for the multifunction switch and its

    component parts.



    4.9). Like the





    Press down on the upper part of the rocker to activate

    the hazard warning flashers.

    1. Washer Button

    2. Wiper Control Dial

    3. Turn Signal Lever

    4. Hazard Flasher (red rocker switch)

    5. Multifunction Switch Module

    Fig. 4.10, Multifunction Turn Signal Switch

    Turn-Signal Controls

    The turn signal lever


    steering column. Moving the lever down turns on the

    left turn signal lights; moving it up turns on the right

    turn signal lights.


    Move the lever down to turn on the left turn signals.

    Move the lever up to turn on the right turn signals.

    Fig. 4.11, Turn Signal Controls

    When one of the turn-signal lights is on, a green indi-

    cator arrow flashes at the far left or far right of the

    warning and indicator light panel.




    4.11) is mounted on the



    Relay freightliner cascadia turn signal

    Freightliner Turn Signal Relay Location​

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    New 2019 Freightliner Cascadis Truck Fuse \u0026 Relay Location

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