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Well, I did it. I watched Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. That was weird. I don’t remember loving Lost Galaxy as a kid and I still don’t love it as an adult. It’s a bit of a mess in all honesty. Lost Galaxy came after In Space which saved the Power Rangers franchise. Therefore, I guess Saban felt they had to keep the space theme going even if the Sentai used (Seijuu Sentai Gingaman) was more of a nature-themed Sentai. Overall, it works, but I’m not sure it was necessary to go with the space deal. The story of Lost Galaxy is that a group of humans are going to leave Earth in search of a new planet to live on, but I don’t think a reason is ever given. So, yay?

All of the characters are new although Bulk and Professor Phenomenus do make some extremely minor appearances and Skull makes a single appearance showing he got left behind. Honestly, I don’t think that Bulk would’ve ever forgotten Skull, so that’s already a mark in the wrong direction. Unfortunately with a huge change in casting and characters, we’re left with a lot of uninteresting characters. Each one is defined by a single trait usually and they’re never given much nuance. Maya is the out of place character, Damon is a reluctant guy who loves to work in engineering, Kai is the obedient soldier, Kendrix is the smart one, and Leo is I guess the hot rebel? He sneaks aboard Terra Venture because he can’t get a pass the proper way and then runs into Kendrix and Kai who for some reason don’t report him. I can only assume it’s because she thought Leo was hot. Oh, and eventually Kendrix is replaced by Karone whose personality is repentant soul since she used to be Astronema.

Apparently, enough time has passed where not much has changed on Earth, but the Astro Megaship is apparently a museum now that can’t fly but can fly? Go figure I guess. Everything seems wonky with the timing that they deliberately leave vague.

One of the bigger sins of the season is the pacing. At the very beginning, the pacing is very rushed. Each episode has something new for the Rangers to use and it’s just run full stop. However, once the writers felt like the Rangers had enough tools they slowed the show down to a crawl leading to a lot of boring formulaic episodes used % as filler in a row. Also, they tend to have and know about things never mentioned before. In the early episodes, they need the Transdaggers but there’s never a mention by anyone except the monster talking to the villain. The Rangers seemingly had no idea these things existed but then made a plan in order to obtain them? Not to mention the Astro Cycles that come out of no where and the Quasar Launchers that are never explained but suddenly appear. There was plenty of time to explain where these came from. There was a freaking clip show episode for crying out loud!

The Magna Defender is something to talk about. His introduction is awesome. Unfortunately, the more we see him, the more annoying he gets as he’s a one dimensional revenge machine. Eventually, Mike, Leo’s brother, takes over as the Magna Defender, but he eventually loses those powers and is able to breathe in space.

Speaking of Mike, I want to talk about the theme for the season. I think the theme is destiny for this season. Everyone goes on about destiny and fulfilling their own destiny. This is all fine and dandy, but I do not buy the line that Mike gives Leo about it being his destiny to pull the Quasar Saber and give it to Leo. I call bullcrap on that one. The Quasar Sabers were legendary weapons that were supposed to only be able to be pulled out of the stone by the chosen heroes. By that logic, there were five chosen heroes, one per blade, yet Mike pulls the red saber but Leo is able to access its powers? Speaking of the swords, did you notice that even though Maya’s the only one who knows anything about the legend, but all of them treat pulling the Quasar Sabers like some epic feat with no knowledge of the culture or history? I found it a little odd.

The team up with the In Space gang was cool with the resurrection of the Psycho Rangers and the death of Kendrix (who is later revived because Quasar Saber magic I guess). Kendrix’s death is actually a very powerful moment and handled well in my opinion. Saban killed a Power Ranger!? However, there were a lot of unanswered questions. Terra Venture had traveled over 10 lightyears away from Earth and had the Astro Megaship. How are the In Space Rangers traveling? They just randomly show up like it’s no big deal, like Earth is just next door. What is the deal here?

The final 3-parter episode is pretty good, but it’s drawn out a bit much in my opinion and feels like they were just trying to copy “Countdown to Destruction” from In Space.

Now, I do want to talk about something that I quite liked about Lost Galaxy. Despite all the criticism I’ve shown for the season, it did do something really cool: Trakeena. Trakeena is a villain but she probably has the most character development of the season. What’s more is that the development doesn’t lead her to be a good guy. It drives her even deeper into the darkness. Trakeena starts out being a girl who just wants to be a fighter and rule the galaxy alongside her father, she then goes and becomes a decent warrior and takes over for her father after he is killed by the Rangers, and continues growing in her deviousness driven by her newfound hatred of the Rangers for killing her father. Her journey is actually interesting to watch.

Of course, one of my biggest questions with Lost Galaxy has always been how are there bad guys? At the end of In Space, Andros destroys Zordon’s energy tube which in theory cleansed the entire universe of evil. Not sure how there were any villains then for this season or future ones, but I guess we don’t care?

I personally find Lost Galaxy to be inconsistent and very messy, but what do you think of the season?

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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets You Didn’t Know

When a franchise like Power Rangers lasts for decades, fans become invested in more than just the fun fight scenes and where the classic characters end up. They also become intrigued with just how the show is made and the experience the actors have on set. Luckily, actors, writers, and crew members who work on shows within the franchise typically maintain their relationships with the fans with convention appearances where lots of behind-the-scenes stories can come out.

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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy is the first series for the franchise in what's become known as the Post Zordon Era. While the first six seasons (and four series) largely had the same cast members and were spawned by Zordon choosing teens to fight evil, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy takes the show in a new direction. Creatively, it's one of the most lauded of the Power Rangers series, which is part of the reason fans are always interested in learning more about the show.

10 The Power Rangers Actors Auditioned Repeatedly

The casting directors in the Power Rangers franchise must be pretty serious at finding just the right Power Ranger. When actors are asked about their audition process years later, there's one thing they tend to have in common: a lot of callbacks.

Amy Miller, who played villain Trakeena in Lost Galaxy, revealed at Morphicon in that after her initial audition, she didn't think she would get the part. She had three more callbacks to read lines again! Likewise, Reggie Rolle, who played the Green Ranger, had six callbacks after his initial audition.

9 The Green Ranger Married Trakeena

Fans of Amy Miller today might better know her as Amy Miller Rolle when she appears on the convention circuit to chat with fans and sign Trakeena-related memorabilia. That's because she married actor Reggie Rolle.

While Miller played Trakeena during the Lost Galaxy run, Rolle starred as Green Ranger Damon. The two met and dated while filming the show. They married after the series concluded and had three kids.

8 The Yellow Ranger Was Recast

Fans of the series will remember the Yellow Galaxy Ranger Maya being played by Cerina Vincent. Much like the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series recast Audri DuBois after filming already began, Lost Galaxy recast their original Yellow Ranger - Erin Simms.

Simms filmed the first episode of the series, but just how much more she filmed beyond that is unclear. The actress has spoken about her experience on set, saying how much she loved learning martial arts and performing stunt work, but admitted that her head wasn't really in the acting game at that point, and she ended up leaving the series. Today, Simms is still a part of the industry as an actress and screenwriter.

7 The Yellow Ranger Was Originally Male

Lost Galaxy also has another Yellow Ranger piece of information in common with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. There's a reason both Maya and Trini's Yellow Ranger uniforms don't include skirts like their Pink Ranger teammates.

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The Power Rangers franchise borrows a lot from the Japanese Sentai franchise. In the case of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, footage from Seijuu Sentai Gingaman was incorporated. Gingaman had a male Yellow Ranger, so the uniform didn't contain a skirt. That's exactly what happened when the original series used existing footage (from Zyuranger) as well. While Power Rangers Megaforce would eventually add skirts to uniforms that didn't originally have them, the early series of the franchise did not.

6 Valerie Vernon Left The Show For Medical Reasons

Valerie Vernon played original Pink Ranger Kendrix in the series, but about half way through the Lost Galaxy episodes, Kendrix sacrificed herself to save Pink Space Ranger Cassie. Vernon elected to leave the series.

That's because Vernon was diagnosed with leukemia during the middle of her time on the series. She had to undergo a rigorous therapy to combat it. Fans will notice, however, that Vernon's name is still listed during the credits for the entire run of the series as that allowed Saban to continue paying Vernon even though she was no longer playing the Pink Ranger. Vernon's recovery allowed her to eventually reprise the role.

5 Cassie Could Have Been The Pink Ranger

Introduced as the Pink Ranger successor in Power Rangers Turbo, Cassie became the Pink Ranger for Power Rangers In Space as well. She almost played a much larger role as a Galaxy Ranger too.

When Kendrix sacrificed herself to save Cassie, the original plan was to have Cassie step in to fill her spot on the new team. Actress Patricia Ja Lee even filmed a little bit for the series beyond the crossover episodes featuring her old team. It wasn't meant to be, however, as rumor has it, pay negotiations broke down. Instead of Cassie, Karone (formerly Astronema) became the next Pink Ranger.

4 The Premiere Script Featured A Nod To Zordon

Scripts can go through a lot of changes from their initial writing to filming, so it's no surprise that scripts from Power Rangers that have made their way online aren't exactly what fans are familiar with. One of those original scripts is that for the first episode of Lost Galaxy.

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The script also had an outline for the entire season attached, which definitely went through some changes as well. One of the points in the outline, also referenced in dialogue in the script, is that Zordon was responsible for the creation of the Galaxy Rangers. It was Zordon who actually put the Quasar Sabers into stones on Mirinoi to wait for the destined heroes to find them. Though that plot point was cut, fans of the comic book adaptations now know it's entirely possible that he did just that since Zordon was revealed to be a warrior in his own right before the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers teamed up.

3 Kai Was One Of The Oldest Power Rangers

The first few seasons of the franchise brought in actors in their teens or just in their early twenties to play the titular heroes. With Lost Galaxy, the casting directors had the freedom to look for more experienced actors, or even just slightly older actors.

Archie Kao, who played Blue Ranger Kai in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy was one of the oldest actors to play a Power Ranger at the time. He was approaching 30 when the show began filming. Of course, Jason David Frank, who joined Mighty Morphin Power Rangers at 19, would return to the franchise at 30 to play a Ranger again, and even reprised his role again a decade later.

2 Terra Venture Soldiers Use Familiar Armor

The space colony Terra Venture isn't just protected by the Power Rangers. There's also a military force on board. Some fans might not have realized, but their military uniforms weren't made for the show, and they weren't borrowed from the existing Gingaman costumes.

Instead, they were repurposed from a movie. They're the same uniforms used in Starship Troopers. Lost Galaxy also isn't the only television show to use them. The short-lived Joss Whedon series Firefly also used them.

1 The Rumored Ancient Rangers Would Never Appear

For years, there has been a rumor that an ancient group of Rangers would appear in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, but that story changes forced the writers to abandon the idea. The rumor was prompted by the fact that Saban purchased footage from Gosei Sentai Dairanger early in the franchise. While very little footage from that particular series was used, fans found it suspicious that no footage of the five person team surfaced. They have long insisted that the plan was to use the footage for those "ancient" Power Rangers.

The rumor was finally put to rest by Den Of Geek who interviewed Power Rangers writer and producer Jackie Marchand. Marchand worked on numerous Rangers series, including Lost Galaxy. She confirmed that using the Dairanger footage was never a plan for Lost Galaxy. The footage had actually been purchased for use with the original series, and by the airing of Lost Galaxy, it looked much older than anything else they were using.

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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy is an American television series and the seventh season of the Power Rangers franchise, based on the 22nd Super Sentai series Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.[1][failed verification][2][3][verification needed] The series was the first to follow the Sentai tradition of a new cast with each new series.

The character Kendrix (Valerie Vernon) was killed off[4] two-thirds through the season, marking the first time that a Ranger was killed off in the series. Kendrix was written out of the show as Valerie left the show for a while to be cured for leukemia. Her treatment was successful and she returned for the season finale.[5] This particular season of Power Rangers has been noted to be the most expensive production of the series to date.[6]


Set after the events of Power Rangers in Space, four young adults (Leo and Mike Corbett, Kai Chen, and Kendrix Morgan) are leaving for the space colony Terra Venture seeking a new world like Earth. They later meet a mechanic named Damon Henderson, and on the Moon, a jungle girl named Maya who leads them to five mystical swords known as the Quasar Sabers on her home planet of Mirinoi. After pulling the blades out of a stone, Mike falls into a crevice, but not before passing his sword onto younger brother Leo.

With the Quasar Sabers, they transform into the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and use them to battle space villains from two different parts of the galaxy. These villains include Scorpius, Trakeena, Deviot and Captain Mutiny. Along the way, they discover Zords known as Galactabeasts and ally with the mysterious Magna Defender, a galactic warrior. Though he later dies, he manages to reveal that his host body is Mike and passes the Magna Defender powers to him.

When Deviot revives the evil Psycho Rangers, the Rangers of Power Rangers in Space show up to aid the Galaxy Rangers in destroying them. During this saga, Kendrix Morgan, the Pink Ranger, sacrifices herself to protect the Pink Space Ranger and Terra Venture from Psycho Pink. Karone, sister of the Red Space Ranger Andros and former evil princess Astronema, is given the powers of the Pink Galaxy Ranger from Kendrix (who appears as a spirit), and joins the Rangers in the battle to protect Terra Venture.

Deviot later reads secret words from the Galaxy Book; sending Terra Venture and himself into the "Lost Galaxy". Here the Rangers encounter Captain Mutiny and his Swabbies. These space traveling pirates live on the back of a massive space faring dragon inside a castle. Deviot reemerges and joins the Captain's fight against the Rangers and attempts to turn all of the citizens of Terra Venture into his slaves for the purposes of mining for "Booty".The colony escapes the galaxy after Mike sacrifices his powers to keep a portal open.

After this, Deviot returns to Trakeena, but, by this time, she has learned of his treachery and tries to destroy him. She chases him through the ship and into the cocoon that Scorpius made, fusing them together and driving Trakeena insane. Using her army armed with bombs, she cripples Terra Venture and destroys the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords. This forces the colony's people to evacuate to a nearby planet. Trakeena gives chase but the Rangers destroy her ship by self-destructing the Astro Megaship, but the explosion leaves Leo stranded on the moon. Trakeena, who survives the blast also, albeit scarred and injured, finally reaches her breaking point and uses the cocoon to transform into an insectoid creature to enter Terra Venture's wreck and use her power to set it on a crash course to the planet below to destroy it and the people. Leo enters and soon followed by the other Rangers try to stop her, but are slowly outmatched by Trakeena's new power. She is only defeated after Leo, using his Battlizer, blasts her at point-blank range nearly destroying himself in the process. By this time the colony is nearly crashed but the Galaxy Megazord diverts its course and lands it on a large clearing in an explosion, the colonists, having feared the worse for the Rangers, are relieved and overjoyed when they come out of the explosion on the Galactabeasts. After this, the Zords reveal to the Rangers they had landed on Mirinoi and return the swords to the stone altar. This restores its petrified inhabits and, to the joy of the Rangers, restores Kendrix to life as well. After this the colonists settle on Mirinoi as the series ends.

Cast and characters[edit]

Main article: List of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy characters

Galaxy Rangers


  • Wendee Lee as the voice of Alpha 6
  • Donene Kistler as Alpha 6 (Episodes )
  • Heide Karp as Alpha 6 (Episodes )
  • Michelle Tillman as Alpha 6 (Episodes )
  • Julie Maddalena as the voice of D.E.C.A.
  • Tom Whyte as Commander Stanton
  • Jack Betts as Councilor Brody
  • Betty Hawkins as High Councilor Renier
  • Kerrigan Mahan as the voice of the original Magna Defender
  • Ryan James as Zika
  • Paul Schrier as Farkus "Bulk" Bulkmeier
  • Jack Banning as Professor Phenomenus

Space Rangers


Psycho Rangers

  • Patrick David as the voice of Psycho Red
  • Michael Maize as the voice of Psycho Black
  • Wally Wingert as the voice of Psycho Blue
  • Kamera Walton as the voice of Psycho Yellow
  • Vicki Davis as the voice of Psycho Pink


Main article: List of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy episodes

Home media[edit]

In , Shout Factory announced that it had reached an exclusive distribution deal with Saban for shows such as Power Rangers and Big Bad Beetleborgs. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy was released on DVD in August , as part of a Time-Life exclusive boxed set containing seasons 1–7. The show later became available independently of the boxed set on March 10,


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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (Season 7) - Opening Theme

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy ()

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy toy line logo.

Five teens from a newly created space colony, Terra Venture, are seeking a new world that resembles Earth. They find five mystical swords (the Quasar Sabers) on a jungle planet called Mirinoi. The weapons transform them into Galaxy Power Rangers to help battle the evil Scorpius and Trakeena.


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The Chameliac Warrior- Power Ranger Lost Galaxy Episode 29

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