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Sometimes it’s hard to put into words how amazing it has been for my family since I’ve been working from home. Spending time with my daughter and family has obviously been the highlight but there have been many more unexpected “bonuses”. I love to talk about children’s books.  Talking about books has just become a daily part of my routine since Usborne.  These books cover my home, my car, airplane rides…basically anywhere that I am. Being surrounded by these fantastic children’s books has become a non-negotiable part of our life and I love it!

My daughter’s library is overflowing with books. My nephew’s library is also overflowing with books. I have been able to build both of their libraries for FREE through Usborne! Both of them love reading and being around books. Being surrounded by these unique books has created a love of reading in these two children that will last a lifetime.

Another surprise that has come along with doing this business is how providing these books to my community has had such a powerful impact.  I have be given several opportunities to be involved in such great things because of these fantastic children’s books.  Running book drives with children’s hospitals, helping low income families add books to their homes and helping local businesses raise money fundraising was something that I never planned on doing with Usborne. These opportunities presented themselves once  I started sharing these books and what they could do for children everywhere. It’s amazing how quickly children fall in love with these specific books and how excited they are when they receive them!

I put together a  short video featuring a few highlights of my time with Usborne. I hope you enjoy it! If you are interested in trying out Usborne Books & More for your family, please comment below or message me. Anyone can start an amazing book business. The only requirement that you need to have your own home book business is a love of books! 😉 You can join for $75 and you’ll receive a value box of books and supplies to get your started! There are no minimums to meet or quotas to sell.

So what do you have to lose? Nothing! Worst case scenario, you’ll scoop up an amazing box of books for an awesome price!


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Usborne Books & More - Phoebe Hohl

Let me be your personal shopper!  I can help you find books for your children,  family, neighbors, and all the little ones in your life!  Our books make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, summer break, and everything in between!  We have fiction, non-fiction, and activity books for all ages infant through fun-loving adult.  

Looking to build your child's library without breaking the bank?  Host a party with me and earn FREE books!  I can do parties online or in person; all you do is invite your friends and have fun; I will do the rest!    The free book earnings are limitless!

Have you ever dreamed of having more time with your family?  More financial security?  Sharing your love of literacy with others?  Building an amazing home library?  Traveling the world?  Helping others reach their dreams?  Join my team and discover your potential!

I also do fund-raisers for preschools, churches, scouts, athletic teams, and more!  Contact me today to learn more!

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 “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”

– Emilie Buchwald

FINAL 2 UBAM Image, Sami Carrick, Literacy for Littles, Sunnyseed, early child development,  innovative toddler activities, early literacy, non-toxic living, home and family wellness, motherhood blogger.JPG
Sunnyseed, Literacy for Littles, Early Literacy Tips, Child Literacy Expert, Sami Carrick, Home and Family, Family blogger, motherhood blogger, Usborne Books and More.png

 Reading with children is the most beneficial activity for cognitive development.

As parents, it strengthens our bond, builds their vocabulary, improves their memory and attention, and creates an anchor in our day for meaningful learning and connection. There is truly no other activity quite as rewarding, especially with young children during their most formative, foundational years at home (0-5). As a mom, I’ve seen my daughters’ vocabulary, creativity, and intrinsic motivation for learning flourish because of regularly reading together. As a teacher, I’ve seen the power of books support children through difficult times, cultivate empathy and community, expand their world, and spark the joy and freedom that come from getting lost in a great book.

Reading is the most studied aspect of human learning, and the research is quite conclusive. Reading aloud to children is the greatest contributor to future learning success and enjoyment of reading.

Why Usborne?

As a reading specialist, I’ve been immersed in children’s literature for most of my life and have developed high standards for what constitutes a “good” book. And though there are certainly dozens of other titles we love in our home, I’ve found that Usborne Books & More offers the largest variety of high-quality literacy tools in one place. They are the most read – and most loved – books in our home. And so, after years of witnessing the incredible impact these books have had on children’s enjoyment of reading and learning, I just couldn’t help myself. I wanted alllll the books for my family and I also REALLY wanted to share them with you. UBAM was voted the #1 Children’s Publisher for good reason – these books are designed with intention and learning in mind – highly engaging, fun, and sure to foster a love of reading, which is ultimately the MOST important gift of snuggling up and reading together.

you want all the books, right?

Hosting a virtual party is the easiest, no-commitment way to earn free books to build your home library.

Here’s how it works:

One:Before the party, I set up a private Facebook Group and get everything organized.

Two: You connect with and invite your people - anyone you think would enjoy the books.

Three: On party night, your friends “arrive” on their laptops (in their pj’s, glass of wine encouraged) from the comfort of their sofa. There is NO video or recording - no one can actually see each other. So, yes! they can wear their face mask and dip out early if their baby starts crying and no one will know.

Four: I share 10 posts highlighting what makes UBAM books so special. These are packed with fun photos, videos, literacy tips, and my top recommendations. As a former teacher, I love sharing details about the technical benefits for your children, but as a mother, I know our time has never been more valuable. Parties usually last 20-30 minutes.

Five: You sit back, drink your hard-earned mama drink, and get your friends excited about good books. I run the show, you like and comment on different posts (silly gifs encouraged!), and you earn book credit on all sales. It depends on the number of attendees, but most party hosts earn around $100-300 in free books.

Some attendees may not purchase on party night. That’s okay! Your event will be “live” for a few days to give people a chance to process the info and purchase if they would like to. The whole experience is very low-key and yes, fun! There is never any pressure to buy or join - just us sharing our love of good books for our babies. My goal is to promote literacy and help you grow your home library for free!


Hop on over to the blog for a closer look at some of our favorite titles!


Usborne build home me a

With a background in gift and stationery design, I have always loved all things paper and so sharing that part of my heart with my girls in the form of children’s books and activities is one of the things I enjoy doing most with them! Luckily for me, they both love books and paper as much as I do!

After this past year of unexpectedly homeschooling my girls, I have also realized how important the actual books we have in our collection are and taken notice to the ones which ones my girls gravitate towards most often. We are a home that loves all books, but more often that not, my girls pick Usborne…. and so this little book shop was born. 

What caught my attention in beautifully bound books and paper, captured my girls attention in lift-the-flaps, musical and touchy-feely books and more. Truthfully, at first I just wanted to get more books into my girls hands. But if I was going to host a party to earn free books, why not try it out and earn the commission too? Honestly though, it’s become so much more than that very quickly!

Promoting literacy and early reading is a new passion project of mine and as an instagrammer and new blogger, it’s also a great way to earn affiliate income! You earn 25% of all sales generated by your personal bookstore link, and if you promote to leadership you can earn an additional 8.5% override.

We spend so much of our time and talent these days planning and creating content that is rapidly consumed, that this is one avenue I have found that not only fills my cup and provides a weekly paycheck but that I believe has a lasting effect on those whom it touches.

Are you a stationery designer or mom content creator interested in adding another revenue stream to your family or small business?

Are you a teacher (current or former) homeschool mom, montessori mom or a  SAHM mom that wants to foster  a love of reading while earning a little extra income?

No matter what your vision is for these books big or small, I would love to help you to make it happen!

So you want to add a bookstore to your book of business?  Click here to join my team!

Interested, but need a few more details? Here are the most FAQ and if  you don’t find what you are looking for feel free to DM me on instagram or email me at tami at tamiomalley dot com.

Not interested in joining at this time but you want ALL the FREE BOOKS? Of course, mama! Hosting a virtual party is the easiest, no-commitment way to earn free books to build your home library.

So what do you say? Are books in your next chapter, too? <3

Build Me a Home + Play Me Some Music - Usborne Books \u0026 More



a little background

For as long as I can remember, I have loved books. I remember studying every little detail of my Berenstain Bears book collection as a young child, waiting patiently for my monthly order of Babysitters Club and Goosebumps books, and saving every penny when the book fair came to my school. Before I had children, I worked in early childhood education and witnessed the impact books had on the students in my classroom as well as how much they adored the stories we shared together. I even began investing in my children’s books collection before I had my own children. Once my own boys came along, I worked jobs here and there so that I could fund my desires to grow our home library and nothing has filled my cup more than to see my boys choose books to interact with everyday.

When my youngest Otto was just 4 weeks old, I learned about the opportunity to become a consultant with Usborne Books & More and was enticed by the ability to acquire more books for our home for free or at a discounted price. That was in the spring of 2018 and this journey has become so much more than free books (though that is still one of my favorite perks!) since then. I have been able to help countless other families grow their home libraries by learning about these books or earning them for free, I earned a free trip to Alaska for our family, and we have paid off all of our outstanding debt as a family because of the additional income I have brought in. I am excited to share a love of literacy with you and your children. I love learning about all types of books: from those for babies and toddlers to school-aged children and young adults, storybooks, non-fiction, and activity books beautifully promote cognitive development, imagination, creativity, and play.

To me, books not only entertain us, they provide us with a wider view of the world. They teach us about things we might otherwise have never known about, help us develop empathy and perspective beyond our limited scope, and they play a key role in our own language development — a tool that we will always navigate life with.

A “book bash” is a gathering of people (typically on a virtual platform) who get to learn about the features & benefits of Usborne Books & More books from me! A host who partners with me for a book party will earn free books based on the sales earned from the party and help other families learn about books that will benefit and engage their children. Win, win!

So how does it work?

Well, we work together to help spread the word about how amazing Usborne Books & More books are through a VIRTUAL "e-party". Yes, picture yourself on the couch, in your PJs, wearing a face mask, and sipping some wine after the kids are in bed as you share a love of amazing children’s books with your tribe. Your role is to invite the guests in a personal way (I'll send you the details on just how to do that but just know, it's pretty easy!) and get folks excited about the event. I do all the "work" of the event and you just get your people pumped up!

Before your party, I create custom wish lists for your guests to help them narrow down some book options that will be perfect for their unique kiddos. During the event (it's about 20 minutes long) I will share 10 posts highlighting Usborne Books & More and what they provide and offer. These are really fun posts with lots of pictures, videos and tons of literacy tips. As a former educator, I like to be interactive with the whole shebang and as a mother, I like to ensure everyone’s valuable time is worthwhile. I also offer a giveaway to your guests just for joining in on the fun. The virtual parties are really exciting considering everyone is on their own couch at home in their comfy clothes. That's when we’re all having the most fun, let's be honest …

Leading up to the event, my priority is to ensure that you have a successful party so you get as many free books as possible - it’s truly a partnership. Several hosts have earned over $300 in free books! My goal is to promote literacy and help families learn about awesome books for their kids - all while you earn awesome books for your own family. How does that sound?

Ready to Plan a Book Bash?

As an Usborne Books & More consultant, I have loved leading a team of people who find joy in children’s books AND helping other families build their home libraries. There are so many benefits to becoming a UBAM consultant (25%+ commission on all sales, zero monthly sales minimum or requirements, opportunities to earn free books and free vacations even) but perhaps one of the most amazing parts about this experience is working with my team.

When you join my team as a consultant, you are never alone. My goal is to support each of my team members with their individual goals. For some, that’s as simple as building their home library for free or discounted prices; for several, it’s a little extra income each month; and for others, it’s dreaming as big as earning a 6-figure income for their family.

Whatever your goals are, I’ll be your number one fan — cheering you on, problem solving alongside you, and sharing all of my knowledge and tried-and-true tips to help you succeed. I genuinely want others to experience the same joy I’ve experienced in this endeavor and to promote literacy as a team. Questions? Just holler or check out my FAQ’s below for more insight.

click a question to read more about the UBAM program


Usborne Books & More offers a unique range of children’s books that I wholeheartedly believe in. As a former educator I have seen just about every children’s book under the sun & there is something special about UBAM books. UBAM books are exceptional quality (and the company stands behind that in their 50% replacement guarantee) and highly interactive plus loaded with rich content & robust vocabulary. UBAM books have figured out how to take high-level information and make it engaging & digestible for children of all ages. A shelf does not do UBAM books justice, they have so many powerful components to them that it only makes sense the company would entrust people who love them to showcase them. I love that UBAM chooses to put money in my pocket to support my family rather than in the pocket of big box retailers.

↓ what happens when I join?

When you officially join you will receive a fun digital welcome packet directly from me! In the welcome packet I will ask you to share some details with me so that I can help you get started. I also share resources, tools, and best places to start as you kick-off your adventure. You will get a link to join our Facebook team page so that you can get acquainted with our amazing team & resources. You will eventually receive your starter kit in the mail so you can get to know (and LOVE) some of our amazing books.

↓ how do I make money?

Every sale through your e-commerce page as a consultant earns commission, even if you purchase books for yourself (consider this your discount). Consultants earn 25% commission on all web sales from the moment they join. If/when you promote to a leadership position, your commission will increase by 8.5%.

↓ how much money can I make?

You can make as much money as you want! Seriously. An average party is ~$400 in sales and you earn a minimum of 25% commission on party sales. A few months into the business I set a goal to earn enough to cover our mortgage, a handful of years later, with some deliberate hustle towards my goals, I'm earning about 9x that & reaching financial goals I never dreamed of.

↓ how do I make sales?

There are SO MANY WAYS that consultants make sales. One of the coolest things about UBAM is that no one consultant runs their business the same as another. If a customer orders a book from your ecommerce website then you’ve made a sale! You can host virtual book bashes or in person-events. You can curate custom book boxes for customers. You can host school book fairs (ESR certification required). You can host booths to showcase books at family and child focused events. You can share your favorite books on social media. The possibilities are endless and I want to help you figure out your unique path.

↓ who is eligible to be a consultant?

Anyone who is a US resident can be an Usborne Books & More consultant.

↓ What if I don’t have or like Facebook?

Facebook isn’t the end-all-be-all but it is a very helpful platform & tool -- specifically because many other people have their networks on Facebook. I did not have a Facebook account when I started but I had many hosts who wanted to reach their guests via Facebook so I created a business-only page. I use Facebook as a business tool (similar to how I use email) and host parties using the platform.

↓ What is a “party”?

A party is an opportunity for others to learn about literacy, Usborne Books & More, and titles great for the kids they love. Parties can take place virtually or in-person and are very laid-back. Through sales connected to a party, hosts are eligible to earn free books. This is our fun way of getting the word out about unique, interactive, high-quality children's books that are not available in big-box stores and thanking folks who join us in doing so.

↓ What if I don’t have children of my own?

We welcome you with open arms! There are many advantages to being a consultant, not just as a parent. There are several women on my team who don’t have children of their own. You don’t have to be a parent to love these books or share them with others.

↓ What is the time commitment?

The amount of time you put in directly connects to your goals. I work my business while also taking care of my 3 boys full-time (none of them are school aged yet). I work during naps, a few evenings a week and whenever I can as needed. An average party is about 3 hours of work altogether so depending on how many parties you choose to have & what your goals are, your workload will vary.

↓ How do I sign up?

I’m so honored that you would want to join my team and work with me to help share these amazing books with others. To join, simply click here and choose your kit! The kit is just for you - to give you a range of the books UBAM offers. It makes no difference for your business which kit you choose, it’s up to you.

↓ Do I get a kit when I join?

Your starter kit will include a 6-moth e-business package (aka your shopping site!) and a selection of books and business materials-- the books are yours to enjoy and get to know! Check out our new consultant kit options here!

↓ What are the requirements?

NONE! There are ZERO requirements. We have no monthly sales quotas/minimums, no autoshipments, no penalties, and consultants do not hold any physical inventory.

↓ How do you make money?

I earn through my sales commission and I earn a small percentage from my downline paid out by UBAM. Since I am your direct leadership resource, most of my energy goes into supporting my team, helping them grow where they want to grow. That percentage compensates me for my time spent creating tools, on coaching calls, and general consultant support. As a consultant, you always earn more than any leader above you, as only you can make 25% commission on your sales.

↓ How do I earn free books?

Usborne Books & More does offer rewards for sales. These can either be earned by you or a host who hosts a book bash under you (in which case you earn a commission on those sales and the host would earn the free book rewards earned from those sales).

↓ How do I earn a free trip?

Every year UBAM offers an incentive trip that every consultant can earn and the destination is always new (UBAM has taken their trip earners to Alaska, Scotland, Punta Cana, Hawaii, Disneyworld ...). The trip earning window is an 8 month time frame. There are a lot of ways to earn trip points but the basics are that 1 point is earned for every 1 dollar sold and the same for recruits who join your team during the trip-earning window. They will also earn trip points so you can both earn together!

↓ How will I be supported?

I will work to support you in whatever way you need. Some folks know exactly what they want from day one. Others (like me!) figure it out as they go. My goal is to support you however you need and we have an amazing network and team to support you as well. You are never in this alone - you'll always have someone to put your head together with and problem solve. You will also have access to all of our team's resources that you can use immediately so you don't need to reinvent the wheel or start from scratch.

↓ What if I don’t have a large social media presence?

Most successful Usborne Books & More consultants don’t have a large social media following. There are many ways to run your business. I use Instagram as one business tool but that is my unique approach and it's not my primary tool.

↓ How do taxes work?

The same way they do in any other place of employment. Usborne Books & More will submit your earnings to the IRS and you will be responsible for filing your taxes (it’s a pretty painless process) at the end of the year.

↓ What if I am not “salesy”?

Great, I’m not either! I simply love these books, love sharing them with others, and have seen firsthand what they have done for my children in terms of developing a love of reading and language skills. Think about the times you've gotten coffee with a friend and are excited to tell them about something you are loving. This is the same way. People want to know what you love, what brings you joy, and what helps your children thrive.

↓ Can I actually earn 6 figures as a consultant?!

Yes you absolutely can and I would love to help you figure it out if that’s your goal!


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