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LED Wheel Lights Flashing Colorful - Led Flash Tyre Wheel Valve Cap Light Set for Car, Bike, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Tricycle, Golf Cart Tire, Motion Activated (4 Pcs)

LED Wheel Lights Flashing Colorful - Led Flash Tyre Wheel Valve Cap Light Set for Car, Bike, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Tricycle, Golf Cart Tire, Motion Activated (4 Pcs)


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Product Details

  • Increases nighttime and bad weather visibility for safety , Bring more enjoyment to your drive.
  • When your wheel starts to move, it automatically flashes and forming a colorful aperture of light which make your car/motorcycle/bicycle look beautiful. it will be turned off after the wheels stopped 10 seconds. It has waterproof and power-saving functions.
  • Suitable for american valve and english valve cars, motorcycles, electric cars, bicycles. French valve unavailable.
  • Easy To Install - Just remove the dam paper in the battery case and your existing tire valve cap, then screw cap lights on instead.
  • Installs on standard tyre air stem valve of cars, motocycles or bicycles.
Item Weight ounces ( grams)
Package Dimensions x x inches ( x x cm)
Manufacturer Part NumberHhobake
Bulb TypeLED


LED Wheel Lights Flashing Colorful - Led Flash Tyre Wheel Valve Cap Light Set for Car, Bike, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Tricycle, Golf Cart Tire, Motion Activated (4 Pcs)

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LEDGlow's 12pc Million Color LED Golf Cart Lighting Kit with Canopy, Wheel Well & Interior Lights is the ultimate neon accent lighting kit for your golf cart, featuring visually stunning SMD LED technology. Included are (2) 28” & (2) 18” underglow tubes, (2) 8” interior lighting tubes, (2) 36” canopy lighting tubes, and (4) 12” wheel well lighting tubes. Access 10 solid colors and 16 lighting effects, including Million Color Fade Mode, using the kit’s control box and wireless remotes. You’ll also receive everything required for installation, and this golf cart LED kit can be powered by any 12 volt source including your golf cart’s 12 volt battery.

Control Box Modes
Select Solid Illumination Mode with 10 Color Options, 3 Fade Modes, 3 Strobe Modes, a Color Cycle, 2 Flashing Modes, 4 Sound Activation Modes and more. With Million Color Fade Mode you’ll be able to scroll through a nearly unlimited range of variations in the shading of each solid color option. Solid colors include Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Teal, Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, White & Yellow. You can activate all of these features through the wireless remotes or the control box.

LEDGlow Guarantee

LEDGlow includes free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty with each purchase.

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LEDGlow 12pc Million Color LED Golf Cart Underglow Accent Neon Lighting Kit with Wheel Well & Interior Lights for EZGO Yamaha Club Car - Fits Electric & Gas Golf Carts - Water Resistant


  • (2) 28” & (2) 18” Flexible, Water Resistant Tubes
  • 84 Ultra-Bright, Wide-Angle SMD LEDs
  • 18 SMD LEDs Per Each 18” Tube
  • 24 SMD LEDs Per Each 28” Tube
  • Underbody Tubes Feature 9’ of Wire


  • (4) 12” Flexible, Water Resistant Tubes
  • 48 Ultra-Bright, Wide-Angle SMD LEDs
  • 12 SMD LEDs Per Tube
  • Wheel Well Tubes Feature 9’ of Wire
  • Zip Ties, Self-Tapping Screws & More


  • (4) 8” Flexible, Water Resistant Light Tubes
  • 24 Ultra-Bright, Wide-Angle SMD LEDs
  • 6 SMD LEDs Per Tube
  • Interior Tubes Feature 9’ of Wire
  • Tape Strips, Zip Ties & More
LEDGlow - How To Install Million Color Golf Cart Add-On Lights

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Wheel led golf lights cart

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LEDGlow - How To Install LED Underbody Lights On An Electric Golf Cart

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