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Hey thanks for your suggestions.

I found that I once I had downloaded ASIO4All v2 again. I when into Setup and playback engine and found that I could set the playback engine to ASIO4all and I have sound in pro tools!
Which is great!
BUT I still have no sound on my computer anywhere else.
Any suggestions?

Once again(for Windows users, anyway), its going to make your life much better if you bite the bullet and buy a "real" interface for Pro Tools use(Behringer, Presonus and Focusrite all have inexpensive choices). That way, you can set Windows to use the on-board sound card for its "Default Playback Device", your interface serves Pro Tools, only(which means you should have sound from everything).

Now if you are wishing to have all sounds come out of 1 set of speakers, that can be done in many ways, such as:
(BEST)-add a monitor/source switcher to your setup(love my Presonus Central Station)
(CHEAPEST)- feed both the interface outputs and the computer sound outputs to 2 sets of inputs on one of the many mini-mixers on the market(Behringer, Alto, Alesis, etc)and connect the mixer outputs to your monitors. You can get a mixer with enough inputs for around $ these days(and the technology has gotten so good and so cheap that you'll be hard-pressed to hear anything bad with this, as long as you leave EQ knobs at flat and keep "gain staging" so nothing gets over-driven)

Playback Engines in Pro Tools

By Tristan Klopp

One of the most common questions I get in the Creative Technology Center is "Why can't I hear anything in my DAW?" If you're a Pro Tools user, the first thing to check is your Playback Engine. If the wrong Playback Engine is selected, Pro Tools won't send your sound to the right place, which is why you can't hear anything. Here's how to fix that.

At the top of your screen, click Setup - Playback Engine and you'll get this window. 

Here you can see the various options you have for your Playback Engine - or to put it another way - where Pro Tools will send your sound.

If your headphones or speakers are plugged into an interface, you'll want to select that interface as your playback engine. If you are using the headphone jack on your laptop, you'll want to select "External Headphones". If you just want to use your computer speakers, you can make that selection as well. 

After changing your Playback Engine your session will refresh, this is normal. Once your Playback Engine correctly corresponds with where you want your sound to go, you'll be good to go. The Grammys are waiting for you.

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DefaultBeginner - No Sound Playing?

Consider me a complete beginner.

I installed Pro Tools First, opened up the default "Blues", click play and no sound comes out (and my volume is definitely up).

I click Playback Engine, and see it set to Realtek High Definition Audio. I try changing to my regular output device from my LG TV. I then get the message that the project must be restarted. I restart. I open up. No sound and playback engine has returned to Realtek.

I tried reinstalling and making sure to set default output device to LG TV, but it still says Realtek when I try again, and of course, no sound.

What do I do?

Edit: I have found a couple of Google-Searched threads with somewhat similar titles. Yet they all state these complicated audio terms and combination of numbers that are totally confusing, so I still have no idea what to do. Again, consider me beginner.

Pro Tools Won't Start Playback (Quick Tips)

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DefaultRe: No Sound (yes, again)


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OK. Mac Mini, i7, 64 GB Ram, OS , PT I've used Logic for everything until recently. Have the need to start using Pro Tools. Downloaded, chose the Hardware (Presonus 32S console) and Playback Engine (same). Meters show there is something there, but no sound from the hardware. Logic Pro still has sound, so I'm sure it's something in the software. All of my searches tell me the same thing: Setup>Playback Engine will solve the problem. It doesn't. I changed the Playback Engine to Pro Tools Aggregate IO and had sound from my Mac speakers. Changed it back to the Presonus console and nothing. It may be something in the IO assignments. I'm not sure. Since I'm not at all familiar with Pro Tools I don't even know where to start to troubleshoot more.

Ok to back up a bit ::
#1 You did give PT access to the Mic in the Mac System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Microphone
Also unless you do want multiple Aggregate devices you do not want PT Aggregate in PT or on the Mac so check your Mac Sound and Mac Audio Midi setup and make sure they are showing the Presonus and not Aggregate or internal ,,, input or output

After that

So if in the PT Setup the Presonus is showing and selected as as the Hardware and is selected as the Playback engine ??? And you say are getting input signal showing in your tracks ?
Then (it should be ) BUT is the Presonus and all it channels showing in the I/O Setup window for input and output ? (or are the Mac channels showing ?)
If the presonus channels are showing then check on the Output tab lower right below the channel matrix graph Where it says "Monitor Path" which should be your chosen main outputs (default 1&2) to your monitor speakers

Also check the Bus tab and see what is showing for your "Default Output Bus" by default it should show your main 1 & 2 outputs
Which can be user selected to Something else Hint: PT does not have the default Stereo Out (2 bus) like logic But you can set the the default Output Bus to a stereo aux track and use it like the Stereo Output in logic as long as you set it's output to the main outs

If none of the above works then the default fallback is Close PT Google Trash Your protools Preferences and try that

System :
Avid Carbon interface , PT Ultimate Mid iMac 27" GHz 8-core i7 10th Gen processor,,GB MHz DDR4 memory,,2TB SSD storage,,Radeon Pro XT with 16GB of GDDR6 memory,, on Catalina

"Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding" Albert Einstein
Enjoy the Journey


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DefaultWhen ProTools is open there is no sound coming from YouTube

When ProTools is open there is no sound coming from YouTube. I used to use a mac and I could do it back then. I switched to Windows and I suspect this has something to do with it. My playback engine used to be an Aggregate Device that I made in Audio Midi Setup on the Mac, but now it is ASIO4ALL-V2 and for some reason when I try to select the playback engine to change it it won't allow me to. Like it's greyed out and disallowing me from changing it. Idk if this problem is fixable but I would love to be able to watch YouTube tutorials while using ProTools. (btw, I'm using ASIO4ALL-V2 because I don't have an M-Box or other Hardware Interface) Any insight is appreciated. Thanks Again.

Computer: Dell Latitude E
Processor: Intel Core i5 M
Speed: Ghz
Hard Drive: GB
OS: Windows 10 Pro bit
Pro Tools Version: using ASIO4ALL-V2
ILok: ILok 3

Some Tracks Aren't Playing/Heard (Quick Tips)

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