1999 vw jetta relay diagram

1999 vw jetta relay diagram DEFAULT

Fuses and relay Volkswagen Golf 4


(10A) Heated wind screen washer jets, heated door mirrors, glove box lamp


(10A) Indicators, head lamp adjustment (gas discharge head lamps)


(5A) Fog lamp relay, lights


(5A) Licence  plate lamps


(7,5A) Air-conditioning (AC),heated seats, cruise control, convenience equipment, engine coolant blower motor control module, parking aid, multifunction steering wheel


(5A) Central locking


(10A) Reversing lamps




(5A) Electronic stability programme (ESP), Haldex coupling (2001^), anti-lock brake system (ABS)




(5A) Instrument panel, AT selector lever lock


(7,5A) Data link connector (DLC), telephone(^04/99)


(10A) Stop lamps


(5A/10A) Interior lamps, central locking


(5A) ESP (05/99^), instrument panel, automatic transmission (AT)


(10A) AC compressor clutch, engine coolant pump motor, engine coolant blower motor control module


(7,5A) Door lock barrel heater (^04/99)


(10A) RH headlamp- high beam


(10A) LH headlamp-high beam


(10A/15A)RH headlamp-low beam, head lamp adjustment


(10A/15A) LH headlamp-low beam, headlamp adjustment


(5A) RH side/tail lamps


(5A) LH side/tail lamps


(20A) Wind screen wash/wipe system


(25A) AC/heater blower motor, air conditioning (AC)


(20A/25A) Heated rear window


(10A/15A) Rear screen wiper


(15A) Fuel pump


(10A/15A) Engine management


(20A) Sunroof


(20A) Brake assist (05/99^), automatic transmission (AT)


(10A/15A) Engine management


(20A) Headlamp washers


(10A) Engine management


(30A) Trailer socket


(15A) Front fog lamps, rear fog lamps


(10A) Audio unit, convenience equipment, navigation system (05/99^), S-contact


(15A) Boot lid/tail gate lamp, central locking, convenience equipment, remote fuel flap/boot lid/tailgate release


(15A) Hazard warning lamps


(20A) Horn


(15A) Cigarette lighter


(25A) Audio unit, audio unit output amplifier, navigation system


(10A) Engine management


(15A) Heated seats

Sours: https://fusesdiagram.com/volkswagen/fuses-and-relay-volkswagen-golf-4.html
110ALeft headlight (low beam), headlight range control 210ARight headlight (low beam)310ALicense plate lamps415ARear wiper / washer515AFront wiper / washer, headlight washers620AHeater fan710ASide lights (right)810ASide lights (left)920AHeated rear window1015AFog lights1110ALeft headlight (high beam)1210ARight headlight (high beam)1310AHorns1410ARevers lights, washer nozzle heaters, central lock, electric door mirrors, seat heater, speed control system, electric windows1510ASpeedometer, intake manifold heater1615AInstrument cluster illumination, ABS indicator, SRS indicator, sunroof, Thermotronic1710AHazard flasher, turn signals1820AFuel pump, heated oxygen sensor1930ARadiator fan, air conditioning relay2010AStop lights2115AInterior lighting, trunk lighting, central locking, sunroof2210AAudio system, Cigar lighterRelaysR1Air conditionerR2Rear wiper / washerR3Engine control unitR4IgnitionR5Not UsedR6Turn signalR7Headlight washerR8Windshield wiper / washerR9Seat beltR10Fog lampR11HornR12Fuel pumpR13Intake manifold heaterR14Not UsedR15ABS pumpR16Revers light (Ecomatic)R17High beam (Ecomatic)R18Low beam (Ecomatic)R19Air conditioner Climatronic 2.0 / 2.8 (1993) (fuse 30A)R20Start inhibit switchR21Oxygen sensorR22Seat belt indicator R23Vacuum pump (Ecomatic)R24Power windows (Thermal fuse 20A)
Sours: https://fuse-box.info/volkswagen/volkswagen-vento-jetta-a3-1992-1999-fuses-and-relays
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1999 Era Volkswagen Jetta Fuse Map

Below you'll find the fuse map and locations for the fuse box on a 1999 Volkswagen Jetta. Similar models will have similar fuses. The information is also contained in your owner's manual, or if you don't have one, you can use a proper service manual for reference. While you're staring at your computer, you can use this site as your guide! 

When you're replacing fuses, it's important to know which fuse goes to which circuit. It's not that you're going to truly damage anything by pulling out the wrong fuse, but believe me when I tell you that it can be a little frustrating to accidentally reset all of your radio station favorites when you were trying to replace the fuse to your car's auxiliary power socket or cigarette lighter. This is when it can be really handy to have a fuse map in front of you. 

For reference, below you'll find all of the information you need, including the location of each fuse, what circuit it protects, and what size fuse should be in this location. 

Fuse Locations, Functions, and Sizes

Fuse # / Circuits / Fuse Size

  1. Washer nozzle heaters    10 A
  2. Turn signal lights    10 A
  3. Fog light relay / Fog Lights    5 A
  4. License Plate Light    5 A
  5. Comfort System (heat and air conditioning), cruise control, Climatronic, A/C, heated seat control modules    7.5 A
  6. Central locking system    5 A
  7. Back-up lights, speedometer vehicle speed sensor (VSS)    10 A
  8. Open (there is no fuse in this location)   
  9. Anti-lock brake system (ABS)    5 A
  10. Engine control module (ECM): gasoline engine    10 A
  11. Instrument cluster, shift lock solenoid    5 A
  12. Data Link Connector (DLC) power supply    7.5 A
  13. Brake lights and tail lights    10 A
  14. Interior lights, central locking system    10 A
  15. Instrument cluster, transmission control module (TCM)    5 A
  16. A/C clutch, after-run coolant pump    10 A
  17. Open (there is no fuse in this location)  
  18. Headlight high beam, right    10 A
  19. Headlight high beam, left    10 A
  20. Headlight low beam, right    15 A
  21. Headlight low beam, left    15 A
  22. Parking lights right, side marker right    5 A
  23. Parking lights left, side marker left    5 A
  24. Windshield and rear window washer pump, windshield wiper motor    20 A
  25. Fresh air blower for the Climatronic, A/C    25 A
  26. Rear window defogger    25 A
  27. Motor for rear windshield wiper    15 A
  28. Fuel pump (FP)    15 A
  29. Engine control module (ECM): gasoline engine    15 A
    Engine control module (ECM): diesel engine    10 A
  30. Power sunroof control module    20 A
  31. Transmission control module (TCM)    20 A
  32. Fuel Injectors (gasoline engine)    10 A
    Engine control module (ECM): diesel engine    15 A
  33. Headlight washer system    20 A
  34. Engine control elements    10 A
  35. Open (there is no fuse in this location)  
  36. Fog lights    15A
  37. Terminal (86S) on radio    10 A
  38. Central locking system (with power windows), luggage compartment light, remote/fuel tank door, motor to unlock rear lid    15 A
  39. Emergency flashers    15A
  40. Dual tone horn    20 A
  41. Cigarette lighter / Auxiliary power socket   10 A
  42. Radio    25 A
  43. Engine control elements    10 A
  44. Heated seats    15 A

Fuse Amp Ratings by Color

Use the information below to know what size fuse is what, in case you are unable to determine existing fuse sizes when replacing fuses in your fuse box. 

Fuse Colors and Corresponding Amp Ratings
3 A - Violet5 A - Beige
7.5 A - Brown10 A - Red
15 A - Blue20 A - Yellow
25 A - White30 A - Green

With all of this information, you should have no problem keeping your electrical system in good shape. Remember, always replace a fuse with the engine off and the key out of the ignition switch. Sometimes the surge of power that comes from installing a fuse into a hot circuit can cause sensitive electronics to freak out, erase themselves, get zapped, and any number of other really annoying and potentially expensive maladies. 

Sours: https://www.liveabout.com/1999-era-volkswagen-jetta-fuse-map-4067271
Fuel Pump Relay Location MK5 Jetta TDI VW Volkswagen 2005.5 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011


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1997 Vw Jetta Fuse Box Relay Diagram

You've got chose to use bead stringing 1997 Vw Jetta Fuse Box Relay Diagram because it suits the glance you'd like for the job and you prefer the idea of the durability of 1997 Vw Jetta Fuse Box Relay Diagram. Now, you've got to determine which 1997 Vw Jetta Fuse Box Relay Diagram to make use of.

The beading 1997 Vw Jetta Fuse Box Relay Diagram you select to string your beads on depends on the sort of jewellery you're earning (and sometimes just on private preference), but Here are a few primary guidelines regarding 1997 Vw Jetta Fuse Box Relay Diagram hardness, 1997 Vw Jetta Fuse Box Relay Diagram condition, and 1997 Vw Jetta Fuse Box Relay Diagram dimension to help you make an educated variety:

1997 Vw Jetta Fuse Box Relay Diagram Hardness:

  • Dead Comfortable 1997 Vw Jetta Fuse Box Relay Diagram is extremely delicate and versatile. It may be conveniently bent and is great for creating rounded styles. It really works perfect for 1997 Vw Jetta Fuse Box Relay Diagram wrapping and sculpting initiatives. The downside is always that it does not maintain its condition when bodyweight or pressure is applied.
  • Half Hard 1997 Vw Jetta Fuse Box Relay Diagram is slightly stiffer. It truly is superb for making restricted bends, for building loops, and for wrapping all over by itself. Manage its condition below pressure.
  • Tricky 1997 Vw Jetta Fuse Box Relay Diagram is rather rigid, effortlessly retains its form, and is great for clasps. It might be quite challenging to utilize for intricate designs.

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Edition Aria Pro Ii Wiring Diagram 2000 Saturn L Series Radio Wiring Diagram 1974 Ford F250 Wiring Diagram Glowshift Gauge Wiring Diagram Toyota Tacoma Wiring Diagram For Trailer Mtd Solenoid Wiring Diagram 2003 G35 Fuse Box Diagram 2009 Ford Focus Belt Diagram 2004 E320 Fuse Diagram Fast Wiring Diagram Electrical Wiring Diagram Bmw E39 Club Car Accelerator Diagram 1999 Chevy Silverado Fuse Box Diagram Led 12v Light Wiring Diagram Voltmeter Wiring Diagram 48 Volt Club Car Bc Rich Warlock Guitar Wiring Diagram Raspberry Pi Circuit Board Diagram 2 Wire Gm Alternator Diagram Ceiling Fan 3 Way Wiring Diagram For Condenser Novita Relay Wiring Diagram 2012 Highlander Wiring Diagram 94 Toyota Pickup Stereo Wiring Diagram 84 Corvette Antenna Wiring Diagram Big Tex Trailer Wiring Diagram Diagram Of Metallic Bonding S4 Mini Circuit Diagram Motion Sensor Wiring Diagram 3 Way Kia Sorento 2.5 Crdi Workshop Wiring Diagram American Deluxe Telecaster Wiring Diagrams Micro Sprint Wiring Diagram 1997 Chevy S10 Pickup Wiring Diagram Porsche 911sc Speedo Wiring Diagram Toyota Ta Light Wiring Diagram 2000 Saturn Sl Wiring Diagram Free Download

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Jetta relay diagram 1999 vw

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I no longer suggest changing partners, it just turns us on when someone nearby has sex. Well, at least stay with us a little longer while we tumble a little, the man persuaded them.

Volkswagen Golf IV / Bora (1999-2006) Fuse Box Diagrams

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