2007 hummer h3 remanufactured engine

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Remanufactured HUMMER H3 Engines

Do you need a Remanufactured Hummer H3 Engine? Sharper Edge Engines offers Remanufactured Hummer H3 Engines that are built to exceed original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications. We Rebuild top quality Engines using high tech computer numerical control (CNC) equipment. if you want the best Engine for your Automobile, a rebuilt or a Remanufactured Engine from Sharper Edge Engines is what you are looking for. In many cases, rebuilt Hummer H3 Engines actually have better reliability than used Hummer H3 Engines. They include upgraded Hummer H3 parts approved by the manufacturer that replace original equipment that has been found faulty. As well as containing upgraded Audi parts, our remanufactured Engines have been completely disassembled and rebuilt and tested with new internal parts.

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If you take care of your car and your Engine blows, the problem isn't necessarily with the Engine. When there's not a better alternative, having your engine rebuilt is a good way to go. Sharper Edge Engines is a family owned and operated business. We used to have a huge business with many operators who, frankly were uninformed. After closing the business for four years, Sharper Edge Engines returned with a vengeance with the goal of treating every customer right and providing the best used and Remanufactured Engines, used and Remanufactured transmissions and more. Now, the company is run by a strong family and two dedicated family friends who know all about engines, transmissions, and automobiles. Please check out our BBB and compare us and you’ll find out why we are so proud of our background.

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2007 Hummer H3 - Engine Block - Long

A long block engine is an option to upgrade or replace your current engine. A long block consists of the engine block, pistons, heads, and valvetrain. These parts come assembled and ready for your repair. If you blow your engine or notice that it burns too much oil, smokes, taps, or knocks, it might be best to replace the entire engine. These can all be signs of engine failure. At O'Reilly Auto Parts, we have a great selection of long block engines for many vehicles.

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Hummer H3 2006 to 2010 common problems, issues, recalls, defects and complaints

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Remanufactured engine hummer h3 2007

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HUMMER H3 timing chain marks

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