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Thunder is a handsome 4 year old German Shepherd/Malamute/Wolf mix. He can be aloof and standoffish with strangers, but very affection when he warms up, to the point of being a big goofball! Thunder is a quick learner and knows several commands including sit, down, and spin. He is a very high energy dog and would do best with an experienced, confident owner willing to participate in activities like walking, jogging, and hiking.

Thunder can be food aggressive, especially over raw food, but is being professionally trained to correct this. He was not socialized to other dogs until he arrived at our rescue, and we have noticed he is awkward around other dogs and has problems communicating, but has not shown any real aggression. He requires a fenced in outdoor enclosure that is at least six feet in height. He was raised inside, but would not settle down or relax in the house.

Please no small pets such as small dogs or cats. Thunder is part wolf and will only be adopted to areas where wolfdogs are legal to own.

Sours: https://howlingwoods.org/for-adoption/

Full Moon Farm Inc.

Our Mission

Full Moon Farm is an organization dedicated to the well being of the wolfdog (wolf hybrid). Situated on 17 beautiful mountain acres in Black Mountain, NC, we operate as a federally recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization for abused and refused wolfdogs who find themselves in need of love, shelter, and care through no fault of their own.

Full Moon Farm provides a safe haven for animals that cannot be placed into homes for the rest of their lives. Our rescued wolfdogs come from animal control agencies, closed breeding situations and occasionally, an owner in crisis. We evaluate each animal upon intake and work with them at their level of comfort. Some animals are "hands off" and we respect their choice, as well as that of the animals that crave human interaction. Our goal is to enrich the lives of the residents, allowing them to reach their highest potential. Your support by donation or sponsorship makes our task possible.

Though they may be abused or neglected, homeless because of death or divorce, they are all God's Creatures and worthy of a lifetime of respect. We are here to serve them.

Adoption Policy

Adoptions are based on a one on one interview. A fenced in yard is required, and often a 6 foot fence will be required. We are not a fee based rescue organization, but primarily act as a sanctuary.

Sours: https://www.petfinder.com/member/us/nc/black-mountain/full-moon-farm-inc-nc496/
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  Dogs For Adoption 2021

 Some of these rescues are courtesy listings so please read to the end of each Bio to determine who to contact. Many of these dogs have wolf content which will be discussed with Potential Adopters. New postings are not always on first page, so look at all the pages! Adoption Application required, references will be checked, and a Home Visit will be arranged at your convenience. You must be over 30 years of age and/or own your home for permanent adoption, but we do consider those under 30 for temporary fostering If you are interested in adoption, click on this link  WANT TO ADOPT?


👕 Hey! WE HAVE 


We created a couple of new custom designs to help raise much-needed funds. It helps the wolves and wolfdogs currently in our Adoption Program. We have both mens and womens T's,

 racer-back tanks, baseball tees, sweatshirts and hoodies

 - and now masks! Protect yourselfe with a little wolf! 
 Enjoy your summer knowing you have helped save a life ...

OUr latest campaign ends January 14 so Hurry!











Urgent - Auburn, CA- This sweet 2 1/2 y/o male Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Kavikneeds a home. His owner cannot take care of him any more as his life has changed drastically. He is now living in a small townhouse with no yard, and Kavik does not like to be crated - he will chew and hurt his teeth and gums. Kavik will need a wolfdog-experienced owner that has proper containment, 7' fencing, and lots of time to give Kavik some daily exercise and training. Kavik has some Separation Anxiety and does not like to be left home alone.  Kavik weighs about 75-80 lbs, is neutered, and up to date on vaccinations. He was bought from a breeder in Russia. Kavik will be a little dominant initially with other big dogs but is incredibly friendly once he gets to know them. He is curious of small dogs and ok with cats. Kavik walks nicely on leash but will pull if he gets excited or sees another dog. He has good recall if he is alone with you, but if around other dogs he has different priorities. When his owner is home Kavik is well behaved, enjoys sleeping and watching TV but cannot be left alone as he will counter surf and get into things. He knows how to open sliding glass doors, cabinets, refrigerator, oven and most doors with handles. He does jump up on people and is mouthy but not aggressive. He just needs some real training and taught boundaries. Kavik is housetrained, knows basic obedience and can be shy initially. He is in good health but will need some real meat included in his diet with supplements. Kavik is a mushy sweetheart once you have gained his trust and can be quite cuddly and just a couch potato. He does not howl or bark other than when someone comes to the door. He loves belly rubs and just to be with you. If interested in giving this beautiful pup a loving home, please click onour link WANT TO ADOPT?  thencontact Pamela Jo. Time is of the essence!






Very Urgent! South Lake Tahoe, CA - Sharifis a handsome 7-year-old Husky/Malamute mix with beautiful yellow eyes and weighs about 95 lbs. He is neutered and vaccinated. He is good with most other dogs including smaller dogs. He is good with cats. Sharif walks on leash but pulls, has no recall off leash and will bolt. He is very well behaved indoors but will mark when other dogs around. Sharif is also crate trained for short periods of time while you are away. He can be left home with another animals with little separation anxiety. Sharif should have 7' fencing to keep him secure. He has no food aggression unless he has a bone and it's minor. He knows basic commands and is very submissive. He paces in car and gets a bit nervous, so short rides to fun places would be a good start with a new owner. He eats a wonderful diet of meat, veggies, fruits and quality kibble. He is very healthy physically, but being rescued at age one, he is very skittish and feral when you are trying to capture him for a car ride. He likes to stay home and be a homebody, watches TV with the cat and overeat. Sharif's owner loves him dearly but the older dog in the house keeps attacking Sharif and he is getting very anxious. We must find a good wolfdog-experienced home for this beautiful sweet boy ASAP or one of them may wind up severely injured. They are being separated for now but time is of the essence. Please contact Jana at [email protected]





Urgent - Tracy, CA- Meet gorgeous Luna. She is a sweet young female Husky mix that needs a home ASAP. Her owner loves her but her two females are not getting along. We would like to find a home for Luna with a nice friendly male, and someone who works at home or can be around a lot. Luna is OK with other females at the dog park, so visiting female dogs should be fine if introduced properly. Luna weighs about 65 lbs, is spayed and up to date on vaccinations. She is normally good with big dogs but sometimes aloof at dog parks and plays by herself. Dog parks are not the best place for northern breeds anyway as there is too much excitement energy. They do best on nice hikes in the forest or trips to the lake. Luna hasn't been around small dogs except that she lives with a male Chihuahua who she loves, but no guarantee how she would be around other small dogs. She tolerates friends' puppies or small dogs but often will growl at them to warn them out of her space if they are annoying. We do not rehome our rescues with small dogs, cats or children anyway but she would most likely be fine with canine visitors. Luna does have a high prey drive with small wildlife and likes to chase squirrels. Luna walks nicely on leash but does not 


have good recall off leash. She is well behaved indoors but must be watched as she will counter surf or get into unsecured trash. She spent the night at a "new home" but was very upset when dropped off and whined and tried to escape. We recommend doing a few meet-n-greets and sleepovers to help her acclimate to a new home. Having another dog would really help. She has not tried to escape their 6' fence but likes to dig for fun. Luna does not like to be bothered while eating, knows basic commands, and is very healthy. She was spayed in January and is very submissive, rolls onto her back and loves belly rubs once she knows you. She likes to ride in the car but does better when tethered as she has not had much discipline and may want to jump in the front seat with you. Owners need to find a home for Luna ASAP as the girls are fighting, and we don't want her to wind up in the shelter.

If interested in giving this beautiful pup a loving home, please click onthe link WANT TO ADOPT?  then contact Pamela Jo.











Fairbanks, Alaska -Transportation help availble. This is where wolfdogs are illegal, so Kailash needs to be rehomed in a wolfdog-friendly state. Some transportation help is available.

     Kailash is a gorgeous, sweet 1 y/o male, neutered, healthy, up to date on vaccinations. His owner runs a tourism business. He adopted Kailash as a rescue pup before he realized Kailash can be seized by the state, even though he is part Malamute. Kailash is shy when meeting new people and will bark until he gets to know them. Very sweet once he knows you. No signs of aggression, just wariness/a little fear of strangers. Very shy with new animals, does best with female dogs. He currently lives with two male Australian Shepherds and one female Lab mix who he grew up with. Does best with the female and likes to play. Tries to show dominance over male dogs but this has gone down since he's been neutered.   He has been around children but is shy with them as well. We avoid placing rescues into homes with cats, little dogs and children. A calm and disciplined adult home is best for northern breeds. Kailash is leash trained but pulls a lot. He is allowed off leash frequently and responds well to recall when not near streets (he is in a rural area presently). He is good in the car and has not been destructive in the house. Currently no food aggression. He goes in and out of the house or their large open area. The family resides in a wild rural area but if he comes to the states Kailash will need a secure, 7' fenced escape-proof yard and lots of exercise. We would like to place him in a cool, natural environmentas this is what he is used to. He loves the snow and would love the Sierra!

If interested in giving this handsome pup a loving home, please click on

 the link WANT TO ADOPT?  then contact Pamela Jo at [email protected]   for an Adoption Application






















Now with MOONSONG Mal Rescue UTAH - Beautiful sweet 4-year-old Loki was abused constantly as a puppy by an alcoholic and has developed over the years through the lenses of fear and survival. He is extremely fearful of humans and his owners have never given him any attempt of rehabilitation and love. A couple weeks ago they went to the vet and got pills to kill him. They fed him these pills but he did not die but got extremely ill and lethargic for a day or more. 
He is a beautiful quiet dog that we know can trust again with people willing to put in the effort with patience, time and consistency. These owners are a disappointment where they would rather kill this sweet boy than spend time researching to put him in a Rescue center or adopted to someone who would care for him.
Loki has other dogs in the house with him and isn't aggressive towards dogs or humans. His damaged behavior is acted out through being extremely fearful and hiding under or behind furniture, digging or chewing items from anxiety. Please help us help Loki, get him out of his situation and into a loving home. Northern-breed experience helpful, secure yard, no kids, small dogs or cats as we are unaware of how he would be with them.  If interested in giving Loki a foster or permanent home, please contact Moonsong Malamute [email protected]    









Come on folks! She is still waiting for her new home!  Still in Foster!  

 Newcastle, Auburn area, CA - beautiful white Husky/GSD Esgana is waiting for her forever home... hopefully in the cool Sierra where she loves the snow! Esgana was found in August abandoned after having puppies and wearing a very tight collar. It looked like she had cigarette burns on her ears. A kind woman took her in and is fostering Esgana. They live in a rural area and Esgana opened the latch of her gate and started chasing neighbor's sheep, so Esgana has to go soon. Esgana is only a pup - maybe 1-2 years old, spayed. One blue eye, one brown eye and very sweet! She is about 60 lbs and UTD on vaccinations. She is good with other dogs - little and big - and cats too. Esgana is very sweet and cuddly and likes to hang out with you. She is living with a 9 year old cat presently. She walks nicely on leash but does not have good recall off leash. She is very well behaved indoors, is quiet, does not get up on furniture and not destructive at all as long as she gets lots of exercise as she can be high energy, typical Husky.
  If interested in giving this beautiful girl a safe and secure home, please click on the link WANT TO ADOPT?  then contact Pamela Jo at [email protected]  for more information.

 She will come up for a meet-n-greet to Incline Village or Truckee! 







 Reno, NV- currently at WARF Sanctuary- Pandais a 16 months old neutered male Husky/GSD mix. Very social with other dogs, playful and energetic. 

Escape artist, will pull apart chain link and digs ... does not want to be alone. Howls when lonely. This boy was taught no manners, jumps up and mouthy but he is just a pup! He does not like to be grabbed by the collar and will turn and nip. Unknown about behavior with cats, so no small dogs, cats or children please. An active home with another dog would be ideal and with someone who understands northern breeds that can give him some daily exercise and training. he's very smart! He knows the "sit" command already. Eager to please and learn. If interested in giving this beautiful boy a safe and secure home, please click on the link WANT TO ADOPT?  then contact Sam at [email protected]   for more information.  





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Sours: http://www.laketahoewolfrescue.com/Dogs-for-Adoption.html

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