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Hunter x Hunter: Every Zodiac, Ranked According To Strength

While the Hunter Association manages the world's Hunters, its top members can become members of the Zodiac Twelve. In the Hunter x Hunter universe, the Zodiacs serve as counselors to the Hunter Association Chairman. Previously handpicked by former Chairman Isaac Netero, they serve as some of the most peerless Hunters of their generation. Some of them are fierce combatants, with some possessing unique abilities that separate them from typical Hunters.

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Based on the Chinese Zodiac, the Zodiacs have 12 members in total. Interestingly, all of them have the highest levels of authority across the Hunter Association. However, some members of the Zodiac just outclass the others in terms of sheer power.

12 Chicken: Cluck

Despite her short and slender stature, Cluck isn't to be underestimated. Carrying the Chicken designation, Cluck also serves as a member of the Dark Continent voyage's Flora/Fauna Team. In turn, it's surmised that Cluck has extensive knowledge over lifeforms in various biomes.

Interestingly, being one of Chairman Netero's sparring partners means Cluck must have excellent skills in both combat and Nen usage. In terms of specifics, Cluck only demonstrated her ability by controlling pigeons to deliver messages to "all" Hunters - meaning she can control at least 600 pigeons at once. With this in mind, Cluck may have skill in Manipulation Nen but not necessarily focused in combat.

11 Rabbit: Pyon

Cutesy Pyon and her bunny ears fit the Rabbit designation, and her casual attitude makes her extremely approachable. However, behind this friendly facade is an extremely tech-savvy and upfront Zodiac, showing no hesitation to manipulate others for the benefit of her missions.

Sadly, the manga has yet to reveal the full extent of her abilities. However, as a Zodiac and Netero's former sparring partner, this means Pyon has considerable fighting prowess and control over Nen. Given her membership in the Intelligence Team for the Dark Continent exploration, Pyon's abilities may involve using technology to acquire and manipulate information.

10 Snake: Gel

As sleek as her iconic black dress, Gel isn't someone to mess with. Designated Snake and a Poison Hunter, Gel has an expertise when it comes to poisons and chemicals. In turn, she's deemed fit as a member of the Dark Continent voyage's Science Team. In terms of abilities, her status a Chairman Netero's sparring partner demonstrates fighting prowess.

However, the only hints of her abilities in the manga lie in the ability to transform her arm into a snake. Given her specialization in poisons, Gel's Nen abilities may have something to do with using poisons for immobilization, or even death.

9 Boar: Leorio Paradinight

Despite his Rookie Hunter status, Leorio Paradinight proved capable enough to become a member of the Zodiacs, with the designation Boar. After his Nen awakening, Leorio demonstrated advanced speed, agility, and stamina, as well as enhanced strength. As an Emitter, he uses the Remote Punch - a punch that can hit a farther location. Sadly, Leorio lacks training in using his Nen, as Gon's father Ging revealed the Remote Punch can release multiple emissions with multiple punches.

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While Leorio serves as a main character, his inexperience may mean he's still lacking in power compared to the other Zodiacs. However, Ging hinted that Leorio has a power yet to be untapped, meaning he might possess hidden potential.

8 Tiger: Kanzai

Befitting the Tiger designation, Kanzai sets himself apart with a short-tempered and impulsive personality. Not much is known about Kanzai, apart from the fact that his outfit is a yellow baseball uniform and that he once served as Chairman Netero's sparring partner.

Unfortunately, the manga has yet to reveal Kanzai's full abilities. However, given the series motif, it's likely that Kanzai's Nen has something to do with sports. Moreover, being a member of the Defense Team for the Dark Continent exploration means his abilities likely accommodate protective - or perhaps, aggressive - measures.

7 Sheep: Ginta

Ginta may seem burly, but he's never underestimated. Designated Sheep, Ginta has abilities befitting his membership in the Dark Continent voyage's Flora/Fauna Team. Unfortunately, the manga has yet to reveal the full extent of his abilities.

However, his experience as Chairman Netero's sparring partner means Ginta should possess remarkable combat skill and Nen control. In fact, Ginta can run extremely fast considering his size. In Chapter 320, Hisoka Morrow ranked Ginta higher than Kanzai and Pyon, meaning Ginta has something hidden up his sleeve.

6 Horse: Saccho Kobayakawa

Befitting his humble samurai appearance, Saccho remains a calm and collected person. Designated Horse, the quiet Saccho implies information gathering abilities that make him fit of the membership within the Dark Continent voyage's Intelligence Team.

The manga has yet to reveal Saccho's abilities. However, as Chairman Netero's sparring partner, Saccho must have remarkable combat prowess. Being a Double-Star Problem Hunter and a detective by trade, Saccho has keen intellect and observational skills. In turn, it's likely that Saccho applies his intelligence with his swordsmanship.

5 Monkey: Saiyu

At first glance, Saiyu possesses the appearance of the typical martial artist. However, "typical" doesn't do justice to the Monkey's seemingly-astronomical battle prowess. Essentially, his status a Chairman Netero's sparring partner should hint towards incredibly-impressive combat prowess. Moreover, his membership in the Dark Continent voyage's Defense Team demonstrate his combat-oriented abilities.

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As a Nen user, Saiyu implies proficiency in Conjuration. Given his status as a martial artist, he relies on hand-to-hand combat and conjures his staff should he need it. When using this Priest Staff, he can change its length at will, befitting various approaches in combat. Moreover, he can use his Three Monkeys to deprive the opponent of speech, hearing, and sight - remarkably deadly in combat.

4 Ox: Mizaistom Nana

Among the Zodiacs, Mizaistom is the most observant, analytical, and morally strict - befitting the black-and-white Ox. Given his status as a Double-Star Crime Hunter, Mizaistom possesses remarkable intellect and deductive abilities.

However, where Mizaistom shines is in his Nen, being Isaac Netero's former sparring partner. With his Cross Game ability, Mizaistom has three cards - blue, yellow, and red - with corresponding abilities. In the manga, Mizaistom only showcased yellow - restraint - so far, capable of completely immobilizing the opponent. While his full abilities aren't revealed yet, his capacity to spar with one of the most powerful characters in the series means there's more to Mizaistom than meets the eye.

3 Rat: Kurapika

Codenamed Rat, Kurapika is a skilled Blacklist Hunter capable of pursuing even the deadliest of bounties. Due to his drive to eliminate the Phantom Troupe and recover the remaining Kurta Clan Scarlet Eyes, Kurapika has extensive combat training. He's proficient in multiple weapons, aided by his enhanced physique. His genius-level intellect proves useful in combat, as he can plan tactics and strategies on the fly.

However, perhaps Kurapika shines most in his Nen abilities. As a Conjurer, Kurapika primarily uses chains embedded with various abilities - from dowsing, to restraint, to healing, to stealing other abilities. Thanks to his Scarlet Eyes, Kurapika transforms into a Specialist, being able to use all Nen types at 100-percent capacity.

2 Dog: Cheadle Yorkshire

Albeit possessing a meek appearance, Cheadle Yorkshire serves as the current Chairman of the Hunter Association. As a Triple-Star Disease Hunter, Cheadle has extensive knowledge over diseases - which also explains her membership in the Science Team in the Dark Continent voyage.

While the manga hasn't revealed her full abilities, her experience as former Chairman Netero's sparring partner means she must possess great battle prowess. Moreover, her demonstrated tactical finesse during the chairmanship elections proves her ownership of the title, Brains of the Zodiacs.

1 Dragon: Botobai Gigante

The bulky Botobai Gigante isn't just the Dragon by sheer appearance, but also status and expertise as well. Being a Triple-Star Terrorist Hunter and a public prosecutor, Botobai has extensive knowledge in military operations, legal affairs, and geopolitics.

Sadly, the manga has yet to reveal Botobai's full abilities. However, being Chairman Netero's sparring partner means his combat prowess and Nen control lie far beyond that of a typical Hunter. As a member of the Dark Continent voyage's Defense Team, his abilities may involve direct attacks or straightforward defense.

Interestingly, a subtle hint is given towards his power level. Chapter 326 of the manga reveals that Botobai possesses the "closest" power level to the Chairman in both name and ability.

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Hunter X Hunter: Every Member Of The Zodiac, Ranked

While Hunter x Hunter hasn't developed at the pace that most fans may want, the world that it has now is still incredibly detailed and vast. Though the characters are now trying to search the horizons of their Hunters by exploring the Dark Continent, the series already has a strong, hierarchy between its key characters.

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Among just the Hunter Association, the very cream of the top has famously been the Zodiac Twelve, the supposed best Hunters in the organization and Isaac Netero's most trusted cohorts. They were the ones entrusted with finding his successor and, even now, are leading the association into the Dark Continent. While there had to be a few replacements along the way, the Zodiacs still remain as one of the series' strongest factions to date.

14 Leorio Paladiknight: Hit Ging In The Chin & Rose In Popularity

Leorio Paladiknight is one of the freshest faces in the Zodiac in the wake of both Ging and Pariston's departures. He's more famous in the series for being an early companion of Gon's during the Hunter Exams who sold off his license to get enough money to get into medical school.

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He came back into the series with great volume in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc to confront Ging Freecss when he refused to see his son in the hospital. After famously clocking Ging in the chin, Leorio grew to such popularity that he became a prime candidate for chairman. While he's far from the strongest person in the series, he was brought into the Zodiacs so that his popularity could help bolster the group.

13 Cluck: Loud-Mouthed Botanical Hunter Who Can Control Birds

Taking really well to her gimmick as the rooster, Cluck is the bird-themed member of the Zodiac. While the group is filled with all manner of professionals, Cluck is one of its most loud-mouthed members. Not a lot is known about her abilities, but she is seemingly able to control birds and, as a top Botanical Hunter, now leads the Flora/Fauna team into the Dark Continent.

12 Gel: Stoic Poison Hunter With Snake-Like Abilities

Gel seems to be one of the more stoic members of the Zodiac, often maintaining a cool head though is quick to bare her fangs when threatened, like with Pariston. She's a poison Hunter, a position that perfectly matches her snake, Nen ability. At the moment, she's part the Science Team heading into the Dark Continent.

11 Pyon: Honest & Youthful Paleograph Hunter Who Cuts To The Chase

Pyon was essentially the face of the Zodiacs during the election arc, as she conducted and hosted a good portion of its proceedings, going as far as to even be in charge of questions. She's an honest and youthful girl who never hesitates from cutting to the chase of an issue, especially if that issue is Pariston Hill. As a Paleograph Hunter, Pyon is currently in charge of the Dark Continent expedition's Intelligence Team.

10 Ginta: Emotional Poacher Hunter Who Is One Of The Strongest

Ginta is the most emotional member of the Zodiacs seeing as how he tends to cry a lot or gets easily distracted by nostalgic details. This bleeding heart attitude is likely what made Ginta a Poacher Hunter, in service to protecting animals, as well as one of the key members of the Flora/Fauna team.

Despite his mushy demeanor, he's one of the strongest members of the Zodiacs given that Hisoka ranked him much higher in power than Kanzai and Piyon.

9 Saiyu: The Secret Mole Among The Group

Saiyu is the monkey-themed Zodiac who constantly seems anxious for a fight. Given his attire and bow staff, it would seem that Saiyu is a martial artist which is perfect for his profession as a Blacklist Hunter and makes him a clear addition for the Zodiacs' Defense Team. Unfortunately for them, they later discovered that Saiyu was the mole among the group, secretly working alongside Pariston to eventually free Beyond Netero despite the Zodiacs' best wishes.

8 Kanzai: Loud & Inexperienced, But One Of The Strongest

Alongside Saiyu in the Defense Team is Kanzai, by far the loudest and most simple-minded member of the Zodiacs. His juvenile, inexperienced nature is apparent in the way he talks and how he's constantly confused about world affairs.

Despite this, he's apparently one of the Zodiac's strongest members, going as far as to be one of Isaac Netero's sparring partners who he considered stronger than even Morel and Knov.

7 Saccho Kobayakawa: Smart & Patient Problem Hunter

Saccho is another member of the Zodiac's Intelligence Team who is one of the few Double Star Hunters seen in the entire series. While he obviously has some fighting merit given his samurai-like garb, Saccho is more prominently known as a Problem Hunter with a very gilded detective career among the association. He's one of the group's most patient and considerate members, near positioning himself as one of the smartest characters in the series.

6 Botobai Gigante: Calm & Respected Triple Star Terrorist Hunter

It shouldn't be a surprise that Botabai was one of the most popular candidates during the 13th Hunter Chairman Election. As a Triple Star Terrorist Hunter, he's one of the most decorated members of the organization with profound experience in politics, military strategy, and combat.

As the oldest member of the Zodiacs, it also makes sense to respect him for his long tenure in the organization, time, and experience that's permeating given how calm and stern he conducts himself.

5 Mizaistom Nana: Trusted & Dedicated Crime Hunter

Mizaistom is one of the most trusted members of the Zodiac, appropriately nicknamed "the Conscience of the Zodiacs." His strength, intelligence, and integrity are so revered that he remained one of the most popular candidates for Chairman for quite some time.

He's a dedicated Crime Hunter working to clean up the Hunter Association and investigate its sudden rise in disappearances. He's another one of Netero's old sparring partners and has the Nen ability to capture people in spectral cages.

4 Kurapika: Top Member Of Security Who Teaches People How To Use Nen

Kurapika is the Zodiacs' newest Rat who's quickly risen as one of the group's top leaders and minds during the Dark Continent storyline. He's already garnered some credibility in the story for gathering some of the Kurta Clans' eyes while also successfully taking down a couple of the members of the Phantom Troupe.

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Since joining the Zodiacs, he's been teaching people how to use Nen, acting as a top member of security, and was quick to figure out who Pariston's mole in the group was.

3 Cheadle Yorkshire: Intelligent & Accomplished Triple-Star Disease Hunter

Few characters in the series deserve the place of 13th Hunter Chairman as much as Cheadle did. As the "Brains of the Zodiac," Cheadle is by far one of the most intelligent, dedicated, and accomplished members of the group.

She is well-versed in both law and medicine and currently ranks as a Triple-Star Disease Hunter. Though she still lagged behind them, she was a clear rival to two of the Association's top members, Ging and Pariston.

2 Pariston Hill: Hasn't Had To Fight Yet But Is Suspicious

It's amazing to think of how gilded Pariston Hill is in this shonen series despite never actually raising his fist. Instead, Pariston has earned all the respect and notoriety that he has through his clear strategic ability and unrivaled politicking skills.

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However, one shouldn't let his smile underestimate him. Pariston is hinted at being one of the most dangerous characters in the series given that he's currently keeping a few, stray Chimera Ants as his playthings and the fact that Netero entrusted him as his Vice Chairman.

1 Ging Freecss: The Embodiment Of What Hunters Aspire To Be

Ging Freecss is the very embodiment of what all Hunters aspire to be. He's free-spirited, adventurous, intelligent, and one of the strongest characters in the series. He's famous for saving various ancient ruins and being hard to find in the world. While not a lot is known about his history, he clearly has the fear, respect, and hatred of the rest of the Zodiacs.

Though his exact Nen abilities have yet to be revealed, he's strongly showcased his mastery over his own aura and keen intelligence, particularly when he perfectly replicated and improved upon Leorio's emitter punch.

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The Zodiac Twelve: The guide of Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter Zodiac Twelve
Hunter X Hunter is set in a world filled with hunters and supernatural threats. It's not unusual for a governing body to exist in such a world. Aside from the chairman and vice-chairman of the Hunters Association we also have the Zodiac Twelve. The Zodiac Twelve are hand-picked by Chairman Isaac Netero himself. Netero, considered one of the strongest Nen-users in the world, acknowledged each of the members of the Zodiac Twelve. Each member has a code name associated to the Chinese Zodiac. They also wear something related to their code-name out of respect to the chairman. The Zodiacs are considered to have power close to that of the vice-chairman; they are also Netero's sparring partners.

The Zodiac Twelve are mostly considered advisers, and can do most things as long as they do not break any of the Hunter Commandments. There doesn't seem to be any prerequisite to becoming a member aside from being chosen by Netero. Most members of the Twelve are double star and triple star hunters, with a few exceptions like Kurapika and Leorio who both have no stars.

Let's learn more about the current roster of the Zodiac Twelve:

Hunter X Hunter Gehl, Botobai, Piyon, Kanzai & Pariston
Gehl's appearance resembles that of a snake with her slender and tall appearance. She's considered one of the strongest hunters in the Association and is a Poison Hunter. She is also a member of the Science Division. Not much is known about her abilities except for the fact that she can transform one arm into a snake.

Hunter X Hunter Mizaistom Nana
Mizai is a double star crime hunter. He wears a costume similar to that of a cow complete with small horns and black spots. He has a brilliant deductive mind and is also considered by many to be the "conscience of the Twelve". Aside from this he is a member of the Intelligence Division for the Dark Continent journey. Mizai has only showed one ability so far which is called the Cross Game. He uses three colored cards, one of which fully immobilizes his target(s).

Hunter X Hunter Clook
Clook is a member of the Biology Division and is a Botanical Hunter. She wears a dress with feathers to indicate her association with her zodiac. She showed her proficiency in Nen when she controlled around 600 pigeons to deliver messages to different hunters. Not much is known about her combat abilities.

Hunter X Hunter Kurapika
Kurapika is the second Rat replacing the Triple Star hunter Pariston Hill. He was nominated by Leorio to be part of the Zodiac for the journey towards the Dark Continent. He only accepted the position because the continent is said to be the location of the remaining Scarlet Eyes. He's a Blacklist Hunter whose a master of both strategy and combat. Though it is shown that he knows a lot about weapons, he prefers to use the chains which he conjures as part of his Nen

Hunter X Hunter Cheadle Yorkshire
Cheadle is the current chairman of the Hunters Association after Pariston withdrew. She is a Triple Star Virus hunter and is also a member of the Science Division. She wears ears and nose similar to that of a dog coupled with a conservative white dress. Not much is known about Cheadle in terms of her abilities though she's known to be a genius hunter. She also has connections and influence that span different sectors showing her vast influence.

Hunter X Hunter Saiyuu
Saiyuu is another Blacklist Hunter and was appointed part of the Defense Division. He's dressed in a way similar to that of the Monkey King Sun Wukong, a popular character from Chinese folklore. He's also a conjurer though prefers to conjure and use a staff. He's very straightforward and isn't afraid to challenge people to a fight. He also has the ability to summon three monkeys that can deprive enemies of their sight, hearing and speech.

Hunter x Hunter Kanzai, Mizaistom
Kanzai is a treasure hunter and has spiky hair and stripes similar to that of a tiger. He's shown to be powerful, with Hisoka giving him a rating of 85 during the chairman election. He is however short-tempered and lacks intelligence which makes other members question his capabilities.

Hunter X Hunter Ginta
Ginta is a Poacher hunter and is quite noticeable due to his large build. He wears a ram's horns and a sheep fur cape which indicates his Zodiac. Hisoka rated Ginta a score of 90 during the election. Despite being very emotional, Ginta is quite perceptive and is quicker and stronger than most of the other members.

Hunter X Hunter Saccho Kobayakawa
Saccho is a Double Star Trouble hunter and has facial features very similar to that of a horse. Not much is known about Saccho's abilities though he shows himself to be a calm, collected and smart individual. The swords he carries also indicates that he is a proficient swordsman.

Hunter X Hunter Piyon
Piyon is a Paleograph hunter and is part of the Intelligence Division. She wears rabbit ears and a rabbit themed costume to indicate the zodiac she represents. She was rated by Hisoka a score of 77. She hasn't shown any of her abilities though she seems to be very good with technology.

Hunter X Hunter Botobai Gigante,
Botobai is a Triple Star Terrorist hunter who wears an intimidating dragon themed costume. He's one of the senior members of the Zodiac and is considered as the one closest to Netero's skill and power. There isn't much revealed about his powers but it is shown that he has extensive knowledge and influence in terms of military secrets and strategies. He's also a public prosecutor.

Hunter X Hunter Kurapika & Leorio
Leorio is the second Boar replacing Gon's father Ging Freecss. His skill and influence were recognized during the 13th Chairman Election arc. Leorio shows great potential even though he never truly participated in a fight. He carries a knife and is also known as an Emitter. His powers vary greatly though it's shown to be centralized towards emitting auras for things like warping and detection. His abilities are also similar to Ging's.

With the latest arc in the manga still being explored we have yet to find out more about the capabilities and strength of the current members of the Zodiac Twelve. The little we found out during the election sparked great interest in what these people may truly be capable of. We will find out soon enough as Hunter X Hunter continues on.

Hunter × Hunter - Clip - Introduction to the Zodiacs (Dub)

There was a feeling that Artyom instantly sobered up. - You do not turn on the fool and the words do not need to be selected here out of politeness to me. - I laughed. - Fuck her.

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The honorable buyer through the office was accompanied by a pretty brunette about twenty to twenty-five years old named Daria. Despite her youth, this girl is clearly with oriental roots, here she had the position of a senior manager. That, in principle, did not surprise Semyonov - for his practice he saw not such a rapid career growth. Daria with a sense of delight told him about her company - Vek was created five years ago by Elena Pavlovna Serikova and Professor Neumann.

During this time, their theoretical developments, thanks to the help of the government, were realized and our company released about a.

Cheetu's death silva zolydidick best sceen kill

Mom said that today she was supposed to leave at 8 when you get home. So you have me until 8. I was dumbfounded, Irina Viktorovna never looked sick, such a calm, a little strict lady. She always behaved with dignity. She never took sick leave.

Now discussing:

I was humming something and did not notice how quietly Natasha came in and looked at me with surprise, I was embarrassed and blushed, well, everything I thought, now I am disgraced for the rest of my life. What is your name now, Natasha asked, Inga I answered quietly, and you wont tell anyone, looking down, I asked. Well, what are you silly, Natasha said, on the contrary, I will help you to become more beautiful and feminine, after examining me carefully, she said.

That she would pick up a drug for me to inhibit the growth of vegetation on the face and body, as well as to get perfect skin. I will help you with your wardrobe and shoes, she said, I will teach you how to behave in society.

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