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Where She Went PDFSometimes, it feels like an impossible assignment to rekindle the romance in your relationship.

Unlucky accidents, can make our love-story go downwards or upside the hill.

It’s your emotional readiness that will decide the victor.

Who Should Read “Where She Went”? And Why?

If you don’t fall into the category of fiction book-lovers, we believe that this adult-story is not suited for you.

That aside, you’ll certainly be intrigued and uplifted by the message conveyed through the signs of love.

“Where She Went” is best-suited for souls that are passionate about love, commitment, and prepared to make compromises.

Gayle Forman Biography

Gayle FormanGayle Forman was born on June 5th, 1970 In Los Angeles. As a fiction writer, she is best known for her immense ability to connect the reader to the actual story.

Her main topics circle around the difficulty of love, and all the features that go with it.

Gayle Forman is the author of a handful of novels including If I Stay, Leave Me, I Was Here, Just One Year, You Can’t Get There from Here, etc.


Gayle Forman, inspired by her imagination has no intentions of stopping and shares a magnificent story which actually is the part 2 of “If I Stay”.

This adult novel puts in the spotlight the main two characters Adam Wilde and Mia Hall once more.

As it is with pretty much all novels, the characters face deception, sacrifice, family intrigues, sex, love problems, and anger.

Adam maintains the same attitude, and from his point of view, it’s best to avoid inflicting pain on anyone in order to remain sharp and sober.

However, let’s take it slowly and plunge into discovering what happened.

In the beginning, the readers are introduced to Adam’s big dreams, which are illustrated by his endless devotion towards his rock band – named Shooting Star.

As one of the best bands in the world, they intend to embark on a worldly tour and perform for their loyal fan base.

As you probably assumed, Adam is the start of the show and the key member of one of the best bands out there.

It’s fair to say – Although the band got off to a flying start, Adam struggles to cope with his mental instability, triggered by fear and love loss.

His bandmates notice the shift in Adam’s behavior and his intentions to quarantine himself.

The tense situation is sustained by the increasing use of drugs and alcohol in-between concerts and during the shows.

The group doesn’t endorse Adam’s isolation, and they have a hard time working as one.

The worst part is that the media is more interested in Adam’s single endeavors than those of the band. Such situation leads to many quarrels and misunderstandings from the members of Shooting Star.

Keeping the band together and maintaining a harmonious environment seems like an impossible task from such standpoint.

Although Adam immersed in his work, the increased dosage of drugs and alcohol damages his charisma and creativity.  

Before we get the big picture of why the band could no longer ham it up for the audience, it’s vital that we understand where this pain is coming from.

Adam’s melancholy was set off by his high school sweetheart and girlfriend Mia Hall.

A series of unfortunate events reflect on her career as a successful and renowned professional musician – cellist.

Sadly, she was in the car with her parents and younger brother when they had a horrible accident.

All of them died, but not Mia. She underwent lengthy and painful treatments and finally got out of the hospital.

With any warning, she flees over to Juilliard School of Music. After Mia walked out on Adam, he felt discouraged and weak because she promised that they would always stay together.

As a matter of fact, the raising of the curtain occurs at this point. Adam was disheartened due to the fact that his girlfriend left him, without even explaining herself.  

In an unusual turn of events, the night right before Adam’s tour is set in motion, he finds out that Mia is having a show somewhere nearby in the city. He immediately hits the road and attends her mini-concert.

Although he tries to remain hidden in the crowd, Mia notices him and invites Adam to join her backstage.

They are both glad to see each other and spend the night talking, sharing their emotions ideas and sorrows.

At first, all those questions revolving around their separation are sidestepped, but after some time Mia reveals the reasons behind her decision about breaking up with him.

During the long talks, Mia feels emotionally-bound to explain her actions and reasons for deciding to put an end to the relationship.

While she was struggling to come out of the coma, she heard Adam’s cry for help. He begged and prayed that Mia would finally wake up and continue with her life.

He went a step further by promising that he would let her go if Mia would open her eyes.

Such promise was, in fact, the turning point in their relationship, and she was angry at him for not allowing her to rest alongside those that she loved the most.

Rather than thanking him, Mia took that as a sign that Adam is partly responsible for her unhappiness and grief. To avoid further confrontations, she simply left him.

Where She Went Epilogue

The novel ends in an unusual fashion, and Mia now with a cool head expresses her gratitude and love towards Adam, and they bury the invisible hatchet.

You must acknowledge the fact that most love stories are equivalent to bumpy rides. If you keep trying to make things right, sooner or later you’ll come out on top.

Adam and Mia restored harmony in their relationship and continued exploring the world side by side.

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“Where She Went PDF Quotes”

Our Critical Review

Where She Went has received many positive critics by renowned experts, and it’s highly recommended to young adults passionate about fiction.

One for the records: while reading this novel, we were literally dragged into the events of the book, as if we were personally involved.

The author, sure knows how to keep its readers engaged and amazed.

12min Team

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Where She Went

Gayle Forman’s young adult novel Where She Went is the sequel to If I Stay and features the same characters: Mia Hall and Adam Wilde. Told in sparse prose from Adam’s point of view, it contains themes of loss, sacrifice, closure, family, and the aftermath of grief.

As the novel begins, Adam’s band Shooting Star is one of the biggest rock acts in the world. However, on the eve of their new tour, Adam, the star of the group, is overcome with dread. He is alienated from his bandmates, who resent his self-imposed isolation from them. They also struggle with the fact that the media publicity has increasingly focused on Adam, not on the entire group. Adam is also dependent on drugs and alcohol just to get through his days.

His greatest torment is the result of being left by Mia Hall, his high school girlfriend. An accomplished high school cellist, she is now a lauded professional musician. After she was in a car crash that killed her parents and younger brother, Mia slipped into a coma. After emerging from it and enduring through a painful, lengthy recovery, she leaves for Juilliard School of Music. And when she goes, she abandons Adam, despite her prior promises that they would always be together. Three years later, when the novel opens, Adam still has no idea why she left him.

The night before his tour begins, Adam happens to see that she is performing at a venue in the city. Although he tries to hide in the crowd, he is noticed. Mia is alerted to his presence and asks to see him backstage. They spend the night walking through Manhattan and avoiding the many questions surrounding their breakup.

Finally, Mia reveals her reason for leaving Adam. While she was in her coma, Adam begged her to stay alive. He promised that he would let her go, as long as she didn’t let herself die. She heard him and chose to come out of her coma. However, rather than being grateful for her life, she was overcome with anger, blaming him for the fact that she didn’t join her family in death.

As the novel ends, she shares this revelation with Adam and they reconcile. Where She Went has been critically acclaimed and is highly recommended for readers of young adult fiction.

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Where She Went Chapters 2-3 Summary

Aldous clears Adam’s timetable and urges him to go through a day alone and unplugged before the visit begins. As Adam meanders the avenues of New York, he ponders how terrible things have become with his band. They never at any point remain in a similar lodging any longer. At that point, he sees a flier with Mia’s face on it. She will act in a cello show that night. He promptly strolls to the movies and purchases a ticket.

Adam recollects the outcome of the mishap. The fender bender executed Mia’s folks right away. Her sibling had kicked the bucket in the ER soon after. Mia continued monstrous wounds to her legs and one arm, requiring broad medical procedures. However, she likewise endured cerebrum harm. It was not cataclysmic, yet it changed her character from vivacious to something dull and monotone. In the weeks following the mishap, she gets a letter saying that she has been acknowledged to the Juilliard School of music.

She promptly requests her cello and starts getting ready to enter the school five months after the fact. Playing the cello starts to recoup bits of her character, however her playing has changed. It has gone from something noteworthy to being, as one writer depicts it, “extraordinary. ” The day she left for Julliard, she disclosed to Adam she cherished him and stayed away forever. He didn’t understand that they had separated.

Ashley Davis

Author: Ashley Davis

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Where She Went, Gayle Forman - 9780525422945 (Author Interview)

Where She Went Chapter 1 Summary

Adam Wilde is the star of a celebrated musical crew and he is going to begin a 67-day visit. He drinks intensely and consumes medications to remain quiet. There’s no sign that he makes the most of his riches and notoriety, and there are indications that the doesn’t coexist with the individuals from his band. His director, Aldous, conveys him to a meeting with a columnist named Vanessa Legrande.

Despite the fact that this should be a standard exposure talk with, Vanessa tests into his past. She gets some information about a lady named Mia, with whom he went to secondary school. He advises her that he has a sweetheart named Bryn, not Mia. He denies being close with Mia, yet Vanessa has yearbook photographs inferring that they had been a couple. She advises him that Mia’s family was executed in an auto collision. Adam parts of the bargains and tempests out.

Ashley Davis

Author: Ashley Davis

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Summary where chapter she went

Where She Went [Book Review] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


Community Rating: 70.57% (12)

The follow-up to If I Stay flips things and brings us to Adam’s point of view years after Mia’s accident, and we learn what happened to our favorite musicians from two opposite worlds.

Review (with Spoilers)

Based on a recommendation I decided to read this book, and while I have to admit I was iffy about the first book until nearly midway, or near the end, with being familiar with Adam it made starting the book easier. Then, when it comes to story, thankfully Gayle Forman didn’t repeat the formula she had in If I Stay where she would jump back and forth through time creating an experience where it seemed she just wanted every last person mentioned fleshed out and her forcing the idea they are relevant. Instead, when the past is used for the story, it is more natural and helps reinforce what was just talked about in the last chapter and helps us discover what went wrong between Mia and Adam, as well as Adam and Shooting Star. For more on the story, look below.

Characters & Story

The story takes place 3 years after the end of If I Stay and a lot has happened for, and to, our favorite couple. Mia got into Julliard and got on the fast track program, of which she is graduating from when we are reintroduced to her, and Adam and Shooting Star have Grammy awards, platinum records, and sold-out tours. But, the one thing these two don’t have is each other. After Mia got out of her coma, things for a while were good between her and Adam. It wasn’t exactly the same, since Mia had to do rehab, had scars from surgeries, and Adam went from cool rock star boyfriend to worry wart, but they still had each other.

But then something changed. Mia went off to Julliard and never came back and while Kim still got to see Mia, Adam didn’t end up seeing Mia for nearly 3 years. Mind you, they never broke up and if this was a marriage technically Adam could file divorce papers citing abandonment. So there is your heart of the story: Why did Mia, without warning, decide to ignore and take Adam out of her life? For while Adam is this successful rock star with a Hollywood girlfriend and all, as his girlfriend Bryn says, Mia is the ghost of their relationship. One which Adam can’t screw her out of his thoughts, replace her with another or find anyone who can really mean as much to him. Making their encounter an awkward meeting which leads to a burgeoning fissure of emotions.


Between reading the first book and my anticipation for the movie, reading this book was strangely a breeze. I was getting through multiple chapters a day, I found Forman’s writing to have evolved since the first book, and I was really absorbed in the question of: why did Mia just abandon Adam? Something which is danced around for most of the book as they spend a night together before they are to split forever. And while Adam sought closure, by the end you kind of feel like you are as well. For you fell in love with the idea of Mia and Adam as a couple, and though you would prefer them together than apart, you also want them to be happy. So, in the end, it isn’t just Adam who wants answers to know what happened, but you as well.

Making for an overall book which does well in flipping the central character, showing the growth of the author, as well as create an excellent story which is coherent and has you crossing your fingers in hopes for more than closure, but a happy ending.

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Where She Went Chapters 1-5 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 1 Summary

Adam Wilde is the star of a famous rock band and he is about to start a 67-day tour. He drinks heavily and takes drugs to stay calm. There’s no sign that he enjoys his wealth and fame, and there are hints that the does not get along with the members of his band. His manager, Aldous, delivers him to an interview with a reporter named Vanessa Legrande. Though this is supposed to be a standard publicity interview, Vanessa probes into his past. She asks him about a woman named Mia, with whom he went to high school. He reminds her that he has a girlfriend named Bryn, not Mia. He denies being close with Mia, but Vanessa has yearbook photos implying that they had been a couple. She reminds him that Mia’s family was killed in a car crash. Adam ends the interview abruptly and storms out.

Chapter 2 Summary

Aldous clears Adam’s schedule and encourages him to spend a day alone and unplugged before the tour starts. As Adam wanders the streets of New York, he thinks about how bad things have become with his band. They never even stay in the same hotel anymore.

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Where She Went by Gayle Forman

where she went

Where She Went, the sequel to If I Stay, is full of emotion, beautifully written, and definitely aimed at an older YA audience.

You remember If I Stay, right? I gushed on about it at length a couple of years ago and still love that book like crazy.

where she went by gayle forman

For those of you who missed If I Stay (SPOILER!), the basic gist is that Mia is in a horrific car accident with her family and finds herself forced to decide whether she wants to fight to live or let herself slip from her coma into death. One of the main things that helps her make up her mind is her boyfriend, Adam, who tells her that if she stays, he’ll do anything for her, even if that means giving her up if it’s too painful to see him and be reminded of the life she has all but lost.

And now Where She Went picks up three years after the end of If I Stay. Mia did choose to stay and Adam was instrumental in helping her work through recovery. She goes back to her music (cello) within months and heads to Julliard on schedule. And then, she abruptly breaks off contact with Adam. He hasn’t heard from her at all in nearly three years.

In those three years, Adam’s band, which fell apart after Mia’s accident, has reunited and gone on to become huge. Can’t go out alone in public kind of huge. Has a movie star girlfriend kind of huge. But he is still absolutely shattered over what he feels is Mia’s betrayal. After all they’d been through together, how could she possibly just disappear like that?

And, of course, part of him knows that he offered just this scenario to her in order to convince her to stay (although she was in a coma at the time). And even more ironic is the fact that the songs that shot them to stardom are ones he wrote in the emotional abyss following the end of their relationship. No wonder he can’t escape thinking about her – every thing about his career, which has become his whole life, is about Mia.

Adam is in New York with one free day before he goes off on the next international tour and, as if by fate, he reconnects with Mia. She has just graduated and is launching her music career. And so here they are, together for one evening, while Adam tries to wrestle his feelings for Mia into some sort of sense. He still loves her, maybe, but he is also so incredibly angry with her for deserting him.

I was seriously worried about Where She Went – would it weaken If I Stay for me? And yes, maybe it does a tiny bit because I love If I Stay as a standalone novel. But I can’t pretend I wasn’t thrilled to hear there would be more to this story.

I think Gayle Forman’s writing is just astoundingly good in both books. There is a lot of back and forth in this book between the present and Adam’s memories of the past, both the years since the accident and his relationship with Mia before the car crash that turned both of their lives upside down, and yet all of it is so crystal clear. The effortless combination of the past and the present was just as good here as it was in If I Stay. Both of these books feel so natural to me, as all the little memories, the small moments combine into one very strong and unforced story line.

And Adam is so  . . . exactly what I thought he would be based on Mia’s view of him from If I Stay. The emotional roller coaster he’s been on for the past three years is just as realistic as it could possibly be and the way he reacts to both Mia’s leaving and now their unexpected reunion is perfect.

Each chapter begins with a few lyrics from one of Adam’s songs (the songs that transported him to rock star status) and usually lyrics make me cringe, but these were fantastic. I wish they were real songs that I could listen to on Pandora or something.

I will say that the ending fell slightly flat for me. Where If I Stay finished on such a high note for me, this one didn’t quite make it. I’m not sure what I would have wanted instead, but this wasn’t exactly it. Close, but not quite.

Also, there is no question that this is a book for a slightly more mature audience. It’s not at all gratuitous or explicit, but you definitely are aware that Adam has lived the rockstar life, at least to some degree.

I’ve read If I Stay twice already, which is extremely rare for me, since I do very little re-reading, but I’m planning to read it again this year. I just can’t help myself. The more distance I get from Where She Went, the more I just fall in love with these two stories all over again.

Also, this cover? I love it. I know it’s gotten some flack for having Mia on the front when this is Adam’s story, but his whole story is Mia. Even in those years when she’s not around, her memory is a constant presence in his life. And I just love this pretty pretty cover.

My librarian brain thought a lot about Where She Went and where it fits in a library collection. It’s being promoted as young adult book and it’s the sequel to a very-definitely YA book, but the characters in this book are now three (and four) years out of high school. Mia is done with college. Both of them have real careers. You don’t see a lot of YA books with main characters this old (and this is most certainly aimed at an older YA audience).What a giant nerd I am.

Copy sent to me by the utterly fantastic Abby (the) Librarian

Sours: https://everyday-reading.com/where-she-went-by-gayle-forman/

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