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Reddit Reddit reviews The Millennial Project: Colonizing the Galaxy in Eight Easy Steps

The book The Millenial Project: Colonizing the Galaxy in Eight Easy Steps talks about a suit that is made from a material similar to lycra.

The anthology Armored has a bunch of stories about armored suits, and possible variations from those.

Imagine the suits to vary depending on mission and MOS. Infantry, navigation, logistics, engineering etc.

If we get all fancy, lets imagine that they are all made of smart matter, or quantum dots, or some sort of mix that allows high variability, adaptation, low weight, and lots of energy available to do the sort of stuff our hero would need doing.

Remember the utility fog in "Quantum Thief"? I imagine that these new suits would be pretty much like that, fast reaction times, not in the way unless needed, light, flexible and extremely expensive. Also, failure ought to be benign as to protect until rescued.

Sours: https://www.petagadget.com/a/the-millennial-project-colonizing-the-galaxy-in-eight-easy-steps-0316771635
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Instead of plugging their SoundCloud, Twitter users are cashing in on their five minutes of fame by promoting a bedroom projector in the follow-up to their viral tweets. The marketing strategy, which promises users up to $50, has been pioneered by OceanGalaxyLight, a company selling night-sky projectors. But the images they use are not always their own, or even of their product, and experts doubt just how effective the technique really is. 

There’s nothing new about a bit of promotion under a viral tweet. When Twitter introduced threading in 2017, viral tweeters began sharing their SoundClouds, Instagrams and PayPals under their tweets. Thus, the ubiquitous “wow this blew up! While you’re here…” was born. 

Around six months ago, one company began exploiting this prime advertising real estate. OceanGalaxyLight started reaching out to users who’d gone viral and asking them to post an ad for their projector, in exchange for quick cash. The projector shines a galactic scene onto bedroom ceilings and is sold at $49.99.

Take a look under any viral tweet and there’s a good chance you’ll see them there. When Twitter user McTapia’s tweet about coronavirus cases at the University of Alabama started going viral, a promo account for OceanGalaxyLight got in touch via DM. 

“Hi! Could we payfor [sic] a promotiion [sic] under your tweet?” the message read. 

“At first glance, they were pretty sketchy. The account only had 233 followers,” McTapia told Motherboard via Twitter DM. 

The promo account asked for his CashApp account and—before even having the chance to discuss rates or get his agreement—it had sent over $20 and the text for the promoted tweet.

McTapia’s original viral tweet went on to get 11 million impressions and over 60,000 retweets. His follow-up tweet, promoting the OceanGalaxyLight projector, got 253,150 impressions. 1,391 of those users clicked the link to OceanGalaxyLights website. 

“At the time they messaged, I had over 1 million engagements and only got $20. So I know in the marketing world they exploited the heck out of the tweet," he said. "Not that I care much, I got free money from tweeting. But in the future I might try to negotiate more." 

Some users were paid up to $50 for the shoutout, while others were paid as little as $15.

Nik Speller, Strategy and Partnerships Director at the marketing company Influencer, said that a social media influencer can expect anything from 3 cents to 30 cents per impression for a sponsored post. That means, for the 250,000 impressions McTapia achieved, he might have been paid $7500.

But Speller says it's not the best comparison. “Obviously, the tweet shown with the product is irrelevant to the viral tweet, so although it gets seen by a lot of people, it probably doesn’t deliver much," he said. “The key elements of any influencer campaign are relevancy, authenticity, and frequency. This approach fails on pretty much all three, so I doubt it returns much in terms of brand recall, product awareness, or sales."

OceanGalaxyLight is one of a huge number of "starry night light projector" brands selling seemingly identical products. The websites are almost cookie-cutter copies of one another, and many even use the same images.

Bry, another Twitter user who would only give his first name, purchased a projector from BlissLights and tweeted a picture in 2019. A year later, he came across his own photo being used to promote a different company’s product: OceanGalaxyLight. He’d never heard of the company, and he hadn’t bought a light from them.

And it wasn’t just OceanGalaxyLight—the image is now featured on more than 70 websites. It was being used to promote the LED Bluetooth Nebula Cloud Galaxy Projector 2.0 from TheLitLights, the Nebula GalacticGlo Projector, the Astro Projector from AstroXLit, the Projecteur-Galaxie from Funky Lampes and many others. 

When Bry tweeted that his photo was being used without permission, OceanGalaxyLight promised to “investigate” and remove the photo. At the time of writing, the picture is still featured on their website. Not only is it being used without attribution or permission, Bry told Motherboard, it isn’t even their product. 

OceanGalaxyLight did not respond to Motherboard's requests for comment.

A nearly identical product is available for $15.99 on the Chinese online marketplace AliExpress. It has led some to accuse OceanGalaxyLight of dropshipping—the practice of shipping a cheap product directly from a manufacturer to the consumer at a huge mark-up. When confronted, the company denied it, according to a Twitter DM conversation shared with Motherboard. 

Whatever the case may be, Speller thinks it's unlikely OceanGalaxyLight's approach is making bank off its viral promotion endeavor. “Instead, the company are just kidding themselves into buying vanity metrics at a very low price."

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Sours: https://www.vice.com/en/article/xg83n3/why-viral-tweets-are-trying-to-sell-you-these-galaxy-light-projectors
Ocean Galaxy Light Review!
  • Shop now at Amazon From Amazon

    The BlissLights Sky Lite Projector is one of the most popular projectors you can buy. It is incredibly compact so it doesn’t take up too much room in your living room or bedroom. The projector is lightweight but extremely powerful. You will be surprised that so much light comes from such a little projector. This Laser Star Projector can do a number of super cool things.

    This projector can turn your game room or bedroom or movie room into a landscape of nebulas and galaxies. There is also a mood or ambient light function that produces green or blue light. The lights are soothing and are perfect for chilling watching your favorite movie or drifting off into sleep. This is the perfect gift for kids and adults alike. 

  • Shop now at Amazon From Amazon

    With a totally unique design, this star projector will fit in perfectly to any home in a child’s room or living area. Turn your game room or man cave into a dope landscape of stars, moons, and nebulas. As stated before, this galaxy projector has a design unlike some of the others which makes it look like part of the decor of any room. This projector does something that most others don’t do. It plays music to add another piece to creating the most incredible ambiance. 

    This 4-color, red, blue, green, and white light projector support solid color, bi-color, and tri-color lighting effects that can be switched manually or automatically, creating up to 16 lighting modes. You can utilize push buttons or the remote control to change the lighting effects to your desired features. You can even sync your phone so that the projector plays music wirelessly. This is a fantastic gift idea for yourself, your kids, or anyone that likes movies or enjoys playing video games. 

  • Shop now at Amazon From Amazon

    The Sky Projector from Fortally features a lightweight design and can do a number of really cool things that will make this your new favorite purchase or gift idea. At such a reasonable price you are going to want to get one for every room of the house. From nightlight to starscape this projector has a silent motor and can transform any room into a beautiful night full of stars. If you prefer an ambient light feature, this projector can also provide that as well.

    The sky projector features 13 kinds of light effect, High-resolution stars and moon rotate on the ceiling or wall, colorful nebula cloud float quietly under the night sky. There are multiple modes that will provide you with dozens of hours of cool lighting effects. The LED lights feature voice controls and easy four touch buttons so kids and adults find it super easy to use. You can even adjust the base for four different levels to project on different parts of the room.

  • Shop now at Amazon From Amazon

    With a really cool design featuring a faux crystal that makes it almost as visually appealing off as it is on. The black design makes it a perfect blend in item to whatever room you put it in, meaning that it won’t stick out and will pair with any existing decor. You can choose the lighting you want to match your mood. You can use the remote control that changes the lighting array from a night sky to a relaxing underwater oasis. 

    The projector also features a voice control feature as well as a built-in speaker so you can pair your music with the lights. You can also dim the lights to your liking and choose between 10 options from white to blue to green to a multicolor option. You can sync up your smartphone and run the speaker through bluetooth. Choose whatever song you want to listen to while you play video games or drift away to sleep. Makes for a great gift idea for mancaves, dorm rooms, kids’ rooms, and home theaters.


    What You Get:

    1 x light projector

    1 x USB cable

    1 x remote

    1 x instruction manual.

    Notice: batteries (2 AAA) for remote not included.

  • Shop now at Amazon From Amazon

    With one of the best exterior designs on this list, this galaxy star projector is small, lightweight, blends in perfectly with any decor, and puts on one heck of a light show. This projector makes a great gift for kids, adults, gamers, movie lovers, dorm rooms, and bachelor pads. The sleek black design with big bright crystal on the front makes this item easy to pair with your existing room decor. You are going to love having this around the house, it will quite literally transform any room you put it in. 

    The remote control is incredibly user friendly and allows you to control your projector from anywhere in the same room. There are eight different colors that can be adjusted to your specific mood or activity. You can change your backdrop to the ocean or sky at night. The projector also has a timer and auto-shutdown features so you don’t leave it running when you don’t want it to be. Connect your phone via Bluetooth and play whatever music or audio books you want. 

  • Shop now at Amazon From Amazon

    If you are looking for something a little different there is an option that has a different build than most other projectors. The adjustable metal base on the underside of the white body will move your light show around the walls or ceiling at any angle that you like. This gives you more control over this projector than other similar items. You can even add voice control features by syncing this galaxy star projector up to your Alexa powered devices. 

    There are multiple light configurations, you can choose between 10 different colors, a starry night, or even an ocean display. Each is just as soothing and relaxing as the others. There is also a remote control that comes with this projector so you can control any colors and scenes without getting up off the couch. It makes for a fantastic night light for kiddos and can be set up in gaming rooms or theaters, living rooms, and bedrooms. It features a built-in mini Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to tunes or audio books.

  • Shop now at Amazon From Amazon

    Another really cool looking projector for your bedroom, movie room, living room, or kids’ room. With an even smaller design and lighter weight than other projectors, this makes a perfect addition to any room. It won’t take up too much space and won’t get in your way. you can discreetly put this on any bedstand or table in the room and never have to worry about it again. The voice control will allow you to control this item without leaving your bed or couch and you can even control it in a kid’s room from yours. 

    It features 3 monochrome, 2 color mixing, and automatic conversion of stars and moons that can form 13 different stage light effects. The combinations and variances of lights are amazing and you and/or your kids will absolutely love how much this device changes the atmosphere in any room. After being fully charged, the 2000mAh rechargeable battery is very convenient and will allow you to enjoy the lights more than you change them. This projector can be used by adults, kids, DJs, schools, any place that wants a super cool light show.

  • Shop now at Amazon From Amazon

    Perhaps you are looking for a completely different style than the other galaxy projectors out there. Something a bit more modern that has a sharperlook than plain black or plain white. This projector should definitely do the trick. If you have an interior decor that requires that things match all over the house or apartment then you should definitnely invest in this projector. It has a faux wood grain finish that is super cool and still has all of the awesome features of some of the other projectors out there.

    This projector features 21 lighting modes, 14 lighting colors and 3 brightness levels. You can adjust to your liking in any room of the house. It makes for an excellent gift for gamers, moms, dads, kids and anyone else that wants a dope background in their room. The laser star projector light of dynamic nebula built-in 1H, 2H, and 4H auto-off timer, the LED night light projector light will automatically shut off after the preset time. Use your phone or remote to control the light. Add music through the built-in speakers.

  • Shop now at Amazon From Amazon

    This insanely cool projector is designed to look like a UFO which is totally appropriate given what this item projects onto your ceiling and walls. This is a welcomed addition to any room in the house and pairs perfectly with video games, as a night light or for movie watching when you can’t get outside to enjoy the real stars. This is a 4 in 1 projector so it can do multiple things so you can mix it up a bit when deciding what you want the enjoy.

    With an LED light it will create a solid or multicolored cloud wave, showing you a fairy ambiance. You can adjust your desired brightness with 4 levels. The built-in high-quality dual stereo speaker gives you a crystal sound quality which could compare with a professional speaker. You can use a remote or your smartphone to control both the music and the lights. You can choose from a dreamlike moon, lovely stars, beautiful cloud wave as your projections. 

  • Shop now at Amazon From Amazon

    This projector looks like something out of a Star Wars movie. The design is similar to a hamster wheel and definitely has that Storm trooper type look to it. This one gets a ton of cool points on the looks of the projector but also does some insane things that will increase the appeal of any room that it is located in. You can transform any room or party into whatever kind of galaxy or color that you want. We can all agree that each of the projectors is totally cool, but this one has a look that some folks won’t be able to take their eyes off of.

    The star projector with remote control makes it easy to cycle through light effects, adjust brightness, or start/stop the rotating motion. Built-in music speaker, play your favorite lullaby music, relaxing, meditation music through the night light projector while watching the aurora nebula cloud galaxy at night. Perfect for a nursery or kid’s room especially for sleepovers. Take your movie night to the next level and turn your game room into a gamer’s paradise. 

  • Shop now at Amazon From Amazon

    Probably the most colorful out of all the projectors on this list, this projector blends in completely with the light show when it is turned on. It looks great when it isn’t on and actually adds a bit of color to whatever shelf or table it sits on. Just because it looks a certain way doesn’t mean it is any less powerful or fun than the others on this list. Upgrade your game room, living room, nursery, or bedroom with this small but insanely useful little projector. You are going to love having this thing in your home. 

    This galaxy projector can project 10-color clouds 360°rotational dynamic ocean wave you can decide to display a solid color or a mixed color. Built-in Mini Bluetooth Music Speaker and USB slot, choose your favorite lullaby music, relaxing, meditation music through your phone or UDisk while watching the incredible galaxy light show at night. Sync to your phone and control the projector, lights, music, and all from the palm of your hand. This makes for a great gift for college kids staying in a dorm or furnishing a new apartment, but adults will love having this item too.

  • Shop now at Amazon From Amazon

    What a genius idea to combine the galaxy projector with a standard digital alarm clock. Not only is it a cool design but it will take up less space than having a projector and clock on the same table. Functioning as both a clock and projector this is one of the hottest items sold right now. It makes for a perfect gift for anyone and fits in most bedrooms, living rooms, mancaves, dorm rooms, and nursery/kids rooms. Make sure you get the projector that fits both your life and your decor the best way. 

    This multifunctional star projector night light, which includes 8 galaxy light effect modes and starry projection modes, a white noise function that can promote sleep, and smart Bluetooth speaker features. It also has an adjustable LED night light and alarm clock function and 8+1 projection modes with nebula and starry projections to choose from. This is a cool item to use as a DJ as a compact light show. It performs all of the functions of a clock including alarms and sleep modes. Also, it comes with remote control for easy use. 

  • Shop now at Amazon From Amazon

    Are you looking for a galaxy projector that is designed specifically for kids? Maybe something built especially for nursery’s and kids’ rooms? This projector has you covered. Not only is it kid-safe because it doesn’t overheat and won’t burn their little hands if they touch it, but it is built as an educational tool on top of a wicked cool night light.

    Night lights with 6 different atmospheres and 360-degree rotation can effectively improve a baby’s sleeping. It includes six different films featuring Christmas, Happy Birthday, Constellation, Galaxy, Moon & Star, and Cute fish and has 6 other films for early education and development including Zoo, Botanical garden, Aquarium, Traffic, Solar system, Planets. Built-in 4 colors of lamp beads, support 6 different lighting effects namely blue, yellow, white, sequential, slow fade, and combination. Your kiddos will love this projector lamp!

  • Shop now at Amazon From Amazon

    Designed for homes with tons of tech this projector is built to look like smart speakers and smart devices so that it blends in well and won’t stick out amongst the rest of your gear. Perfect for a home theater or even a DJ setup this projector can rest in a kitchen, living room, man cave, nursery, kids room, or game room. It is slender enough to not be glaring and strong enough to perform every task that you need it to. It comes with remote control and can be synced to your phone for ease of use.

    This galaxy projector can display both stars and nebula clouds across a variety of different settings. The colored clouds alternately rotate and project high-resolution stars. The galaxy projector can be adjusted from 4 different angles thanks to the design of 4 plat sides at the base. Upgrade your home without spending thousands of dollars on lighting rigs and steups. This is also a perfect device for YouTubers and social media users that want to add a bit of color to their streams. 

  • Shop now at Amazon From Amazon

    This projector is definitely going to stand out on this list of the most awesome galaxy projectors. This turtle projector combines the soft, plush comfort of a stuffed animal and the beautiful majesty of a star or galaxy projector. Perfect for babies, toddlers, and kiddos this projector will be their new favorite thing and they will bring it everywhere with them. This is a must-have for any kid that still uses a night light and still sleeps with a stuffed animal every night.

    The projector features a 45-minute timer that will shut the lights off while your kiddo(s) are getting their best sleep. The projector shines in three different colors, blue, green, and amber. It also features a starry night sky projection that has 8 different constellations so your child or children can learn about astronomy. It is soft and cuddly and also comes in three different colors. 

Sours: https://heavy.com/tech/galaxy-projectors/

Light review galaxy reddit ocean

Best Home Planetarium 2021 & Buyer’s Guide

Buyer's Guide & FAQ:

At this point I would like to show you what you have to consider when buying a home planetarium. I have written a big buyer's guide for this. I also answer frequently asked questions.

Scope of delivery

The first thing you should look at at any home planetarium is the scope of delivery. You should try to evaluate which accessories are included, if you really need them and what quality they have.


With regard to the functions, you should consider how many features the home planetarium has. But more is not always better. Rather, everything had to function as desired. You must also pay special attention to how realistic the starry sky is displayed, the quality of the projection and how many celestial bodies are displayed. A good projection is probably the most important thing for a room planetarium.

Many home planetariums make quite loud noises, especially during automatic rotation. If you want to relax primarily with the star projection, however, this is very unfavorable. You should also bear this in mind when buying.


In addition to the inner values, you should consider the outer factors for each device. One of these is quality. With this evaluation criterion, I can see, for example, how often the projector has any errors according to customer reviews and what physical effects it can withstand. I also look at how high-quality the material and the workmanship look.

Price Performance

If price is important to you, you should put it in relation to performance. Sometimes you get just 10% less power for a much better price.

Sega Toys Homestar Original and Homestar Flux compared:

At this point I would like to show you again why the Homestar Flux in front of the former best home planetarium, the Homestar Original / Star Theatre by Sega Toys, has landed on 1st place. Here you can find a video-comparison with theprevious model. In the video both advantages and disadvantages of both planetarias are addressed and a conclusion is drawn over both. Check it out so you can form your own opinion.


YouTube-Video by Mark Draper


If you want to read more about this, look here: Sega Homestar Flux vs. Original.

What is a home planetarium suitable for?

Primarily, a home planetarium can be used to observe the starry sky, even if the sky is overcast or the climate outside is simply wrong. In addition, the cyclic movement of the constellations can be easily followed without having to observe the sky every evening anew. Finally, most models have a function to display the constellation of stars from a certain date. You can also find more features in my reviews.

Very often home planetariums are also used as a kind of mood light for babies. Of course not the professional, expensive variants are suitable for this, but rather simpler and above all cheaper ones, which I also present here on my website.

Where should I buy a home planetarium?

I clearly recommend that you buy a home planetarium on the Internet (Amazon, for example). The reason is quite simply that most models are not offered at all in the shop. And even if there are them to buy, you won't directly find experiences of other buyers or even Reivews like on the Internet. To make it easier for you to buy online, I have also written a detailed review of some planetariums on this website.

How much does a home planetarium cost?

The price depends strongly on the quality you expect and especially on what you want to use the home planetarium for. For a really high quality you have to put at least $100 on the table. If, however, it is to be used only for experimenting with children, there are corresponding models available for about 40$. You can get the star projectors for babies for $20.

Pros and cons of home planetaria


What is the difference between a home planetarium and a Star Projector?

Many of my website visitors confuse the starry sky projector with planetariums for their own four walls. So that this doesn't happen to you, here are the two biggest differences explained for you:

The price

As you can see from many online test reports and online shops, home planetarium prices are in the range of 100$ and more. A starry sky projector, on the other hand, normally costs 20$ to 30$. For this reason alone, you shouldn't run away and buy a starry sky projector instead of a home planetarium. Finally, there is the second, much greater difference.

The usage and functions

In terms of functions and associated use, the two types of equipment are completely different. While star projectors are more for entertainment and throw colorful stars at the ceiling, the home planetarium is designed to discover the starry sky. Accordingly, you can, for example, display the date of the sky.

If you are looking for a starry sky projector, this is no reason to leave my site. I also have a buying advice on starry sky projector and star projector for babies.



Conclosure - home-planetarium.com

I hope very much that I could help you a little with the purchase decision or the knowledge search over the correct home planetarium further. If you think I haven't dealt with a topic in enough detail or if you are missing the answer to a question completely, then simply write me a message with your request. You can find my e-mail address in the legal notice.

You are from Germany and interested in home-planetariums? Look here: heimplanetarium.info.

If you are interested in aquariums, you also should check my website myaquarium.net.

Sours: https://home-planetarium.com/
Best Star Projector Showdown: Blisslights Sky Lite vs. Galaxy Cove vs. Hype Lights (UPDATED)

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