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Champion Staff Rating Skills In-game Appearance Goku65 points After every player you kill your damage doubles for 10 seconds. Auto trains 75% of your Strength, 40% of your Durability. Nerfs all damage by 10% and buffs all damage by 40%.
Asta65 points Despite training only 50% of Strength and 10% of Durability, Asta makes up for that by nerfing all incoming damage by 25% and buffing all damages by 20%. He further nerfs all Strength & Punch damages by 80% and buffs Strength & Punch by 70%! To top it off, when under 10% of health, Asta additionally nerfs all damage by another 70%.
Shanks80 points At 50% health, 50% of all damage received will be redirected back to the enemies for 5 seconds. Auto trains 85% of your Sword, 50% of your Strength, and 50% of your Durability. Nerfs all damage by 10% and buffs all damage by 40%.
Itachi85 points When the player reaches 10% of his health, he will become immune to all attacks for 8 seconds. Itachi trains 80% Chakra, 20% of Strength and 20% of Durability. He also nerfs all damage by 25% and buffs damage by 50%.
Madara90 points When a player is at 25% of his total hp the player will become immune to all attacks for 5 seconds. Auto trains 90% of your Chakra, nerfs all player damage by 10% and buffs all damage by 40%.

This is a page where you can offer trades. If you would like to trade, comment your Roblox username, which class you are, which champions you are trading and what you wish to get (optional). Please also comment what class is required to trade that particular champion. Cross trading is not allowed;you may not offer payments of any form other than Champions from Anime Fighting Simulator, this includes: Robux, equipment from other games, real life currency, etc.


Scamming is the process of a person making fraudulent claims/ offers to trade champions, and not holding up their end of the deal. This is commonly done as an easy way to acquire champions.

  • Please do not scam others. There are several scams.
    • One common scam is when the scammer tells the victim to trade their offer before the scammer does. The scammer does not go through with their part of the trade and leaves with the victim's items.
    • Another common scam is when other people ask "Can I borrow" or "Can I test the champion first", in the end the case is mostly that the other person wants to get you to give the champion to them for a "test" and run off with it.
    • Another scam is the "Friend Betrayal Scam" When someone becomes your friend and pretends to be friends with you only to get your champion. They might start off friendly at first to gain your trust. After some time they might ask "Hey can I test that champion out?" You might respond "sure" because you trust them only for them to unfriend you and run away with the champion you gave them.
    • Keep in mind, anything that you can't trade immediately with a champion has the potential to be a scam. For instance, gifting shards/yen, helping with boss powers, finding a devil fruit, training them, etc. is regarded as crosstrading, which can get you banned.
  • Be sure you have enough inventory space to go through with trades. Inventory space is very limited, and many trades might end due to one party not having enough inventory space.
  • Please note: You can no longer trade Fighting Pass champions. This includes Kirito, Asuna, Gon, Meliodas, Shinra, Mihawk, Escanor, Zenitsu, Bakugo, Rock Lee, Marco and Ochaco.
  • Do not beg for champions. There are many ways to gain champions, whether it be from offers, grinding chikara, or codes, it is relatively easy to get champions. If you beg, that is akin to scamming.

Demand Table

Here is a demand table. To use it, add the totals of your champion demand points and then compare their champion demand points. If their demand points are lower than yours then it's a bad trade (E.g Sakura, Piccolo and Levi is an equal trade with Luffy or Yami). However, no one is obliged to follow this table, and everyone can trade for what they like.

Name Demand
Sanjo (Common) 1
Levy (Common) 1
Kelloa (Common) 1
Saruka (Common) 1
Pillico(Uncommon) 2
Big Might (Uncommon) 3
Canaki (Uncommon) 2
Fluffy (Rare) 4
Yamo (Rare) 4
Deko (Rare) 5
Jorati (Rare) 5
Jiyurai (Epic) 10
Naturo (Epic) 13
Tajiron (Epic) 13
Vetega (Epic) 13
Genas (Legendary) 35
Buruz (Legendary) 30
Igochi (Legendary) 40
Sasoke (Legendary) 46
Tatashi (Legendary) 60
Endevro (Legendary) 76*
Gokro (Mythic) 65
Astu (Mythic) 50
Shunks (Mythic) 86
Itachu (Mythic) 70
Oren (Mythic) 90
Marado (Mythic) 72*
Renkugo (Mythic)
Bercoliu (Mythic)

Champions with an asterisk (*) behind their rarity values may have said values change depending on demand and availability.&#;

Class Board

You have to be a certain class to trade certain Champions. Here is a table of the required classes to offer a champion. Remember, the OTHER player must be the required class for you to offer that champion.

Sanjo Pirate+
Levy Ghoul+
Kelloa Ghoul+
Saruka Hero+
Pilloco Reaper+
Big Might Sin+
Cakani Magi+
Fluffy Magi+
Yamo Yonko+
Deko Yonko+
Jorati Gorosei+
Jiyurai Gorosei+
Naturo Gorosei+
Tajiron Overlord+
Vetega Overlord+
Genas Hokage+
Buruz Hokage+
Igochi Kaioshin+
Sasoke Kaioshin+
Tatashi Espada+
Endevro Sage+
Gokro Sage+
Astu Espada+
Shunks Sage+
Itachu Sage+
Oren Espada+
Marado Sage+
Renkugo ?
Bercoliu ?
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Champion Percentage Selling Value Skills In-game Appearance Kitiro [Kirito]Fighting Pass 10 Chikara Shards Kitiro auto trains 70% of Sword, 25% of Strength, and 45% of Durability. Nerfs all damage by 15% and buffs all damage by 35%. At 20% health all damage will be doubled.
Asanu [Asuna]Fighting Pass 20 Chikara Shards Asanu trains 85% of Sword and 50% of Durability. She nerfs all incoming damage by 40% and buffs all outgoing damage by 30%. She nerfs 50% of incoming sword skill damage and buffs sword damage by 30%. When health reaches 10%, all damage is nerfed by 35%.
Gan [Gon]Fighting Pass 20 Chikara Shards Trains 50% Strength, 50% Durability and 50% Chakra. He nerfs all incoming damage by 35%. He nerfs Chakra attacks by 40% and buffs chakra attacks by 50%.
Maliodus [Meliodas]Fighting Pass 20 Chikara Shards A strength oriented Champion by training 90% of Strength and 80% of Durability. He nerfs all incoming damage by 50%. Overall, he nerfs all damage by 50% and buffs all outgoing damage by 35%.
Shinro [Shinra]Fighting Pass 30 Chikara Shards Shinro trains 70% of Speed, 45% of Durability and 55% of Chakra, finally he also doubles all burn damage.
Mihack [Mihawk]Fighting Pass 30 Chikara Shards Trains 90% Sword and 70% Durability. Buffs all damage by 30% and nerfs all incoming damage by 25%. When at 20% health all damage is buffed by 30%.
Escanop [Escanor]Fighting Pass 30 Chikara Shards Trains 60% Sword, 50% Durability and 45% Strength, he doubles all your damage and nerfs all incoming damage by 50% when it's day time.
Zenitso [Zenitsu]Fighting Pass 40 Chikara Shards Trains 99% Sword and 70% Durability. Buffs all outgoing damage by 20% and nerfs incoming damage by 30%. Buffs outgoing Sword Style damage by 40%. At 20% health, all outgoing damage is buffed by 55%.
Bakugio [Bakugo]Fighting Pass 40 Chikara Shards Trains 75% Strength and 75% Chakra and 30% Durability. Reduces damage by 50% and buffs damage by 40%, when below 25% health, all quirk damage is buffed by an additional 40%.
Pebble Lee [Rock Lee]Fighting Pass 40 Chikara Shards Trains 95% Strength, 90% Durability, 50% Speed, 50% Agility. Buffs all outgoing damage by 50% and nerfs incoming damage by 50%. When attacked, there is a 5% chance to teleport behind the attacker and kick them for damage and a knockback (The kick deals 10x the player's Strength).
MarcoFighting Pass 40 Chikara Shards Trains 90% Chakra and 95% Durability. Buffs all outgoing damage by 50% and nerfs incoming damage by 35%. At 25% health, regenerate 50% hp instantly and heals 6% of your health every 5 seconds.
Ochacu [Ochaco]Fighting Pass 40 Chikara Shards Ochacu trains 60% chakra, along with 40% strength and durability. She buffs all outgoing damage by 40% and nerfs all incoming damage by 25%. Furthermore, she buffs outgoing Quirk damage by 35% and nerfs incoming Quirk damage by 25%.

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