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Coachmen RV Brookstone Fifth Wheel

The Coachmen Brookstone fifth wheel has combined best-in-class towing with well-thought storage solutions to create a dream unit that you just might want to stay in a little bit longer! Because Coachmen understands how RVs are used, they have been able to create a product that truly exhibits the features that customers want most. 

The new attractions for the Brookstone are the high profile, the wide body, and the 10" drop-frame chassis with superior pass-through storage. Each model includes heat pads on the holding tanks, Azdel composite construction, and gear-driven slides. The Road Armor suspension by Trail Air will provide smooth towing, and you'll find preparations for a roof-mounted solar panel. Some of the other tried-and-true features that make the Brookstone the great brand that it is are the residential refrigerator, full-size shower with sliding glass door, the 40K BTU high-capacity furnace, and the outside convenience center. There is even a Comfort Air fan in the kitchen, and a Winegard Air 360 HDTV/radio dome antenna to keep you connected as you camp away from home. 

The Coachmen Brookstone fifth wheel is where it's at when it comes to functional luxury!


Brookstone Fifth Wheel Review: Redesigned with You in Mind!

The Brookstone fifth wheel by Coachmen RV has been redesigned with you in mind! This beautiful RV takes into consideration all of the conveniences and practical things you need in an RV and combines them with high-end luxuries that make your vacation more comfortable and fun than ever before. Keep reading our Brookstone fifth wheel review below and check out some of our favorite features.

Brookstone Fifth Wheel


Each Brookstone fifth wheel for sale in our inventory sleeps 4 or 6 and comes with either 3 or 5 slide outs, depending on floor plan. This design allows you to maximize the available space so no one feels crowded or cramped, and has the room to spread out comfortably wherever they are.

Comfortable Bedroom

The master bedroom includes a Queen bedwith full storage beneath, a large wardrobe with hanging storage and drawers, and stackable washer/dryer prep. You may choose to exchange the Queen bed for a King mattress, and add a 32″ Bedroom HD LED TV, since the bedroom is already prepped for satellite and cable TV hook up.

Brookstone Fifth Wheel

Some other features you’ll enjoy in the bedroom include:

  • Padded Soft Touch Headboard
  • Dual USB Charging Ports
  • Oversized Under Bed Storage
  • Ducted A/C Vents w/ Rotator/Closing Louvers
  • Bedroom Heat Registers

Spacious Bathroom

One common frustration in RVs is the lack of bathroom space. Not so in the Brookstone fifth wheel! You’ll enjoy a full size shower, and a large mirrored medicine cabinet, sink, and linen closet, so you aren’t hurting for space.

Brookstone Fifth Wheel

These other features in the bathroom add the perfect touch:

  • Large Privacy Dome Skylight
  • Power Ceiling Vent Fan (12 Volt)
  • Porcelain Foot Flush Toilet
  • Heat Duct & A/C Venting w/ Rotating/Closing Louvers
  • Decorative Wood Plank w/ Metal Towel Hooks
  • LED Motion Sensor Lights


Luxury and Comfort – Inside and Out!

The remainder of the RV’s interior features convertible furniture for extra sleeping space, LED lighting throughout, theater seating, a 55″ living room TV, and a luxury kitchen.

Brookstone Fifth Wheel

And the exterior is loaded with just as many features you don’t want to live without, from solar panel prep to an exterior backup camera prep. And depending on your needs, you can choose a Brookstone fifth wheel which has outdoor entertainment and exterior refrigerator, or even multiple awnings. The custom options are nearly endless. Ready to take a look at our Brookstone fifth wheel RVs for sale? Contact us today. We’re ready to help you start enjoying your best vacations yet!

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Coachmen RV

Rated with 3 stars
Gary of Fall River, KS Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 9, 2021

We purchased a brand new 2019 Coachmen Catalina. I have to say that poor workmanship went into making this RV. First problem was I noticed water dripping inside from my air-conditioner when it was raining. Took it to the shop and they told me the air-conditioner was so loose on the roof, that they could turn it sideways. Got that fixed. They also noticed that nobody bothered to caulk the one side of the RV with any caulk. They caulked that for me. Next problem was the sink faucet was loose. I tightened that myself. I thought that was the end of my problems. Nope, not at all. We had a torrential rain that lasted for about 2 hours. A couple of days later, I went into my RV and noticed my bed was wet.

The top of the cabinet had an 1/8" of water standing in it. I went up on the roof and the caulk at the seam was split. I had to buy 2 tubes of caulk and repair it myself. We had another heavy rain and I went in the RV to make sure my repair worked and it did. But while inside during the rainstorm, I noticed water dripping inside my living room window. After it quit raining, I took a step ladder and checked out where it could be leaking from. Again, nobody at the factory bothered to caulk the top of the window. I had to do that. I have to say that I most likely will never buy another Coachmen product again. I had a Jayco and it was made a lot better. If you buy one of these Coachmen's, go around to every window and check all seams. You will most likely find that you are missing caulk.

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Rated with 1 star
Steph of Maricopa, AZ Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 9, 2021

We bought our very first BRAND NEW 2018 Coachmen Orion In April of 2018. The TROUBLES began the day we left the dealership with it. Please let me back up a bit to let you know that only 3 months prior to making this purchase from Coachmen we bought another BRAND NEW 2018 coachmen Orion..YES at inside of 3 months.??? The First one the side broke and got wedged in the RV which in turn broke all the tracking under the slide. We were packing this RV to get ready to take a 8 week long adventure and the night before the BRAND NEW RV takes a big dump on us. So we get the slide put back in the best we can and take it back to the dealership. They attempt to fix it but tell us the parts have to be ordered and could take up to 6 months. Again let me remind you we are already packed and ready to depart for our long adventure on the road with the new RV.

We have zero other options so we trade this only 3 month old RV in for another one. This time we get one with zero slides but it does have this neat Euro Bed that comes down from the ceiling - Neat so we think! Well with shelling out way more money that we ever wanted to we bought another BRAND NEW RV. We load up the new RV at the dealership transferring all the items we had already loaded for our trip into the new RV which has ¼ of the storage space the first one did.

We leave Arizona and Head New Mexico Way. When I arrived in NM we discovered our 12 volt power was not working. We had no idea because the generator was running the entire time we were looking at the RV and LET ME ADD we paid the dealership an additional $500 to make sure this RV was completely road ready and they gave us the thumbs up all was good. Well after finding out our 12 volt power wasn't working I called back to the dealership. They instructed us to come back with the RV for repairs they could make at a later date. I was enraged, still am, we ended up taking our BRAND NEW RV to Camping world where they did indeed help us out at our own expense (WHICH WAS NEVER REIMBURSED TO US).

Camping World found that the cut off switch for the battery was Never hooked up by the manufacturer, the connection cables still were wrapped from the factory. So good thing we paid $500 for a thumbs up your are good to go wall through..right!! Well during our 8 week trip I swear to ** we had to stop every so many miles and put cabinet doors back on, molding started to fall off, The drawers on the sink side and the fridge side all fell in because the framework holding the drawer slides fell apart and could no longer hold he drawers.

We got to Fargo ND for a few days to visit family and while there I had to make all kinds of structural repairs to get the camper put back together again and this included needed a new toilet which broke off at the floor mount. (AGAIN WE WERE NEVER CREDITED FOR THESE REPAIRS) When we got home from our 8 week trip the RV was looking pretty sad, just about everything with a screw got new screws because they used such short screws they vibrated right out and would no longer hold tight.

We noticed that the Euro bed seemed to be coming off the wall mounting brackets, we tried tightening them and then the bed completely fell off the wall and pinned me under it to the floor of the RV, Thank goodness my neighbor was home and heard the commotion and help me free myself. The bed was then bent and wedged in the RV. There was no way of getting the bed back on the track so we had to take it out piece by piece. THIS LEFT US WITH A NEW RV WITH NO BED.

After talking to Coachmen and they insisting we drive this RV to Indian so they could do all the repairs there we just did not have anymore available time to make this trip. Coachmen wasn't willing at all to give other options, so for weeks I heard nothing from them. Finally I got in touch with a guy who considered sending us another jack life sofa to add to the RV which meant taking out the 2 chairs and table to fit this second sofa in which would then open up with the jack knife sofa that came with the RV. SO NOW WE HAVE A MAKE SHIFT VERY UNCOMFORTABLE BED AND NO TABLE TO EAT FROM.

We use our new RV very minimal for a year because it is just not user friendly anymore as when the 2 jack knife sofas are opened up it takes up more than half of the RV. So this year we decided to just get a different RV one that works for us...after looking at what we would have to spend again to just get an RV with a bed we decided that it was our only and best option's just to completely rebuild the Rv we have.

In the process to rebuild we have been introduced first hand to the poor and horrible workmanship Coachmen provides. The pantry cabinet bottom had broken out because they used the thinnest sheathing they could find and the canned food items book through YES WITH ONLY A FEW CANS SITTING IN IT, so we took out all the crap materials in the RV. I put 2 twin beds in the RV which are designed to also work as a sofa, we had to have the mattresses custom made (2 of them $450 each) the building materials were ordered from Lowes ($1485) and a list of items from amazon ($2150). We decided after seeing the poor workmanship we would just replace everything..and we have. We paid close attention to not adding anymore weight to the Rv that we took out.

The best part of the rebuild is the wall in the rear where are the controls are for the mechanical part of the RV was not even attached to the outer wall. IT was loose and moving around as we drove with caused all these control devices to pop out of the wall. Once I got all the CHEAPO wall board off the wall to my SURPRISE I found in a 33" area they used a 1x1 down the center only. This was not even enough support bracing to hold the sheathing up not to mention the heavy control units. And then we noticed that there was a 1.5 inch gap from the framing to the wall where the wall should have been attached. And inside this wall once the CHEAPO wall board came down EVERY SINGLE SCREW that was used to install the bathroom cabinets was only driven into that CHEAPO wall sheathing nothing we looked at the bathroom cabinet and SURE ENOUGH,,,that too was FALLING OFF THE WALL....

It has taken me almost 2 months of working on our RV but I am done to a point we can use it again and enjoy it. We added a great deal of things in our rebuild that Coachmen would never add to this model but our thoughts were its at this time we should do all the upgrades, Solar, RO water system, new flooring so on and so on. The money and time that has gone into this rebuild is painful for us. Because at the end of the day Coachmen sold us a HUGE PIECE OF JUNK! We love the size of this RV it travels so well but the interior build from Coachmen is disgusting.

So buyers beware, I have had many RVs and they are all build in this fashion some a bit better than others but all way below anything you can call quality. Our Rv is perfect now, I am lucky I am fluent in construction because the time and detail it took to configure each area of this RV was crazy. SHAME ON YOU COACHMEN for being such ** to us. You took our money LOTS OF IT and gave us not one but 2 ** for RVS.

For all you first time RV buyers out there. Hands down the best Travel trailer you can buy is an Airstream, yes they are expensive but they last forever because they were actually made by people who weren't out to screw you over, and if you're going to buy a motorhome buy a PREVOST. If you can afford to buy an RV you will certainly be buying another one in a year or best 2 years because all your interior will have fallen off. When you buy an RV KICK THE TIRES so to speak. Don't get caught up in the what you think are beautiful interior finishings...That ** is gonna fall off REAL SOON...Maybe even on your way home with it...YEAH THAT HAPPENED TO US AS WELL.

Our 2018 Coachmen Orion is now BUILT LIKE IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN and I do not think I will ever entertain the idea of buying another one because I know that Zero of them new or used are built as well as our is now. I wrote the BBB about Coachmen and never heard a PEEP back, so typical! The RV dealership we bought from was Scottsdale RV which Ironically went out of business before we even returned back home from our 8 week trip. No one returns our calls or anything. NICE RIGHT!

You are really better off just buying a used RV and if your able fix it up. The older ones are heavier and way more sturdy. LIVE AND LEARN for us but we are just said this lesson with Coachmen didn't come at a cost of $89,000 for the RV, Over $6000 invested in repair materials. THANKS COACHMEN FOR MAKING SUCH A GREAT PRODUCT!! I would love to see the person working in the manufacturing plant who operated the nail advice to him would be.....EVEN IF YOU SHOOT 6000 nails in one spot it you are not connecting with a framing material it will fall off.

I have had many of my neighbors get involved with watching the rebuild process of our RV many want to buy it now...GO FIGURE! I will tell people about this for the rest of my life because I feel for what Coachmen provides for a product paired with the stimulated energy they put you in with camping and hitting the open road speech I believe it is one of the LARGEST RACITS that has not been held accountable. The Rv manufacturers rely on things falling apart...SO YOU BUY A NEW ONE! But after a while you will go broke... it's like hanging out in Vegas too long after you have won a handful of'll go home poor. Your best bet is to build your own RV...honestly!

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Rated with 1 star
Happy of Tamaqua, PA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2020

I've attempted to contact Coachman directly on 3 occasions regarding a simple warranty part replacement since August 2020. I also contacted RV Value Mart regarding the same issue. I know Coachman replies to general inquiries since I received a response regarding a question on my trailer. But, crickets when they have to provide warranty assistance. The part is a LED strip on the front of the trailer. Since purchasing in June, it has become yellow so the left side shows distorted and the right side is bright white. Probably <$10 fix at most. On top of that, I had to repair the PEX plumbing for the bathroom area of the trailer. I could not wait for Coachman or RV Value Mart (regarding a simple LED) to reply since the leak would have damaged the trailer further. Disappointing. You're on your own when you purchase Coachman!

Rated with 1 star
Kristen of Ringgold, GA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 16, 2020

Whatever you do, do not waste your time or money purchasing a Coachmen or Forest River product. It will be in the shop more than you can use it. And the customer service is absolutely horrible. We purchased new to have a warranty, but let me tell you it is not worth it. They will lie lie and tell you they are sending items and never do. This is the absolute worst company to deal with.

My husband and I purchased our BRAND NEW 2019 Coachmen Chaparral 391 QSMB on January 26, 2020, from our local RV dealer, Northgate RV in Ringgold, Georgia. Since the first week of purchase, we have taken it back for repairs seven times. This doesn't include the current issues that still need to be addressed.

The following is a list of repairs made by our local dealer (I have a copy of the service repairs from them): 1. Master bedroom AC did not cool. 2. Sliding door over the washer, insert panels were constructed poorly with nails that stick out and scratched the finished wood every time it passes. 3. On our first camping trip, our FIRST stove caught fire while cooking due to the front burner pipe coming apart and it melted the gasket and wires. 4. We had sewage leaking due to a faulty closing door on the black tank. 5. The radio was faulty and the knob fell off. 6. We had a bent bracket on the main slide in the living area.

7. The freestanding residential refrigerator was not properly installed and fell forward into the counter during transit causing damage to refrigerator doors (they added a bracket but the fridge is still dented). 8. The main slide in the living room had a severe bow in the roof due to a bad seal and bad decking resulting in water damage inside our cabinets. They had to replace the roof and decking on this slide. 9. The kitchen faucet is a terrible design and the button gets stuck every time you bump it and it sprays you. (The second one still does the same thing. It is a terrible design.) 10. We had water leaking around shower and kitchen sink (water poured into our cabinet under our sink because the caulking was missing). Neither the factory nor the dealership caught that it was missing caulking.

We recently just had our third stove installed because the first one caught fire on our first trip. Then the second had a propane leak. This occurred on 4/25/20 and was reported to the dealership of 4/27/20. The stove did not arrive until 9/10. We have not had a working stove since April and were only able to use it a few days. The C02 censors malfunctioned and did not detect the leak. Our bunkroom would fill up with the smell of propane. We could even smell it back in our master bedroom. We were staying at a park and they had a water leak, so we needed to use our water pump and fill our freshwater tank. We found out that it didn’t work. We just had it replaced 9/1 and it still doesn’t work. The valves are wrong and just sucks air.

The wall paneling over the couch will not stay attached to the cabinet and falls during transport. EVERY TIME. Warranty said they would send a new piece of paneling but it never came. The dealership shot 15 nails into it to “fix” it. When we got home from the dealership having it repaired again the paneling had already fallen back out. The shower is pulling away from the wall in the bathroom. Warranty said they were sending a new shower surround too, but they didn’t. The dealership put rivets in to hold the shower in place. But it is still not fixed. And the rivets look terrible. If I wanted a camper with a tacky shower, I would have bought a used one that already had them.

The bunk wardrobe doors were not properly installed, it was missing screws in the hinges (holes were not even drilled for them) resulting in it falling during transit denting the floor. Water pipes in the basement were not properly sealed and leaked causing water in the basement. Our black and grey tank sensors do not work and haven’t since the first trip they consistently read 3/4 full.

When my husband did his 6-month check on seals and caulking, he noticed the decking on top of our mid-bunk was soft, and when it was replaced by the dealership, we were told it was completely rotted. Why on earth would the decking be rotted on 2 slides????? On a new camper? We have rotted wood in our outdoor kitchen. The dealership replaced the ceiling piece but not the bottom piece. We were later told it was because of the type of seal that is used on this style of camper and water pools at the screw and goes in underneath the seal, every time it rains. The back window leaked water in.

We made contact with Kristi **, Customer Service Manager at Coachman, and she was very kind and helpful at our first conversation. She was going to overnight us the stove and the water pump if they were in stock, and have a mobile unit install the parts. After a few days and no response, she informed me she had a family member pass away and was out of the office. I gave her a week and contacted her again asking about the progress, and she said would check. I contacted her again the next day with no response, again the next day, no response. I have left voicemail and text messages on her work and personal number.

I finally spoke with Tim, CSR, and he said he would check on the status and call me back before the end of business today, and I received no response. I have been more than kind and allowed time for a solution from a business that says they care about customer satisfaction. WE ARE NOT SATISFIED. These are not all normal "breaking in a new camper" problems you expect to encounter. This is a DEFECTIVE camper, a lemon, and we do not feel safe in it or that we have been taken seriously.

There are too many issues to overlook, especially when we are always finding new problems. This has become a safety issue. I have small children. With all the water damage in the slide deckings, how do we know it didn’t make it down in the walls? Don’t waste your time or money on a Forest River or Coachman product. It will be a nightmare. We still are waiting for an acceptable solution. We have owned this camper 7 ½ months and this is what we have dealt with. We can’t even use it….

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Rated with 1 star
FRANK of Pepperell, MA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 5, 2020

We purchased a 2019 Leprechaun Class C motor-home brand new from the local Coachmen dealer in October 2018. To date it has 4400 miles on it and had 6 outings with 6 major system failures and has spent more time at the dealer than with us. Here are some brief highlights: 1st outing 800 miles from home- Push outs will not operate. Dealer unable to help. 3.5 hours on the phone to remove and reset the control for the push outs. 2nd outing 100 miles from home - Captains Chairs rotated into living space incorrectly installed at the factory won't return to forward locked position. Kitchen sink drain fell apart and leaked inside the cabinet. Dealer not responding. Returned from trip in an unsafe condition of drivers seat not able to lock in place and left at the dealer (3 weeks). 3rd outing 100 miles from home - Automatic leveling system fails to retract, used "Emergency Retract" in order to be able to return home. Left with dealer (2 weeks) stated it was repaired.

4th outing 400 miles from home - Automatic leveling system fails to operate, push outs not operating correctly, wall in bedroom push wallboard never attached. Dealer unresponsive. Called Quadra (leveling system manufacturer) to diagnose the problem. Reset the system and still not working. Left with the dealer (3 weeks) "no problem found".

5th outing 100 miles from home. - After receiving back from the dealer the leveling system was still not working consistently. Troubleshot with Quadra and replaced sensor and control panel then reprogrammed the system with Quadra on the phone. Traveled to vacation and the system failed to retract and used the Emergency retract again.

6th outing - 100 miles from home - After replacement/repair of the wiring harness to the leveling system the system worked on arrival to the campsite. The AC wiring to the interior dinette below and above, as well as the TV bay outside has failed (not a fuse or circuit breaker) part of the GFCI circuit failed. The sink drain once again has fallen apart, and upon departure the Leveling system has failed to retract and took an hour of multiple tries to retract the leveling legs. This unit seems plagued with multiple failures, and is of POOR QUALITY MANUFACTURE and QC. The DEALER (Campers Inn) does not care about servicing in a timely manner they only care about selling you another unit. This is the worst RV (10th RV I've owned) I have ever purchased, bar none! If you are thinking about purchasing a Coachmen product, RUN, DON'T DO IT!!

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Rated with 2 stars
Nate of Oakland, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 4, 2020

We got a Coachmen Prism 2200LE for a 2 week trip in the summer of 2020 “The Summer Of RVs”. 24/25 feet was fine for 6 people, but it was a bit cramped. The RV was plagued with problems from the start. During the first FEW MINUTES the part holding one of the drawers under the U-Dinette seating area broke. The right latch holding the door on the drawer broke off a few days later because of screws missing on it. During our first few drives we noticed that the RV had HORRIBLE handling if it wasn’t on a smooth paved highway. On residential streets even one crack in the road would shake the RV a TON. Also, we realized that every turn, slight or sharp would cause every drawer to pop out, most prominently the drawer holding utensils and eating supplies. There were constant kitchen sink leaks during our drives so we had to put a bowl under it.

Moving on to the door, it would shake with the RVs slightest bump, and there’s about a centimeter gap from the door to the indoor steps, so you could even see a sliver of the ground rushing beneath you. There are a few slightly important nitpick flaws I noticed. The bedside table on the bed near the back is EXTREMELY hard to extend and put back. The hooks on the upstairs bunk bed can fall out randomly, collapsing the net and creating a dangerous situation where people sleeping can fall out. The door slide on the screen door always slides out of the slide area, misaligning it and making it unable to slide and rendering it useless. There are also a lot of places where people can hit their heads.

Some examples are the cabinet under the individual seat and the cabinets over the kitchen sink (there are areas where wood on the sides extends almost 2 inches outwards, or should I point out that it’s fake wood), the ladder holding clips on the bunk bed, and the raised area making up the majority of the driver’s area roof. Also, the TV and radio systems barely worked, with the indoor TV not even working and the outdoor TV only working when radio was on. Now on to a huge issue that nearly cost us the trip. The slide out area for 2 of the 3 beds broke a few days into the trip.

A METAL part broke off and the slide out started moving out while driving, endangering 3 people who were sitting in the U-Dinette. We soon figured out that we needed to push the slide out in if it wanted to retract. It’s a gigantic bulky slide out and with all the weight dependent on 2 small modules, it’s easy to break like it did on our trip. But on the positive, it drives and has working good electrical systems. Overall this RV is plagued with issues, and I recommend it if you want to have a hard time with everything about it.

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Rated with 2 stars
Mary of Spring Hill, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2020

Purchased May 2020. (Now a one month old unit). Design is amazing. Solar/Battery system is innovative. However, The whole power system was wired incorrectly. We have had it back to dealership twice (5 days so far). 2nd trip they found the problem had to replace and rewire much of the system. Service tech did a good job, but he had to wait a whole day just to get Coachmen Engineering to work with him. System is now working. It is great. This problem should have never passed QC to leave manufacturing.

There have been many examples of shoddy craftsmanship. We have rebuilt all of the drawers and associated cabinets. One cabinet had a bunch of screws to attempt to hold together split-out wood. In another cabinet the staples vibrated loose on first trip. On the same trip the water heater quit working from one day to the next. We were 1000 miles from dealership, they didn't know what to tell us over the phone. We attempted to call Coachmen Customer Service. They don't answer the phone or return calls. (Now 2000 miles from dealer) I tried to call the number for Forest River (Parent Company) they answer the phone but don't talk to Coachmen customers.

In desperation I called Dometic. They gave me 3 name/numbers for service near my campsite. 1 closed, 1 out of business (Covid-19) one answered but it would have been a week before service could see us. Their Service person called us and talked us through what to check, then how to test, then what part to purchase and where to go get it (again we paid for part). Amazing BEST Customer service from a small RV dealer in Tonganoxie Kansas. Other ridiculous problems, Shower doors not sealed, shower drain leaking, WATER on a camper floor is a big problem. Fuses were missing we had to pay Ford to find and install fuses. We purchased new so we would not have to deal with problems. We have worked on issues almost daily! It's a Love/Hate relationship. Love the concept and design. Hate the poor craftsmanship, No quality control, NO Customer Service directly from Coachmen.

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Rated with 1 star
Robert of Hummelstown, PA Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 9, 2020

I own a 2019 Coachmen Catalina. When new it had holes in roof. Took it to keystone rv in pennsylvania. They caulked the holes. Now the roof fabric is loose. Coachmen extended the warranty. But if they would not repair it correctly under the original warranty what good is that? Biggest piece of junk I have owned. Wish I never purchased it. If you are thinking of purchasing a camper stay away from coachman!!!!

Rated with 2 stars
Tom of Warrenton, OR Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 7, 2020

The outside: Our 27 QB was delivered to us from Indiana from Total Value RV. This was our third Motor home in 10 years. It has been 1 1/2 years of repairs to make it right. Well as others said the windows are noisy and will not stay shut. These are the two large ones, Coachmen sent replacements and they leaked!! They sent another batch of replacements, different with dual locks on them but they do not leak and are quiet. The tail light are on their third set because they always leak or fail because of water damage that gets inside of them.

The front cab over running lights on their second set. I’m sorry I live in a place where it rains a lot!! The door latch had to be shimmed so you could close the door without slamming it. Also it needed some pretty good bending to make the bottom of the door stop rubbing. The bumper was put on crooked and had to be really adjusted. The decals in several places had to be pocked with a pin to remove air bubbles. The 20’ awning is getting stuck all the time and has to be pulled and pushed on to stay reasonable straight. And if you get in any wind past 5mph put it in cause it will get out of alignment!!

The Inside: Sawdust everywhere. Had to clean everything especially under cushions!! Screws and staples left around on the floor and under things!! The water heater leaked, and failed!! This turned into a big thing with leaky hoses and a bad control board. Along with the constant rattle noise that I finally found that it was not mounted properly. The bathroom smelled like pee all the time and guess what. The toilet was leaking where the top and bottom go together!!

Cabinets not aligned up well, along with the end pieces on the dinette that were put on with more than one inch difference. The finish cover tape on walls where the panels come together put on uneven. Staples are coming out all over the cabinets and need to be carefully pushed in all the time!! They are the same color as the wood so I guess that made it OK to them. The Serta mattress upgrade is a joke and goes flat all the time, but it is slightly better than a stock one. Power plugs that like to fall out, and the best thing a big ¼” slot on the bottom of the fuse box, hole cut to big that’s OK pass it along!! And the fuse box door keep falling open all the time, had to put Velcro in to solve that, now you pull the edge to get it open but it works. Window blinds and coverings put on badly and not straight. The repairs go on and probably will never stop we always find something every time we go out.

Who paid for all of this: Well after calls and email over the course from when it was delivered to now they did pay for the repairs. And sent all the parts, not an easy task to get your money back from Coachmen but they do eventually send you your repair cost. So the moral of the story do not buy a new Coachmen Motor home, get used something that somebody has had all the factory problems fixed. Why do I say buy Coachmen. Well we have a lot of experience and well better than most other brands. We just went to a large RV dealer and looked at many brands and types and were surprised that Coachmen was on top in the garbage can, I mean really surprised.

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Rated with 1 star
Douglas of Bear Lake, MI Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2019

New 2020 trailer and find a dent in right front corner. Turned it in for warranty. Said we were the ones that put dent in roof. Which we didn't. 2 cupboard doors came off. Screws pulled out of the press board. (Cheap) Don't even use real wood. Rejected warranty. These trailers are cheaply made. Buyer BEWARE.

You must see inside this Fifth Wheel RV! Coachmen Brookstone 374RK

Coachmen Brookstone Fifth Wheel Review

If you’re in the market for a fifth wheel that offers exceptional quality and luxury living, look no further than the stunning Coachmen Brookstone. This fifth wheel was designed to provide you with everything you need to enjoy your time on the road and live a comfortable life wherever you are.

Great Living Area

brookstone living area

This stunning living area was designed to make kicking back and relaxing more enjoyable than ever. You’ll love the high quality Brazilian Walnut furniture, ample storage, andThomas Payne seating.

  • Solid Wood Brazilian Walnut Cabinet Doors W/LED Accent Lighting (where applicable)
  • Modern Entertainment Center W/ Extra Large, Articulating LED TV (Living)
  • Articulating TV Swing Arm Bracket (Main Living TV)
  • 36″ Wide Electric Fireplace (5,200 BTU)
  • Brazilian Walnut Coordinating Decorative Slide Out Fascia
  • Brazilian Walnut Free Standing Table & Chairs W/ Leaf (Storage In Chairs)
  • Decorative, Modern Window Box Valance and Lambrequins
  • Thomas Payne® Theatre Seating W/ Heat, Massage, LED Lights, & Cup Holders (where applicable)
  • Thomas Payne® Memory Foam Tri-Fold HAB Sofa (where applicable)
  • Congoleum® Carefree (Dove Grey) Resilient Sheet Flooring (USA Made W/ 3 Year Cold Crack Warranty)
  • Dual USB Charging Ports (Where Applicable)
  • Ceiling Fan In Living Room (where applicable)
  • Energy Efficient LED Interior Lighting Used Throughout
  • LED Motion Sensor Lights (Key Areas) (where applicable)
  • AM/FM/CD/DVD Player W/ Bluetooth
  • Roller Night Shades

Fantastic Kitchen

brookstone kitchen

Creating delicious meals wherever you area has never been easier thanks to this spacious and well equipped kitchen. Far beyond just appearances, this kitchen comes with high-end appliances like a 14.7 cubic foot residential refrigerator and 30″ residential microwave.

  • Large Transom Window At Cooktop Backsplash Location
  • Solid Wood, Brazilian Walnut Stained Cabinet Doors & Accents
  • Solid Hardwood Drawer & Cabinet Faces
  • Solid Lumber Core Cabinet Stiles
  • Pre-Drilled & Screwed Cabinetry
  • Full-Extend Ball Bearing Drawer Guides (75# & 100# Guide Capacities)
  • Residential Pantry W/ Motion Sensor Lights (where applicable)
  • Modern High Rise Kitchen Faucet
  • Stainless Steel 14.7 Cubic Foot Residential Refrigerator
  • Stainless Steel 30″ Residential Microwave
  • 21″ Stainless Steel Oven W/ Residential Cooktop, Glass Cover, & Piezo Ignition
  • Extra Deep Farm Style Single Basin Sink (Stainless Steel)
  • Granite/Marble Style Solid Surface Countertops (Kitchen) W/ Matching Sink Covers

Impressive Bathroom and Bedroom

Getting a great night’s rest wherever you are has never been easier thanks to this bathroom and bedroom. From high quality furnishings to attractive decor to a pillow top mattress and designer bedspread, everything about this space will make you feel at home.

  • Full Size Shower W/ Sliding Glass Doors & Seat (where applicable)
  • Large Privacy Dome Skylight
  • Power Ceiling Vent Fan (12 Volt)
  • Porcelain Foot Flush Toilet
  • Heat Duct & A/C Venting W/ Rotating/Closing Louvers
  • Large Medicine Cabinet W/ Mirror
  • Large Porcelain Sink W/ Seamless Thermofoil Lav (No T-Mold)
  • Large Linen Closet
  • Decorative Wood Plank With Metal Towel Hooks
  • LED Motion Sensor Light
  • Hidden Hinge Storage Under Dresser Top (where applicable)
  • Large Transom Window Above Bed
  • Large Wardrobe W/ Hanging Storage & Drawers
  • Residential 60” x 80” Pillow Top Mattress & Designer Bedspread (Full Storage Beneath)
  • Padded Soft Touch Headboard
  • Congoleum® Carefree Resilient Sheet Flooring (USA Made W/ 3 Year Cold Crack Warranty)
  • Satellite & Cable TV Hook-Up
  • Bedside Nightstands
  • Dual USB Charging Ports
  • Dual 110 Volt Outlets At Bed (where applicable)
  • Ducted A/C Vents W/ Rotator/Closing Louvers
  • Bedroom Heat Registers
  • Stackable Washer/Dryer Prep
  • Roller Night Shades



Interested in learning more about our selection of Brookstone fifth wheels for sale? Contact us. Our team can help you find the best RV for your needs and can also walk you through the ins and outs of RV financing. Our dedicated team knows a thing or two about RVing and is excited to share their knowledge with you. We look forward to serving your RV needs.

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Brookstone fifth reviews coachmen wheel

Coachmen Brookstone Fifth Wheel Review: 3 Reasons to Take Home a Brookstone This Season

When you take home one of the Coachmen Brookstone fifth wheels for sale from Longview RV Superstores, you know you’re getting a high-end, luxury RV that’s built to last. Inside, you’ll find amenities fit for a king and plenty of space for your whole family. Find out more reasons to make your next RV a Brookstone in this Coachmen Brookstone fifth wheel review.

Brookstone Main

Space for Entertaining 

Inside the Brookstone, you’ll find plenty of space to entertain your guests at the campground.  Enjoy spacious living areas thanks to the opposing slides, and beautiful amenities like the fireplace and the LR 55″ LED TV with storage behind it.  The free-standing dinette with four seats makes it easy to move the party outdoors if the weather permits.

Brookstone Living

Luxury Kitchen 

In the kitchen, you can enjoy seamless, granite-style countertops and a spacious kitchen island with a dual, stainless steel sink.  The residential refrigerator offers ample space for all your cooking ingredients, drinks, and cold snacks, while the pantry will provide space for storing dry goods and other necessities.

Brookstone Kitchen

Beautiful Master Bedroom

Step into the master bedroom, and you may never want to leave!  With a large wardrobe that offers washer/dryer prepping and a queen bed that will deliver an incredible night’s sleep, you’ll be perfectly happy to sleep in every morning at the campground!  Additionally, in the bathroom, you can enjoy a long, hot shower with the 30″ x 50″ shower with seat and a 10 gal. water heater capacity.

Brookstone Bedroom

Contact us today to take home a Brookstone fifth wheel of your own and start living your life in luxury no matter where you go. Find more incredible deals on fifth wheels for sale at Longview RV Superstores.

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