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Trainers' School (Alola)

The Trainers' School (Japanese: トレーナーズスクールTrainers' School) is a Pokémon academy on Alola's Route 1. In Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon, the player first visits it with Professor Kukui, Lillie, and Nebby after obtaining a Rotom for their Pokédex.

Ilima is a graduate of the school and still visits regularly, where he is admired as a hero among the students and is sometimes called "Prince of the Trainers' School." After becoming Champion, the player can challenge the school's principal, Asuka. In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, they can also investigate a series of mysteries if they visit the school at night after defeating Hala and hearing a rumor from a Youngster on Big Wave Beach.




Zygarde Cube


Pokémon Sun and Moon

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon


Pokémon Sun and Moon

If the player visits Ilima in his house in Hau'oli City after defeating Hala in the Melemele grand trial and agrees to battle him, he will escort the player to the Trainers' School battlefield and battle them there.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon


If the player visits Ilima in his house in Hau'oli City after becoming Champion and agrees to battle him, he will escort the player to the Trainers' School battlefield and battle them there.

Trainers' School mysteries

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, when the player speaks to a Youngster on Big Wave Beach, he will tell them about a rumor about the Trainer's School. After speaking to the Youngster and completing Hala's grand trial, if the player visits the Trainers' School at night, the music will be noticeably different and the area will be empty, except for a single Preschooler and a Drifloon next to the sign in front of the building (the principal's door is locked). When talking to the girl, she will tell the player to solve the seven mysteries; however, she only offers the player six mysteries to solve, saying that she doesn't know what the seventh mystery is.

The player can trigger each mystery by choosing to investigate it by talking to the Preschooler near the sign at the entrance, then meeting the trigger condition. The player cannot trigger an event unless they have chosen to investigate it.

Mystery Description Trigger Event
Scary lights "At night. Near burning place. Scary lights show up and wander. Burning. Someone burning and crying. You hear girl's voice."Approach the main entrance, then the incinerator Youth Athlete Deedra is using the incinerator to burn love letters she wrote to a crush who is now in a relationship with someone else. She decided to burn them late at night so nobody would notice. When the player notices her doing this, she challenges them to a battle.
Lord Slimy "At night, you hear strange sound. Slimy, slimy—getting close. Footsteps of Lord Slimy... If you're found, Lord Slimy swallow you. You're gone."Go to 3F Once they reach 3F, the player hears Lord Slimy's footsteps coming up the stairs, and has to hide (they cannot go down the stairs, due to the footsteps coming from there). They hide in a locker, but are found by the janitor's grandson and the cleaning Grimer, Grimo. Grimo has to clean the lockers, so has the janitor's grandson help him, since Grimo cannot open the lockers. Grimo works late at night to clean more than his rival Grimer, Grimey.
Scary PA system "At night, teachers' lounge, second floor. You hear broadcast from beyond grave. You're done for if you hear it. You can't leave. It's over for you."Enter teachers' lounge on 2F As the player walks towards the door, they hear a broadcast over the PA system, telling them that they cannot get out. When they approach the door, a man with his Slowpoke appears. The man tells the player that the speaker was broken so he had to fix it. However, his Slowpoke fell asleep in front of the door and he couldn't get out.
Stairs to nowhere "Night, stairs, cursed. You go up and up, but still same place. You can't go down, either. Circle, circle. Can't go back."Go to 2F Once they reach 2F, the player feels a cold breeze. Even if they go up or down the stairs, they remain on 2F. If the player goes to the west side of the floor, they notice the bulletin board. One piece of paper has black stains on it, which indicates the lower left, upper left, lower right, then upper right corner. If the player steps on the sparkles on the floor in these corners of 2F in that order, they can use the stairs again. When proceeding to 1F, they are immediately attacked by a wild Gastly.
Cursed diary "It appears on the shelf, third floor. Keep reading, and scary thing happens. If you finish reading it, someone take you away."Read book from shelf on 3F The diary tells a story of someone who bought a seemingly haunted house. They would hear a constant scratching sound, which the player then hears. The owner would also see something moving in the house. After finishing the diary, the lights suddenly go out, and the player is attacked by a wild Drifloon. After completing the battle with Drifloon, the player reads the rest of the diary and discovers that it is in fact a horror fiction novel written in diary format.
Ghosts' class "At night, classroom, second floor. You hear laughter. Ghost are taking a class, too. Everyone says so."Enter classroom on 2F When the player enters the classroom, there is a teacher and students in the room. Many of the students tell the player to join them and be their friend. If the player interacts with the teacher, she is revealed to actually be a Hypno creating an illusion, who then flees and disappears. The students, also part of Hypno's illusion, also vanish.

After the player solves all six of the offered mysteries, the Preschooler tells the player that she moved from a foreign country and didn't speak Alola's language very well. She was sad that her friends were scared by the mysteries, but now that the player has solved them her friends don't need to be scared, giving the player the Wise Glasses as thanks. Suddenly, the school's security officer calls out to them, questioning why they are at school so late at night. The player talks to the security officer, but the girl has vanished, and the officer tells the player that they were alone when he called out to them.

After this, the school will return to normal at night, playing the regular music and without the Preschooler and her Drifloon appearing.




In the anime

The Pokémon School in the anime
Main article: Pokémon School

The Pokémon School is the anime counterpart to Alola's Trainers' School. It is one of the main locations of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon, where Ash and his classmates study under Professor Kukui.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon chapter

The Alola Trainers' School debuted in A Photoshoot and the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart. Ilima was first seen there talking to Mallow about a plan to attack Team Skull's base of operations at Po Town. After the call ended, Ilima met up with Hau, who requested that he join Ilima in facing Team Skull.

In other languages

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Pok�mon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon - Hau'oli City, Trainer School and how to get the Exp. Share

Hau'oli City, the Trainer School and getting the Exp. Share are three of the main events you'll encounter next, as you learn the basic principles of battling and explore one of Alola's largest cities in the process.

Here on this page we'll explain all you need to know about the story and main events as they unfold here, and as with all pages of our walkthrough we'll highlight any and all trainers, items and wild Pokémon available to catch as well.

For more general guides and other walkthrough pages like this meanwhile, head back to our main Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon walkthrough and guide hub.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trainer School, Hau'oli City Outskirts, how to get the Exp. Share

After you're done at Kukui's Lab you'll head up to the Pokémon Center on Hau'oli outskirts and talk to Lillie. Next up, and just slightly to the west of the Center, is the Trainer School.

Outside, you'll receive the Exp. Share from Kukui. If you don't know, this gives additional experience from battle to all Pokémon in your party, along with the EVs earned (more on EVs in our Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon EV Training guide!) with the Pokémon who took part in the battle still receiving slightly more.

Keep it on throughout the game if you want to stay roughly in-line with the level of your enemies with minimal grinding (things will still be challenging at times, especially during trials and the endgame). Turn it off if you like the grind and fancy a challenge, or want more control over which Pokémon receive which EVs.

The Trainer School plays out much the same as in the previous versions: you'll battle four trainers around the school, before being challenged by the Teacher, who this time has the starter that neither you nor Hau picked in her roster.

After that, it's time to explore Hau'oli City proper!

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon walkthrough - guide, tips, and strategies for your return to Alola

For more on Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, head to our main Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon walkthrough and guide hub, which includes guides to new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Pokémon and Pokédex changes, the Festival Plaza, a list of Global Missions and rewards, an explainer on Pokémon Bank, a dedicated page on Pokémon Competitive Training, including IV Training, EVs and hidden stats, Breeding 6IV Pokémon explained and how to farm Bottle Caps fast for Hyper Training. What's more, we have pages on the Rockruff event for getting Dusk Form Lycanroc and, last but not least, a full Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon QR codes list for adding all Pokémon to your Pokédex.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Hau'oli City

Again, this plays out quite similarly to regular Sun and Moon, with a few subtle tweaks.

Hau will once again show you how to use the PokéFinder, with the help of your Rotom Dex - although note there's no real point in doing so outside of the fun of snapping pictures itself.

You'll then get your first chance to customise your character in the clothing shop and hair stylist, learn about Totem Stickers at the Pokémon Center, and then it's off to meet Hau by the Malasada shop.

Next up: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon - Route 2, Hau'oli Cemetary, Big Wave Beach and Sandy Cave

When you get there, Team Skull will kick up some trouble and battle you - defeat them, and then Captaim Illima, who you met at the Trainer School, will give you a battle too.

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After visiting Professor Kukui's lab and the Pokémon Center, your next stop is the Trainers' School.

Go to Trainers' School

When you're ready to continue, go outside and go to the left to reach the Trainers' School. You'll notice that a Tauros is blocking the path to the west.

In the school, go up to Lillie and the others. Professor Kukui gives you the Exp. Share. If you turn it on in your inventory, all of your pokémon will receive experience after a battle, even if they didn't participate in the battle. The Exp. Share is turned on by default.

Defeat the First Trainer

You need to find the four trainers in the school and defeat them before you can continue. You can talk to Lillie if you need to be healed up.

In front of the bottom-right corner of the building, there is a Potion.

If you go northeast from there and talk to the girl, you will fight one of the four trainers: Youth Athlete Hiromi. She has a level 7 Bonsly. You get 196 Pokédollars for winning.

Defeat the Second Trainer

Go southwest from there. There is a Potion between the trees in front of the school. South of that, you find a pokémon battling area. The boy in this area claims to be the strongest, and won't battle you until you have defeated the others.

Now go northwest until you find a red gate in the fence to the left. Check on the gate to open it.

Go south and you can find an Antidote southwest of the first patch of grass. Farther south, there is a Paralyze Heal on the left.

Go south and talk to the boy there. He is another of the four trainers: Youngster Joey. He has a level 7 Grimer. You get 140 Pokédollars for winning.

Defeat the Third Trainer

Now go into the school. Go to the east side of the ground floor. Talk to the girl in the white dress to get a Quick Claw.

Go to the west side of the ground floor and enter the classroom. Talk to the girl in the upper left of the room. She is Preschooler Mia and she has a level 7 Metapod. You get 84 Pokédollars for winning. She also gives you three Oran Berries.

Defeat the Fourth Trainer

Now go back outside and talk to the boy in the green clothes who is standing in the pokémon battling area. He is Rising Star Joseph. He has a level 8 Ekans. You get 384 Pokédollars for winning.

Afterward, Joseph gives you TM01 Work Up. Unlike in past Pokémon games, TMs don't get used up. You can use them as many times as you want.

Go to the Office

There will be an announcement telling you to go to the office on 2F of the school. Go into the school and go up the stairs.

A teacher will be standing near the stairs. Go to the left. A student in the second classroom will give you a Potion.

Now go toward the stairs and approach the teacher. She congratulates you on defeating her students and asks you to battle her. If you are ready, say yes.

Teacher Emily has a level 10 starter that is strong against your starter (Litten if you chose Rowlet, Popplio if you chose Litten, and Rowlet if you chose Popplio). You get 480 Pokédollars for winning. Afterward, she gives you five Great Balls.

After that, Professor Kukui arrives with Captain Ilima, whose trial is held in Verdant Cavern.

Meet Tauros

Now Lillie will lead you to see more of the city. But first, Kahuha Hala asks you to pet the Tauros that has been blocking the road. Try to pet its face. Afterward, the Tauros leaves with Hala. Now you and Lillie and Hau will go see the city. Go northwest to reach Hau'oli Beachfront.

Sours: https://www.thonky.com/pokemon-ultra-sun-ultra-moon/trainers-school
The Haunted Mystery of the Trainer's School - Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Theory

Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon Wiki Guide

Now, you must find four trainers inside the school to beat! One is to the right of the building. Just before you reach Hiromi, make sure to pick up the Potion!

Young Athlete Hiromi

Head over to the opposite side of the building on your left. Head past the red gate, through the tall grass, and pick up the Antidote and Paralyze Heal. Keep going until you find the next trainer.

Youngster Joey

Leave the way you came, and enter the first door you pass to the right. There’s a classroom behind the green door with kids who will tell you some things about battles. At the front of the class to the left will be the next trainer.

Preschooler Mia

When you defeat Preschooler Mia she will give you 3 Oran berries. Outside the classroom and further down the hallway, the woman in front of the Poke Ball table will give you a Quick Claw. Return outside and walk towards the Pokemon battle court. The last trainer will be there.

Rising Star Joseph

Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/pokemon-sun-pokemon-moon/Trainers'_School_(Ultra)

School pokemon ultra moon trainer

The Mystery Behind The Alola Trainer School In Pokémon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

When you approach the little girl in front of the Alola Trainer School, the music in the area will change and she will explain that she wants you to investigate a series of rumors about the school. There are a total of seven mysteries to be solved, and they each involve the player checking out different areas of the school. Most of these rumors involve hearing strange noises and wailing at night. When the player investigates these occurrences, they're all explained by either a Pokémon causing mischief, or an actual person making the sounds themselves. 

However, once the player solves the sixth mystery, the side quest takes a pretty creepy turn. The little girl will thank the player for helping solve the clues and give them a pair of Wise Glasses. Suddenly, a security guard appears and yells at the player for being on the school grounds so late. When the player turns back around, the girl and the Drifloon have mysteriously vanished, leaving the player to wonder if she was ever real to begin with, or if the Drifloon kidnapped her. According to Drifloon's Pokédex entry, it has a knack for doing that.

Sours: https://www.looper.com/298340/the-mystery-behind-the-alola-trainer-school-in-pokemon-ultra-sun-and-ultra-moon/
Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon - Episode 3 - Hau'oli Trainers' School!
In one of the rooms the bookcase sais there's a dusty notebook that talks about seeing a hypno pick up a girl from school or something. And that the next day a drifloon picked her up. Supposed to be creepy or something?

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Go to the mantine surf beach at night and talk to a kid there then head to the school at night and talk to the little girl with the driffloon. Completely that side quest and you should realize the story behind that journal.

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What about the pick your own adventure book at the school. At the end it sais you might see the three pokemon on their island challenge lol Do they ever show up?

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huh, thought it was the hypno dude working in the market and his daughter

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