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Are link and zelda dating DEFAULT
It all makes sense now. Nintendo has never officially shown Zelda and Link as a couple, just friends. But why? Fans ship them, the story hints at it, but they are never shown romantically together.

Skyward Sword seems to be the only game to hint at romance so strongly, starting off with a "romance trailer" :


Skyward Sword is said to be the first in the timeline. Meaning this is the first Link and Zelda. Its implied that they got romantically involved after the credits roll, had enough children to establish the kingdom of hyrule, built the castle and town on the surface, etc, etc.

If Link and Zelda were married, had a child/children.... Their desendants could be reincarnations of themselves. Skyward Sword heavily implied that each Link is a reincarnation of himself, and each Zelda is a reincarnation of herself. The way the reincarnation supposedly works is through their desendants. Gandondorf in Ocarina even says he will exact his revenge on their desendants (the next Link and Zeldas?). Here is where it gets tricky. Link and Zelda in the other games/stories are the direct descendants of the Link and Zelda from Skyward Sword. Being a desendant means they share the same blood as their ancestor. So both Link and Zelda's blood would be traced back to their great, great, great, great grand parents Skyward Link and Skyward Zelda.

If the Links and Zeldas in the other games got romantically involved, that would mean they would be dating as siblings. They are the desendants of their incarnate origins, this siblings (perhaps distant) but siblings none the less. Incest causes genetic issues, and nature favours against it as it shrinks the gene pool. Socially incest is frowned upon, after the gay marriage debacle in Tomodachi Life, Nintendo certainly doesn't want the press on them like that again! So to play it safe, and avoid incest implications, for these reasons I believe Link and Zelda will never been shown together romantically.

The later on in the timeline(s) the less related their descendants become. In a Link to the Past in particular many fans interpret Uncle's final words "Zelda is your...." "Sister?". It could make sense. If building the timeline of of how genetically different each incarnation of Link and Zelda are, A Link to the Past would be shortly after Skyward Sword (if they are truly direct siblings at that point).

Buuut hey, thats just a theory! A- ...nevermind...

How BOTW 2 Could Benefit From Romance Between Link & Zelda

Breath of the Wild left Link and Zelda's potential relationship open-ended. Clarifying a romance in Breath of the Wild 2 would benefit the game.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an incredible game and often regarded as the one of the best entries in the series. While the praise is undoubtedly well-deserved, there is one element that feels completely overlooked when the end credits start rolling: Link and Zelda's relationship. Left open-ended in BOTW, a romance between the champions of Hyrule could immensely benefit Breath of the Wild 2.

Though it's not a traditional aspect in The Legend of Zelda games, a romance between Link and Zelda is not a new concept. In the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword's sky world, one of the most notable depictions of the pairs' love interest takes place. Because the goddess and hero cycle through reincarnation, fated to meet, a relationship between the two seems inevitable - practically imminent. Despite this, romance rarely is expressed in the series; however, it's highly arguable that Nintendo intended Link and Zelda to be in love in BOTW.

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The memories in BOTW are crucial in deciphering the sentiment between Link and Zelda. When viewed chronologically, the scenes illustrate a growth in the pair as the events of the Calamity transpire. Zelda, doubting her own ability to fulfill her prophecy and release her sealing power, is resentful toward the hero chosen by the sword. After Link saves Zelda from the Yiga Clan, the princess begins to appreciate him. As the Calamity unleashes upon Hyrule, the princess risks her life to save Link, and her powers awaken.

Confirming Link & Zelda's Relationship Could Enhance BOTW 2

When Zelda thinks she has lost the hero, she holds Link in her arms, weeping over him. Link's body is placed in the Shrine of Ressurection, and Zelda returns the Master Sword to the Lost Woods. The princess asks the Great Deku Tree to relay a message to Link. She manages "Tell him I - " before the Great Deku cuts her off, saying the words would sound better coming from her. Many interpret that Zelda wanted to confess her love to Link, but the insinuation is never confirmed at the end of the game, leaving the relationship frustratingly unanswered. This unconfirmed love is BOTW's biggest flaw, and BOTW2 has the potential to explore a full-fledged romance - enriching the game for the better.

Nintendo has a habit of insinuating romance inadvertently, never fully committing to the possibility. Because Nintendo includes detailed growth between Princess Zelda and Link, the silent protagonist in BOTW, it's hard to imagine the relationship has no romantic implication. And, after a solid build-up to a potential romance, the uncertainty of what the relationship means is frustrating. If the intent was not to indicate feelings between the pair, the memories were misleading and confusing. For those invested in what Link and Zelda's relationship meant, the ending was a major disappointment.

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People often want romance in their stories because it enhances the narrative greatly. In Final Fantasy 10, Tidus and Yuna's relationship intensified the tale massively and worked in cohesion with the tone to make it one of the best in gaming history. From The Elder Scrolls to Pioneers of Olive Town, romance is always present. Love is a sensation that humans understand on a deep, intimate level, and it amplifies emotions and reactions. The pinnacle moment where two people admit their feelings for one another is an experience viewers crave to witness. Fans of The Legend of Zelda are waiting to see their favorite duo fall madly in love, taking on Hyrule together because it makes sense. And while BOTW developed a more intricate relationship, it fell flat without addressing it fully.

Nintendo chose to include sentiment between Link and Zelda without any substantial resolutions, leaving questions and disappointment. If Nintendo wanted to imply romance, fans deserve the full impact of an explored love story. Clarifying the Hylians' feelings in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 will add depth and relatability to the characters and enhance the narrative of the story immensely.

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Legend Of Zelda: 25 Crazy Secrets About Link And Zelda’s Relationship

If you asked a random person on the street who their favorite Nintendo couple was, chances are they wouldn’t respond because who does that? If you asked a friend, though, they’d probably say Mario and Princess Peach. If you asked a more savvy friend, they’d definitely say Link and Zelda. Your more cultured friend, however, would be wrong though, because Link and Zelda aren’t a couple. Not always at least. Due to how reincarnation works in The Legend of Zelda, Link and Zelda naturally ends up with quite a few different dynamics, each game-changing up their relationship considerably for the sake of novelty.

With so many games to choose from and decades of storytelling to dig into, it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly defines Link and Zelda’s relationship outside of a broad connection. There are consistencies, however, and even a few key details that try to make sense of their reincarnation cycle. As Zelda is a series designed with an emphasis on gameplay, though, it’s easy to miss these moments in favor of the more apparent narrative occurring in each game. That doesn’t mean those moments aren’t there, though. They may feel like secrets, but they shine a considerable amount of light onto Link and Zelda’s relationship. As they say, it’s a secret to everyone.

25 Link And Zelda Are Always Destined To Meet

Fate is an interesting concept, one that finds itself playing a major role in many fantasy-centric stories. The Legend of Zelda is really no exception with fate playing a role in most of the major titles. Both Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword use the inner workings of destiny as one of their major themes. In a series where fate is so relevant, it’s only natural Link and Zelda always be destined to meet.

Taking into account Demise’s Curse from the end of Skyward Sword and how it supposedly keeps the Triforce bearers together, it’s only natural we assume Link and Zelda are going to meet up when reincarnated in the same cycle. This isn’t to say Link and Zelda always reincarnate together, but we’ll touch upon that later…

24 Link And Zelda Rarely Have Romantic Relationships

One of the biggest misconceptions you can make as a fan is assuming that Link and Zelda are always romantically involved. In actuality, they almost never end up together or strike up a romantic relationship. Most of the time, Link and Zelda maintain a strictly platonic relationship with even a few instances of them simply having a professional one. The few times Link and Zelda actually wind up together are exceptions to the rule. They’re friends first and lovers second.

23 The NES Link Meets Two Different Zeldas

It’s easy to miss considering how old and relatively obscure the first two games are in a modern setting, but the very first Link, the one featured in The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link, ends up interacting with two separate Princesses, both still Zeldas. How does this work? Simple, the second Zelda was actually the first Zelda! Alright, maybe it’s not that simple.

Talk about a ladies man. 

In Zelda II’s backstory, it’s explained that the original Princess Zelda was put to sleep for hundreds of years. The plot of the game involves Link trying to wake up the sleeping Princess while also attempting to prevent Ganon’s revival. In the process of succeeding, Link wakes up the original Zelda meaning she now co-exists with the Zelda Link saved in the first game.

22 The Wind Waker: Link And Tetra Likely Did Not End Up Together

As much as fans want it to be the case, it’s fairly likely that Link and Tetra did not end up together after the events of The Wind Waker. While the game itself actually strongly implies a romantic relationship between the two, it’s Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks that work together to prevent such a pairing from coming to fruition.

In Phantom Hourglass, largely thanks to Tetra’s diminished role and the general lack of expressions from the DS models, there’s really no clear romantic link between Tetra and Link. In Spirit Tracks, it’s clear that Tetra has ancestors within the Royal Family, but nothing implying Link does. Rather, ST Link looks exactly like PH Link. While this is a case of Nintendo using the same model between games, it does seem to point to a scenario where Link and Tetra don’t marry.

21 The Minish Cap: The First Real Romance

Not only does The Minish Cap deserve more praise than it gets, it deserves more acknowledgment. Despite being a rather short game, The Minish Cap is easily one of the more memorable adventures in the Zelda series with some top-notch dungeons, a surprisingly great story, and the first real romantic arc between Link and Zelda.

Forget Skyward Sword, Minish Cap's the game that broke new ground. 

These two are quite clearly in love in The Minish Cap. Honestly, it’s so obvious that it goes from being cringey to downright cute. Zelda clearly has feelings for Link, and their relationship is one rooted deeply in childhood. Forget that The Minish Cap was once the series’ origin point. Its most interesting feature is actually developing a romance between Link and Zelda long before Skyward Sword.

20 Link And Zelda Aren’t Always Friends

Even though Link and Zelda are always destined to meet, they aren’t always destined to get along. While it’s quite rare, there have been two notable instances of Link and Zelda meeting, but failing to become friends. In Twilight Princess, Link and Zelda don’t even know each other until the events of the game and never bother building a substantial relationship. In Breath of the Wild, Zelda outright hates Link for most of the game, only becoming friendly with him shortly before Link falls into his century-long coma. Destiny’s not always the nicest thing.

19 Twilight Princess: A Most Professional Relationship

To expand further on Link’s relationship with Zelda in Twilight Princess, they really do have quite the business based dynamic. The two don’t dislike each other by any means with Zelda even showing Link a bit of friendliness by the end of the game, but they’re very much associates by circumstance.

Cold, aloof, and stoic. Not your father's Princess Zelda. 

Were it not for Midna, Link and Zelda wouldn’t even have a repertoire. Their entire relationship boils down to the two of them working together on Midna’s behalf. Zelda is, at her core, a princess first and it shows. She’s at her most royal here and Link has his own baggage to deal with, mainly stemming from Ilia’s amnesia. There’s just no room for a friendly bond.

18 Breath Of The Wild: The Open Disdain Of Princess Zelda

Although Link and Zelda have a professional relationship in Breath of the Wild, there’s far more vitriol thrown Link’s way than in Twilight Princess. For the majority of the game, Zelda seems to straight up hate and resent Link for his natural abilities. This mostly stems from her own insecurities, notably her inability to awaken her powers as Princess, but it doesn’t stop her from detesting Link for roughly 85% of the whole game. She grows out of it by the end and even comes to appreciate him, but they’re not exactly friendly for a good chunk of the game.

17 Zelda Is Always Taller Than Link

You may not have noticed, but Link is actually a really short guy. Consistently, too. There isn’t a single Link that stands out as particularly tall. For that matter, Link is always depicted shorter than Zelda in each and every incarnation. She’s a few inches taller than him in Ocarina of Time, a little bit taller in The Wind Waker, significantly taller in Twilight Princess, and just barely taller in Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild. This may be because Zelda is actually always older than Link too, but it doesn’t change the fact that Link is on the shorter side of life.

16 Ocarina Of Time: Zelda’s Lingering Feelings

One of Ocarina of Time’s more interesting implications is the notion that Princess Zelda actually has feelings for Link, at least in the future. When they’re kids, there’s very little going on relationship-wise for them, but it’s clear in the future that Zelda sees Link as a larger than life figure, one who can genuinely save Hyrule. When she’s bidding him off at the end of the game, it’s clear she’s sad that he’s leaving.

If you think about it, this makes quite a lot of sense. Princess Zelda’s entire plan relied on Link showing up to save the day. She waited in hiding for seven years specifically on the chance that Link would return. When he does, she watches him over the course of the game as Sheik, witnessing first hand his heroics. You’d probably fall in love too.

15 Spirit Tracks: An Overlooked Romance

One of the most ignored games in the franchise, largy thanks to the relative travesty that is Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks features one of the best depictions of Princess Zelda in the entire franchise. Her character is so good, that it’s not hard to see why Link would fall for someone like her. In fact, like The Minish Cap, it’s implied that they have a strong romantic connection in the game.

Do yourself a favor and play Spirit Tracks. 

The two are completely inseparable thanks to Spirit Tracks making Zelda Link’s main companion for the whole game. The two actually work together and bond with one another consistently. Zelda has a character arc that sees her grow while also growing closer to Link. It’s obscured even further since Skyward Sword was the very next game in the series, but it does a great job at developing a natural romance for Link and Zelda.

14 A Link To The Past’s Link Has Secret Feelings For Zelda

Link and Zelda don’t really have a discernible relationship in A Link to the Past. Link’s uncle implies a connection between the two in the English release of the game, but their dynamic boils down to Link saving her once in the Light World and once again in the Dark World. There’s absolutely nothing going on between the two of them. That is, until you take Link’s Awakening into consideration. Link’s Awakening heavily implies that Link has feelings for Zelda and it’s done all through Marin.

13 Link’s Awakening: Marin As A Manifestation Of Zelda

Since Koholint Island is the combination of Link’s subconscious merging with the Wind Fish’s dream, elements from his past creep up throughout the game. Most notably, the final boss takes on the appearances of enemies from A Link to the Past. Even more telling, however, is Marin. Link clearly likes Marin in Link’s Awakening with the text implying a relationship multiple times. How does this connect to Zelda, though?

When Link first wakes up, he mistakes Marin for Zelda. This one line is enough to imply that Marin and Zelda look eerily similar. Given that the dream is also influenced by Link, we can deduce that Marin is a manifestation of Link’s feelings for Zelda. If there’s romantic tension between the two in Link’s Awakening, that means Link had a crush on Zelda in A Link to the Past.

12 Every Zelda Is Zelda, But Not Every Link Is Link

The way reincarnations works in The Legend of Zelda means that every single Zelda is connected to the first Zelda in Skyward Sword. She embodies the soul of that Zelda, keeping her alive throughout the cycles. On the other hand, the same can’t be said for Link. Rather than his soul reincarnating, only his spirit does. This means that almost every Link is unrelated.

Link's lineage is virtually non-existent. 

There is one outlier, though. It’s heavily implied in Twilight Princess that the Link of that game is related to the Link from Ocarina of Time. In game, it’s strongly suggested that the Hero’s Shade is the Hero of Time, a concept that was later confirmed in Hyrule Historia, and the Hero’s Shade tells Link that they’re related in their final training session. One has to wonder, though. Is TP Link a soul reincarnation or still just a spirit?

11 A Princess And Her Knight

It seems that reincarnation likes to keep things consistent. While Link has had a few different professions from game to game, he’s still a knight more often than not. This likely stems from Link and Zelda’s relationship in Skyward Sword where Link was a literal knight sworn to protect Zelda. Even if Link doesn’t reincarnate into a knight’s family, he still acts a knight as seen in games like Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess where he doesn’t have a profession in the former and is just a farmer in the latter. Even then, Twilight Princess establishes that the former Link would end up becoming a knight anyways.

10 The Adult Timeline Doesn’t Have A Real Link

Taking place in the timeline Link left behind in Ocarina of Time’s ending, the Adult timeline features The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks. What it doesn’t feature, though, is a real Link. In having Link leave at the end of Ocarina of Time, the Hero’s spirit goes with him. That means the reincarnation cycle for Link is cut off entirely in the future.

This is actually a plot point in The Wind Waker where Link has to prove himself the hero to earn the Triforce rather than being given it. This means that Spirit Tracks Link isn’t a true reincarnation, lending more credence to the idea that Tetra and Link don’t end up together. If there’s no Hero’s spirit, how can Link reincarnate into a new Link? Simply put, he can’t.

9 Link And Zelda Mess Everything Up In Ocarina Of Time

For all the good Link and Zelda try to get done in Ocarina of Time, they end up messing things up quite astronomically. In the child portion of the game, Link and Zelda fail to take into account that Link is probably too young to wield the Master Sword along with the fact that they’d be opening the Door of Time and leaving the Sacred Realm vulnerable for Ganondorf to invade it.

Ocarina of Time's ending isn't as fun when you consider The Wind Waker. 

In the adult portion, Zelda sends Link back in time to his original timeline as a kindness to him. While this is meant to be a gift for Link, a way of reclaiming his lost youth, it does mean Zelda ends up cutting off Link’s reincarnation cycle in the future timeline since his soul straight up doesn’t exist there. This leads to the Goddesses flooding Hyrule and the events of The Wind Waker occuring.

8 Link And Zelda Mess Everything Up Further In The Downfall Timeline

If you though that was bad, it gets way worse in the Downfall timeline. In an unseen timeline, Link actually fails to defeat Ganon in their final battle. It’s implied that Ganon actually defeats Link prematurely, forcing the sages to work together to seal him. This small change leads to the Downfall timeline where Hyrule is basically in ruins for the majority of the series. Compared to Ocarina of Time, Hyrule is basically post-apocalyptic at times. Breath of the Wild is also heavily implied to take place in the Downfall timeline, pushing the overall situation from bad to worse.

7 There Are More Zeldas Than There Are Links

Reincarnation in The Legend of Zelda isn’t as simple as it seems. While there’s a Zelda in every generation, the Links only show up when needed as aforementioned. The greater implication here, however, is that there are more Zeldas than there are Links.

It's a woman's world. 

As the Links aren’t related, that means they don’t need to pass on their blood for their to be a new Link like the Zeldas need to. Rather, the spirit of the hero just reincarnates to whoever’s applicable. The end result is that there aren’t enough Links to pair up with the Hyrule’s Zeldas. Need proof? Why didn’t the original Zelda from The Adventure of Link has her own Link?

6 The Skyward Sword Manga’s Answer To Link And Zelda

While 100% non-canon and incompatible with the actual game version of Skyward Sword, the Skyward Sword manga is worth making note of in large part due to how it twists the reincarnation cycle and adds a new spin onto it. Before Skyward Sword Link, there was another Link who served as Hylia’s champion. He ultimately falls in combat trying to stop Demise, failing to stop him.

As he passed on, Hylia vows that she will shed her divinity so she can be reincarnated alongside this proto Link for all eternity. This is meant to be a basis for the relationship between Link and Zelda in the actual Skyward Sword. For obvious reasons, the manga explanation doesn’t really work and contradicts important lore, but it’s a romantic, if a bit dark, take on the reincarnation cycle’s origin.


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When Link and Zelda Are Thirsty for Each Other

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Link And Zelda’s Relationship

The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s premier franchises, and while some fans like to dismiss the timeline, it’s always had an influence on both the franchise and the relationships of the characters within it. Keep in mind that Zelda II was a direct narrative sequel to the original game, with A Link to the Past serving as a prequel to both. Age of Calamity has only complicated matters by creating a timeline branch within Breath of the Wild.

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Naturally, this timeline business also established the idea of multiple Links and Zeldas early on – albeit Zelda II already established the latter by the time A Link to the Past came around. Link and Zelda’s relationship is at the heart of the franchise, changing through every timeline, but Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity might have set a new precedent for their bond.

Updated October 21, 2021 by Tom Bowen: The relationship shared by Link and Zelda has changed a lot over the past three and a half decades, though it still remains a little inconsistent. In certain timelines, for example, it is only the bonds of friendship that tie the pair together. In others, however, there's strong evidence to suggest that they share a romantic relationship instead. Regardless of which is the case, it's clear to see that there are many things that link Zelda to the Hylian hero; the most notable of which is, of course, destiny. Whether this will be further explored next year when Breath of the Wild 2 finally releases remains to be seen, but for now, at least, there are more than enough previous Link and Zelda iterations to analyze.

15 The Legend Of Zelda: Wedding Bell Blues

The original Legend of Zelda doesn’t feature much in the way of story, so it goes without saying that Link and Zelda don’t have much of a connection. This only makes sense considering Link spends the entire game traveling alone while Zelda is simply stuck in Level 9 for the whole journey. All the same, there’s a bit of lore some fans might have missed.

The reward for rescuing Zelda and completing the Triforce? Becoming King of Hyrule and marrying Princess Zelda herself. Despite the fact the two have no connection, this Link ends up becoming King of Hyrule after saving Zelda, marrying her in the process.

14 Zelda II: The Loves Of Link’s Life

Which makes Link and Zelda’s relationship at the end of Zelda II a bit questionable to say the least. Canonically, Link should be King of Hyrule by this point while also married to Princess Zelda. Granted, he’s only around 16 at this point, but lore is lore. This of course creates a problem when the other Zelda wakes up at the end of the game and kisses Link.

Keep in mind that the Zelda Link is trying to wake up in Zelda II is not the Zelda he rescued in the original Legend of Zelda, but the “original" Zelda (at the time) from the series’ backstory. Despite being married, Link accepts his kiss with pride. Who’s to say he didn’t accept a new bride, as well?

13 A Link To The Past: The Unsolved Mystery

A Link to the Past was the game that ultimately set the foundation for the rest of the Zelda franchise, notably opening with Princess Zelda telepathically communicating with Link. From there, the two work together to stop Agahnim before Zelda gets kidnapped come the halfway point.

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Interestingly, one of the game's biggest mysteries pertains to their relationship and is never solved. As he lays dying, Link's Uncle starts saying, "Zelda is your..." but never actually finishes the sentence. Worth noting, Link's Uncle says, "You are the Princess'..." before dying in the Japanese release – so the mystery is in parts intentional.

12 Link’s Awakening: Marin Is A Subconscious Representation Of Zelda

Something worth pointing out about Link’s Awakening is that Link and the Wind Fish are actually sharing a dream, it isn’t just the Wind Fish’s. While the latter’s dream serves as the main base for Koholint and its history, it’s strongly implied that the island’s residents are manifestations of Link’s subconscious.

Marin is the clearest example of this, with Link outright mistaking her for Zelda at the beginning of the game. This is the only direct mention of Princess Zelda in Link’s Awakening, but the Oracle games later reuse Marin’s sprite for Zelda’s, further lending credence to the Zelda/Marin connection.

11 Ocarina Of Time: Zelda’s Romantic Feelings For Link

Ocarina of Time may not place the focus on its story, but that doesn’t mean it has a poorly or simply told story either. This is a script filled with a considerable amount of subtlety and nuance, with the character writing revealing more about the inhabitants of Hyrule than one might immediately assume.

Come the end of the game, it’s clear that Zelda has developed some romantic attachment to Link while waiting for him over the course of seven years. It makes sense as Link was quite literally her only hope at returning to normalcy, but these feelings ultimately aren’t returned, with the Hero of Time implied to have married Malon some time after OoT & Majora’s Mask.

10 Oracle Of Ages & Seasons: A Friendship Forgotten

The Oracle games are currently positioned in a curious spot as far as the Hyrule Encyclopedia's timeline is concerned, but the duology was clearly intended as an interquel to Link's Awakening set after the events of A Link to the Past. Princess Zelda reuses Marin's sprite, the manuals indicate that Link is leaving Hyrule for training, the Linked Ending ends with Link setting sail on his ship seen at the start of Link's Awakening.

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All the same, there's a massive continuity error during a Linked playthrough. Despite Link and Zelda having met during A Link to the Past, she reintroduces herself when they meet during the Oracle duology. The only way to potentially explain this is that Link's wish on the Triforce at the end of ALttP reset everything.

9 The Wind Waker: Partners, Not Lovers

Given how often The Wind Waker pairs Link and Tetra together, it’s perhaps safe to assume they’re meant to have some kind of romantic connection, but there’s really nothing in the game that suggests either character has feelings for each other. If anything, Link had more overt romantic chemistry with Medli.

Link and Tetra are clearly friendly with one another come the end of the game & care about each other, but their dynamic plays out more like a platonic partnership than a romantic one. When taking into account the personality discrepancies present between Tetra & Zelda, it’s perhaps for the best there aren’t any romantic undertones.

8 Four Swords: A Love Pentagon

The idea of a love triangle is fairly common and one that has been explored several times in the Zelda series. The love pentagon found in Four Swords, however, is entirely unique; more so because four of the five participants are actually different versions of the same person: Link.

Granted, the decision to split the game's Link into four different versions of himself was more down to the developers' desire to create a multiplayer co-op Zelda game than some creative narrative thread. It ultimately works well though, with Zelda being the one who helps the multiple versions of Link get back together after they rescue her from Vaati at the end of the game.

7 The Minish Cap: Childhood Best Friends

Releasing relatively late into the GBA’s life cycle while in close proximity to Twilight Princess, The Minish Cap doesn’t get much discourse these days, which is a shame considering it remains the most fleshed-out interpretation of A Link to the Past’s foundation. It also features a fairly well-told story where Link and Zelda are childhood friends.

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Granted, that’s set dressing more than anything else, but the tutorial actually plays up Link’s bond with Zelda. It’s to the point where audiences might actually care when Vaati ultimately turns her to stone. As far as motivations go, TMC’s Link has a solid reason to confront Vaati.

6 Twilight Princess: Strictly Professional Business Colleagues

As far as Twilight Princess is concerned, Midna fills the “Princess Zelda” role while Ilia fills the role of Link’s love interest. As a result, the actual titular Zelda is left with little to do. This isn’t to say that she’s unimportant – her sacrifice and what she thematically represents are both incredibly important to Midna’s arc – but this is not a Zelda-heavy game.

Her relationship with Link echoes this blatantly. Despite the fact that the two work together to defeat Ganondorf when all is said and done, their relationship is strictly professional. After all, the two barely know each other. They share a genuine sense of camaraderie, but their connection is mainly through Midna and Midna alone.

5 Spirit Tracks: Equals Through It All

Spirit Tracks gets a bad reputation for being a direct sequel to what is arguably the worst 2D Zelda game, but it is a massive improvement over Phantom Hourglass. The jump in quality from PH to ST is so high that the latter more or less invalidates the former on a gameplay level.

What really makes Spirit Tracks a strong Zelda game unlike its predecessor, however, is the story. This is the first time where Link and Zelda are genuine equals. Not only does Zelda play a very active role in the plot (literally never leaving Link’s side,) she’s actually playable. The two have a cute relationship that only develops more over the course of the game – Link and Zelda reaching the credits as legitimate equals.

4 Skyward Sword: A Fully Fledged Love Story

Although romance isn’t new for Link and Zelda, it wasn’t until Skyward Sword when the franchise would finally decide to give the two a genuine, undeniable love story. The thing with Ocarina of Time is that while the romance can be read as there, it isn’t a driving force of the plot – same for Spirit Tracks despite them having a more overtly “cute” relationship.

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With Skyward Sword, the entire story is driven by their connection and Link’s desire to be with Zelda. More than saving the princess, Link is saving a friend, a companion, & a partner – to say nothing of Zelda’s own agency through it all. Both Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity's interpretations of the characters are rooted in Skyward Sword's dynamic.

3 A Link Between Worlds: A New Princess

With the introduction of a brand new world that's ruled over by a brand new princess, A Link Between Worlds provides a lot of extra insight into the Link/Zelda relationship. Interestingly, it does so not through the interactions between the pair, but instead through the scenes involving Link and Zelda's Lorule counterpart, Hilda.

Having grown up in and subsequently reigned over a ruined land, Hilda possesses many qualities that Zelda doesn't while also lacking the gravitas and high status. This in turn alters the way that Link behaves around her, highlighting just how much the gap in status can at times impact the bond between Link and Zelda.

2 Breath Of The Wild: Their Most Complex Relationship Yet

Link and Zelda’s relationship in Breath of the Wild is by far the most dynamic relationship they’ve had yet, even including Age of Calamity. While the idea of an evolving relationship between Link & Zelda isn’t novel (elements of this can be seen in Ocarina of Time, and The Wind Waker & Spirit Tracks embody this outright,) Breath of the Wild actually gives their relationship an arc.

They begin at odds with one another before developing a genuine bond that seems to be leaning towards the romantic. Despite how much resentment Zelda feels towards Link, and Link’s own insecurities documented in the original Japanese text, these two come to care for one another deeply, each willing to give their lives for the other.

1 Age Of Calamity: Two Halves Of The Same Heart Container

Since Age of Calamity is set in a timeline where the Calamity didn't happen as it did in Breath of the Wild, Link and Zelda's relationship can grow in a way where they aren't rooted in animosity for each other. Not only are Link and Zelda far more openly caring about one another in Age of Calamity, but their two biggest moments are also for the other character.

Due to Terrako's time-traveling, Breath of the Wild's backstory gets slightly rewritten and Link never pulls the Master Sword as a child. Instead, the Master Sword calls to him when he's trying to protect Princess Zelda from Astor. Similarly, Zelda's powers fully manifest when she's trying to protect Link from the Blights. Along with that, Age of Calamity makes it a point to show the lengths Link and Zelda go for each other, setting the stage for a more romantic relationship in Breath of the Wild 2.

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Zelda dating are link and

Is Link and Zelda dating?

Is Link and Zelda dating?

The original Legend of Zelda doesn’t feature much in the way of story, so it goes without saying that Link and Zelda don’t have much of a connection. Despite the fact the two have no connection, this Link ends up becoming King of Hyrule after saving Zelda, marrying her in the process.

Is Link stronger than Zelda?

Basically Zelda is more powerful and Link would win in a fight (except for Breath of The Wild Zelda.

Is Link from Zelda mute?

Interestingly, The Legend of Zelda series was one of the precursors of using movie-like narrative devices in video games (mostly with Ocarina of Time), but Link was and will remain for now a mute character, even if he’s been surrounded by more and more talkative characters in his latest adventures.

What can you do with a like like in Zelda?

Like Likes are often harmless and will not hurt Link, while in other games they will inflict minimal damage as they spit him out. Link can fight Like Likes with his Sword, Bow, Boomerang and most other items. In later games, a Bomb can be tossed into the Like Like ‘s mouth as it tries to suck Link in.

Can you dress up as link from The Legend of Zelda?

Dressing up as Link from The Legend of Zelda is a fun endeavor, whether it’s for Halloween or cosplay. You can easily create Link’s outfit, weapons, and accessories so that your costume is recognizable among fans. The more detail you put into it, the better your costume will be.

Is there any connection between Zelda and link?

The original Legend of Zelda doesn’t feature much in the way of story, so it goes without saying that Link and Zelda don’t have much of a connection. This only makes sense considering Link spends the entire game traveling alone while Zelda is simply stuck in Level 9 for the whole journey.

Where do you find like likes in link’s Awakening?

Like Likes in Link’s Awakening appear similarly to those from The Legend of Zelda. They appear in groups in the prairies near Goponga Swamp. Like Likes are able to steal Link ‘s basic Shield, but only if the Shield is equipped.

Who is link in The Legend of Zelda?

The Legend of Zelda series has produced some of the best video games of all time. The face of this series is Link, who is a teenager that tends to start out from humble beginnings, before being sent on a journey to try and rescue Princess Zelda from whoever has captured her this week.

Like Likes are often harmless and will not hurt Link, while in other games they will inflict minimal damage as they spit him out. Link can fight Like Likes with his Sword, Bow, Boomerang and most other items. In later games, a Bomb can be tossed into the Like Like ‘s mouth as it tries to suck Link in.

What are the settings in The Legend of Zelda?

A lot of The Legend of Zelda games involve switching between different settings, like the Light World/Dark World of A Link to the Past and the past & present of Ocarina of Time. The first game in The Legend of Zelda series was originally intended to have two settings that Link would have to travel between.

What do Princess Zelda and link have in common?

Link is the bearer of the Triforce of Courage, while Princess Zelda holds the Triforce of Wisdom, meaning that all three characters are destined to meet and unite the Triforce. Link once gained possession of the Triforce of Power in The Legend of Zelda series that was released by Valiant Comics.

Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - E3 2021 Teaser - Nintendo Direct

Breath of the Wild left me with a lot of questions regarding Link and Zelda’s relationship. They’re certainly friends, but I wonder if they will ever be together as a couple.  This is something that Nintendo tend to leave to the player’s own imagination and is often a topic of debate among the fan-base, but there is arguably sufficient story-line available to lead up to a romance between the pair in the next Zelda installment.

As Link reclaims his memories in Breath of the Wild, it seems his bond with the princess grows. And Zelda even asks, “Do you really remember me?” at the end of the fight with Calamity Ganon. Then at the true ending of the game, we see Link and Zelda ready to set out and explore Hyrule again. A friendship has definitely formed; certainly something more than the relationship between the protective knight and his princess as seen in Link’s earlier memories. There is clearly something between the two of them; but what is it, really?

I know many Zelda fans, including myself, ship Link and Zelda. It’s a pretty obvious pairing, much like Link and Mipha, or Link and Ilia in Twilight Princess. I feel like throughout Link’s memories in Breath of the Wild we see Zelda fall for the hero of Hyrule. I would really love for this relationship to be explored more in Breath of the Wild 2. It could lead to a different story element for a Zelda game that we haven’t seen in awhile. A romance would definitely create a unique dynamic or conflict if Ganon rises again, becoming the primary drive for Link in his next adventure. Breath of the Wild 2 is still far off on the horizon, but I would love to see Link and Zelda’s relationship bud into something more than friendship.

What do you think? Should Link and Zelda be together in Breath of the Wild 2? Sound off in the comments below!

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So why did Nintendo decide to finally show Link and Zelda in an obviously romantic relationship in Skyward Sword after dodging the matter for so long? Interestingly enough, Skyward Sword producer Eiji Aonuma thought about cutting the romance angles when the game’s development team (which, it must be said, consisted of quite a few Spirit Tracks developers) initially suggested them. While Skyward Sword‘s developers had to make some cuts to justify including the romance subplot, Aonuma’s decision to leave it in ultimately came down to his simple belief that it was an effective way to get players to care about rescuing Zelda.

“As far as the love story goes, it wasn’t that we wanted to create a romance between Link and Zelda as much as we wanted the player to feel like this is a person who’s very important to me, who I need to find,” Aonuma said in an interview with Game Informer. “We used that hint of a romance between the two to tug at the heartstrings.”

From a meta standpoint, the idea that Nintendo is aware that even hinting at the possibility of a Link and Zelda romance is a pretty easy way to engage people certainly makes a lot of sense. While Aonuma stops short of saying that was somehow their idea this entire time, you could argue that it’s more valuable for Nintendo to simply leave room open for that possibility rather than outright establish a romantic relationship more often.

Skyward Sword Link and Zelda romance

Of course, that makes it all the more interesting that the one Zelda game that features such a blatant romance story is also the first game in the Zelda timeline. While the versions of Link and Zelda featured in that game are not the same characters we see in subsequent games, Nintendo did clearly establish that the foundation of their relationship (and this franchise) is partially based on their love for each other. Circumstances may have prevented them from leading the life together they hoped to have (at least based on our hopes for how two young people in love might end up), but who is to say that one of Zelda‘s descendants or one of Link’s reincarnations won’t be able to break the curse and live the life that these two were possibly denied so many years ago?

Actually, that’s what makes Breath of the Wild such a fascinating piece of this puzzle. While serious questions remain regarding how Breath of the Wild fits into Zelda‘s chronology, it almost certainly seems to take place at what we could see as “the end” of the current Zelda timeline (or timelines). It’s perhaps no coincidence, then, that it’s the game that not only openly acknowledges the complicated relationship between the various Links and Zeldas over the years but is also the game that shows Link and Zelda clearly growing closer to each other over the course of the adventure. By the end of the game, you could very easily view their relationship as “romantic” or, at the very least, heading in that direction.

While we’ll have to see whether or not Breath of the Wild 2 does anything with that implication, we’re left with the simple conclusion that Skyward Sword may be the only “overt” Link and Zelda romance story so far, but elements of that romance can be found in Spirit Tracks, Breath of the Wild, and, depending on your interpretation of the timeline, nearly every other Legend of Zelda game in some form or fashion.


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