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Riding on a jet ski can be plenty of fun up until you run out of gas. It is important for you to research all the possible jet ski models to choose from. Gas is the one thing you rely on to move in the water. I&#;m here to make sure you choose the best jet ski with the best gas tank.

A jet ski can hold an average of 16 gallons of gas in its tank. This average hold of gas can vary on the speed you are riding your jet ski. If you decide to go full throttle, your tank will last about hours. Be sure to fill your tank before every ride.

How Big is a Jet Ski Tank?

A jet ski&#;s average gallons per hour at wide-open throttle is about The average jet ski can consume 10 gallons of gas in about 1 hour of operating it. A typical gas tank size for jet skis can hold up to 16 gallons.

When it comes to determining the fuel consumption of a jet ski it can be a bit of a struggle since they are much smaller than an average-sized vehicle.

For example, when it comes to cars, adding another person into your car will not affect how far it will go. Though adding another person on a jet ski will definitely affect how far it can go.

To figure out the miles per gallon your jet ski has you must fill up its tank completely and then reset the odometer. You should then ride your jet ski till it is about half a tank.

The closer you become to being empty the more accurate of a number you will receive. As soon as you finish riding your jet ski you should refill the tank immediately.

Then you divide the number of miles you had ridden to how many gallons you refilled your tank with and that is the estimated amount of miles per gallon for your PWC.

How Far Can a Jet Ski go on a Tank of Gas?

It can be a large concern for some to know how far their jet ski can last on a full tank, as well as how much their tank needs. It is pretty common to use more gas when you first buy a jet ski. You are still getting used to operating it and controlling the speed you go at as well as watching its tank.

Another thing to note about purchasing a jet ski for the first time is that since its engine is not quite broken in yet you will not receive the best gas mileage from your watercraft.

You will most likely use a bit more gas in the first 10 hours of its use. But don&#;t worry, the difference is barely noticeable.

While the answer to this question is not a standard one, there is an answer for it.

Measuring the pressure on something that floats is a bit harder to do on something that floats. An average measure of a full tank of gas can last about a weekend.

Though, this does not mean that you will receive an entirety of two full days of riding a jet ski. It is not usual for one to ride a jet ski for two days straight, or for even longer than 6 hours.

Someone who enjoys riding a jet ski will ride for at least an hour or two at most before they become a bit tired and in need of a break. Even with the number of breaks you take while riding your jet ski you can ride it non-stop for a weekend.

The length also depends on whether this person rides the jet ski consistently if they ride it only a couple of times a month then they are likely to have the tank last about a month or so.

Most appreciate the involvement of numbers when it comes to the technicality of jet ski gas tank sizes. While every jet ski is different when it comes to its engines, fuel tanks and so on the numbers can be difficult to solidify.

A jet ski&#;s average gallons per hour at wide-open throttle is about The average jet ski can consume 10 gallons of gas in about 1 hour of operating it. A typical gas tank size for jet skis can hold up to 16 gallons.

This will allow you to go full-throttle for hours on a full tank of gas.

13 Jet Ski Gas Tank Sizes

1. Sea-Doo Spark

You can purchase the Sea-Doo spark for $5,

The fuel capacity for this model is US gal / 30 L.

2. Sea-Doo Spark Trixx

This Sea-Doo model can be purchased for $7,

The fuel capacity for this model is US gallons / 30 L.

3. Yamaha WaveRunner EX Sport

The Yamaha WaveRunner EX Sport can be purchased for $7,

The fuel capacity for this jet ski model is US gallons.

4. Sea-Doo GTI Series

The Sea-Doo GTI series can be bought for $8,

The fuel capacity is US gallons / 60 L.

5. Kawasaki Jet Ski STXF

This jet ski can be purchased for $9, This jet ski can be purchased for $9,

The fuel capacity for this jet ski model is US gallons.

6. Yamaha WaveRunner VX Limited

This WaveRunner model can be bought for $11,

This jet ski gas tank can hold up to US gallons.

7. Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra X

You can purchase this jet ski for $15,

The fuel capacity is US gallons.

8. Sea-Doo RXP-X

The Sea-Doo RXP-X jet ski can be purchased for $15,

This jet ski can hold up to US gallons / 60 L

9. Yahama Wave Runner FX Cruiser SVHO

This can be bought for $16,

This model can hold up to US gallons.

Gibbs Sports Amphibians Quadski

This Gibbs Sports jet ski can be bought for $40,

This jet ski model can hold 15 US gallons.

Yamaha Wave Runner SuperJet

This can be bought for $8,

The fuel capacity for this jet ski model is US gallons.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited

You can purchase this for $16,

The fuel capacity for this jet ski is US gallons / 60 L.

Kawasaki Jet Ski SX-R

This Kawasaki jet ski can be bought for $9,

This jet ski can hold up to US gallons.

Sours: https://outdoortroop.com/jet-ski-gas-tank-size-withexamples-of-different-models/

If you are a smart jet ski owner, you consider the time you will be out on the water and factor in the amount of fuel you have in your tank. It is always good jet ski practice to fill your fuel tank before starting to ride for the day. But, how long can you get on a tank of fuel for a jet ski? Also, do jet skis have an excellent fuel economy, or are you forced to keep filling up because they are inefficient crafts? Luckily, we will answer these questions and more about fuel capacity and economy in jet skis as the focus of this article.

Do jet skis use a lot of gas? Yes, jet skis do use a lot of gas. They are not very efficient crafts, and that’s saying quite a bit when you think about the fuel economy of boats. The average fuel tank size is 16 gallons on a new 3 seater, and an average hour of riding can quickly burn through 10 gallons of fuel. You do the math!

What Is The Fuel Economy Of Different Jet Skis?

As with any vehicle, the larger the engine and the higher the horsepower, the lower the fuel economy mpg will be. This is no different for jet ski watercraft. Fuel economy on waverunners and jet skis are measured in gallons per hour. Typically, the posted numbers are at full throttle. The table below will give you an idea about how much gas you can burn through and a typical gallon per hour rate. (all at full throttle)

Before we get to the table, let’s discuss what it means. To give you some data, let me give you some insight into the following table. The fuel consumption is at wide-open throttle. Most of the time you are varying your throttle and it is hard to ping the throttle for an hour straight riding 70 mph. Typically, you will use less than half of the fuel consumption per hour as you are usually riding at more moderate speeds with some quick acceleration bursts.


  • Gallons per hour is the Maximum fuel consumption per hour at wide open throttle (WOT).
  • The Tank size is the fuel tank size.
  • Hours of fuel at WOT is how long you can go at WOT.
ModelGallons Per Hour (full throttle)Tank SizeHours of Fuel at WOT
Sea-Doo Spark 60HP4 Hours
Sea-Doo Spark 90HP 3 Hours and 20 minutes
Sea-Doo RXT-X45 Minutes
Yamaha Superjet35 Minutes
Yamaha GPR2250 Minutes
Yamaha EX1 hour and 35 minutes
Kawasaki SX-R32 minutes
Kawasaki STX 15121 Hour and 45 Minutes
Kawasaki Ultra LX2450 Minutes
Honda F12X1 Hour 20 Minutes

How Do You Get a Better Fuel Economy On A Jet Ski? 5 Tips to better fuel economy.

Jet Ski gas tanks usually hold enough fuel for an hour and a half of riding HARD. If you are casually riding or cruising, you can expect to get much more time and mileage out of your tank. If you are towing tubes and watersports, you may not get as good of fuel economy.

This is an average that is determined by the fuel tank size and horsepower of the engine. However, there are a few tricks and tip s for getting better mpg fuel economy on your jet ski that may help you to save a few bucks! Check out the list of tips below and make the most of your jet ski fuel.

1. Cruising Speed For Best Gallons Per Hour

According to Boattest.com, on a Yamaha GPR, the best cruising speed is about mph using gallons per hour, if you speed up to 37 mph, your gallons per hour about double. Hit full throttle and you are using about 23 gallons per hour.

On my Honda F12x, if I am at full throttle I am burning gallons per hour. At 35 mph, I only burn gallons per hour. There is a much greater economy if you are cruising around at lower speeds than at full throttle.

2. Drive Slower

Faster Speeds burn more fuel. If you can stand it, ride at lower speeds, and your fuel will last longer. If you are being sped and fuel conscious, it might be a good time to check the high rates on your speedometer to make sure that you are getting accurate readings and staying slower for a longer ride and better mpg.

3. Keep The Oil Fresh

Regular oil and oil filter changes can keep the engine running at full efficiency. This improves fuel economy and keeps your jet ski running longer with the proper lube. Just like a car, oil is the lifeblood of your jet skis engine. However, driving slower is not always possible for those looking to have fun, so at least if you keep the fluids updated and fresh, like with oil change, you will know that your engine is at its maximum efficiency for whatever type of driving that you are doing.

4. Get A Lighter Jet Ski

When jet ski shopping, buying a lighter jet ski usually will result in better fuel economy. However, if the lighter jet ski has a supercharged hp motor, you may not.

5. Forgo the Supercharger

If you have a supercharged jet ski, they will literally eat gas. Looking at the table above, you can blow through 20 gallons in less than an hour. If you want the best ski to allow you to ride the furthest, you may want to skip the performance model.

Commonly Asked Questions:

How far can I go on a tank of gas on a jet ski? To find your range, you will want to use the optimal cruising speed. For example, a Honda F12X can go about miles on a tank at 35 mph. At full throttle, it can go about 81 miles. Most newer jet skis can go about miles per tank at the optimal cruising speed.

How much gas does a jet ski use in an hour? On most jet skis today, a jet ski will use between 2 to 24 gallons per hour depending on the size of the jet ski hull as well as engine size. Supercharged jet skis will go through more gas than non supercharged waverunners.

How many gallons of gas does a Waverunner hold? Waverunners typically hold between 8 and 20 gallons of fuel. A Seadoo spark holds gallons whereas a Kawasaki Ultra LH holds Stand up jet skis will hold much less at about gallons.


Jet skis and pretty much all watercraft use a lot of gas. That is the name of the game with its efficient impeller system of propulsion. The fuel tank size and weight of the jet ski along with the horsepower amount of the engine are important factors to consider when calculating the fuel economy of your PWC.

If you are in the market for a new jet ski and don’t want to be spending an arm and a leg on fuel prices every time you go out on the water, consider getting a smaller jet ski with lower horsepower and a lighter hull.

Otherwise, driving more carefully and slower can make small differences. In the long run, know that fuel burning is all a part of being a watercraft owner. Keep your engine up to date on fluids like oil, and at least you will know that the engine is guzzling fuel with the best efficiency it can muster.

Sours: https://www.watercraftlife.com/jet-ski-fuel-economy/
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    GPR tank size

    installed the block off kit and need to know how many gallons of gas are in the gas tank ?? or rather how many does the tank hold if its filled up?

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    yes is good. I suggest to mix it in 5 gallon jugs, then fill your tank.

    problem is the ski is full.. so the first time im gonna mix it in the tank..
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    What about the gallons of gas in the reserve?

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    Should you add the plus the gallons in the reserve to get the total amount of gas in the tank??????

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    QuoteOriginally Posted by RetiredWWView Post

    So your saying the reserve is part of the gallon capacity?

    yes, the main pickup tube on the fuel sender stops picking up fuel and has remaining. Then switch over the reserve and you can get most of the rest.

    gallons total

  • Sours: http://greenhulk.net/forums/
    Yamaha Waverunner 20L auxiliary fuel tank installation

    EX Deluxe : Color & Specifications

    Available ColorsLime Green or Black with MintLength (m)Width (m)Height (m)Dry Weight (kg)Engine Type3-cylinder, 4-stroke TR-1 Yamaha Marine EngineDisplacement1,Bore × Stroke (mm)82 × Compression Ratio : 1Cooling SystemWater-CooledPump TypeΦmm axial flowFuel Type RecommendedRegular UnleadedFuel Supply SystemElectronic Fuel InjectionFuel Capacity (liter)50Lubrication SystemDry SumpTotal Oil Capacity (liter)Storage Capacity (liter)29Rider Capacity persons
    Sours: https://global.yamaha-motor.com/business/waverunner/products/exd/spec.html

    Gas tank waverunner size yamaha

    The 3 biggest questions I would get selling Jet Ski&#;s is how far, how much, and how fast. How much and how fast are super easy to answer, but how far is not so easy.

    There is no simple answer to how far you can go on a full tank of gas on a Jet Ski. It&#;s a lot harder to measure MPG&#;s on something that floats. And honestly, Jet Ski&#;s are not that fuel efficient. 

    What I always tell people is that you can get &#;about&#; a weekend worth of riding before needing to refuel.

    About a Weekend

    Two days is about what you&#;ll get for riding time. This does not mean you can go 48 hours straight without refueling. No one rides for 48 hours, or even 8 hours straight.

    The average person will travel for about 1 to 2 hours before needing a break. Then after the break, they&#;ll go and ride some more until they get tired again.

    Between the breaks and regular daily life, you can get about a weekend&#;s worth of riding out of a jet ski. Some might get more as they don&#;t ride their jet ski only a couple of times a month, while others will use more because they&#;re on it more.

    If I had to put it in terms of mileage you can expect 60 to miles out of a tank of gas on your jet ski. What you carry and the horsepower of your jet ski will affect distance but 60 to miles is average.

    When You First Get It

    When you first get your jet ski, you will find that you&#;ll use more gas often. When something is new, you&#;ll play with it more. This is just the nature of getting something cool like a jet ski.

    Also, you&#;ll be getting the worst gas mileage from your new jet ski when the engine has not been broken in yet. This goes for just about anything with an engine. So prepare to use a slight bit more gas in the first 10 hours. When I say a slight bit, the average person might not notice it.

    Hard Numbers

    I know some people like hard numbers, so let&#;s do that.

    Since every jet ski is different, with different engines, different fuel tanks, and other factors &#; it can be hard to give you real numbers. So what we will do is use what I consider average numbers to help give you a better understanding.

    The good news is that Jet Ski&#;s are getting a lot more fuel-efficient these days. Watercraft like the Sea-doo Spark and Yamaha EX are very fuel-efficient! If gas mileage is a concern then look at those machines only &#; but you do give up other features like comfort and speed.

    The average gallons per hour (GPH) at wide-open throttle (WOT) is about This means that an &#;average&#; watercraft will consume 10 gallons of gas in 1 hour. The &#;average&#; gas tank size is about 16 gallons. So this means you can go FULL THROTTLE for hours on a full tank of gas on our &#;average&#; jet ski.

    But No One Does This!

    No one goes full throttle and never lets go once. People change up their speed, jump waves, and idle/cruise around.

    Let&#;s say that you go 35mph, how long can you go? The &#;average&#; jet ski would use about 6 gallons per hour at that speed. So with a gallon gas tank, we can go about hours.

    Let&#;s be clear &#; you can go about hours if you kept the watercraft at 35mph non-stop. Not once slowing down or speeding up, always keeping the same speed.

    As you can see, no one ever keeps their watercraft at one speed so it can be hard to determine how much gas you&#;ll use. Plus you don&#;t have a mileage gauge on your watercraft so you can&#;t get an MPG rating either. You do have an hour meter, and that is why data like this is given in gallons per hour.

    Since every watercraft is different, it can be hard to say what exactly to expect. Some of the higher HP (HP+) can use over 20GPH! That&#;s a lot of gas!

    While other Jet Ski&#;s like the 60HP Seadoo Spark can use about 2 gallons per hour of cruising, that&#;s super good gas mileage!

    Many of your watercraft you get today actually have an ECO mode or even a Touring Mode to give you better gas mileage.

    Note: Never carry an extra gas can inside your watercraft!!!! It is too dangerous!!!

    Extra Gas

    While you should not carry extra gas inside your jet ski many models today have addons that allow you to carry gas on the rear of your watercraft.

    Sea-Doo makes a LINQ Fuel Caddy Kit 4 Gal (Amazon Link Ad) that installs super easy on any model with the LINQ system.

    Many of the fishing rod and coolers attachments have the gas can mounting systems on them so you can carry extra gas on your jet ski. The Brocraft Jet Ski Aluminum Fishing Rod Rack & Cooler Holder Combo with Gas Plates/PWC Rod Holder is a great example here (Amazon Link Ad).

    Before You Get A Jet Ski

    Before you get a jet ski you need to make sure you have the correct gear. I have gathered some of the must-have accessories for jet ski riders here.

    Also, it&#;s important that you wear the correct clothing too. Here is my guide on what to wear on your watercraft.

    Categories Common QuestionsSours: https://www.steveninsales.com/far-can-jet-ski-go-tank-gas/
    How to extract 50% full gas tank from Yamaha Waverunner 650 III

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