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Introduction: Falling Sand Art Picture Repair

One of my favorite decorations in my study has always been a falling sand art picture. These are classic desk distractions -- two panes of glass with a small separation between them, filled with sand and water. You flip the frame over, and gravity pulls the sand to the bottom, making all kinds of interesting patterns and pictures. Each flipped picture is unique.

Over time, the water in my frame has escaped, to be replaced by air, rendering the art non-functional. This has always made me very sad -- I'm particularly fond of this one because it's green, and it glows in the dark!

You can find new frames in the store, but they usually have bubbles in them that are only going to get larger. Finally, it struck me that I ought to be able to add water -- after all, the frames were filled with water somehow when they were first assembled!

This instructable outlines how I successfully repaired my falling sand art picture -- hopefully it will help you rescue yours too!

Step 1: Disassembly

The frame is in a simple cradle with little axle pins, that allow you to flip the pane over each time you want to make a new picture. There were no permanent attachments, and a little flex with my fingers popped the frame right out so I could work with it.

Some investigation revealed what I was looking for -- on both sides of the frame, there is a small hole in the plastic, behind which is a gasket that seals the gap between the two frames. Some gentle poking with a needle showed it was pliable.

The plan: poke a needle through the gasket, and squirt water into the gap between the frames. Just like inflating a ball, when I remove the needle, the gasket should seal behind it.

Step 2: Supplies

In addition to the frame that needs repair, I used:

  • Distilled Water: I didn't want the water to cloud up or have any chance of growing something in it. I could have boiled tap water, but decided it would be easier to work with distilled water
  • Needle: I needed a needle to pierce the gasket; it needed to be thin so it would go through without causing much damage or leaving a potentially unsealable hole behind. I didn't have any syringe needles around, but I have a little bottle and thin gauge needle that is used for applying cement when gluing plastics -- perfect for this task!

Step 3: Clearing the Port

My sand picture had been dead for a long time. When I stopped using it, I unknowingly had left the sand built up on the side of the frame with the gasket ports.

I didn't want to insert my needle and encounter sand that might clog my needle, prevent the injection of new water, or contaminate the opening in the gasket and prevent it from closing.

So I had to clear the sand from the gasket port. This took about 10 minutes of tipping what little water there was in the frame over the sand near the port and slowly washing it away to another part of the frame.

Step 4: Filling With New Water

Insert the needle through the gasket until you can see it between the glass panes.

Gently squeeze water into the space.

I think in the end the squeeze bottle worked better than a syringe because when I stopped squeezing, the pressure from the new water pushed the air back into the bottle, removing it from between the panes!

In the end, there was only a tiny bubble of air left -- no problem, as there is always air between the frames (some frames work with air as the barricades that the sand falls around, so some air is necessary).

Step 5: Finished!

Remove the needle, and you're done!

Sand started falling almost immediately as I added water, and no sooner had I removed the needle that it started behaving just like its old, wonderful self!

As I said, I love this frame because it glows in the dark. :-)

Good luck repairing your own Falling Sand Picture!

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3D Dynamic Visual Sand Painting Glass Frame Art Hourglass Wall Decoration

Description: 3D Dynamic vision sand painting w/ glass frame, flowing art hourglass for home office wall decoration ornaments Ever-changing flowing sand for relieve stress, relax your eyes, development patience sentiment Rotate the flowing sand painting, then mountains, valleys and dunes are emerging before your eyes Each flip can produce a completely non-repetitive dynamic painting picture Sturdy & durable frame art landscape hourglass, perfect for home, office, showcase, desktop decor Material: Plastic, Glass, Sand Color: As Picture show ( Two-color frame ) Size Chart: Size (L*W*H)approx 18.5*3*14.5cm / 7.28*1.18*5.70 inch - Suitable for home and office. - Good decoration on table, desk, bookshelf, window sill, etc. - Perfect gift to family or friend. - Help with the stress of work or life.

Package Includes: 1 Piece Dynamic Sand Picture

Note: Please be reminded that due to lighting effects and monitor‘s brightness/contrast settings etc, the color tone of the website‘s photo and the actual item could be slightly different

Due to the manual measurement, please allow 1-3cm differences in size

Product type: Hourglasses

Product type: Living Room Wall Stickers

Found an error?

Framed Resin Art - Epoxy, Seashells, Beach Glass, Seascape Frame Art, Sand Art, Resin Beach Art

Whenever you work on your desk, whether you’re in the office or at home, sometimes you look for something to put your attention to for a while, especially while thinking or coming up with ideas. This is the reason why many people tend to decorate their tables or workspaces with the things they love or things that can entertain them when they get tired. One example of this decoration is a sand picture art.

A sand picture art is an unusual decoration and a classic desk distraction. It features two panels of glass with a small separation between them. They are filled with sand and water. When you flip the frame over, the gravity pulls the sand to the bottom, making interesting pictures and patterns. In each flip, you can get a unique picture.

It is also a good project to make if you are looking for something creative that you can do. If you want to know more about sand picture art, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you a guide to sand picture art.

How to Make a Sand Picture Art
a sand picture art

If you have time to spare and want to get creative, then making a sand picture art is perfect for you.


  • 2 identical picture frames with glass
  • ¼ inch gasket material
  • Silicone aquarium sealant
  • Colored sand (at least 2 different colors)
  • Distilled water
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Clean cotton cloth
  • Funnel with ¼ inch nozzle


  1. The first thing you need to do is take the back off each picture frame. You need to separate the glass from the other parts of the frame. After that, wipe down both sides of the glass, and put one glass on a flat table.
  2. Think of the design that you want to make. It can be mountains, oceans, or any shape that you like. Then, create a few sketches to plan. After finalizing the design, carve the shapes out of the rubber gasket material. Leave spaces between them so you can pour the sand through. Trim the gasket to make the lining for the outer edge of the glass. You also need to make shapes for the sand and water to flow around. Then, cut a 1-inch section out of the top of the gasket and set it aside.
  3. Get the silicone aquarium sealant and glue down the gasket pieces to one side of the glass and let it dry. Once it dries up, put some sealant on the other side of the gasket and glue it one the second pane of glass. Make sure that the seal is tight. The top of the glass should have a 1-inch opening. You can test the seal by pouring a bit of water into the opening. If it goes well, pour the water out.
  4. Next, measure out ¼ to ½ cup of each colored sand you are using. Through the funnel, pour the sand down the opening and in between the glass. Make sure that the edges of the glass are secure before pouring all the sand. If needed, add some sealant. After pouring all the sand in, pour in distilled water through the funnel and between the glass. After doing this, you should notice quickly if a hole is in the lining. If there is, drain out all the water, let the glass dry, and then secure the opening with a sealant.
  5. When the frame is almost filled with water, hold the panes in a vertical position using two stacks of books or similar items. If you wish, you can add more sand. Then, glue the 1-inch section of the gasket and let it dry. Add more sealant around its edges to cover the seal.
  6. You can also cut ¼ inch strips of duct tape to support the sealant. Put them to the edges of the glass. Then, glue the glass into the side of the frame using the sealant. When it dries, glue the other side of the glass into the other side of the frame. Polish the glass outside, and your sand picture art is ready.

The Best Sand Picture Art You Can Buy Today

If you do not have time to make your own sand picture art, no worries because you can also buy ready-made ones and display them instantly on your desk. To help you choose, here are some of the best ones we can recommend.


1.KB Collection Sand Picture

This sand picture art is made of beach woods and finished black matte lacquer with coated steel posts. It is a classic sand blend featuring black, ruby, and gold glitters. It is an interactive, everchanging, and a mesmerizing art piece that you can add to any home, office desktop, mantle, or bookshelf. It comes with a blunt injector, an air-scale, and an instruction manual. The flow time of the sand can be from 15 minutes to several hours.


2. Golden Island Sand Picture

This one is a fascinating executive toy for your desk. Flip it over and create your own work of art. With each turn, the sand will slowly shift to reveal a new scene. You will be entertained as you watch the falling sand, and glitters form new layers within the colored liquid. It also makes a great gift to your friends and family to add colors to their workspaces or room. The great thing about this sand picture art is it glows in the dark.


3.Bits and Pieces Sand in Motion

This is a rotating picture frame that is filled with colored sand, creating a unique and relaxing image with every flip. Put it on your desk and watch the combinations of colored sand and glow-in-the-dark glitters create wonderful landscapes. It will surely keep you entertained as you work.


4. SEA or STAR Moving Sand Picture

This sand picture art is made up of a glass body, silver border, fine sand, liquid, brackets, combined magical sand paintings (can form waves, mountains), and of course, undisputed creativity!  Every flip will give you a different surprise, watching the sand slowly and form a beautiful picture- indeed an effective stress-reliever!


5. XIZHI Moving Sand Picture

This moving sand picture is what you need to decorate your home or office. It is also a great gift for your friends and family. You can relax while watching the soothing motion of drifting sands. Watch as it makes different designs as the sand falls. When it stops, you can flip it again to create a new picture.


6. Coitak Moving Sand Art Picture

This is a mesmerizing and dynamic art piece. Rotating the glass will enable you to enjoy the sight of the sand swirling and shifting into different shapes and landscapes. This piece of decoration will surely bring a calming aura to your office or home. It is a soothing piece of art that will enable you to relax for a while when you feel stressed, making it perfect as a work desk décor.


7. CooCu Dynamic Moving Sand Picture Art

This moving sand picture art is made up of sealed glass, colored sand, secured plastic, and colorless liquid. It features different mesmerizing designs and landscapes with every flip of the frame. It is a really cool piece of art that you can use to decorate and add color to every table, bookshelf, or room you want. It is perfect for the home and office due to its soothing and relaxing aura.


8. Rainbow Vision Sand Picture Deep Sea Pacific

This is a handcrafted sand picture art that you can use to decorate your desk. It creates a new sand picture with each turn. Watch as the falling sand create valleys, mountains, dunes, and more. It is a perfect home and office decoration, and as well as a wonderful gift for your friends and loved ones.

9. Exotic Sands American Made Sandscapes

This sand picture art is made from double-strength glass for extra protection. It will show you unique scenes with every turn. The sand inside the frame is suspended in air bubbles. The sands used in making this piece of art came from South America, Southern Utah, and many other places. It is a wonderful decoration that will surely keep you entertained.


10. Deerbird Moving Sand Picture

This sand picture art features a flowing sand screen on one side and a mirror on the other side. Each flip can produce different sceneries, which is soothing and relaxing, especially while working. It is made of ABS plastic, making it strong and stable. The screen of this sand picture art is made up of sealed glass, special sand, colorless liquid, and air bubbles. It is an excellent decoration for the home and office, and also a lovely gift to your friends.

If you are looking for art pieces to decorate your office, desk, bedroom, living room, or any other space, a sand picture art is one of the best options that you can make. It is also a great choice if you are searching for a gift for your friends who you feel already have everything as most people find this piece of art unusual.


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