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PS5 DualSense controller features four LED lights on the front that indicate which player number you are

The PS5 Dualsense controller features LED lights below the Touch Bar that appear to indicate the player number you are. 

According to Japanese site 4gamer, which posted a series of images of the console and detailed some of its features, the new DualSense controller features four light bars on the left and right of the Touchpad along with four LED lights at the bottom. The light bar is said to glow in four different colours including blue, green, red, and purple, to indicate "when multiple controllers are connected to the PS5". Which light is showing also appears to correspond with which player number you are. 

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Interestingly, the article also says that the light is not that bright, "so you won't get distracted by it getting in your field of view." When it comes to the PS4 DualShock controller, you can often catch the glow of the light on the back of the controller reflected in the TV, which can be distracting at times. From the sounds of it, the DualSense's glow is more subtle, so it may be less distracting. Several images also appeared on Twitter showing the lights on the controller and how they appear to glow. 

This PS5 controller feature came to light (pun intended) after Japanese YouTubers got to spend some hands-on time with the next-gen console this past weekend. Along with seeing some upcoming PS5 games such as Godfall, Astro's Playroom, and Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition running on the hardware, the hands-on also revealed that the PS5's cooling fans remain silent even after extended use. 

In other news, if this leak is true the PS5 offers 664 GB of usable storage space

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You are new to PS5 and you are probably wondering what these LED lights are for on the new controller. More specifically, you might be a little scared why your controller sometimes has the red light on. Don’t worry, it’s nothing alarming. 

If your PS5 DualSense controller has the red LED light on, it means that you are the player 2 in a multiplayer game. The new PS5 controllers have LED lights near the Touch Bar to depict the player number you are in a multiplayer game. 

The new PS5 DualSense controllers come with LED lights below the Touch Bar in a variety of colors. Whenever you turn on your PS5 controller, you will see a certain colored light circulating across the controller. 

For example, you might see a red light. You may be worried about the red light as they usually indicate something worrisome. But there is absolutely nothing to worry about! These lights in the PS5 controller actually indicate the player number that you are in a multiplayer game. The red color depicts that you are player 2.

Keep reading below to find out more about what the red and other lights on your controller mean and whether you can change these colors. 

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What Does It Mean If Your PS5 Controller Is Red?

The red light simply means that you are player 2 in the multiplayer game.The lights on the new controller depict the player number when multiple controllers are connected to a multiplayer game.

For example, you might see a red light. You may be worried about the red light as they usually indicate something badd. But there is absolutely nothing to worry about!

These lights in the PS5 controller actually indicate the player number that you are in a multiplayer game. The red color depicts that you are player 2.

With the release of PS5, Sony has tried to create a brand new gaming experience for the players. It has added some really cool LED lights in a range of different colors to the DualSense controller, similar to the lightbar for the Dualshock 4(PS4 controller)

For example, if you are playing GTA and you are being chased by the cops, your controller’s light would start blinking red and white, turning the experience A LOT more immersive for you. There are many more new cool features in the PS5 DualSense controller that you would absolutely fall in love with. 

One of these additions is the new red, blue, green, and purple LED lights that indicate that multiple players are connected to a multiplayer game. So if you have a red light on your PS5 controller, that means that you are player number 2 in the multiplayer game..

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Can You Change PS5 Controller Color?

You cannot customize the light colors on the PS5 DualSense controller. Even though the LED light bars on the controller come with a wide range of color options for different functions, these colors cannot be customized.

The new PS5 DualSense controller adds many new features, including four light bars around the Touchpad and four LED lights at the bottom. These lights are very subtle and not at all distracting for users, unlike the PS4 controller. 

The light bars glow with red, blue, green and purple colors to indicate that multiple controllers are connected to the PS5. Each light relates to your player number in the multiplayer game.

However, these lights are automatic and only light up in certain situations, meaning that users cannot customize these lights at will., you can change the colors using the PS5 controller on PC see the video above on how to set that up.

But that’s not a problem because the controller already comes with a variety of lights that light up on special situations. For example, if you are attacked in certain games, the red light will be triggered. If you are being chased by the cops in GTA, the red and blue lights will glow up. That’s pretty cool, right?

What Do The Colors Mean On PS5 Controller?

An orange light on the PS5 controller means that your controller is either charging or needs to be charged. A blue light means that you are player one. A red light means you are player two. A green light means you are player 3 and the purple light means you are player 4, the last one. 

The next gen PS5 DualSense controllers come with a number of features. The most popular among them is the LED light bars near the Touchpad. These lights glow up in certain situations.

Here’s what each light means:

  • An orange light indicates that your controller is either charging or needs to be charged. 
  • A blue light indicates that the controller you have is the main one, for player one. 
  • A red light means you are player two with the second controller in a multiplayer game. 
  • A green light means you are player 3 in a multiplayer game.
  • A purple light means that you are player 4 in a multiplayer game.

The PS5 is an amazing consoles but having only 664GB of usable storage is a bit light, games will only get bigger and bigger. Is 664GB enough storage for you PS5? Learn the facts in my article.

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As the days count down to the PlayStation 5’s release date, fans of the Sony console learn more and more about the hardware and its features.

Industry Insider Nibellion posted a article that featured close-up images of the PS5 and more information on the various hardware components. The article focused on the new Dual Sense controller, which features a familiar function to help when multiple controllers are connected. 

The LED lights on the PS5’s Dual Sense controller will light up with different colors to help identify each player when multiple controllers are connected. 

Blue, green, red, and purple are confirmed colors, and the LED also has smaller lights beneath the touchpad. If one of these smaller lights is illuminated, the controller is assigned to the player one slot. 

This feature will look familiar to PS4 players as its controllers feature a similar design. The blue, red, green, and pink colors indicate the player one, two, three, and four spots, respectively, and the PS5 maintains this design. The LED lights are not too bright and should not distract players from the game. 

The new Dual Sense controller is reportedly packed with exciting new features. Sensors on the controller may automatically identify users, and the controller will reportedly have double the battery life than its predecessor. 

The LED lights could possibly change based on the game being played, and it is unknown if players will be able to customize the colors. The PS5 launches on Nov. 12, so fans won’t have to wait long to find out. 

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Be Careful.. This Could Ruin Your PS5 Controller

PS5 DualSense Controller LEDs Change Color & Tell You Which Player You Are

The PS5 DualSense controller has four different color LED light bars, and also displays different lights to indicate which player the user is.

New images of the PS5 DualSense controller have surfaced after the next-gen console's preview embargo lifted in Japan earlier this morning, and the DualSense seemingly has an array of LED lights that change colors and indicate which number player the user is. Sony has continuously built hype around the PS5's DualSense gamepad since it was first revealed, and a closer look at its outwards appearance shows it's just as cool as Sony has made it out to be.

The PS5 DualSense controller was revealed in April of this year, and Sony has since continued to boost the power and ingenuity of its next-gen controller. One of the main features of the DualSense that Sony has raved about time and time again is its haptic feedback capabilities (akin to Nintendo Switch Joy-Con 3D Rumble) which allow the gamepad to utilize different vibration patterns for in-game sound effects, and the controller's triggers can show various levels of resistance based on actions performed in-game. In every depiction of the DualSense Controller up until today, the controller has featured two blue LED light bars on the sides of the center panel and a single light positioned at the bottom of the panel.

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According to a preview of the PS5 console and DualSense controller from the Japanese gaming new outlet 4Gamer, the DualSense's LEDs have additional settings and functionality. The light bars on the sides of the device's middle panel button can change colors, although 4Gamer did not state if the red, green, blue, and purple color options are triggered by certain situations or if they're customizable at will. It was also revealed that there is more than one light at the bottom of the center panel that indicates, which presumably indicates local players' controller order (one LED for Player 1, two for Player 2, and so on).

4Gamer also mentioned that the lights on the controller aren't too bright so they won't distract the player. Thankfully for PlayStation stalwarts, the DualSense's form factor and button layout doesn't differ much from the DualShock 4's design. The biggest changes seem to be in design, internal hardware, and these flashy RGB offerings. The next-gen controller should feel familiar to PS4 owners, and the LEDs will likely add a new layer of convenience to an overall familiar experience.

As far as the PS5's DualSense controller goes, its gearing up to be as big a deal as Sony has made it out to be. Its haptic feedback capabilities are bound to be a game-changer if utilized properly in the next-gen of gaming, and its LEDs add elegance and style to the simplest piece of gaming hardware. Console gamepads may not have been anything to gawk at in the past, but the PS5 DualSense controller is breaking the mold of the average gaming controller.

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Source: 4Gamer


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Meaning colors ps5 controller:

So, have you ever been playing on the PS5, or PlayStation 5 and noticed that, at times, your controller changes color randomly? You could trucking along, playing your video games in peace, stomping bad guys ruling cities, swinging through New York, or getting killed by undead hordes, and then, out of the blue comes red?  

If Your ps5 controller turns red, this means that your Dualsense controller is about to run out of battery and that red glow is the system informing the user that they better plug in their control fast. Your Dualsense controller can also turn red to indicate that you are player 2 in a multiplayer game. 

See, the Dualsense controller usually has a battery power of around 12 hours, and when those hours are about to run out, the light changes to red in order to inform the user that it is about to die. When the light goes out completely, the batteries are completely dead. 

But why does it do this? 

Well, the onboard software (amazing what they can make these days huh?) detects the decreasing battery power and changes the built-in LED light to accommodate this. It should be worth noting that it doesn’t automatically change from blue to red in a snap of the fingers. 

As the battery decreases, so too will the color change. It starts at blue, before slowly morphing into green, then red as the battery goes down. 

See, it is red because we, as a species, tend to associate the color red with potential danger. Like how if you were to see blood on the ground, you would naturally think: “There’s danger ahead,” and, many stop signs and streetlights are colored red in order to get drivers and other street-users to come to a halt. 

And, in many video games, if the screen turns red, then that signifies that you are in danger of dying or are in a troublesome spot.   

When the battery does finally run out, then the best course of action would be to just insert it into a charging station, or place a USB-C cable into it and the PS5 so it will change. Please follow the instructions for properly using a charging station. 

Of course, there are other reasons as to why the battery changes. 

As the Dualsense controller shares many similarities to the Dualshock one, that being the controller for the PlayStation 4, the two are basically the older, rugged brother and the fancier younger brother who has a lot of cool new tricks. 

The Dualshock controller also possesses a changing light bar in the back of the controller, which would change depending on the game you were playing. For most video games, it would remain a solid purple or blue, but in some games, such as Nier: Automata, it would become a silvery-white, to reflect the hair colors of the protagonists, 2B, and 9S.  

In addition, it should change if there’s more than one player hooked up to the PlayStation. I.E: player 1 will have the signature blue, but player 2 will instead have a red one. In addition, if two more controllers are added, they will change as well. 

Player 3 will have green, and player 4 will have pink. All in all, a pretty cool feature. 

The Dualsense controller also shares these changing lights, though, with their more advanced nature, they’re not locked into presets like the Dualshock controller. 

Like the Dualshock, the player color changes depending upon which one you are. Blue for player 1, red for 2, etc. But, certain actions in certain video games will change the color, or so the rumors say.  

However, you can change the colors of the lights by going through a lengthy process of inputting new firmware into the controller. But, in doing so, you also risk breaking the controller, so I will have to advise against it. 

So, is there any other way to know if the color red is useable without running low on battery or playing as player 2? 

Well, to put it simply: no. No there isn’t. 

See, the red is, again, warning light for when the internal battery is about to run out, and it would be annoying if your controller was constantly red all the time.  

Think of it this way, if the warning light is no longer a warning, would you be aware of when it’s supposed to warn you? 

Okay, that made no sense, but basically. If it was constantly on red, then you wouldn’t know if it was about to run out. You grow numb to it and, therefore, won’t heed the warning light. 

In addition, you can also actually change the light brightness of the controller. That being, should you find the default light too annoying, it can be adjusted to your specifications.  

To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go into Settings from the home menu, and then go into Accessories. 
  1. Select Controllers on the left side of the menu. 
  1. The controller options should be shown. 
  1. Go to “brightness of controllers” and then press X. The menu displaying the options should appear on the right side of the screen. 
  1. From there, adjust the brightness level of your ps5 controller.  
  1. You can choose from preset conditions, with “Bright” being the default. 
  1. You can adjust to be “Dim” based on your preferences. 

And that’s about it.

Again, the red warning light is to show the user that the battery is about to run out, and the color red is chosen due to humanity’s tendency to associate it with danger.  

While the battery does run for 12 hours, its energy will be depleted sooner or later, and a user should take caution that their Dualsense Controller will still be useable.  

It is possible, however, to change the light to red even without a loss in battery power if a controller is chosen to be player 2. While players 3 and 4 would green and pink respectively in a throwback to older games.  

Finally, while it isn’t possible to change it to red all the time, and would indeed be a very bad idea to do so, it is possible to adjust the overall light of the Dualsense controller by going into the options. 

NEW PS5 Controllers: Cosmic Red + Midnight Black!

Power indicator lights on PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 consoles

The power indicator lights on the PS5™ and PS4™ consoles can display a variety of colors to indicate status information.

No Light

Powered off

The console is powered completely off. When powered off, the console cannot charge controllers via USB, download content, or install content.

Starts blue then transitions to white

Powering on

Powering on takes less time when starting from rest mode than from the powered-off state. You should see the PlayStation® logo on screen while the console powers on.

Blinking orange

Entering Rest Mode

This light may appear yellow or amber to some. After a few seconds, the console light should stay solid orange.

Solid orange

Rest mode

Rest mode is a low-power state when the console can charge controllers, download and install content. To turn the console on from rest mode, hold down the PS Button on a USB-connected or previously-paired controller.

Blinking white light then transitions to off

Console powering off

The console lights pulse white and then turn off when the console is powering completely off. When powered off, the console cannot charge controllers via USB, download or install content.


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