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When someone says their Commander is Zur the Enchanter, the usual response is everyone else sighs and rolls their eyes. The most popular (and probably most efficient) use for Zur is to suit him up with a ton of powerful Auras and attack for the kill. However, not only is that strategy boring to play against, it’s also just one of a huge number of possibilities for a Zur the Enchanter Commander deck. In this article, I’m going to give a brief overview of several of those possibilities.

Zur Basics

Before we get into specific deck ideas, I want to cover a few Enchantments which cost three or less that should be considered for any deck with Zur as its Commander.

First and foremost, Zur’s ability relies on attacking with him to trigger it. Because of this, we should include some safeguards against him dying in combat. Zur can find Unquestioned Authority as soon as it becomes necessary, ensuring that no creatures can block him (or deal damage to him, or target him, etc). Plus, it draws us a card when it enters the battlefield! Reconnaissance offers a little less protection, but it allows us to remove Zur (or any creature we control) from combat as soon as things look unfavorable for us.

Any Commander deck needs the ability to deal with problematic permanents. Zur can handle this by finding cards like Oblivion Ring, Detention Sphere, and Banishing Light to exile anything that’s causing us problems. Imprisoned in the Moon and Darksteel Mutation deal with someone else’s Commander in a way that makes it difficult to recast them immediately. If there are no immediate threats, Zur can also find Seal of Cleansing or Seal of Doom to bank a removal effect for later.

No matter what strategy we’re playing, Estrid’s Invocation and the new card Mirrormade are Enchantments that Zur can find which are anything we want them to be! Whatever we want another of, Zur can find it for us in the form of one of these cards.

Begin the Cycle

The first theme I want to talk about is Cycling. There are enough good cards with Cycling to fill out a Commander deck easily, and Zur can dig out some of our best payoff cards: Astral Slide, Drake Haven, Faith of the Devoted, and Astral Drift can all be found by Zur’s ability. These cards provide a huge amount of value each time we cycle a card, and should keep us in the mix long enough to find New Perspectives or Fluctuator to start truly “going off” and overwhelming our opponents with value and card advantage.

A supporting cast of non-cycling cards can round out this deck to make it a real powerhouse. Bone Miser gives us extra value each time we cycle a card; lands give mana for more cycles, creatures give us board presence, and other card types give us a whole extra card! If we want to get a little bit meaner, Words of Waste can be tutored out by Zur’s ability, and it lets us replace any card we would draw with “Each opponent discards a card.” This is a powerful (and very rude) way to maximize the effects of the card advantage this deck generates.

Stay Frosty

The next theme I want to talk about is Snow. This one is a little shaky in the “card support” department, but I think there is just enough to make it work. Zur can find Marit Lage’s Slumber, Cover of Winter, Gelid Shackles, On Thin Ice, and Winter’s Rest (and Rime Transfusion but that card kind of stinks). With a mana base full of Snow lands, it should not be difficult to reach ten Snow permanents and start attacking with an indestructible, flying 20/20.

There aren’t a ton of Snow cards that are “Commander playable” on their own, so the rest of the deck needs to have a backup theme. I decided to go with Cumulative Upkeep, because Zur can find Solemnity for us! Wall of Shards and Phyrexian Soulgorger are Snow permanents with incredible stats for their mana cost. With Solemnity to negate their cumulative upkeep costs, we never have to worry about whether to keep them around.


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Zur can also find non-snow enchantments with cumulative upkeeps. Mystic Remora is a great source of card advantage, since it’s unlikely our opponents will want to pay four extra mana very often. Energy Storm stops burn spells and keeps flying creatures tapped down (which we can get around with Reconnaissance). Mesmeric Trance lets us filter cards for cheap, keeping our hand filled with things we want to have. Inner Sanctum prevents all damage to creatures we control, keeping our commander and other creatures safe. Finally, Tidal Control lets anyone counter any red or green spell for two life or two mana. If you have a friend who plays a particularly oppressive red and/or green deck, Tidal Control is a great way to show them how you feel.

The rest of the cumulative upkeep cards that are worth playing can’t be found with Zur’s ability, but the value we get from them with Solemnity on the battlefield makes them worthwhile. Survivor of the Unseen gives us card draw and filtering, Sustaining Spirit and Glacial Chasm keep us from dying to damage, and Infernal Darkness can lock our non-black opponents out of the game.

This deck will not be popular with your play group, but at least it’s more interesting than Zur Voltron..?

Zur Mix-A-Lot

If you’re unaware of the terminology, many Magic players refer to cards with high toughness as having a “big butt.” In that sense, this deck is all about creatures with big butts, and Zur Mix-A-Lot likes big butts (and he cannot lie, I guess, but that doesn’t really come into play mechanically). The key piece of this deck is High Alert, which Zur can tutor out when he attacks . It allows our high-toughness creatures to deal damage using their butts rather than their power, which turns creatures like Indomitable Ancients into an incredible value for their cost.

Theros block introduced a large number of Enchantment Creatures, many of which Zur can get out of our library for free! Even better, many of them have higher toughness than power: Nyx-Fleece Ram, Eidolon of Rhetoric, Grim Guardian, Riptide Chimera, and Harvestguard Alseids can all be found with Zur’s ability, and they all benefit from High Alert. Other Enchantment Creatures like Underworld Coinsmith, Archetype of Courage, Aegis of the Gods, Eidolon of Countless Battles, and Nighthowler have normal-sized butts, but their abilities are powerful and Zur can get them out of our library and onto the battlefield for free. If money is no issue, Thassa, God of the Sea and Athreos, God of Passage are great to get out with Zur as well.

Zur can find several good utility enchantments for this strategy as well:Behind the Scenes can make our creatures nearly unblockable, Brave the Sands lets us use our creatures for attack and defense, and Angelic Shield, Fortifying Provisions, Lumithread Field, and Parapet all buff our creatures (without ruining the effectiveness of Behind the Schenes).

Zur may not be able to grab Meishin, the Mind Cage for us, but if we can stick it to the battlefield our creatures should be the only ones dealing damage. Dusk // Dawn will destroy our opponents’ most dangerous creatures and leave most of ours alone, plus its Aftermath can reload our hand if someone else clears the battlefield. Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive makes several of our creatures unblockable. Mentor of the Meek provides card draw opportunities when most of our creatures enter the battlefield.

If you’re wondering “what happens if an opponent gets rid of High Alert?” don’t worry, we have another win condition: Phenax, God of Deception turns each of our creatures into a powerful mill engine, and Zur can find Fraying Sanity to double up mill on your most dangerous foe (or just that jerk who got rid of High Alert).

And Much More!

If you can think of a tricky strategy that’s enabled by just one cheap enchantment, Zur the Enchanter is your man. He’s the king of “It just might work.” The Prince of “…possibly?” The Sultan of “I suppose…”

So get brewing! Pick a really specific enchantment and build a jank pile with a huge Achilles Heel. See what you can accomplish when you put all your faith in one card. Tune in next time, when I use Zur in order to grab Hedron Alignment, just as a display of dominance!

Sours: https://playablemagic.com/zur-the-enchanter/

Magic: The Gathering - Building a Commander Deck Around Zur the Enchanter

In Magic: The Gathering, Zur the Enchanter uses cheap enchantments, Cycling and spot removal to slowly get ahead.

Magic: The Gathering's Commander format is more popular and diverse than ever, with hundreds of legendary, splashy creatures ready to shape a 100-card deck and go to war against three or more opponents. Recently, the Commander Legendsset added over 70 legends to the format, some new and others reprints. One fun, Esper-colored commander is none other than Zur the Enchanter.

This commander may not be the most competitive of all, but Zur can use blue, white and black mana and enchantment/artifact synergy to make a flexible deck that includes elements of Voltron builds, death & taxes strategies, removal, boardwipes, accrued card advantage and more. It's time to tutor for some enchantments.

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The Enchantment Package

As expected, the Zur commander deck has many cheap enchantments in the 99, so Zur can tutor for them each time it attacks. These low-cost enchantments can fit into each of this deck's major strategies: Voltron for Zur itself (taxing the opponents over time, removal) and the Cycling mechanic.

Enchantments that fit the Voltron strategy include Ethereal Armor, which scales up for each enchantment on the field that the player controls, as well as Steel of the Godhead, which gives Zur +2/+2 and lifelink and unblockable. Since it's blue and white, this pushes a lot of damage. Diplomatic Immunity gives Zur shroud, but that should be the last enchantment to go onto Zur since shroud is different from hexproof. Shielded by Faith makes Zur indestructible, and Daybreak Coronet can, for WW, give Zur +3/+3, first strike, vigilance and lifelink.

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Cheap enchantments in this deck also tax the opponent, with Rhystic Study being an infamous example. Smothering Tithe taxes each opponent for {2} when they draw cards, or the Tithe's controller gets a Treasure token. Meanwhile, Propaganda and/or Ghostly Prison slow down enemy attackers with a {2} tax, and Rest in Peace swiftly shuts down graveyard effects. Rule of Law allows only one spell to be cast per turn, and Blind Obedience forces enemy creatures and artifacts to enter the battlefield tapped (and it has Extort).

Other enchantments are removal, with Arrest, Cage of Hands, Pillory of the Sleepless, Darksteel Mutation, Imprisoned in the Moon and Cast Out being good examples. There are also some black enchantments, such as Phyrexian Arena, which can draw cards at the cost of life.

This deck does a lot of cycling, and some of its enchantments either have this ability or synergize with it. Cast Out has Cycling, and Drake Haven is a blue enchantment that pays {1} when a card is cycled to make a 2/2 blue flying Drake token. Faith of the Devoted, a black enchantment, gains its controller two life while each opponent loses two life. New Perspectives is too costly to be tutored with Zur, costing 5U, but it does draw three cards when it hits the battlefield and allows its controller to pay {0} for Cycling costs if they have seven or more cards in hand.

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This deck's instants and sorceries can do practically anything, and they often tie into Zur's themes of enchantments, removal, boardwipes, taxing the opponents and more. It can use a variety of counterspells to keep the opponents honest and shut down combos, such as Swan Song, Dovin's Veto or even Force of Negation or Force of Will. Blue cards can also tutor or draw cards, such as Mystical Tutor and Opt.

White card are based either on enchantments or removal. Open the Vaults is a must-have, bringing back all artifacts and enchantments in case they were destroyed, milled, discarded or Cycled away. White also offers Swords to Plowshares and Teferi's Protection, plus Winds of Rath to destroy all creatures that aren't enchanted. Black mana can wipe the board with Decree of Pain (which has Cycling) or Damnation, and it can draw or tutor cards with Diabolic Tutor, Vampiric Tutor, Painful Truths or Razaketh's Rite (for the Cycling).

Creatures, Artifacts & Lands

The creatures in this deck, as expected, synergize with enchantments and sometimes artifacts too, with Sun Titan being a vital inclusion for all kinds of reasons. Auramancer can return an enchantment from the graveyard to the hand, and Aven Mindcensor, Archon of Emeria and Eidolon of Rhetoric all tax the opponents, not unlike the Modern format's Death & Taxes deck.

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Notion Thief has flash and can intercept enemy cards, allowing its controller to draw extra cards instead of an opponent. Laboratory Maniac is an alternate win con if things get dire, and Curator of Mysteries is a flying 4/4 that will scry one each time a card is cycled. Archfiend of Ifnir puts -1/-1 counters on all enemy creatures when a card is cycled, and is a 5/4 beater on top of that.

Artifacts range from staple mana rocks like Commander's Sphere and Arcane Signet all the way to Strionic Resonator, which can double any triggered ability from Zur's to those of Sun Titan or Auramancer. Lightning Greaves and/or Swiftfoot Boots can speed up and protect Zur or another attacking creature, such as Sun Titan.

Among the lands should be Hall of Heliod's Generosity, along with Reliquary Tower, Bojuka Bog, Rogue's Passage and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. Other lands range from on-color fetchlands and dual lands to land that have Cycling, such as Drifting Meadow, Lonely Sandbar and Barren Moor.

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Zur the Enchanter - Extremely Budget EDH 2021

EDH Commanders

Which style should you go with for Zur the Enchanter

Before you build your deck, you must learn. Understan the mid games and you will get a strategic advance. Do you preper control, combo pieces or do you wanna to set the pace with a fast paced creature push, that can drive your enemy to quit Stabilize your game out and put your game in the golden spot. The diamond spot from control decks & combo decks are the winner of EDH. But there are also other strong strategies in other dimension, like adaptability which is very critical when not playing one-one. Ifyou are creating a Zur the Enchanter deck, you must rely on one deck-synergy. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have supporting synergies. But be careful not to diffuse your main strategy. Sub strategies can in best case work isolated, but also as support for your primary strategy. This will take time to learn.

These are the cards for Zur the Enchanter, that you don’t wanna miss

For every colour, there are some magiccards, that are so overpowered, that all decks should have these cards – nomatter which commander you are playing with. Normally green has manacards, blue has counters, draw or mass bounce. Red has some useful combo cards and black got tutors. Finally white has board wipe and tokens. This list was only to mention a fewcards. You also need some classic artifacts, like Mana vault. If you constantly select those cards – all your decks will be the same and get very monotonous. So except if your are playing only to win – you should blend things up from time to time and try other cards. When examining cards you should obviously focus on CMC. Your manavurce I EDH, isn’t so essential as in modern or legacy, but you have to possess early control or defence grid. If you do not build a synergy to your commander, you should analyse on two things, when selecting cards. 1. The upper outcome and 2. the undermost effect.

1. Specific cards got high effect potential, for example remove every permanents and withdraw a card for each permanent that left the battlefield this way. Other cards like a counter spell has a natural little maximum effect.

2. Then we also got the lowest effect. A boardwipe has a minimum effect of nul – thus there might not be any creatures on the board when it is being cast. Other cards like basic lands are more unrisky to cast and takes effect instantly, which increases the minimum effect. Aim for a card, that performs both ways if it makes sense. It’s super plan to have a good blend of cards with the two advantages, and even better to select cards, that performs in both ways in some level.

How strongly should you build for a combo-win

It is fun to win. But the feeling can be filled with bitterness, if your competitors disrespect your win condition. Some combokills are more symphatic than others. Here are some recommandations about which combos to avoid:

• Avoid playing two card infinite combos, which results in instantly win.

• Don’t play mass land destruction – unless you are able to win within 3-4 turns.

• Avoid blind-eye focus on one supercombo – it’s boring

• Do not use a ton of tutor cards to look for the same combo pieces game after game

• Avoid using repeatable draw, card search and board control to cause a long and slow win.

Nobody appreciate to wait for long turns. On the other hand you have tomust decide how competitive you wanna play. There’s a small difference between casual and competitive. Individual play-groups are often more focused on fun. Arranged play communities are in semi competitive. Finally the competitive events, organized by retailers or shops, are the most competitive, where the casual element is lacking.

Top mana ramp cards for Zur the Enchanter

Mana ramp is essential when playing tempo and also when preparing for X-cards. If you don’t hit a ramp card within the first four turns, you are losing momentum to your enemies – especially if you are not starting. You should spread ramp cards ranging from cmc2 – CMC four. The best land ramp cards can tutor for non-basic land cards and get them in to the battlefield tapped or untapped. This will break the manacurve and let you drop bigger bombs earlier. Lands put into the battlefield is much more safe way of ramping, instead of using artifact rocks or other mana utilities – thus that lands are harder to exile. When you are playing green it is easy to get great ramp cards. If you do not play green, you need to look at non-green mana ramp.

Which magic cards does the best players recommends

When you study the decks from WOFTC tour you will see that EDH is not the most used playing format in the world cup. But here on the website we have summed up some of most used magic cards within a diverse money range. You might won’t focus alone on the best cards, but also on the funny cards, alternative suggestions, weird alternatives, and endorsements from the best magic players in the world tour.

Do you want to play competitive budget or casual

World class level will be an expensive thing. Casual magic can be a little too fun and you maybe want to boost your wins. A cheap deck is desirable, but you can get way too economical and you will miss out on good cards in the medium-range and lower top-range. You have to to choose a level that is suitable to your need and budget.

Try these alternative cards to Zur the Enchanter

MTG is a strategic game – especially when playing Emperor. Even if you have the best suited commander for your EDH deck. You maybe want to swich it every second time to boost your game play.

Sours: http://www.edh-commanders.com/zur-the-enchanter/

The edh zur enchanter

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