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Looking for some tattoo inspiration? How about name tattoos? Getting someone’s name inked on your body is the best way to honor them or acknowledge their importance in your life, whether it is that of your children, parents, grandparents, pets, or partners.

Initially, names and name tags were given to military or prisoners as an identification mark. In some cultures, women who were recently married used to ink the name of their husband as a symbol of forever love. Some get name tattoos done as a remembrance of someone close to them, while some get their spouse’s or kid’s names inked to hold them close until eternity.

Here, we have compiled 30 best name tattoo designs that would totally tempt you to get one yourself. Take a look!

Top 30 Name Tattoo Designs

1. Lover’s Name Tattoo

This one is a name tattoo written in a beautiful font with a stunning red heart. Along with the name and the heart, there is a lifeline to finish the design. You can get your spouse’s or kid’s name inked in this design. These name tattoo designs look best when done along the wrist, arm, or shoulder. You can also get it done on the back if you want an elaborate tattoo.

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2. Short Name Tattoo

When it comes to name tattoos, small names are easier to inscribe and merge into a fancy symbol that you want. For example, here, the name Kyle is easily fused with a stunning rose stem. This design is simple yet majestic. The subtle dot-tattoo shading of the rose adds to the realistic feel of the tattoo.


3. Simple Name Tattoo

While some like adding elements to their tattoos, some like keeping it simple. If you want to keep the tattoo simple and let the name be the only highlight, this is how you should get it done. This minimalistic tattoo looks quite striking due to the stylish font.

4. Name With A Crown On It

A name tattoo with a magnificent crown above it looks gorgeous if placed right. The crown represents royalty and utmost importance, so when you add that element to the name tattoo design, make sure the person holds utmost importance in your life. The best place to get this tattoo done would be your arm.

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5. Name Tattoo With A Fluttery Butterfly

Butterflies are fun, feminine, and beautiful! They are even more pleasant and captivating to see when you combine them with the name of the person who fills your life with fun and never-ending happiness. This is a stunning name tattoo with a couple of butterflies placed beautifully across the shoulder bone.

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6. Realistic Rose Name Tattoo

The 3D colorful rose looks realistic. The illustration and rendering of the tattoo ensure that it looks as close to real as possible. Keep the font stylish and use italic style to make it look stunning.

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7. All Heart For Your Beloved

If you are inking your beloved’s name, you sure would love to add a heart along with it, wouldn’t you? This tattoo design is minimalistic and checks all boxes of being stylish and elegant. If you want a prominent heart design, you could go for a colored heart as that would add a pop of color to your rather simple name tattoo.

8. Remembrance Name Tattoo

Most people get this tattoo done as a remembrance of their near or dear ones after they have passed away. Some do it out of faith and belief in God. The tattoo combines the symbolism of religious beliefs while holding on to a name that is dear to the heart. Some go for a simple cross with a stylish name tattoo font, while others make the cross more elaborate and keep the name tattoo font simple.

9. Stylish Arrows With Name Tattoos

Here, we see a mother flaunting two tattoos across her forearms with the names of her children. The tattoos have stunning arrow designs with the names inscribed in the middle of them. The arrows can be done facing opposite directions as well. It totally depends on your personal preference and choices. Arrow tattoos usually signify protection from any harm, and what’s better than to add it along with the names of your beloved people?

10. Birthdate Name Tattoos

This gorgeous tattoo consists of a cute little name, date of birth, as well as the time of birth. How cool is that! And to top it all, it also has an arrow that signifies protection from harm. Truly something any mother wouldn’t mind getting inked with!

11. Freedom Feather And Name Tattoos

A feather tattoo signifies that the person has the ability to take flight or is free-spirited. However, many people don’t go too much into the details and significance of the tattoo and get it done due to its stunning appearance. Here, the name tattoo displays the name ‘Ashmaan,’ which blends into a stunning feather and also has a pair of birds flying away.

12. All About Love And Peace

Doves are all about peace and harmony. They signify that the person calms you down with happiness and soothes your heart with peace. Also, traditionally, doves are supposed to be an essential part of the wedding ceremony. Incorporating doves and hearts along with the name is a wonderful idea. If you are a free-spirited person, this is a fine pick to match your personality.

13. Apples Of Your Eyes

Every mother’s heart resides in her children, quite literally! There’s nothing as stunning as getting name tattoos of all your children. If you aren’t parents yet, you can get your pet’s name tattooed. There are so many ways and designs to get it done. Here, the name tattoos are inked with arrows of different styles, and all look stunning, don’t they?

14. Honoring The Family Name

Getting a person’s name is the usual way to go. But some people like to take it up a notch by getting their last name tattooed. Those who love their family, their family traditions, or want to honor their family name or their last name opt for this style. Some believe it is important to show respect and honor your ancestors before yourself. It also signifies the closeness and the bond that you have with your family.

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15. Baby’s Name Tattoo

Getting your baby’s name inked on yourself is a beautiful experience. You can get it tattooed anywhere on your body. This one is inked on the wrist, also with a heart and the birthdate of the baby. Isn’t it simply attractive?

16. Minnie Mouse Name Tattoo

Now, isn’t this tattoo just too cute? It is written in the good old Disney font with a cute Minnie Mouse bow, along with the name tattoo. It is placed on the forearm, which makes it quite prominent.

17. Infinity On The Wrist Name Tattoo

Wrist name tattoos look the best and instantly demand attention. Instead of writing the name in the usual plain, simple way, you could get it done in this infinity symbol style. Get this quirky design done and see how your loved one’s face lights up.

18. Engraved Lifeline Name Tattoo

Name tattoos on the shoulders look extremely sexy and alluring. This one is the perfect example of a simple yet appealing shoulder name tattoo. It is inked right on the shoulder blade, with a red heart and lifelines leading to the name.

19. Side Wrist Name Tattoo

This side wrist name tattoo looks just too beautiful. The statement heart outline takes this simple tattoo design up by several notches. Choose a quirky font, and you’ll keep flaunting it for the rest of your life.

20. Charming Chest Tattoo

This simple chest tattoo is a name tattoo that is inked slightly on the lower side of the shoulder with an amazing calligraphy font. The name tattoo doesn’t have any other added elements like crown, hearts, or doves. Yet the striking placement of the tattoo on the chest in an appealing font makes it totally eye-catching.

21. All About Love Name Tattoo

Arm tattoos don’t always have to be extremely elaborate ones that fill the entire arm. These mini tattoos can look equally gorgeous. If you are a ‘less is more’ kind of person, this tattoo is for you.

22. Thigh Name Tattoos

Like how men prefer getting tattoos on their backs or chest, some women prefer getting tattoos on their thighs, lower back, or hips. There is nothing sexier than a stylish thigh name tattoo. Thigh tattoos become a great accessory when you wear elegant dresses or a pair of shorts. Also, thigh tattoos are less painful as compared to tattoos on the other spots.

23. Rib Cage Name Tattoos

Rib cage tattoos are private tattoos that you may flaunt or may not. They are something close to you – and only you. This beautiful name tattoo is placed right on the rib cage with a remembrance quote, along with the person’s name. It is, quite literally, holding someone close who has passed away.

24. Name Tattoo With A Jewel On It

Getting a name tattoo on the neck or nape is a brilliant idea. This one is a 3D colorful tattoo with a gorgeous diamond and a crown as other elements with the name. The crown is carefully placed on the diamond, making it look appealing and unique. The name tattoo is kept subtle by sticking to one deep shade of green that blends into the black ink.

25. Foot Name Tattoos

Foot tattoos are gaining popularity as they look subtly gorgeous when done perfectly. Many celebrities rock their foot tattoos, and we are sure you are tempted too. Get two different names inked on each of your feet or both on one – depending on your preference. Pick the cutest font and get it done!

26. Fancy Permanent Anklet Name Tattoo

One of the best things about an ankle tattoo is that you can wear shoes and cover it up if you are conscious about it at your workplace. But apart from that, ankle tattoos are worth flaunting. When it’s the season of flip-flops, beach days, or chilling by the pool, what better than showing off your feet in the coolest style? Pick a name tattoo that you want to inscribe and add some stunning elements around it. This tattoo has a beautiful anklet chain with a colorful feather that looks uber-stylish.

27. Minimalistic Finger Name Tattoo

Finger name tattoos are trending. These tattoos are also considered the new way to announce an engagement, a wedding, or love towards each other. While some get the name inked on the length of the finger, others get it inked as a form of a wedding band around the finger.

28. Realistic 3D Name Tattoo

Very few and extremely talented artists can create stunning 3D tattoos. These tattoos look very realistic and give an illusion of being above the skin or within the body. The tattoo in the image has butterflies that look extremely realistic with the shadows below them. A tattoo like this is sure to fetch you a lot of compliments.

29. Vibrant And Colorful Name Tattoos

When it comes to colorful tattoos, this one tops our list of favorites. A 3D rose tattoo that merges into the name as its stem is worth getting done. The beautiful red rose is done with the dot-tattoo method with a 3D effect, and the stem color trails and forms a name tattoo.

30. Baby’s Foot And Hand Print Name Tattoos

Getting your child’s name inked is a popular trend these days. Apart from just getting the birthdate or time inked, people are also adding elements like footprints or handprints to the tattoo. These ultra-realistic looking footprints and handprints with your baby’s name and birth date are simply amazing and visually very pleasing.

If you want to get a name tattoo done and are confused as to where you should place them, here is a quick list of places you could get it done.

Name Tattoos Placement

Name tattoos are special. Hence, it is essential to take precautions before and after getting a name tattoo done.

Hope these amazing 30 name tattoo designs helped you in picking a tattoo that suits your style and personality. Use these designs as inspiration and get yourself inked.

Let us know which ones you liked the most by commenting below.

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90 Name Tattoos That Will Have You Yelling, What’s My Name?!

What better way to commemorate someone’s existence than to indelibly mark your body with their name? What better way to assure you’ll remember your name after suffering amnesia? This article compiles 90 name tattoos utilizing various fonts and placements that freshen up the tradition of honoring yourself or another by inking a name onto your body.



The name Justice is spelled out in a scrolling black font in this tattoo rendered near the wearer’s right collarbone.

Infinity Sign with Names


The names Sam, Nick, Leo, and Eric are incorporated into an infinity sign with a heart in the middle in this tattoo rendered on the wearer’s foot.

Name Tattoo with Roses


Three roses are accompanied by the name Sylvana in this black and gray tattoo rendered on the wearer’s right shoulder.

Honesty Key


An ornate skeleton key is connected by the word Honesty in this black tattoo located above the wearer’s left hip.

Name Infinity Sign


The names Noah, Sadie, and Emmy comprise a portion of an infinity sign in this black tattoo located on the wearer’s left foot.

Heart with Name and Birthday


The name Isaiah and what is a presumably a birthday of October 1st, 2011 are incorporated into the shape of a heart in this black tattoo portrayed on the wearer’s left shoulder blade.

Name with Pink Bird


The name Stella is accompanied by a pink sparrow in this colorful tattoo rendered on the left side of the wearer’s ribcage.

Bracelet with Charms


A simulated bracelet is created using black dots and is adorned with initials and K in this black tattoo rendered around the wearer’s wrist.

Name Bracelets


Armbands wrapping around the wearers’ forearms read Mama on one with the other reading Elena in this black tattoo set.



The names Kinsey, Sage, and Skye are rendered in an ornate script font in this black tattoo portrated on the wearer’s left shoulder.

Crowns with Names


The names Arzu and Ali are accompanied by crowns in this black tattoo set rendered on the wearers’ wrists.

Name with Heartbeat and Birthdate 


The line seen on an EKG machine is accompanied by the name Ming Ling and a birthday of March 11th, 1995 in this black tattoo rendered on the left side of the wearer’s chest.

Hearts with Names


A quartet of hearts are adorned with the names Carlos, Carlos Jr., Aracely, and Cristian in this black tattoo running down the wearer’s spine.

Names with Heartsname-tattoo-designs-14The name Max is embellished with a heart on one wearer’s forearm while the name Jennifer is embellished with a heart on the other wearer’s forearm in this black tattoo set.

Infinity Sign with Names


An infinity sign incorporates the names Keenan and Aidan into the design in this black tattoo portrayed on the wearer’s forearm.

Dad with Heart


The word Dad is embellished with a red heart in this black and red tattoo portrayed on the wearer’s right wrist.

Name on Wrist


A cursive font is used to spell out the name Egan on the wearer’s right wrist in this tattoo.

Names on Banners with Butterflies


A pink butterfly adorns a pink banner reading Jamara while a blue butterfly adorns a blue banner reading Karrissa in this set of colorful tattoos.

Heartbeat and Family


A black heart leads to the line seen on an EKG machine which spells out the word Family in this black tattoo with white embellishments rendered on the wearer’s right foot.



A cursive font is used to spell out the name Jayden in this black tattoo rendered on the right side of the wearer’s torso.

Names and Birthdates

name-tattoo-designs-22The names Andrea and Sienna are spelled out in black cursive font and accompanied by birthdays in this tattoo rendered on the left side of the wearer’s torso.

Names on the Shoulder


A pair of names that I’m unable to read are rendered on the wearer’s left shoulder in a black cursive font in this tattoo.

Names and Heart


The name Enyana leads to an EKG line and a red heart that is accompanied by an EKG line and the name Logan.

Banner, Locket, and Skeleton Key


A banner reading Patrick, Olivia, and Jackie wraps around a teal key and an ornate locket with teal embellishments.

Names on Wrist


The name Marlow Lou is rendered on the wearer’s forearm in a black cursive font.

Sunnie Infinity Sign


The name Sunnie is incorporated into an infinity sign and embellished with a heart.

Name on Forearm


The name Siem is embellished with a heart in this black forearm tattoo.

Name with Watercolor Heart


The name Jamal is accompanied by a black heart filled with a red and pink watercolor smear.



The name Gabrie is spelled out in a black cursive font in this tattoo.

Initial with Heart


The initial E is rendered in a black cursive font and embellished with a heart.

Birthday Commemoration 


The name Brielle accompanies a silhouette of a mother holding her baby while the date June 17th, 2013 reads underneath.

Names and Arrows


Three arrows are rendered in black ink reading Andrew, Ethan  and Gabriella, respectively.

Names on Forearm


The names Lucy and Orlo are rendered in a black cursive font.

Sister Flowers


Pink flowers are rendered on the wearers’ forearms with the stems of the flowers spelling out the word sister.

Jacob and Emma Infinity Sign


An infinity sign incorporates the names Jacob and Emma into the design in this black wrist tattoo.

Names in Infinity Sign


The names Noah, Emmy and Sadie are incorporated into the design of an infinity symbol in this tattoo.

Aman Forearm Piece


The name Aman is rendered in a black script font with a drop shadow on the wearer’s forearm.

Ethan and Noah Wrist Tattoos


The names Ethan and Noah are rendered on the wearer’s wrists in an elaborate black script font.


Blue Butterfly with Luna


A rose and blue butterfly are accented by a black swirl leading to the name Luna in this tattoo rendered on the wearer’s left shoulder blade.

Poorly Drawn Heartbeat with Name


This example of shakey line-work portrays a heart leading to the heartbeat seen on an EKG machine, the name Julia, and the birthday September 23rd, 2011.

Names on Arrows


Three arrows are rendered on the left side of the wearer’s ribcage with the top arrow incorporating the name Daniel into the shaft of the arrow, the middle arrow incorporating two hearts into the shaft, and the bottom arrow incorporating the name Reagan into the shaft.

Name on Forearm


An illegible name is rendered in a black cursive font on the wearer’s forearm.

Names on Forearm


The names Aaron and Mika are rendered on the wearer’s forearm in a black cursive font.

Little Sister Infinity Sign


Feathers are incorporated into the designs of infinity symbols with one tattoo reading little sister and the other reading big sister.

Jean-Marc Neck Piece


The name Jean-Marc is rendered in an elaborate black script font with white highlights at the base of the wearer’s neck.

Broken Flesh Forearm Piece


A tattoo replicating an indentation spells out the name Loreen Niklas on the wearer’s forearm in this tattoo.

Sparrow and Name


The name Maha is accented by a gradient swirl and a sparrow in this tattoo at the base of the wearer’s neck.

Commemorative Dates and Mother Holding Baby


A silhouette of a mother holding a baby is accompanied by a small red heart and the dates, January 12th, 2010, and February 8th, 2014.

Lance and Autumn Hearts


A pair of hearts, portrayed on the wearer’s right shoulder blade, incorporate the names Lance and Autumn into their designs.

Serendipity and Arrow


The word Serendipity is accompanied by a feather and an arrow in this black shoulder tattoo.

Linda and Jeremy


The names Linda and Jeremy are portrayed on the wearer’s wrists in a black script font.

Emilio Forearm Piece


The name Emilio is rendered on the wearer’s forearm in a black cursive font.

Mia with Heart


The name Mia is accented with a small black heart in this tattoo.

Script Name


The name James is rendered in a simplified cursive font on the wearer’s forearm.

Names with Birthdates


The names Heaven Leigh and Kaleb Abraham are accompanied by the birthdays February 8th, 2007 and August 6th 2013.

“Your first breath…” Quote


The quote, “Your first breath…took mine away,” is accompanied by a heart in this black forearm tattoo.

Script Name on Foot


The name LilyKate is rendered on the wearer’s foot in a black cursive font.

Liam Arrow


The shaft of an arrow spells out the name Liam in this black forearm tattoo.

Enough Wrist Piece


The word Enough is spelled out in a scrolling black font on the wearer’s wrist.

Hunter Heartbeat


The heartbeat seen on an EKG machine creates the shape of a heart and spells out the name Hunter.

Crossed Arrows and Names


A pair of crossed arrows are accompanied by the names Karen and Micah and the date, June 21st, 2014.



The word individuality is spelled out in a heavily traced looping font.

Graffiti Style Name with Birthdate


The name Kiara is portrayed in an ornate font and accompanied by the birthday November 18th, 2007.

Free Wrist Tattoo


The word free is scrawled on the wearer’s middle finger in this black tattoo.

Kaylee Chest Piece


The name Kaylee is flanked by two nautical stars in this black and red chest piece.

Anguianai Chest Piece


The word Anguiani is rendered on the wearer’s chest in a scrolling black font.

Robert Daniel Forearm Piece


Negative space is used to spell out the name Robert Daniels in cursive font in this forearm tattoo.

Alexis Bicep Piece


A unique font is used to spell out the name Alexis in this black and gray tattoo.

Taylor and Nicholas Forearm Pieces


The name Taylor is rendered in blue and black ink and accompanied by a feather while the name Nicholas is rendered in black and red ink and accompanied by an arrow in this tattoo set. The na

Name and Pocketwatch Forearm Piece


The name Jacob is accomapnied by a pocket watch and the date August 16th, 2013 in this forearm piece.

Rosa with Rose


A red rose accents the name Rosa in this tattoo located on the inside of the wearer’s upper arm.

Roses with Name


Three roses accompany the name Sylvana in this black and gray tattoo.

Name and Birthdate Heart


The name Isaiah and the date, October 1st, 2011 are incorporated into the design of a heart in this black tattoo.

Nancy Jade


The name Nancy Jade is inked at the base of the wearer’s neck in a shoddy cursive font.


Daniel With Pink Hearts


A pink watercolor background is superimposed with hearts and the name Daniel in this tattoo.


Name Spelled in Lipstick


Red lipstick adorned with cheetah print spells the name Belle in this tattoo.

Crossed Out Names


A series of crossed out names lead to the name James  in this black and gray tattoo.

Elaborate Name on Forearm


Elaborate scroll work surrounds the name Diene in this forearm piece.



The name Jessica is accented by scrolling lines in this black and gray forearm piece.

Olivia with Roses


A pair of thorned roses accompany the name Olivia in this tattoo rendered on the inside of the wearer’s upper arm.

Names and Footprints


Footprints are accompanied by the names of the children that made them in this black tattoo.

Skye Bicep Piece


An example of poorly done line-work, this tattoo renders the name Skye on the inside of the wearer’s upper arm in black ink.



Jayden Neck Piece


The name Jayden and the letter are portrayed at the base of the wearer’s neck in black ink.

Aden with Heart


The name  Aden leads to a red heart filled with a squiggly line in this chest tattoo.

Randy on Ring Finger


The name Randy is rendered on the wearer’s ring finger in a black cursive font.

Harrison Shin Piece


The name Harrison is portrayed in a bold, black font in this tattoo.


Alexander Back Piece


The name Alexander is portrayed across the top of the wearer’s back in black and red ink in this tattoo.

Tia with Heart


The name Tia is portrayed in a bold font with a heart dotting the I in this forearm tattoo.



Three Names on Bicep


The names Lilar, Dani, and Juana are rendered on the inside of the wearer’s bicep in a black script font.

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At present, name tattoos have become extremely popular across the globe among men as well as women. Although people wear these tattoos on the wider parts of their body, the smaller-sized tattoos can be worn just about anywhere.


The good thing is that you can select any text for your name tattoo that will manifest your personality. It is feasible to use any color for these types of tattoos which can include almost anything including quotes, captions, love quotes, poems and so on. However, one needs to be careful about the spelling while wearing these tattoos.

Popular Name Tattoos for Women

Below, we will mention some popular name tattoos for women and also why they have become so popular these days.

Significant Other’s Name

Women love wearing this tattoo on their forearms. This tattoo is intended to honor the most significant man in the life of any female, and it is important for the name to stand out from the entire picture.


We all accept doves to be a symbol of peace. The dove in a name tattoo is used to signify the person who calms you with a peaceful and happy smile in times of stress and anxiety. In fact, the presence of doves is compulsory during a wedding ceremony, since these birds have a strong connection with prosperity and love.


The rose in a name tattoo is used to express the love of a woman for any special man in her life. Moreover, the presence of thorns helps to accentuate the meaning even more by reminding us of the sufferings endured by a lover before he eventually succeeds in winning his woman.


The tenderness of the wings of a butterfly reminds us of a beautiful lady. The butterfly in a name tattoo helps to indicate the admiration of the female towards the man whose name is inscribed in the tattoo. Also, the gradual transformation of a girl into a gorgeous woman is often linked to the development of a cocoon into a beautiful butterfly.

Birth Date

A woman wearing this tattoo will usually inscribe the names of her lover and her little ones on the list. Human beings, by nature, tend to forget their birth dates. However, these tattoos are meant to remind someone of his or her birth date so that they do not overlook it. Furthermore, they also indicate how important a man is to any lady who is wearing the tattoo.

Tips When Getting a Name Tattoo

Although name tattoos for women are used extensively across the world, it is essential to stick to some maintenance tips after getting these tattoos. The affected skin area is quite sore initially and one must keep the area free from irritation.

Following the tattoo session, try to drink a substantial amount of water. Wash the wounds 2 to 3 times every day and use a soft towel to dry them immediately. Do not touch any affected area and take care that your clothes do not scratch those areas.

You need to continue caring for your tattoos even after the recommended healing period of two weeks. Protect them from direct sunlight and use sunscreen if it is not possible to avoid the sun. Bear in mind that a name tattoo is going to remain with you perpetually, so don’t be hasty, and be picky.

Creative Examples of Name Tattoos for Women


This name tattoo is the epitome of colorfulness and playfulness and is the perfect way to celebrate that healthy relationship with a lot of character. It is spunky and employs one of the prettiest things in nature, a dandelion, quite majestically.


This is one of those name tattoos where all the focus is just on the name itself. The name uses a very curvy and stylish artwork to appear as prominent as possible without being overpowering. The two little hearts are perfectly placed as well.


One of those name tattoo ideas where the name is a bit more subdued and the artwork behind the heart is more pronounced. The brilliant splash of red coupled with what appears to be blotches of black make this tattoo very striking.


Are you looking for a name tattoos idea that is full of unbridled vibrant energy? If yes then this is the one to get. The name is made out in a beautiful font while the use of three bright colors in the background that complement each other well gives it that extra zing.


A name tattoo design that uses symbolism quite cleverly to signify the long-lasting nature of a relationship, this tattoo is dominated by the symbol of infinity with the name and date beautifully merged into the design. It screams sophistication.


If you are looking for highly artistic and creative name tattoos for girls then this tattoo will definitely peak your interest. Its ultra-realistic footprints and the classical manner of representing the name and date make it visually very pleasing.


One of the simplest name tattoos for women, this puts all its effort behind just the name and that shows in each little curve in this tattoo. It is beautiful and scores quite high on the artistic index without taking up too much space.


Incorporating all-time favorite tattoo themes such as doves in flight and hearts along with the name in a stunning design, this is one of those tattoo ideas for women that strike the perfect balance between being prominent and understated.


This is simply the cutest tattoos ideas you are ever going to come across. A cute little flower in stunning pink and the stem fashioned into a heart symbol and then continuing on to the name lend it so much character in such a small package.


This tattoo combines the popular symbolism of a cross and a highly intricate and symmetric design work to create a classy and sophisticated look. The crisscrossing nature of the name also signifies a deep and strong bond.


Are you a colorful personality? If yes then this tattoo will suit you perfectly. It uses ungainly blotches of different brilliant colors to form a breathtaking heart. The heart forms the background for a bold portrayal of the name while taking a more subtle approach to the date.


A very beautiful and meaningful tattoo, this one can be used to beautifully immortalize the love for your children. The unique combination of palm prints and footprints along with the names in a beautiful yet subtle design is just the perfect way to show this immeasurable love.


If you want to take a more minimalistic approach to the whole name tattoo then you should give this one a consideration. It is tiny but highly complex due to its use of a sophisticated looking font and yet it is beautiful too.


Another creative tattoo, this one effortlessly combines two arrows with the names to great effect. There is a sort of chaos in the design of this tattoo and that adds quite a bit of character and meaning to this stunning piece of art.


This is one of the prettiest tattoos you are going to come across. The name uses a very cute and graceful font and the name itself beautifully continues to form a tiny little heart. Overall, this is the tattoo to get if you do not want too much ink but still want a tattoo that is simply attention-grabbing.


A beautiful example of how simple design elements can come together to form a striking work of art, this tattoo combines a simple arrow with a free-flowing design to the name to create a really cool and striking visual.


Credit where credit is due, this is one of the most intelligent tattoos you are going to come across. At first glance, it just looks like the outline of a rose but on closer examination, you will get to see that it effortlessly combines the name into the design as well – simple yet majestic.


A highly artistic tattoo that celebrates the beauty of motherhood in all its raw and vibrant beauty, this one is visually very striking and the design elements and subtle shading will ensure that it turns quite a few heads and eyeballs.


This is one of the coolest tattoos out there. It quite beautifully manages to form a heart out of the name and a couple of flowers and branches. It uses thin lines along with the beautiful use of dots to create a highly sophisticated and dynamic look.


The name part of this tattoo uses an elegant design that is intricate but still easy to read making it both beautiful and intelligent. The tattoo adds that extra bit of vibrancy by adding a couple of tiny footprint with hearts carved out of them in a brilliant shade of blue.


How about packing in as much information as possible in the smallest form factor? This tattoo achieves that quite brilliantly. It also follows a color scheme of black and blue to really bring this heart made out of words and numbers to glorious life.


This one takes the more classical approach. The design is very clean and that gives it an air of class and sophistication. Beauty in uniformity and simplicity is the underlying inspiration here. A couple of arrows, names, and dates in Roman numerals look really great together.


If you want your tattoo to be richly packed with detail then this is the tattoo to get. The roses are incredibly detailed and realistic and the name itself is bold and beautiful so that it does not get lost in the stunning background and holds its own quite well.


Little is more is the inspiration behind this beautiful and cute little tattoo. The design is very straightforward and the only artwork present is a tiny filled out heart that goes well with the uniformly designed name and date.


Inspired by medieval artwork, this is a hauntingly beautiful tattoo that is dominated by a very realistic and detailed rose. The name itself is portrayed in a very creative manner and uses curves and accents to give this tattoo a unique character.


If you really love a name then this name tattoo is a clever way to showcase that. At first glance, it looks like a heart but it masterfully integrates the letters of the names as its design. It is creative, artistic and simply beautiful to look at.


This is one of those name tattoos that uses a simple design technique to achieve something that looks wonderfully good. The font looks more like handwriting and the tattoo is topped with a cute little heart which gives this tattoo a very wholesome look.


This is one of the coolest name tattoo ideas you will ever come across. It is very straightforward to look at but incorporates both names and the date the two people met. It is a great way to celebrate a joyous moment of your combined lives.


Royalty doesn’t come by blood alone. If you believe in that and consider yourself or a loved one so special then that is good enough to be considered as a king or a queen and this is a name tattoos idea that celebrates just that. It uses very little ink to make quite a lot of impact.


This name tattoo design packs in a lot more than just the name. It includes dates, other important numbers, places, symbols and the icing on the cake is that the whole tattoo can be made to look like a geographical region. This is a highly complex tattoo that scores high from an aesthetic point of view.


If you are fortunate enough to have more than one good friend then this is one of the cooler name tattoos for girls that commemorates and glorifies those relationships. The concept is very simple. It uses three beautiful arrows along with a lovely font for the names.


Free-flowing name tattoos for women like this doesn’t have too many design elements but the highly curvy nature of this tattoo gives it a very exquisite look. In essence, it is a single line that loops and winds beautifully to create the names in a touching manner.


If you are looking for tattoo ideas for women that somehow combine complexity with a highly legible tattoo then you have come to the right place. The strong and clear letters coupled with an intricate design give this tattoo a very distinguished look.


This is one of those understated tattoos ideas that manage to speak a lot without taking up a lot of real estate. It leans more towards the playful than the serious and that adds further charm to this sweet looking tattoo.


If you are looking for more than just some words and would love your tattoo to have a dash of color then this is a nice option. It can be used to mark the important date associated with someone special in a vivid manner that captures the essence of a colorful relationship.


This is a tattoo that makes the name its centerpiece and the major attraction. Only very subtle design elements are used to enhance the prettiness of this tattoo. It is pronounced and direct but still very pleasing to look at.


This is the perfect tattoo to mark the births of children. Just like a newborn baby, there is an innocence and freshness to the artistic flair of this tattoo. It uses curves and symmetry to great effect to make it feel as special as a newborn child.


If you are a nature lover then this tattoo will tug at your heartstrings. The name is fashioned out of vines and branches that twist and turn magnificently to produce a stunning tattoo. The flowers add that extra bit of spice to an already incredible tattoo.


Hearts are the best to way to express your love and affection for someone and this tattoo uses them to great effect to add both meaning and color. The name is spelled out very clearly making it very apparent to even the casual glance.


Sometimes the smallest gestures can mean so much and if you want to make a similar gesture then this a great tattoo to get. It is not at all flashy but still manages to convey your feeling for that someone special and does it quite artfully.


A wreath is both beautiful and meaningful and this tattoo captures this quality perfectly. The flowers are all simple yet stunning to look at. The name in the center is a just a shade bolder and this contrast makes the tattoo pop nicely.


Do you want something bright and eyeball-grabbing? This is the perfect answer to such a quest. It uses a heart and a few curves in a bright blue while the name is in a much more subdued and darker shade. All this comes together to create something very different and visually striking.


One of the most diminutive tattoos here, this one is just the name in a font that is uber-cool to look at. It achieves this coolness by employing a combination of flowing curves and sharp angles. It is one of sharpest looking tattoos you could get.


Few relationships can be as special and as cherished as the bond between a mother and her child. This tattoo perfectly immortalizes this bond in a way that is simple but still very powerful. The letters are pretty and the tiny heart adds just a hint of color.


For that someone who is as important to you as your own heartbeat, this is a great way to show how much they mean to you. The name starts out beautifully in curvy letters and almost effortlessly morphs into a heartbeat set inside a bright and beautiful heart.


Another tattoo in the small but striking category, this one takes a bit more of an effort to decipher and if that is what appeals to you then this tattoo will make a great accessory for you. It is charming in a uniquely beautiful and elegant way.


This tattoo uses subtlety in both its design and color choices to bring together a beautiful and highly meaningful tattoo that will bring a smile to that special someone’s face every time they see this creatively breathtaking tattoo.


Do you love the font used in old books and many important documents of the past? If yes, then you will definitely fall in love with this tattoo. The dates are in Roman numerals instead of the more common Arabic numerals and that adds a good bit of exclusivity to the tattoo as well.


A rose is the everlasting symbol of love and this tattoo manages to fashion the stem of the rose into the name. The rose itself is not very realistic but that is a good thing for this tattoo as it adds just enough color and beauty to the tattoo without taking the focus away from the name.


This is a uniquely creative way of showing the strong bond between two people. It does not take up a lot of space but still manages to carry a lot of meaning. The design and font are simplistic but have high artistic value.

Bibiano Wenceslao

40 Forearm Name Tattoos For Men

Kids’ name tattoos are some of the most popular choices when it comes to deciding a design. A kid’s name can evoke childhood memories, it can help remember your kids at all times, and ultimately pay respect to them as well as showing love.

For those who have a creative mind, a kid’s name tattoo can be made special with black, white, colorful ink, and additional details. These tattoos are very durable and if well cared for, they can remain intact for years. Of course, kids’ names tattoos can get inked by  both men and women.

If you are looking for the ideal way to make a statement, then a name tattoo may be what you need to do. For this reason, in this article, you’ll find the best kids’ names tattoo ideas as well as everything you need to know about them, so make sure to read until the end.

Is It Bad Luck To Tattoo Your Child’s Name?

While many people do plan to have their child’s name inked on their skin, some others may wonder what the consequences of tattooing your child’s name may be. Is it bad luck to get a tattoo of your child’s name? Will it cause you some pain and sorrow in the future?

Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, luck

Well, while some tattoos are known to bring bad luck such as gruesome ones or your partner’s name, getting your child’s name inked does not bring bad luck.

While there are cases where people have had to deal with bad luck in the past because of their tattoo designs, you surely won’t have this problem. In short, tattoos are just beautiful art that some people get in the name of beauty and they’re certainly not a curse.

Best Placement for Name Tattoos

If you are looking for the ideal placement for name tattoos, then there are certainly lots of different places on the body. Some people would consider having these tattoos on their arms and legs while others prefer a more prominent place to put it on. Usually, and other than on their arms, people like to get their kid’s name on their arm, wrist, or even chest.

Logically, the best place for a name tattoo is on the chest as it would then be displayed near your heart and you would then show how close to you that person is. However, these are the best places on our bodies to get a name tattoo.

Kids Names Tattoos On The Chest

Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, name 1
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, name 2

Getting a name tattoo on the chest is a great decision if you want an even area to get a bigger design inked. In fact, you’ll be able to hide it at work but to showcase it during your free time at the gym or on vacation to the beach. Of course, you’ll always have your little one in mind.

It is important that getting inked on the chest is generally quite a painful part of our body due to the proximity to bones and ribs.

Child’s Name Tattoos On The Leg

Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, leg 1
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, leg 2

A strategic placement for a tattoo is on the leg, and it’s also an increasingly popular choice for tattoo lovers. Tattoos on the leg are beautiful, they usually look more stylish, and it’s big enough to allow you to unleash your creativity.

Though, tattoos on the leg can either be very painful or not painful at all depending on the exact position. In fact, getting a tattoo on your calves will be painful but you will feel very little pain getting inked on your outside upper leg.

Kids Name Tattoos On The Back

Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, back 1
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, back 2

Our back is a wide even surface that is able to accommodate any kids name tattoo, big and noticeable or small and subtle. For this reason, getting inked on the back is a great idea and you’ll show off your kid’s name wherever you go.

Getting tattooed on the back isn’t really painful and will cause low moderate pain in general.

How Do I Come Up With a Good Tattoo Idea?

It can be fairly easy to find good tattoo ideas, whether online or getting a personalized design by your tattoo artist. However, how can you come up with a good tattoo idea that will reflect your personality? If you want something that is more unique and that has an artistic touch to it, or you want a design that is closer to your personality, there are a few things you can consider.

First of all, you want to understand what it is that you want from your tattoo. Do you want a unique and beautiful kids name tattoo or one with lots of details or their baby face? Or simply a representation of your new life as a parent.

In addition, you will wait to include details that match your personality as well as thinking about the place where you’re going to get inked. For example, if you’re planning to get a tattoo on your back, you may want to get one that goes well with a flat surface. On the other hand, if you’re planning to get inked on an uneven surface such as your arm, different details will be more appropriate.

Furthermore, don’t be scared to ask for tattoo ideas to your parlor. In fact, they will have a portfolio that you can check out for inspiration and it will surely give you some ideas, whether you want to get a kid’s name tattoo or not.

There’s nothing better than seeing the actual tattoo on someone’s body to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Best Kids Names Tattoo Ideas

Getting the right kids’ name tattoo idea isn’t the easiest task and, as mentioned previously, there are a few things to consider. Though, you can find inspiration by checking the designs below.

The name tattoos that are based on your child’s name will definitely have a unique meaning to you. When you get the right tattoo design, you’ll be able to show it to others and the representation of your kid’s name which will definitely impress the rest of your family.

1. Black Lettering Tattoos With Date Of Birth

Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, date 1
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, date 2

This first kid’s name tattoo design is the most simple yet the most unique and elegant one. It simply consists of getting your kid’s name tattooed with a beautiful font finishing it with his or her date of birth.

While this may sound common, there actually are endless custom possibilities depending on the font, the tattoo color, and the optional additional details.

2. Baby Footprint Tattoo With Names

Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, foot i 1
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, foot p 2

A baby footprint tattoo is a more noticeable and personal tattoo that you can get. With it, you will remember the first steps your baby did as well as the shape of his beautiful feet. While it isn’t as subtle and elegant as other ones on this list, it is definitely personal.

3. Baby Handprint

Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, hand 1i
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, hand 2p
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, hand 3p

Another important symbol of your child’s memories is his handprint. That’s why you should consider this element to go with your child’s name tattoo.

Note that, just like the baby footprint, a handprint design surely looks less subtle and less elegant which is a disadvantage on some occasions.

4. Tree Of Life

Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, tree 1i
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, tree 2p
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, tree 3p

Trees of life have a beautiful and very interesting meaning. In fact, they represent our development and uniqueness. In fact, as the branches become stronger and grow, you get more experienced and knowledgeable.

Adding your kid’s name will associate him with that development and strength and that is certainly a fantastic idea. Lastly, it is a subtle tattoo that will match any outfit and situation.

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5. Cute Elephants

Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, Elephants 1i
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, Elephants 2p

Just like a tree of life, elephant tattoos have a deep meaning and represent strength, loyalty, and good luck. That’s why getting an elephant design to add to your kid’s name tattoo is a fantastic idea.

6. A Flower Tattoo

Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, flower 1i
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, flower 2p
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, flower 3p

Flower tattoos are some of the most popular that one can get. In addition to a beautiful flower, your kid’s name will definitely look stunning on it. Whether it is a black ink tattoo, a white ink one, or a colorful one, it will stand out and will certainly make your children proud.

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20+ Lotus Flower Tattoo Design Ideas (Meaning and Inspirations)

7. Star Tattoo With Your Child’s Name

Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, star 1i
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, star 2p

Star tattoos have some of the most impressive and beautiful meanings. In fact, they represent ambition, success, and hope. It is believed that if you’re having a difficult time, your star tattoo will help you find the right path.

Needless to say, your child’s name will be a great addition to it, to its meaning, and will bring good luck to both yours and your child’s future.

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8. A Rose Adding Value To The Name

Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, rose 1p
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, rose 2p

Kid’s name tattoos must be original but also need to look stylish and interesting to see, and that is why a rose with your child’s name is certainly a great idea. Tattoo the name on the stem, on top of the petals, or right next to it, and get ready to be astonished by the incredible design.

9.    Combining Elements

Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, comb 1p
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, comb 2p
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, comb 3p

If you’re not sure about the drawing you’re going to get or can’t decide between an elephant, a rose, or a star, combining elements is a great way to make your tattoo unique. Ask your tattoo artist to add a red rose to your kid’s name tattoo, a dreamcatcher, or simply a geometric design and see how impressive it will be.

10. Heartbeat Tattoo

Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, heartbeat 1i
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, heartbeat 2p


Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, heartbeat 3p

One of the first things you think when mentioning your baby for the first time is the heartbeat. For this reason, and because you want to remember it forever, a heartbeat tattoo with his name will make it last forever.

It is important to note that a heartbeat line tattoo represents strength, love, passion, and the capacity to move forward no matter what.

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Tattoo Designs With Kids Names Hidden In Them

Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, hidden 1p
Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo, hidden 2p

Another original and beautiful kids name tattoo idea is a design with the name hidden in it. If you’re not completely into showing off an entire tattoo only made up of a name or symbolic elements such as a heartbeat, footprint, or handprint, these are the best option for you.

The greatest advantage of going for one of these is that you’ll be able to choose any design. Of course, whether you want a more subtle and elegant design or a more noticeable one, there are options available for you.

Furthermore, if you want to show off your kid’s name to everyone and be proud of it, the previous designs cited above are probably better for you.

To sum up, and traditional kids names tattoos apart, tattoos with your child’s name hidden are the most versatile designs and you’ll be able to adapt them to any situation.

Can You Get A Kids Name Tattoo When Pregnant?

While it is totally possible to get a tattoo when pregnant, experts recommend waiting until the baby is born. First of all, the first 3 months of pregnancy are extremely important and you shouldn’t get a tattoo since the baby’s organs are still developing.

After these 3 first months, and even if the organs finished developing, getting a tattoo before birth can still be harmful. Also, while pregnant, your skin will stretch and the tattoo might end up being deformed after birth, and that’s surely something you don’t want.

If you still want to go ahead and ink your beautiful kid’s name tattoo, it is highly advisable to inform your tattoo artist beforehand so that he’ll be able to guide you through the process better.

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These were the best kids’ name tattoo ideas that you should consider as well as all you needed to know about tattoos in general. One of the reasons to get your kid’s name tattooed is that you won’t regret it for a second, and that’s certainly something to consider.

When your kid will grow and will see his name tattooed on your skin, he will be proud and you’ll show it off to all your relatives.

To conclude, if you’re getting ready to have your first kids’ name tattoo, you definitely can’t go wrong with these ideas!

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Top 43 Kids Name Tattoo Ideas [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Is there anything sweeter than the sound of your kid’s name? What strength it gives you, and sense of purpose; they need you, and you need them even more.

Sometimes just glancing down and seeing their name gives you the courage to face the day, because you do it for them.

Tattooing the names of loved ones certainly isn’t a new tradition. For thousands of years sailors, soldiers, and even members of the royal court would ink the names of those they were devoted to onto their flesh, a token of loyalty and eternal remembrance. Today many choose to carry on this tradition by tattooing their child’s name on their arm, wrist, or over their very heart.

Designs and colors can be as varied as you wish, from elegant flourishes to bold print, with additional framing and embellishments available in all styles and subject matter. Many choose to add a portrait of their child above or beneath their ink-inscribed name, either framed or surrounded by garlands corresponding to their birth flower.

Tattooing the name of your child(ren)is the perfect way to mark an occasion of birth or special milestone. Perhaps your child’s name is a special talisman to protect you, just as they rely on you to protect them. In choosing to devote your very flesh to the inked name of your child, you are sending a higher message: that you are a nurturer and defender of the innocent.

Kid’s Names Tattoo Ideas


anna kids name mens paint brush stroke inner forearm tattoo

This tattoo, placed on the inside forearm, perfectly demonstrates the importance of the child in the wearer’s life. The black lettering is bold and dramatic while maintaining a simplicity that many prefer over the complexity and bright colors of other designs. The black is well saturated and the script invokes a trash polka feel without incorporating some of the more detailed aspects of the style. It is a simple yet powerful tattoo.

augsto and antonella mens kids name outer forearm tattoo

These tattoos utilize a bold and simple cursive script, along with prominent placement on the outside forearms, to serve as a testament of the dedication to the wearer’s children. The well-executed but minimalistic design perfectly conveys the emotion and commitment to family, while serving as a daily reminder of his children’s impact on the wearer’s life.

awesome kids name noah blocks mens outer forearm tattoo

Some tattoos go beyond simple script. This tattoo incorporates children’s blocks to convey a sense of purity and lightheartedness. The placement on the forearm also ensures that the tattoo is easily visible, allowing the wearer to show off their love for their child. While not perfectly executed—inconsistent shading and slanting lines—the sentiment is strong and clearly demonstrates the wearer’s dedication to their family.

awesome script kids name paul with birthdate mens chest tattoo

This artist uses two different script styles, as well as some fine line flourishes, to create a tattoo celebrating the wearer’s son and commemorating the day he was born. The lettering for the name incorporates some classic cursive, filigree elements while the delicate line work for the date uses exaggerated serifs, making for a simple but interesting style. The placement on the ribs, one of the more painful places for a tattoo, also shows the wearer’s commitment to his son.

birthdate with kids name and footprint mens rib cage side tattoo

Another motif that has gained popularity, this tattoo incorporates the footprint of the wearer’s newborn baby used on the birth certificate as a powerful design element. This, along with simple, well-executed cursive script of the baby’s name and birth date make for a lovely expression of the innocence and beauty of an infant as well the parent’s unconditional love for their child. The placement on the torso also represents the personal nature of the tattoo. 

black and red ink heartbeat kids name mens upper chest small tattoos

This tattoo uses the image of a cardiogram and incorporates a simple cursive script of the child’s name into the design. Placed over the heart, signifying the love and dedication of the parent, the tattoo makes use of a small splash of color. The section of the cardiogram after the name uses this red ink and the shape of the lines to create a heart, a clever design element that adds to the overall piece.

blocks with footprint kids name 3d mens outer forearm tattoo designs

This tattoo incorporates a number of different elements to create an interesting composition. The children’s blocks used as lettering and the newborn’s footprint both work to impart a sense childlike innocence. A banner—a classic tattoo element—displaying the birthdate, background shading to make the letters pop and the prominent placement on the forearm all help to create a tattoo that stands out and displays this parent’s love for their child.

cool simple kids name footprint mens upper chest tattoo

footprints full kids name mens rib cage side tattoo

footprint with kids name guys inner forearm tattoo inspiration

This simple tattoo uses a fine line cursive script to commemorate the wearer’s dedication to their child. A footprint is incorporated as well, however instead of the depictions of true footprints used in many other tattoos this tattoo uses a realistic, black and grey portrait style to depict the infant’s foot. This departure from the more common style helps to set this tattoo apart from other similar designs, while still clearly displaying the wearer’s paternal love.

hand print with kids name mens inner forearm tattoo

hands in shape of heart with evie kids name upper arm tattoo ideas for men

Realistic, black and gray portraiture is often used to great effect in commemorating loved ones and this tattoo is a good example of this technique. By placing the hands in the shape of a heart, framing the child’s name, a pleasing composition is created. This, along with a slightly ornate, cursive script and well executed shading make for a balanced tattoo that will serve as a daily reminder for the wearer and their child of the eternal bond they share.

heartbeat kids name mens collar bone tattoo

heart footprints with kids name upper chest tattoo ideas for men

These tattoos use several elements to create a permanent memorial to the wearer’s two children. The infant’s footprints, placed within two hearts on either pectoral create a prominent, well-balanced composition. The negative space around the footprints themselves helps them to standout against the black background, and the cursive script with hearts for tittles completes the design. These well-executed tattoos will serve as a reminder of the parent’s dedication to their children and the love they share.

ivy mens half sleeve pocket watch leaves kids name tattoo

Here is a tattoo that strays from some of the more conventional designs used for children’s names in favor of more detailed and elaborate features. The gears, springs and inner workings of a pocket watch take cues from the biomechanical style while still maintaining a realistic look. The garlands of leaves and the use of Roman numerals for the birth date create a frame for the timepiece, leaving negative space allowing the large, cursive script to pop. This is a creative, well executed tattoo that stands out among more predictable designs.

kids name iris pocket watch with calender birthday mens upper arm tattoo

leg calf male kids name tattoo design ideas

maria kids name with birthdate and diamond mens chest tattoo

This tattoo, placed over the heart, uses an ornate, cursive script along with fine line flourishes to commemorate the wearer’s daughter. The simpler lettering used for the birth date adds a nice contrast between the two styles. A large gem stone—perhaps his daughter’s birthstone—adds a bit of color and helps to create a more balanced composition, making this a well thought out tribute the relationship between a father and daughter.

matei date kids name guys small simple inner forearm tattoo

mens benjamin kids name upper chest script attoo

This simple but elegant tattoo uses large, elaborate letters to memorialize the wearer’s son. The placement—on the upper pectoral—follows the natural lines of the musculature, creating a flow that further accentuates the graceful design. The flourishes, including the stylized tittles, add to the composition and help this tattoo standout from other, less elaborate pieces. This is a well-executed example of the calligraphy style often used in Chicano style tattoos and serves as a gorgeous and permanent memorial to his son and the bond they share.

mens footprint kids name unique upper arm tattoo

mens kids name hands holding inner forearm tattoo designs

Here we have another example of realism being utilized to commemorate the birth of a new family member. The cursive script is not too ornate to take attention away from the image of an infant holding her father’s hand and the shading is fairly well done with small touches of white for highlights. The placement on the inside of the forearm ensures that this father’s love and dedication is on display for everyone to see.

mens kids name sky roman numeral upper chest tattoo

mens troy baby angel kids name chest tattoo

This is another tattoo that incorporates a number of different styles, most notably neo-realism and illustration, to create a unique memorial to this father’s son, Troy. The shading on the portrait of the new born baby as an angel is well executed and blends well into the filigree and feathers that form the border of the piece. The placement is also worth mentioning: the top edge of the wing follows the collar bone’s natural line and the rest of the image fills the pectoral while smoothly integrating with the existing sleeve.

mens xavier kids name script collar bone tattoo

negative space black forearm band kids name tattoos for guys

Here we have another example of simple lettering using negative space to create the script. This tattoo makes good use of bold black lines to create the backdrop for the text; however this piece also demonstrates the need for precision in this type of tattoo. The way that the script pops means that the eye is instantly drawn to any imperfections and here the uneven line work and inconsistency in the lettering is on display. There is no doubt that this tattoo will serve as a reminder of family love, but the sloppy execution detracts from the piece.

negative space kids name charlie footprint mens chest tattoo

This simple tattoo takes the popular design of a newborn’s foot print and tweaks it in a small but interesting way. The use of negative space to create script is utilized in an expert fashion here and the contrast of black and untouched skin makes the lettering pop without going over the top. This technique can often look sloppy; however this piece doesn’t suffer from this problem and will remain a memorial to a father’s love for a long time to come.

negative space lettering kids name outer forearm tattoo for men

This tattoo is another expert example of the use of negative space. The simple script and lack of color is made more compelling by using shadows to create the outline. This tattoo manages to be big and bold without using a tremendous amount of black ink; what could have been another boring tattoo was made into an interesting piece and will serve as a great reminder of familial love piece thanks to a talented artist.

ornate kids name male upper chest tattoo

ornate script kids name male chest tattoo

Here is a wonderful example of calligraphy style lettering that is often used in Chicano style tattoos. The highly ornate script and use of artistic components, like the elaborate “E” and stylized tittle, make for an interesting design. The flourishes make use of subtle shading to create the border of the design while enhancing the composition of the piece. This is a great piece that would make any father proud.

outer forearm curious george the monkey kids name guys tattoo

This is a great tattoo that uses tight, well-executed script and deliberate placement to create an interesting piece. The way that the tattoo follows the natural line of the outside forearm helps to make a relatively simple piece stand out. The uncomplicated image of Curious George brings a playfulness to the piece that contrasts nicely with the expert script work. Personal touches like this make tattoos unique and impart more meaning to the artwork.

pocket watch with santiago kids name mens inner forearm tattoo

Here is another tattoo of a pocket watch—often used to symbolize the fleeting and precious nature of time—as memorial to a father’s love. In most cases the hands on the clock will point to a significant time, usually either the date or time of birth. The shading and line work create a realistic time piece and the script is well placed, utilizing negative space to make the lettering stand out. The piece is well placed on the forearm and proudly displays this dad’s love for his son.

roman numeral clock with scroll and rose flowers kids name mens chest tattoo

roman numerals with kids name and footprints guys inner forearm tattoo

This piece has a few things going on. The cursive script is clean and well-executed and the Roman numerals used for the birth date and the newborn’s footprints are fairly well done although the shading could be a bit more gradual. The large “A” is an interesting choice. It has a fantasy vibe that evokes images of Dungeons & Dragons and while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea it means something special to the wearer, and it definitely sets this piece apart from other, similar tattoos.

scorpio kids name mens outer forearm tattoo designs

shaded black and grey carter kids name male upper chest tattoo

small footprint kids name negative space arm tattoos for guys

teddy bear with blocks kade kids name mens upper chest tattoo

This brightly colored tattoo uses an illustrative style to create a cartoon like image that, it is safe to assume, has special significance to the wearer and his family. The common trope of children’s blocks is put to good use here by incorporating vibrant colors and attention to detail: notice the wood grain on the unfinished block faces and the secondary letters on the different sides of the blocks. The perspective on the blocks is also well-executed. While the style may not suit everyone, this is a great tattoo that will bring smiles for years to come.

tricep back of arm kids name alice footprint tattoos for men

two hands kids name male creative upper chest tattoos

unique kids name drawing mens chest tattoo

This interesting piece is definitely an acquired taste, however I can’t think of a design that better demonstrates the strength of familial love than this tattoo. The simple stick figures and drawings were almost certainly drawn by a child and express the beauty and innocence of a child’s perspective. The dedication and pride a father has to feel to get his children’s doodles tattooed on his chest is truly something special.

vincent kids name footprint male chest tattooame mens chest tattoo

watercolor baby kids name mens chest tattoo

This is an interesting piece that takes aspects of realism and super imposes them over a vibrant water color background. The expression on the baby’s face is captured perfectly using different tones. The bold black outline also adds a surprising level of definition to a style that can often look ill-fined. The colors splatter just enough to create the water color aesthetic without looking sloppy, and the subtle lines that guide the script give the impression of notebook paper, adding an understated depth.

Arabic Name Tattoo IV

25 Baby Name Tattoo Ideas You'll Fall In Love With

Your child is always going to be a part of you and so is a tattoo. This is why many parents choose a tattoo with their children's names on it. A name tattoo is a way to always carry a piece of your child with you because their name will be forever inked on your body.

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When it comes to a name tattoo, you want to choose an experienced tattoo artist you trust and maybe even one who has done several tattoos with kids' names. They may have some name tattoo ideas that you end up liking, and maybe even some that are better than the tattoo designs you bring to the table.

While this can be helpful, some parents already have a clear idea of what they want their baby name tattoo to look like. From the lettering to the coloring and detail, they have design ideas firmly implanted in their heads. Often, these are meaningful tattoos that have their child's name, birthdate, and maybe even a handprint or footprint.

Whether this is your first time getting a tattoo or you're a seasoned pro at getting inked, we have some baby name tattoo ideas for every parent.

1. Baby name with birthdate, baby feet, and designs

Here's a cool name tattoo that also has the baby's birth date and their footprints. There are stars and the moon along with some shading. This one looks more like a tattoo for a woman, but a tattoo artist could probably change it up for men too.

2. Baby Minnie with name and date of birth

Calling all Disney fans! This is a rather simple tattoo, but one that has a super fun theme if you love Minnie Mouse and Disney. This tattoo for parents of a baby girl can be put just about anywhere because it's not going to take up a lot of space...unless you want it to!

3. Ribbon tattoo with baby's name and birth date

This tattoo may be better suited for those with some experience getting inked, not for first-time visitors to the tattoo parlor! This one has a good amount of detail and shading which means more time and probably more pain. But, the result is a meaningful tattoo that stands out.

4. Building blocks with baby's name

Here's another one that goes into the detailed, but very cool tattoo category. Have your tattoo artist spell out your child's name with blocks. Add a small design at the end like a doll or other toy. This tattoo can work whether you have a baby boy or a baby girl. The size is going to depend on how long your child's name is. If you're a pro at getting inked, a longer name shouldn't be a problem! It's those that are visiting a tattoo artist for the first time that may have more trouble sitting for so long.

5. Twin baby tattoos

Got twins? No problem! Since you have two arms and two wrists, you can get your children's names tattooed on both for each. You can add shading or make it look like a watercolor design. There are plenty of design ideas that you can incorporate into this name tattoo.

6. Floral tattoo with baby's name and birthdate

This is a simple, but meaningful tattoo that a parent may choose to put on the back of their neck or another part of their body. With some flowers and the baby's name and birthday inside, this is one of many design ideas that don't require spending a long time with your tattoo artist.

7. Floral tattoo with baby's name as the stem

When it comes to baby name tattoo ideas, this one ranks pretty high in the creativity department. Yes, it's a flower. But, look at the stem. The baby's name is incorporated into the design. Some people may not see it at first, but once you do, you'll agree this is one cool tattoo.

8. Baby name tattoo with footprints

This is a simple tattoo when it comes to the elements it has, but it's still meaningful. You can get your child's name inked in cursive with baby feet on it too. This is a baby name tattoo idea whether you have a baby girl or a baby boy.

9. Motherhood tattoo for moms of twins

Name tattoo designs when you have twins can be a lot of fun. This one fits the bill for a meaningful tattoo and one that is pretty cool too. This one is big and long, so be sure to put it somewhere you have space.

10. Baby name tattoo on the back of the head

This tattoo may not be the best idea for someone getting one for the first time because it's big and is in a place where you may feel a lot of pain. We don't know how long it took the tattoo artist to complete this tattoo but kudos to the dad and the person doing the ink!

11. Child name tattoo with a flower

This is a high-quality tattoo complete with the baby's name inked in cursive and a beautiful flower. This is a tattoo many moms may fall in love with because it's very feminine and has meaning at the same time.

12. Baby's face with name tattoo

The detail on this tattoo is amazing and really stands out. The child's face and name can be put just about anywhere on the body. It looks like this proud parent put it on their arm. This is suitable for a baby boy or a baby girl.

13. Baby name tattoo on fingers

This name tattoo is only going to work if your child has a short name unless you want to get all of your fingers inked. With just one letter on each finger, this may be one of the more unique tattoo designs we've seen.

14. Baby's name tattooed in flower

You have to look closely to see this kid's name, but it's there. Trust us. The name is written in cursive along the flower's stem. Talk about an intricate baby name tattoo!

15. Baby name tattoo with footprints inked on foot

If you want tattoos with kids' names, this one hits high on the creative list. How fitting to have footprints on your feet, right? Hopefully, this person isn't ticklish! That wouldn't be fun for anyone in this situation.

16. Detailed flower with baby's name, date of birth, and time of birth

Talk about detail! Kudos to this tattoo artist who pulled off not only the flower but the child's name in the stem and the baby's date of birth and time of birth.

17. Child's name with date of birth

When it comes to name tattoo ideas, this one is simple but looks amazing. The child's name is written in fancy lettering along with the date of birth. While there's not a lot of color with this one, it still stands out as a cool tattoo.

18. Two kids' names with handprint and footprint

The parent here decided to add on to a previous tattoo when baby number two came along. You can see the first name tattoo with the footprint. Then, the second child's name and date of birth were added with a handprint. This is a great way to get both children in one tattoo design.

19. Baby's name inked on both wrists

While this isn't a big and colorful tattoo, this one still stands out when it comes to wrist tattoos. It's simple with the baby's name written in cursive on both wrists. The mom in this photo will have a reminder of her baby's name every time she looks at her arms.

20. Baby footprint with a name tattooed inside the foot

When it comes to different styles of baby footprint tattoo ideas and unique kids' names tattoo ideas, this one is a winner. The baby's name inked inside the footprint is a nice touch. Kudos to the tattoo artist who came up with this idea.

21. Child's name with birth info

This tattoo looks like a DIY design because it's so unique. You have the child's name along with all of the birth info and an intricate unicorn. While this may not be a sleeve tattoo, it's still big and takes up a lot of space on the arm.

22. Baby's name with handprint, footprint, and date of birth

When you look at kid's names tattoo ideas, this one is different than just having your child's name tattooed on your arm. Whoever tattoos dad with this one may want to take a foto of the child's handprint and footprint to get the right size.

23. Baby's name with info tattooed in a heart

While this is not a heartbeat tattoo, it is in the shape of a heart so it still counts if you were looking for that type of design. This one has lots of lettering with the baby's name and birth info as well as some terms of endearment. This one definitely counts as a cool tattoo.

24. Baby's fists and dad's fist tattooed with baby's name

If you're looking for design ideas that are different, this is one to consider. It looks like the baby's tiny fists with an adult's, giving a little fist pump. The baby's name is inked in cursive below.

25. Baby name tattoo with egg's nest


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77 Interesting Name Tattoos and Brilliant Name Tattoo Ideas

Name tattoos are becoming more popular as a way to pay tribute to loved ones. What’s in a name? Our name is our identity, it has a power over us. Our parents must have spent hours or days deciding what name to give us, and it was probably one of the most important decisions that they have made when you were born, speaking as a mother of 2 boys, it took me months to figure out the best name I would call my sons. Without our names, how would people call us then? Every name has its own character, that is why names are very special and must be well thought of. If you can’t get enough tattoo quotes, enjoy these!

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.” – Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

77 Interesting Name Tattoos and Brilliant Name Tattoo Ideas

As for name tattoos, to have your name tattooed on your love one, doesn’t that makes you feel very special?  There’s no exact year when name tattoos became popular, but to have a name tattooed on your skin must be something you have decided and thought of properly. I know some people who regretted it after they broke up with that person, but don’t you worry if this will happen to you since there are thousands of talented tattoo artist out there who can cover it up into something more amazing.

77 Interesting Name Tattoos:

are compiled to give you ideas. You can have the name of your children, your spouse and even your parents tattooed. Make sure when you have decided to get a name tattoo that it will be something you won’t regret, so if it’s a name of your boyfriend who you’ve been going out for 3 months, forget it, unless you have a good tattoo artist who can redesign it for you after you are through with him. People tend to change their preference a lot! You are welcome for the tip.

1. Lance and Autumn name tattoos

Here’s Lance and Autumn in a shape of a heart.


2. Family tree of names

If you love your whole family and want their names on your skin, a family tree of names is a good idea.


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3. Natalie and Jared

This can be used as a couple tattoo, having your names together in a shape of a heart.


4. Austin, Jacob and Noah

If you have 3 sons, this heart tattoo is a great idea.

5. Lucy and Orla

If you have 2 lovely daughters, a nice font like this and placement would certainly work!

6. Belle name tattoos

Belle probably loves lipstick.


7. Name tattoo on feather

I’m sorry I can’t get the name of this.

8. Andy

Nice placement for a name. This idea is from the movie Toy Story, except that the name Andy was on the sole.

9. Megan

Wrist tattoos are also very nice. I love the font of this tattoo.


10. Multiple mistakes

Name tattoos gone wrong! You probably don’t want this to happen to you. Instead of doing that, have it cover up by a good tattoo artist, unless of course you want people to know how many mistakes you’ve had. LOL


11. Arellano

This is a family name.  Most men have their family name tattooed on their backs, chest and even on the belly.


12. Simple Mia

I think Mia is such a lovely name, and I like how it is accented with a heart.


13. Life line for Hunter

This is perfect if you have baby boys.


14. Phillip Jason

This dad is a proud father of the adorable baby Phillip Jason. Had his name tattooed on his side with large fonts.


15. Liam

Oh how I love this simple tattoo on the wrist, and it’s very cute font too!


16. Name Tattoos:  James

Fonts in longhand writing are perfect for names tattoos.

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17. Robert, Daniel and Elizabeth

I can tell that this person certainly loves books and so does those names written on it.


18. Marcus, Matthew and Alex

It’s cute that these 3 names have different fonts.


19. Alicia <3

Short names makes a perfect heart shaped name tattoo.


20. Lily Kate

I like the placement.


21. Kaylyn

This dad loves his daughter Kaylyn, and I’m guessing she also loves to color!


22. Kim, Brian, Kailey, Bria

Oh I love elephants! This elephant name tattoo is gorgeous!


23. Dawson and Kynda

Here’s another couple tattoo idea or 2 of your children’s name together.


24. Olivia and a rose

I think we can’t go wrong guessing that Olivia is the love of his life!


25. Carlos

77 Interesting Name Tattoos and Brilliant Name Tattoo Ideas

Originally posted by Roman

I really admire water color tattoos!


26. Alexis

An excellent baby’s name tattoo.


27. Elizabeth

One of the most popular name is Elizabeth.


28. Your children’s names and a rosary

For the Catholic parents out there.


29. The dog lover’s tattoo

Who said names are only for people? They’re for lovely pets too!


30. Names and birthdates

You can throw in their birthdays too! Name tattoos can be fun!


31.  Name and footprints tattoo



32. Brielle

Mommy’s tattoo of Brielle. So lovely!


33. Emilio

Nice font for Emilio.


34. Last name tattoo

Street style name tattoo on the back.


35. Lucas


36. Ethan and Jacob

I’m not sure if this is a couple tattoo or not.


37. Butterflies and name tattoos

Here’s a tattoo for a mom with little girls. This is also good idea for best friend or sister tattoos. Name tattoos can be versatile, depending on the person.


38. Karen x Micah

What I know is that arrows should be pointing up. Here’s a nice couple tattoo with their anniversary date.


39. Jayden



40. Brenna and Carter


41. Tiffany


42. Stella

I like the bird and the name. So cute!


43. Cody

I really like the font of this rib tattoo. Check out more rib tattoos at our post entitled 40 Sexiest Rib Tattoos for Girls


44. Bentley

Name and life line tattoos are already quite common.


45. Jaxon

Very nice mother and child tattoo. So simple, and I mean that in a good way.


46. Kaitlyn Name Tattoos (works best if your name is Kaitlyn!)

I think this a tattoo or Kaitlyn, the date and time of her birth. If that’s not it, then you are welcome for the idea!

47. Finlay

I’m guessing this is a last name.


48. Mariah

For all the Mariah fans, or if you have a wife named Mariah who is treated like a queen.


49. Diana

If you like more anchor tattoos and its meaning, check out 40 Best Anchor Tattoos to Stay Grounded.


50. Izabela


51. 5  names and a cross


52. 3 names

He is probably married to Mandy and had kids named Brandie and Romany


53. Elle

One of my favorite name tattoos.


54. Hand prints and names

So sweet and thoughtful of this dad to get tattoos of his children’s handprint, name and age.


55. Ashley


56. Ayden James

Names on infinity symbol are also popular.


57. Michael and Justin



58. 6 names in a flower

I think it’s lovely.


59. Lilah and Penelope


60. Kailey


61. Isla & Ari

Simple and beautiful.


62. Thomas

Smaller name tattoos on the feet are better than big ones.


63. Hutson

Nice font, especially for a guy’s name.


64. Family name

You can have the right side with your first name and the left with your last name or vice versa.


65. Family tree with ribbons

Love your family? This family name tree is beautiful, except that they have their superheroes names instead of theirs!


66. Seth

Such a cool tattoo.


67. Noah and Toby

Who would’ve thought that Noah, Toby, feather and infinity tattoo would all work together?


68. Mark and Avery

I  love how well made this tree of life tattoo is. The fonts of the names fits perfectly well too!


69. Name in Baybayin script

This Filipina had a brilliant idea of getting her name tattooed in Baybayin script. Baybayin is an ancient Filipino writing system.


70. Small name tattoo

This is also a nice idea if you don’t want a large name tattoo. You can just simply add it to an existing tattoo.


71. Patrick

Cute! She had “Patrick Lee, you are my sunshine”, thus the sun looking tattoo with words.


72. Hayden

I like how the font and broad color of his name tattoo font stands out among his existing sleeve tattoo.


73. Madden

Here’s a white name tattoo if you don’t want the name tattoo to be so obvious.


74. Doug, Erin and Kate

This is a great idea for friendship tattoo and siblings tattoo.


75. Lianna


76. Finger name tattoo

Instead of having wedding rings that can easily slip from your finger and get lost, how about a tattoo in place instead?


77. Abby Name Tattoos

For your little angels, a tattoo of their names will never be a mistake.


And there you have it! There are many ways to get a name tattoo. You have to think what size you would like to get, what font and where to place it. Men usually have it on their chest, at the upper back, forearms and belly. Women put it anywhere they like, and to make it look more cute, you have to make sure you have researched enough fonts and print it on a bond paper so your artist could stencil it. You can also incorporate your name tattoo with your existing tattoos. If you’re out of space already, you can get it bigger and bolder so that it will stand out.

Good luck!

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77 Interesting Name Tattoos and Brilliant Name Tattoo Ideas

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