Bonanza season 8 episode 6

Bonanza season 8 episode 6 DEFAULT

To Bloom for Thee

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    Air Date: September 11, 1966

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    Bonanza (1959–1973): Season 8, Episode 6 - To Bloom for Thee - full transcript

    ANNOUNCER: The following program

    is brought to you in
    living color on NBC.

    (fanfare plays)

    BARBER: How does that look, huh?

    (sputtering) Yeah. It's fine.

    (barber laughs)

    Hey, how's about a bottle

    of this nice lavender
    water, Hoss, huh?

    Ah, thank you, Tony.

    I don't need none of that stuff.

    Well, Little Joe, he use this.

    Yeah, but if I smelled as
    bad as Little Joe, I would, too.


    It's absolutely catnip, huh?

    (Tony laughs)

    You can spark all
    the ladies with this.

    Thank, you, Tony.


    Palace Hotel's
    across the street.

    Need any help with
    your bags, ma'am?


    HOSS: Hey, Clint,
    how'd things go?

    Oop! Excuse me, ma'am.

    Hey... come with me.

    Hey! Put me down!

    You drunken man...!

    Put me... down!

    Drunken... fool!

    Okay, Gil, that's enough.


    (woman shouting)

    (townsfolk clamoring)

    Having trouble with
    the pen, ma'am?

    Number 17, Miss Attley.

    Top of the stairs, on your left.

    May I help you with
    the bags, ma'am?

    No, thank you.

    Hey, Hoss, long as you're
    being a Good Samaritan,

    your lady friend forgot this.


    Reckon I might as well
    take it over there to her, huh?

    Sure are a hog for punishment.

    Here you are, Sir Galahad.


    (theme song playing)

    Who is it?

    (muffled): My name's
    Hoss Cartwright, ma'am.

    I... I got your hatbox.

    I reckon you just sorta
    walked off and forgot it.

    Thank you for troubling.

    Oh, ma'am, it wasn't
    no trouble. I was...

    well, I was on my
    way back over to the...

    Thank you.

    That collar would fit you
    just like a glove, Hoss.


    Better fit Old
    Nelly like a collar

    or I'm gonna hang
    it on you, Frank.

    (Frank laughs)

    Hang on to it a few minutes,
    I'll come back and pick it up.


    MAN: Come on.

    (birds chirping)

    (birds chirping)

    Oh, Mama...


    I'm so sorry.

    I want to promise you something.

    I want to promise you that...

    that I'm gonna take...

    whatever time I've got left...

    and I'm going to try and be...

    what-what I should've been.

    (Carol sniffles, sobs)

    Oh, I didn't want
    you to die alone.


    Oh, I wanted to be here
    when you needed me.


    (sniffling) I came
    back too late.

    Everything's too late.

    Ma'am... it ain't
    never too late to...

    to cry over somebody
    you... you love.

    (sobbing quiets, sniffling)


    Ma'am, I... I don't mean
    to be intruding, but...

    I'd like to be of
    some help, if I could.

    I know Virginia
    City pretty well.

    And I reckon it's pretty obvious

    that I know all the
    good eating places.

    I do a pretty fair job of
    handling a horse and buggy, too.


    Go on.

    (sighs heavily)

    Well, I got most of
    the wood chopped...

    HOSS (in distance): down
    here, back in the back.

    HOP SING: Yes, sir, today
    I put no starch in the collars.

    HOSS: Oh, great...
    (continues indistinctly)

    Hey, listen, how about...

    HOP SING: That tie, straighten
    the bow a little bit more.

    Listen, hey, listen...

    Yeah, how about
    my shirt in the back?

    HOP SING: Very good. Very
    good. You look very handsome.

    I get the buggy
    all polished today...

    Hoss? Hey, I wanted...
    I wanted, I wanted

    to talk to you a minute.

    - Ah, smells delicious, Hop Sing!
    - I want to talk...

    - I want to talk to you a minute.
    - Yeah, yeah.

    - About... I want to
    talk to you - Yeah!

    About me doing your chores!

    Yeah, oh, yeah, thanks
    a lot for that, little brother.

    - HOP SING: Good-bye!
    - LITTLE JOE: Oop!

    Is that you smells
    like lavender water?

    Oh, no, sir.

    It's Mr. Hoss.

    He bring home
    whole bottle last night.

    Put in bathtub, put in
    hair, put in everything.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa...
    What's he got in the basket?

    Fried chicken, ham,
    potato salad, loaf of bread,

    cake... uh, roast beef,
    little thing like that.

    What's he going to do, feed
    the whole Virginia City militia?

    He not tell you what he do?

    No, he didn't tell me.

    Wh-What, What's he gonna do?

    Well, then, I not
    tell you either.

    (laughing, speaking Chinese)

    (laughs weakly) Thanks a lot.

    BEN: A confidence is
    a confidence, Little Joe.

    Look, confidence
    or no confidence, Pa,

    I'm getting, I'm getting
    tired of doing double chores,

    and it's breaking my back.

    I didn't mind it for a little
    while, but I been working

    - Hold on, hold...
    - and working and he doesn't...

    Wait just one second.

    I recall a number of occasions

    when Hoss did all your chores

    - when you went calling on a girl.
    - Oh...

    Well, Pa, that... Hey, what...?

    He's doing all this for a girl?

    No, no.

    What would a girl have to do

    with getting dressed
    up every day,

    and dowsing yourself
    with lavender water,

    and going on picnics
    and polishing the buggy?

    (Little Joe laughs)

    And listen, young fella.

    - Yeah?
    - Don't kid him about it.

    No, no, I won't kid him.

    Hey, I wonder who she is?

    A girl.

    Oh, one more thing.

    Yes, sir.

    Go finish your chores.

    Yes, sir.

    What's the matter?

    Something wrong?

    - Oh, hi, Sheriff.
    - Hoss.

    How are you? This, uh...

    This is Miss Carol
    Attley, Sheriff.

    This is Clem Foster,
    our sheriff, Carol.

    How you do, Miss Attley?

    How do you do?

    You're new in town, aren't ya?

    - I, uh...
    - Yes.

    Hope you find Virginia
    City to your liking, ma'am.


    So long, Sheriff.

    Git up.

    What do you think of it?

    (laughs) I never saw
    anything so pretty.


    It's hard to
    believe that a place

    as beautiful as this
    didn't even exist once.

    How do you mean, didn't exist?

    When all the earth was granite.

    Before the sun shone on it.

    It reminds me of...

    of something I read once.

    "Rain beats on
    lonely granite sheets

    "that have not felt the sun.

    The silent air has not been
    moved by cries of sorrow."

    That was from a...

    a book that was
    once very close to me.

    I don't remember
    how the poem ends.

    Do you come here often?

    - As often as possible.
    - Mm.

    See that little
    stream out there?

    It's chock plump full of trout.

    Hey, would you like
    to try to catch one?

    (laughs) What
    about a fishing pole?

    And bait.

    Just happened to be around.


    Is it possible there still are
    people like you in this world?

    Let's go catch a fish, come on.

    Come on.

    I'll bait your hook for you.

    All right.


    Now, I'll put it in there,
    and then I'll let you have it.

    - All right?
    - Okay.


    Now, hang on.

    And watch your cork.

    - Watch my cork.
    - Yeah.

    And when you see
    that cork bobbing,

    then you know you got
    a fish, don't you see?

    - Oh.
    - Keep your eye on it.

    No, you got him up too high.

    That's it, now keep the end
    of the pole out of the water.

    There you go.

    Now, no, look here.

    Keep your cork right
    down there on the surface.

    Carry it around just a
    little bit, see, and tease him.

    Make that bait look more alive.


    Here, you're doing real good.

    Just keep an eye on that cork.

    - Oh!
    - You got a nibble, hang on.

    - I think so.
    - Hang... just be patient.

    CAROL: All right.

    HOSS: Now he's got it.

    - Now he took it, now pull it!
    - Ooh, ooh.

    Hang on! You want me to get him?

    No, no, no, I want to.

    - Well, be careful.
    - I will.

    - Ooh, ooh, I really...
    - You got him.

    You got a
    granddaddy of them all.

    HOSS: All right, be
    careful of the bank there.

    - Carol, bank!
    - (shouts)

    Carol? Carol?

    You all right? You all right?

    I'm fine.


    I didn't even catch him.

    (continues laughing)


    Hoss, I-I just don't
    know what to say.

    I mean, I-I'm... I'm
    so goldarn delighted.

    And what are you
    delighted about?

    Don't tell me my big
    brother finally decided

    to go back to work.

    I'll tell you what.

    We're gonna have a
    wedding in the family.

    Hoss, here, tells me he
    intends to get married.


    That's right, I'm
    gonna get married, Joe.

    Just as soon as I can get
    some things taken care of.

    LITTLE JOE: Why,
    you son of a gun.

    - Congratulations.
    - (laughing): Yeah.

    Hey, I-I'll bet you
    I know who it is...

    - Betsy Sue.
    - No, no.

    - Mary Jane? -No, no.

    You don't even know
    her, you never met this girl.

    Her-her name's Carol Attley,

    and she just got into
    town four days ago.

    Four days ago?

    That's, uh, that's pretty
    fast. (laughs uneasily)

    Yeah, that-that's why
    I fixed this thing up

    so we could all have
    dinner tonight at the hotel,

    and everybody get
    kind of acquainted.

    Hoss, let's have dinner here.

    No, Pa, I'd rather
    do it at the hotel,

    so we can do it
    up right, you know.

    I'm gonna go up and get
    dressed, see y'all after a while.


    I'll be doggoned.

    How about that?

    Hey, I'm gonna be an uncle.


    Wonder what's keeping them.

    BEN: Will you relax.

    What do you mean, relax?
    How am I gonna relax?

    It's not every day a fellow
    meets his sister-in-law

    - for the first time.
    - (laughs)

    We must have been
    sitting here for 20 minutes.

    BEN: Oh, th-there
    they are, there they are.

    She's kind of pretty, isn't she?


    Carol, I want you to meet
    my pa and my little brother.

    Joe and Mr. Cartwright.

    This is Carol Attley.


    It's a pleasure, ma'am.

    BEN: Carol.

    You're as lovely as
    Hoss said you'd be.

    You're very nice.

    Well, why don't we
    all sit down, huh?


    Well... (chuckles)

    Well, I-I reckon we
    might as well start, huh?

    - LITTLE JOE: Sounds good to me.
    - BEN: Good idea.


    I think we're ready.

    - Right away, Hoss.
    - Yeah.

    BEN: Carol?

    In your family, do you have
    two brothers like these two fellas?

    (laughs) I hope not.



    Any sisters?


    Any family?

    I'm quite alone.

    I'm sorry.

    Well, you won't be
    for long, that's for sure.

    Oh. No, you sure won't.

    We're gonna put a
    change to that right quick.

    Well, Carol, we've
    been looking forward

    to meeting you and
    getting to know you.

    After all, it's not every day

    that a man's son
    decides to get married.

    Of course not.

    - (Ben laughs)
    - MARTHA: Excuse me.

    Thank you, Martha.


    Boy, that soup looks delicious.

    BEN: Yes.

    LITTLE JOE: Mm-hmm,
    thank you, Martha.

    Boy, it's got everything in it.

    BEN: Thank you, Martha.

    Well, reckon we might
    as well dig in, huh?

    You haven't been in Virginia
    City very long, have you?

    Uh, just four, uh... five days.

    Whereabouts you from, back East?

    Yes. Yes.

    What town you from?


    Thank you.

    Something wrong, Carol?

    LITTLE JOE: Carol?

    I was just asking what-what
    town you're from back East.

    I've lived so many places.

    Well, what was the
    last place you lived in?


    What, is it some kind of secret?

    Joseph, have your soup.

    I'm not feeling very well.

    Will you excuse me.

    I'm sorry.

    I'm sorry to spoil your dinner.

    Thank you for inviting me.

    Well... Carol, you-you'll have
    dinner with us tomorrow night.

    At our house.


    Little Joe.

    Good night.

    I'll be back after a while.

    I wonder what
    that was all about.

    Well, you know when a
    girl meets her future in-laws,

    I guess she has a
    right to be nervous.

    Yeah, being
    nervous is one thing.

    But she-she was on her guard
    from the moment she came in.


    I feel sorry for Hoss.

    He had this whole thing planned.

    Bet he's disappointed.


    Well, let's, uh... let's eat.

    Now, Carol, you listen to me.

    You unlock that door and go
    in that room and lock me out.

    Catch the next
    stage out of town.

    Do whatever you like.

    But that's not giving us
    much of a chance, is it?

    What chance have we got?

    I'll tell you what kind
    of a chance we've got.

    So long as I've got you,
    Carol, you've got me.

    All of my strength.

    Everything that I own.

    It'll work.

    No, Hoss.

    It wasn't your brother, it
    wasn't your father tonight.

    It was me.

    They have every
    right to know about me.

    Who I am.

    Why I'm here.

    You must wonder why I
    can't answer normal questions.

    You must wonder why

    I've never told you
    anything about myself.

    Yes, I... I have wondered.

    But... Carol, I trust you.

    I believe in you.

    Most of all, I love you.

    I love you as much as any
    man can a woman, and...

    and I think you love me.

    I do love you, Hoss.

    I wish I could marry you.

    Carol, what is it?

    I can't.

    But... why?

    I have no right.

    Oh, Carol, don't do this.

    I killed a man.

    It was an accident,
    but I killed him.

    He was... a cheat,
    a liar, a brute,

    a drunk.

    But I didn't know that
    when I married him.

    Mother and I were
    alone and we were...

    poor, we were very poor.

    And he made a lot of promises.

    Well, I was young,
    I... He was much older.

    He'd lived, I was...
    drawn to that.

    But not Mama.

    She hated him.

    She saw right through him.

    But I wouldn't listen to her.

    I left her and I
    ran away with him.

    And I never saw my
    mama alive again.

    (crying, sniffles)

    Carol... go on.

    I want to hear the rest of it.

    Well, when he
    was drunk, he was...

    he was violent and
    he used to beat me.

    And then, one night,

    he came home and
    he was very angry.

    He'd had... he'd had some
    fight with another woman.

    And he had a gun.

    He threatened me
    and I fought with him,

    and the gun went off.

    And then I... I saw him fall.

    And he was dead.

    I... I wasn't held for it,

    but I-I can't forget it.

    I can't... I can't
    ever forget it.



    I told you once, I'm
    gonna tell you again.

    I love you.

    And I want you to be my wife.

    I want you forever.

    Oh, Hoss...

    Please say yes.

    Please, Carol.



    Do you remember that...
    that poem that I read to you?

    I tried to recite it,

    but I couldn't
    remember the ending?

    Well, uh... I kept the book.

    And after you asked me
    to marry you, I looked it up.

    "Rain beats on
    lonely granite sheets

    "that have not known the sun.

    "The silent air has not been
    moved by cries of sorrow.

    "Then one bright sun
    shoots one bright ray,

    "bursts forth a flower...

    "and with it, day...
    To bloom for thee."

    Hoss... to bloom for thee.

    Carol, does that mean
    the answer is, "yes"?


    And that's... that's
    the whole story,

    or all there is to it.


    I'm sure glad she didn't
    keep it locked up inside her.

    It would have always
    been between us, I reckon.

    (softly): Oh.

    Joe, I think it might
    be a good idea

    if you and I visited Carol.

    Showed her the whole
    family's behind her.


    Yeah, I... I think
    she'd like that, Pa.

    Well, I got to get into town
    first thing in the morning.

    I got all them wedding
    plans to take care of.

    We'll take care of your chores
    and we'll see you there later.

    Yeah. I guess that
    shouldn't bother you

    too much, should it, Hoss?

    Not a bit, little
    brother. Not a bit.

    You know, this getting hitched,

    it's a full-time job.

    You know, I think Pa should
    have warned you about that.

    (Ben chuckles)


    Well, you might as
    well say good night

    and good morning to me right now

    'cause first thing, bright
    and early in the morning,

    I'm taking off.

    And tonight I got
    to get my sleep.

    Good night.

    Good night, Hoss.

    Good night, brother.

    Well, if I'm gonna have to
    do his chores and my chores,

    I better turn in, too.

    See you in the morning, Pa.

    Good night, son.

    Whoa, whoa.

    This is going to be

    the most beautiful
    wedding dress in the world.

    And I'm going to
    talk to the preacher

    and we're going to
    have the most beautiful

    and the biggest wedding
    the Ponderosa ever heard of.

    - (giggles)
    - I'll be back as soon as I can.

    Make it very soon.

    Carol, I guarantee you

    nothing's gonna keep me
    any longer than possible.

    - Bye.
    - Bye.


    Would you check my bag?

    Uh, where could I find the
    sheriff's office in this town?

    Well, there's the
    sheriff, right over there.

    Well, thank you.



    - There's a man following me.
    - What?

    A man has been trying
    to force himself on me.

    If he comes in here,

    you tell him that I
    am not registered.

    Well, certainly, Miss Attley.

    I never heard of you.

    Just got into town, Sheriff.

    What can I do for you?

    Harry Demers, U.S.
    Marshal, New York.

    You're a long ways from home.

    Do you recognize this woman?

    Why, yes.

    I believe her name
    is Carol Attley.

    She arrived in town
    a few days ago. Why?

    I'm here to arrest her for
    the murder of her husband.

    Are you sure Carol Attley
    is the one you're looking for?

    Carol Andrews, Sheriff.

    Attley was her maiden name.

    Where can I find her?

    Hotel, maybe.

    If not, most likely she'd
    be with Hoss Cartwright,

    out at the Ponderosa.


    What's that?

    That is the biggest spread

    in the territory, Marshal.

    You can rent a rig
    at the livery stable,

    get you out there.


    DEMERS: Mr. Cartwright?


    Harry Demers.

    I'm a U.S. Marshal
    from the East.

    So how can I help
    you, Mr. Demers?

    I understand you
    have a son, Hoss.


    I'd like to talk to him.

    Well, he's not here
    right now, and...

    What's this about?

    I'm trying to locate this
    woman, Carol Andrews.

    You might recognize
    her as Carol Attley.

    What do you want with her?

    The government wants her

    for the murder of her husband.

    Well... I understood

    that her husband's
    shooting was accidental.

    Two bullets through
    the heart is no accident.

    Come in, Mr. Demers.


    (knocking on door)

    Who is it?

    BEN: It's Ben
    Cartwright, Miss Attley.

    May I come in?

    Just a minute.

    I was just trying on
    my wedding dress.

    It's, uh... very lovely.

    Come in.

    Thank you.

    I was going to ask Hoss
    to marry me right away.


    Miss Attley, uh...


    Would you sit down?

    (clears throat)

    Uh... I had a visitor
    at the Ponderosa,

    from the East.

    Mr. Demers.

    Carol, is what he says true?

    What does he say?

    He said that you...
    left your husband,

    went off with another man.

    And when your
    husband came after you...

    you killed him.

    Is that true?

    Is that true?

    (sighs heavily)

    That isn't what you told Hoss...

    is it?


    Mr. Cartwright...

    my husband
    wasn't fit... to live.

    I had tried to leave
    him... many times.

    But he'd always stop me.

    When my mother was dying...

    he kept me from
    going to her... forcibly.

    The night that he was
    killed, we'd had an ugly fight.

    There was another man.

    He'd offered to help me.

    To give me money to go
    to my mother if I would...

    I went to him.

    And my husband followed
    me there and broke in.

    He called me a tramp...

    and he began slapping me around.

    The other man
    tried to... help me.

    But my husband just beat
    him to the floor, senseless.

    Then he came after me again.

    And I saw a... a gun.

    It was lying in a case.

    I picked it up and
    I aimed it at him,

    and I told him to stop.

    But he kept coming closer.

    And then I killed him.

    If I hadn't killed him,
    he would've killed me.

    And that's the whole story.

    Do you believe me?

    I don't know.

    Would you tell Hoss
    what you just told me?

    How could I tell Hoss...

    what I've been...

    what I've done?

    I love him so much.

    If you love him so much...

    how can you lie to him?

    Because I don't
    want to lose him.

    I can't lose him.

    Are you gonna live a lie
    for the rest of your life?

    What about... Demers?

    What about the
    warrant for your arrest?

    I don't care.

    I came here to...
    to bury myself...

    but I found a life instead.

    I didn't ask to meet
    Hoss... but I did.

    I love him.

    And he loves me.

    And he's g... he's
    gonna find some way to,

    to keep Demers
    from taking me back.

    He won't let Demers
    take me back.

    (sighs heavily)

    If that's your idea of love...

    to ruin the person you love...

    Because, if it is...

    then I sure feel
    sorry for you, Carol.

    I sure feel sorry for you.

    Hoss won't believe you!

    He loves me.

    He'll believe me.


    He'll believe you.

    Knowing Hoss... I
    know he'll believe you.

    He loves you.

    And you'll destroy him.

    Get out of here.

    For Hoss's sake, and your own...

    tell him the truth.

    Get out of here.

    (door closes)


    (whistling happily)

    CAROL: Who is it?

    It's me, Hoss, Carol.

    What do you want?

    Well, I... I brought
    you some more things.

    Uh... wa... wa...

    (slurred): Oh, just a minute!

    Come in, Hoss.

    I told you I wouldn't be long.

    That's my sweet Hossie.

    I knew you wouldn't be long.

    I... (hiccups)



    I'm just having a little
    pre-nuptial celebration.

    You too, Hossie.

    You, too.

    You're going to have a little

    pre-nuptial celebration.

    No, no, thank you, Carol.

    I don't believe I care for one.

    Bad Hossie.

    You said you were going
    back to the Ponderosa.

    Well, I... I was, but...

    I had to pick up these things

    and I ran across these flowers,

    and I just thought I'd
    bring 'em over to you.

    Oh... oh, that's sweet.

    Oh, that's so sweet.

    Oh... (laughs)

    you're my sweet Hossie.

    You love me better than
    anybody in the world,

    don't you, Hoss?

    Yeah... yeah, Carol,
    I love you, but...

    don't you think you've
    had enough to drink?


    MAN: Honey, they send
    up the clean laundry yet?

    Who is he, Carol?

    Who is he?

    I guess you might as
    well tell him, honey.

    He's just who you think he is.

    He's just who you think he is!

    Carol... Oh, "Carol, Carol"!

    Is that all you
    can say: "Carol"?

    Well, now you know.

    What do you want me to do, cry?

    Would you like me to
    beg your forgiveness?

    You, if you'd only stayed
    in there one more minute,

    we'd have had him hooked.

    You would've been married,

    and it would have cost
    you plenty to get out of it.

    Well, what are you
    standing there for?!


    what are you doing?

    What am I doing?


    I like that.

    It was you who foisted
    your attentions on me.

    You and your stuffy family.

    Well, it's a very rich family.

    Why shouldn't I have
    some of that money, huh?

    Did you think I
    was doing it for you?


    "To bloom for thee"?

    I've used that poem

    to hook more yokels
    than you could count.

    Tell you what I'm going to do.

    I'll let you have it.

    Here... for sweet!

    Get out of here!

    You better get out, farm boy.

    Well, that takes
    care of my end of it.

    Now you're going
    to be nice and tame,

    all the way back to New York,

    just like you promised, huh?

    Just like you promised, huh?

    Better get ready.

    That judge and jury

    have been waiting
    a long time for you.

    I'll get my coat.


    Don't you think we
    ought to try to talk to him?

    There are some things a
    man has to do for himself.

    Mourning a lost
    love is one of them.

    ANNOUNCER: This has
    been a color production

    of the NBC Television Network.

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    3. Draft curtain at open stair

    List of Bonanza episodes

    Wikipedia list article

    Bonanza is an American western television series developed and produced by David Dortort and broadcast in the United States for 14 seasons on the NBC network. The entire run of the series' 431 hour-long episodes was produced in color. The premiere was on September 12, 1959, and the final episode broadcast on January 16, 1973. In its initial season, Bonanza aired on Saturday evenings and placed at number 45 in the Nielsen ratings. During its second season, the series moved up to number 17.[3]Bonanza was moved to Sundays at 9:00 PM Eastern Time at the start of its third season. In that time slot, the ratings soared and the series become second only to Wagon Train as the most popular program on American prime time television.[3] It remained in the top ten of the ratings until its twelfth season and ranked at number one in its sixth, seventh, and eighth seasons.[3]Bonanza also became a worldwide success as it was broadcast in nearly 50 countries, including Canada, Brazil, Yugoslavia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Australia, and Japan.[4]

    Bonanza is set around the Ponderosa Ranch near Virginia City, Nevada and chronicles the weekly adventures of the Cartwright family, consisting of Ben Cartwright (Lorne Greene) and his three sons (each by a different wife), Adam (Pernell Roberts), Eric "Hoss" (Dan Blocker), and Joseph (Michael Landon). Veteran actor Victor Sen Yung played the ranch cook, Hop Sing. In 1964, Pernell Roberts began expressing a desire to leave the series, and so prospective replacements were introduced via Barry Coe as Little Joe's wayward maternal half-brother Clay, and Guy Williams as Ben's nephew Will Cartwright. However, Roberts was persuaded to complete his contract, and remained through season six. The characters of Clay and Will were discontinued. In the ninth season, David Canary was added to the cast as ranch hand/foreman Candy Canady. After four years with the series, Canary left due to a contract dispute. In the twelfth season, Mitch Vogel joined the cast as Jamie Hunter, a teenage orphan who is adopted by Ben Cartwright.[5][6] Following Dan Blocker's death in May 1972 after season thirteen ended, Greene, Landon, and Vogel continued the series into a fourteenth season, with Canary returning as Candy (reportedly approached by Landon) and Tim Matheson was introduced as ex-prisoner and newly hired ranch-hand Griff King.[5][6] The program was moved to Tuesday nights where it slipped badly in the ratings to number 52 and was subsequently cancelled.[5][6]Bonanza has, however, continued to be popular in syndication. From 1964–1967, " Bonanza " became the most watched show in the U.S.

    The first eleven seasons have been released on DVD in Region 1.

    Series overview[edit]


    Season 1 (1959–60)[edit]

    Season 2 (1960–61)[edit]

    Season 3 (1961–62)[edit]

    Season 4 (1962–63)[edit]

    Season 5 (1963–64)[edit]

    Season 6 (1964–65)[edit]

    Bonanza - The Hopefuls - Episode 37 - Western TV Series - Cowboys - Wild West

    Something Hurt, Something Wild


    Horse of a Different Hue


    A Time to Step Down

    After the Cartwrights put wrangler Dan Tolliver out to pasture, the embittered old man plans to take part in robbing the Ponderosa.


    The Pursued (1)

    A Mormon with two wives is badgered by the town’s people and then things get much worse.


    The Pursued (2)


    To Bloom for Thee


    Credit for a Kill

    Though his friend is badly in need of the reward money, Joe insists it belongs to him, to protect his friend from the dead outlaws’ brothers.


    Four Sisters from Boston


    Old Charlie

    A young cowpoke is killed during a fight with Hoss, but the old blowhard who runs the Virginia City stables, takes the credit, placing him in danger from the dead man’s b…


    Ballad of the Ponderosa


    The Oath


    A Real Nice, Friendly Little Town

    When the woman he was planning to marry is strangled, Joe forces the only suspect to come forward, in a very tense-filled episode.


    The Bridegroom




    A Christmas Story


    Ponderosa Explosion




    A Bride for Buford

    Dolly Bantree has a crooked manager ““Blackie”“, who blackmails Dolly to fleece newly rich miner Buford out of his newfound wealth. Hoss suspects somet…


    Black Friday

    In the town of Chiso, Joe encounters a former Ponderosa cowhand who is now a gunfighter and expecting to be killed on Friday the 13th. John Saxon makes the first of his three app…


    The Unseen Wound


    Journey to Terror

    Joe visits his married friends in Arizona Territory, only to discover the husband has become a criminal and is secretly part of a notorious gang.



    A wounded comanchero sides with the Cartwrights when the rest of the gang, led by Captain Fenner, shows up to burn and rob the Ponderosa.


    A Woman in the House


    Judgment at Red Creek

    Hoss and Joe have their doubts as to who really robbed a way station, suspecting the two men they captured are innocent.


    Joe Cartwright, Detective


    Dark Enough to See the Stars


    The Deed and the Dilemma


    The Prince


    A Man Without Land


    Napoleon's Children


    The Wormwood Cup

    A woman – convinced Little Joe intentionally killed her brother – offers $1,000 to the man who kills the youngest Cartwright in what she deems a ““fair…



    The Cartwrights’ cousin, Clarissa visits. Her assertive, snobbish ways result in nothing but trouble for Ben and his sons.


    Maestro Hoss


    The Greedy Ones


    Episode 8 6 season bonanza

    Matt held her hand under her knee and copulated with a young woman, moving closer to her from behind. The powerful, hot penis of the Negro moved in her pussy with a loud wet chomping. Ebya Irene Negro asked a great pace. The red-haired bitch was flowing, moaning loudly and screeching with delight with delight.

    Bonanza S8 E8 Four Sisters From Boston

    That is, no appetite. - More and more worried, he clarified. - No, I want to eat, but.

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