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Bonolenov, Feitan, Shizuku, Franklin, Hisoka Morow, Uvogin, Kalluto, Kortopi, Phinks, Nobunaga Kazama, Shalnark, Machi, Pakunoda and Chrollo Lucilfer | Phantom Troupe // Genei Ryodan | Hunter x Hunter #hxh #spider #kuroro Hisoka, Killua, Overwatch, Fnaf, My Little Pony, Emo Boys, Slayer Anime, Hunter X Hunter, Beautiful Boys
Bonolenov, Feitan, Shizuku, Franklin, Hisoka Morow, Uvogin, Kalluto, Kortopi, Phinks, Nobunaga Kazama, Shalnark, Machi, Pakunoda and Chrollo Lucilfer | Phantom Troupe // Genei Ryodan | Hunter x Hunter #hxh #spider #kuroro
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Tags: Fanart, Hunter x Hunter, Pixiv, Hisoka, Phantom Troupe, Chrollo Lucifer, Feitan, Pakunoda, Phinks, Franklin, Kortopi, Nobunaga Hazama, Shalnark, Shizuku (Hunter x Hunter), Uvogin, Bonolenov, Machi (Hunter x Hunter), M.A.Leaf

Hunter x Hunter: 5 Characters Who Can Defeat Chrollo (& 5 Who Can&#;t)

Chrollo Lucilfer is one of the main antagonists to appear in Hunter x Hunter. He leads an infamous band of criminals known as the Phantom Troupe. Chrollo is extremely powerful, and his skills are up there with the best in the series. Few can hope to take him on in a fight, and even fewer can hope to defeat him in a prolonged battle.

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However, there are certainly those who are above his level, and we think Chrollo isn't quite ready to defeat them in a fight. Here are 5 Hunter x Hunter who can defeat Chrollo, as well as 5 who don't stand a chance against him.

10 Can Defeat Chrollo: Meruem

Meruem was the strongest character in the entirety of Hunter x Hunter. He was the leader of the Chimera Ants, and his subjects referred to him as King. His strength was impeccable, and so was his intelligence.

Few could ever hope to hold their ground against him in battle, and the only one to do that against him was Isaac Netero—even then Netero ended up losing badly. Someone like Chrollo stands no chance in front of Meruem, and that's something we believe everyone who has watched or read the series knows.

9 Doesn't Stand A Chance: Killua

Killua is a Hunter who accompanies Gon on his journey all the time. He's also an incredible assassin, and his skills were drilled into him at a young age by his family. Killua has grown very much over time, and he's now strong enough to fight against a Chimera Ant Squadron Leader and defeat them.

However, he's certainly not close to the strongest characters in the series, and, for that, we think Killua can't take on Chrollo yet. That's not to say that he can't surpass him, of course. As we know, Killua's potential is tremendous, and, one day, he could possibly get stronger than Chrollo.

8 Can Defeat Chrollo: Kurapika

Another one of Gon's friends, Kurapika is a member of the Kurta Clan which was once annihilated by the Phantom Troupe. He seeks to avenge his clan by killing off the members of the Phantom Troupe involved in the tragedy.

As an expert Nen user, Kurapika can defeat any member of the Phantom Troupe since he's bound himself by a contract that lets him deal with them easily. He was able to defeat Uvogin without much trouble and even got Chrollo to submit to him. For him, defeating Chrollo in a fight wouldn't be too hard.

7 Doesn't Stand A Chance: Leorio

Leorio is a Hunter who is currently studying to become a Doctor. He's a friend of Gon's, just like Killua and Kurapika. Unfortunately, Leorio's skills aren't on the same level as his friends.

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He may be powerful to some extent, but he certainly isn't anywhere close to Chrollo. If the two were to fight, Chrollo would decimate him within seconds. It goes without saying that Leorio needs to grow stronger if he is to keep up with the crew.

6 Can Defeat Chrollo: Adult Gon

Gon transformed into his most dangerous state upon finding out about Kite's fate and turned into a monster. He did this in his fight against Neferpitou of Meruem's Royal Guard.

According to what was mentioned in the story, Gon was comparable to Meruem himself during this transformation, meaning he was much stronger than someone like Chrollo. Of course, Gon can't use this form again, but, if he were to access it somehow, Chrollo would lose the fight terribly.

5 Doesn't Stand A Chance: Genthru

Another antagonist from Hunter x Hunter like Chrollo, Genthru made his appearance during the Greed Island arc of the series where he proved to be a lethal villain to deal with. He led to countless deaths in the game, and, ultimately, he needed to be stopped by Gon.

Genthru's Nen ability allowed to plant bombs, which gave him the moniker of :The Bomber." However, despite his deadly abilities, he wasn't able to defeat Gon in a fight, which shows that his level wasn't too high after all. If he were to come up against Chrollo, he'd lose within minutes, and we're certain of that fact.

4 Can Defeat Chrollo: Neferpitou

Neferpitou was a member of the Royal Guard of Meruem. They're extremely powerful, and their abilities were such that even Kite, a seasoned Hunter, wasn't able to do anything to them. According to Colt, Pitou was far stronger than even Netero.

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Chrollo, while powerful, doesn't have the skills to deal with Pitou at all. In fact, even if Chrollo has some sort of help, we highly doubt that he'd be able to put up a fight against Pitou since they're just that strong.

3 Doesn't Stand A Chance: Silva Zoldyck

Silva Zoldyck is the current leader of the Zoldyck family, and he's definitely someone not to be underestimated. He's very powerful, as he's proven in the past when he fought against Chrollo and even the Chimera Ants. During the York New City Saga, Silva and Zeno fought Chrollo together, and he was still able to hold them at bay.

According to Zeno, if Chrollo gets serious, he could defeat him in battle, which is what we think would happen in his fight against Silva Zoldyck, as well.

2 Can Defeat Chrollo: Hisoka

Hisoka and Chrollo have quite a bit of history, as seen in the Hunter x Hunter series. People remember him as someone who challenged Chrollo and lost the fight. However, it must be noted that Chrollo had a tremendous amount of preparation time for being able to pull this off, and even he acknowledged that.

Furthermore, it is likely that Chrollo secretly received help from the members of the Troupe in this fight, which is how he was able to defeat Hisoka in the first place. In a fair fight, Hisoka would win.

1 Doesn't Stand A Chance: Cheetu

Cheetu was one of the Chimera Ants Squadron leaders who played a decent part in the Chimera Ant arc of Hunter x Hunter. As expected of a Squadron leader, he was very powerful, capable enough to fight with someone like Morel.

However, he was killed in just one shot by Silva Zoldyck, which shows us what his level truly was. In a fight against Chrollo, he truly wouldn't stand a chance, and we think it'll be over within minutes.

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Hunter X Hunter&#;s Chrollo Vs Hisoka Fight: Who Won?

The confrontation between Chrollo and Hisoka is one of the best battles in Hunter X Hunter, but who won the bout? Shōnen fantasy manga Hunter X Hunter is the brainchild of Yu Yu Hakusho creator Yoshihiro Togashi and has been adapted into not one but two anime series (the first by Nippon Animation and the second by the acclaimed Studio Madhouse). The series follows a boy named Gon who sets out in his absent father’s footsteps by becoming a Hunter – an elite professional who locates rare lifeforms and lost treasures, surveys unexplored lands and hunts down criminals.

To become a Hunter, Gon must pass a series of grueling trials. Gon meets several other wannabe Hunters while taking the exam, one of which is Hisoka Morow – a fellow examinee and one of the main antagonists. Hisoka is an amoral, self-serving character who loves nothing more than spilling blood and subsequently has a pretty big kill count. Hisoka doesn’t fight just anybody, either, preferring instead to battle powerful opponents who he deems worthy enough to go up against him.

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Throughout the show, Hisoka longs to fight Chrollo Lucilfer – the powerful leader of a gang of thieves known as the Phantom Troupe; they also form an odd friendship on Hunter X Hunter. Hisoka even went so far as to join the Phantom Troupe so he could fight Chrollo but his plans were scuppered when he learned that Chrollo was unable to use Nen (the power system in Hunter X Hunter that gives characters their unique abilities) and thus was no longer a worthy opponent. However, after Hisoka finds a way to reinstate Chrollo’ powers he finally fulfills his wish of fighting the leader.

The long-awaited, multi-chapter fight between Hisoka and Chrollo kicks off in Hunter X Hunter chapter and begins with the opponents agreeing it will be a battle to the death. With the stakes set so high, Hisoka and Chrollo use everything in their arsenal to defeat each other but Chrollo soon gets the upper hand by cloning audience members and using them as puppets to attack Hisoka. Their epic Hunter X Hunter battle came to an end when Chrollo commanded his army of puppets to rush Hisoka and self-destruct. The resulting explosion killed Hisoka, leaving Chrollo the victor.

Being killed by Chrollo didn’t mean that Hisoka’s time in Hunter X Hunter was over, however. Hisoka soon revived himself and vowed to kill off each of the Phantom Troupe underlings, possibly to weaken Chrollo so he can defeat him in a rematch. So far Hisoka has made good on his promise by killing Phantom Troupe members Kortopi and Shalnark but because the Hunter X Hunter manga is on another one of its infamous hiatuses, it could be some time before fans see how Hisoka’s vengeful plans pan out.

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