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White Gold Invisible Set Princess Cut Diamond Grillz

Got Grillz? Get your customized one of a kind Invisible Set Princess Cut Diamond Grillz now! Grill is made with 14K Gold with Princess Cut VS Quality Diamonds, Invisible Set in each tooth to give you a super shine. Grillz can be made in many variations for your liking. Look at our other listings for more styles and designs!

Once you place your order we will mail you out a FREE mold kit for you to make your mold and ship it back to us. From there we will take business days to process and hand make your grill and ship it back to you!


If you a looking for a different design or have any questions on custom specifications please contact us or give us a call

Quality Product for a Quality Price

Product Specifications

Metal: 14K Gold
Metal Color: White, Yellow, Rose, or Black
Weight: grams based on tooth size
Size: Custom
Stones: Invisible Set Princess Cut Diamonds, VS quality
If you're looking to upgrade to 18K Gold, or VVS Stones, please contact us!

Here Is how the process works at our shop. 

After your purchase we will first ship you out the mold kit. Once you received the mold kit you will follow the detailed instructions on creating your mold. You will then ship the mold kit back to us at the specified address. You will be responsible for shipping the mold kit back to us.

Once we receive the mold kit we will then inspect your mold and if all is good we will put the mold into production. Production generally takes business days of your grillz during regular times of the year!

Once the item is out of production we will then reship the finished grill back to you. Once you receive it snap it in and start rocking your custom Grillz


Diamond Dust Princess Cut

Custom grillz with Princess cut design ( Available in Silver , 10K &#; 14K Gold )

* % Handmade and % GOLD ( 10K &#; 14K )

Watch this Grillz in action :


*** Sterling silver is most affordable, never rust but requires regular cleaning and polishing to prevent tarnishing.*** 10K gold is the least expensive and strongest against bending but tarnishes easier than other higher karat options.
*** 14K gold is the best value for a consumer on a budget. It has medium hardness, very bright shine and durable.

DISCLAIMER: This removable tooth jewelry is intended for temporary cosmetic use only and should be removed prior to eating, drinking, sleeping ,smoking , or any other activity that may result in the jewelry being dislodged from the tooth and posing a choking hazard. GRILLZSTATION hereby disclaims any and all liability from injuries resulting from the improper use of this product.

All grillz are custom made to order. There are No Refunds. We try our best to make the grillz true to size, so if for any reasons you have issues, please contact us first. Generally if the mold won&#;t work, we will let you know before we get started to reach a solution. We have put together very detailed instructions on making a mold, and ask that you read carefully and are patient when making the mold. If your mold will not work, you are responsible for purchasing another mold kit.

For more info , feel free to contact us or Dm us on Instagram .


Yellow, White, Rose


Silver, 10K GOLD, 14K GOLD, 18K GOLD


4, 6, 8, 10


Bottom, Top, Top and Bottom

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Diamond Dust Grillz and Diamond Cut Grillz

Affordable Style: Diamond Dust and Diamond Cut Grillz

Diamond dust grillz and diamond cut grillz are rising in popularity. The explosive growth in popularity and the affordable pricing of these pieces has made them a popular choice for people looking to add some shine in their mouths. While some people opt for gangsta custom grillz or a full set of gold teeth like the OGs, we see many people going for the diamond dust grillz for the shine and the diamond cut grillz for a unique design that stands out.

What are diamond dust custom grillz?

Diamond dust custom grillz are a new design that has been quickly growing in popularity. It is made by cutting small grooves into the grill for a unique design that shine in the light.

What are diamond cut grillz?

Diamond cut grillz are a style that has been around for a while. They're typically made by adding small diagonal cuts into the piece in a criss crossing pattern to make up the unique diamond cut pattern on these grillz. While most people get gold front teeth to look like the rappers, we prefer getting the more unique Diamond cut and diamond dust grillz to stand out. This combo we dubbed the pineapple cut grillz. It's a unique combination that stands out as much as an iced out piece, but at a fraction of the cost.

Read moreSours:
Grillz Diamond Cut \u0026 Diamond Dust

[CUSTOM-FIT] Solid Sterling Silver Princess Square Diamond Cut with Diamond Dust Grillz

Each princess cut grill set comes with a free mold kit so you can take your mold impressions for that truly comfortable, perfect fit. Once you're done with your impressions, ship them back to us. We'll use your molds to craft the grillz to perfectly fit your teeth.

If you have any missing teeth or have questions or customization requests, contact us directly at [email protected] or send us a message on our Instagram or Facebook page. Due to the customized nature of this product and the uniqueness of every customers' teeth, the final product may vary slightly from the product pictures displayed.

We do 4, 6, 8, or 10 tops or bottoms in our solid Sterling Silver grillz. We pride ourselves in offering customers the look they want while fitting anyone's budget!

Due to popular demand, we're now offering custom princess cut diamond grillz with real 14k gold plating over sterling silver that has that gold look without the heavy price tag of solid gold.

The gold plating on a princess cut grill piece can last up to a few years depending on how often the piece is worn and how it's taken care of. If the piece is fading or becoming dull, we offer replating, polishing, and cleaning services. This is a very affordable option to get a custom gold grill and we're very excited to offer this to our product line!

Questions? Shoot us an email at [email protected]

*PLEASE NOTE: If you are missing any teeth or have any special requests, please contact us directly. We'll work with you to get your grill made!

Custom Gold Grillz is your #1 established jeweler in custom grillz! SOLID STERLING SILVER teeth with SHINE. We got pricing for all budgets, so put your money where your mouth is!


Grillz dust cut princess diamond

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Princess Cut Diamond Dust Grillz By csgrillz

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