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At the start of this project to build a replacement school on the existing Valley View site, IBI Group formed a design committee of students, faculty, staff, and community members to be involved at every level of design, from graphics to interior design to exterior materials and finishes.

The committee held a charrette to discuss interests and desires for their school. Sustainability was also a paramount goal for the District from the beginning; they wanted the new school to be among “the most sustainable projects in the state of Washington.” Thus early in the design process the team held an “eco-charrette” at which architects, engineers, District leadership, and District staff prioritized sustainable features including water retention and reuse, classroom daylighting, and energy efficiency.

During the construction process, the design committee and broader community were invited to monthly construction tours of the project, engaging them in the complete process. The project was designed to meet the rigorous Living Building Challenge standard.

The new Valley View Middle School building consists of four distinct wings joined by a central Commons—the school’s key gathering place. Each wing has a different function, and angles out from the Commons in response to the site conditions and to create meaningful outdoor areas for learning and play.

Sustainable features such as geo-thermal heating/cooling, super insulated exterior envelope, and heat recovery system have enabled the school to be a high-performing, energy efficient showcase.


Health & Safety School

Health & Safety Key Information

Visitors at Valleyview Secondary

Please complete a VISITOR Daily Health Assessment when you visit Valleyview Secondary. This link is also posted at the school in the form of a QR code or you can sign-in at the office. Visitors are required to check in at the office regardless of how you complete the Daily Health Assessment.


Below are two important Health & Safety documents from Valleyview Secondary for School Year. Students and Parents/Guardians should be completing a self assessment based on the Daily Health Check below.

  1. Daily Health Check
  2. VSS Communicable Disease Prevention Plan

Reminder - If a student has any symptom(s), they should remain home for the day


Parent Teacher Image

Parent Teacher Interviews (Oct. 14)


On Thursday, October 14 Valleyview Secondary will have Early Dismissal (pm) and Parent Teacher Interviews (pm and pm).


Parents/Guardians will receive an email for scheduling an appointment using an online system called PTCFast. Please keep an eye on your inbox for this email. If you do not receive this email before Monday, October 10, please contact the office.


If you are unable to schedule an appointment on this date, please contact your child's teachers to arrange an alternate connection/communication. 


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Valley View Elementary School Homestead Street
Rapid City, SD

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Our Focus

The Valley View community will collaborate to ensure all students succeed and become life-long learners.

We are building a strong foundation of learning to ensure that today&#;s students will be successful in tomorrow&#;s world.

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Principal, Melissa Frein

Class of 2021

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