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[Top 10] Fallout New Vegas Best Builds

[Top 10] Fallout New Vegas Best Builds

(Ranger vs Securitron)

Was up, fellow Fallout fans!! It’s your friendly neighborhood Shounen man here with another list about my favorite post-apocalyptic RPG. Fallout New Vegas is awesome for many reasons. It has a crazy storyline fueled by revenge and filled with hilarity. The game has all kinds of quests to keep you entertained for hours and on top of all that its replayability is off the charts. You can play New Vegas in so many different ways due to the many different builds you can experience the game with. Here are the top ten builds in this humble shounen man’s opinion.

The Trader

(This guy smells like a zombie)

Coming in at number 10 we have the Trader! The Trader is a very interesting start to our list. Have you ever wanted a break from the normal run n’ gun lifestyle of the Mojave? Did you ever want to just settle down and enjoy living a life with your character? Well, this build is for you. The Trader focuses on speech and bartering favoring social skills over combat. The Trader’s main focus is to leave the lure of battle behind and begin supplying the Mojave with anything it can find. Using this class you will be focusing on moving from city to city trying to make the most money on your trade route and finding unique items to sell.

Why The Trader is great:

It makes a great change of pace from the normal fighting most builds have you do. It’s fun finding a whole new way to play the game focusing on the actual economy of the game.

Building up your money is the main goal of this build and you will be doing lots of exploring to achieve this end.

It is actually an amazing class for a survival playthrough, which is really why it made the list. A survival playthrough in this class makes the game feel more like a survival thriller game.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Attributes:

Strength 7, Perception 2, Endurance 6, Charisma, 10, Intelligence 5, Agility 5, Luck 5

Traits: Skilled, Good Natured

Major Skills: Speech, Barter, Repair

Minor Skills: Guns, Melee Weapons

Essential Perks: Ferocious Loyalty, Pack Rat, Strong Back, Heavy Weight, Jury Rigging, Long Haul, Super Slam, Burden to bear

9. The Hunter

(The Kraven of the wasteland)

Coming in at number 9 we have The Hunter! This is another build that focuses on living an immersive life in the Mojave. The Hunter is all about hunting exotic animals all throughout Fallout New Vegas and then selling their parts for a profit. The Hunter will be exploring every corner of the wasteland trying to find all the most unique creatures to make a trophy out of. You’ll be using your stealth to sneak up on creatures and take them out before they even know you’re there.

Why The Hunter is great:

The Hunter is personally a very interesting class that I give a run through in every RPG that I can. Sneaking around in animal infested areas and taking them out one by one is thrilling.

A big part of playing the Hunter is heading to check out every rumored dangerous creature you can find. Whether extra powerful deathclaws or the unique golden geckos you will hunt them all.

The Hunter is a really fun class to play due to the immersive quality it has. There is something to be said for just exploring the wastelands without care and looking for your next big catch.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Attributes:

Strength: 6       Perception 8     Endurance 5    Charisma 3   Intelligence 4   Agility 6   Luck 8

Traits: Skilled, Built to Destroy

Major Skills: Guns, Sneak, Survival

Minor Skills: Repair, Medicine

Essential Perks: Hunter, And Stay Back, Shotgun Surgeon, Walker Instinct, Entomologist, Finesse, Better Criticals.

8. The Gunslinger

(Shes dangerous and mysterious)

Coming in at number 9 we have The Gunslinger! This is a really fun build to play and the first on our list to be based on combat. The Gunslinger specializes in small arms fire like handguns as well as old-style rifles. The weaponry that this build focuses on is all the ones affected by the cowboy perk. With this playthrough, you will be mostly focusing on battling the many enemies of the people of the Mojave. Using explosives and a bowie knife to cover the unique situations that your revolver might not solve this build is a force to be reckoned with.

Why The Gunslinger is great:

First and foremost this build really fits the theme of the game well. Roaming through the wastes as a lone cowboy makes you feel like you’re in an old western movie.

Using revolvers and dynamite to blow up your enemies is really satisfying. The equipment you use with this build keeps the challenges at a good level. You won’t ever be too weak but you also will never be too strong in the firepower department.

With all the focus on agility and action points using this build turns you into a vats machine and gives you very cinematic battles to enjoy.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Attributes:

Strength: 6, Perception: 5,  Endurance: 5, Charisma: 5 , Intelligence: 5,  Agility: 8,  Luck: 6

Traits: Skilled,  Built to Destroy

Major Skills: Guns, Melee Weapons, Explosives

Minor Skills: Barter, Repair

Essential Perks: Cowboy, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Lady Killer, Mysterious Stranger, 

Intense Training (2)

7.  The Scientist

(Working hard on that ghoul cure)

Coming in at number 7 we have The Scientist! Here we have another of my favorite builds in all of New Vegas. If you want a character that flaunts there impressive intelligence then this is it. This build focuses on intelligence above all else. The scientist is an energy weapon master as well as being a dabbler in explosives. This build is actually quite good at combat but also fairs well in any situation where intelligence comes into play.

Why The Scientist is great:

This build has a lot of really good options for play available to it. You can fight your way through most situations with your energy weapons.

Can’t get into a locked area? Need a computer hacked? Then this build will give you just what you need.

By endgame, you’re going to be able to deal massive chained damage with explosive energy due to the meltdown perk.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Attributes:

Strength: 3, Perception: 8, Endurance: 4, Charisma: 5,  Intelligence: 10, Agility: 5,

Traits: Skilled, Good Natured

Major Skills: Science, Medicine, Energy Weapons

Minor Skills: Speech, Repair, Explosives

Essential Perks: Educated, Confirmed Bachelor, Vigilant Recycler, Laser Commander, Meltdown, Jury Rigging

6.  The GoofBall

(Burn it with fire)

Coming in at number 6 we have The GoofBall! This build is a lot different from any of the others on this list. The GoofBall build is a melee-focused build that is all about the goofier side of Fallout New Vegas. I don’t know about the rest of you but the silly side of Fallout New Vegas was done really well and The GoofBall lets you fully enjoy this part of the game.

Why The GoofBall is great:

This build is all about the hilarious part of this game. Your character will have the lowest intelligence score possible which will actually unlock some pretty funny dialogue options.

The GoofBall has maxed out strength as well as endurance making it one the most effective melee builds out there.

With perks like a wild wasteland and bloody mess on top of your unique attributes, you will be in for one of the craziest playthroughs you’ve ever done.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Attributes:

Strength: 10, Perception: 1, Endurance: 10, Charisma: 4, Intelligence: 1, Agility: 4, Luck: 10

Traits: Hoarder, Wild Wasteland

Major Skills: Unarmed, Melee Weapons, Barter

Minor Skills: Survival, Repair

Essential Perks: Piercing Strike, Super Slam, Bloody Mess, Heavyweight, Strong Back, Burden to Bear

5. The Sniper

(The Sniper and his Ratslayer.)

Coming in at number 5 we have The Sniper! This is a class that belongs on any list that is talking about Fallout builds. One of the more popular builds in the series, The Sniper focuses on stealth and long-range combat. Most of your character’s enemies will be dead before they ever know you’re there. The Sniper is a really fun build that lets you dominate on the battlefield.

Why The Sniper is great:

First and foremost, raining death down on your opponents while you perch somewhere high and far away makes you feel unbeatable.

While The Sniper class isn’t built for conversation or anything based on charisma his maxed-out luck will open you up to some unique dialogue.

This is a bit of an overpowered build. You will blow through most of your enemies with The Sniper without too much trouble.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Attributes:

Strength: 6, Perception: 7, Endurance: 4, Charisma: 1, Intelligence: 5, Agility: 7, Luck: 10

Traits: Fast Shot, Built to Destroy

Major Skills: Guns, Sneak, Repair

Minor Skills: Survival, Medicine

Essential Perks: Better Criticals, Finesse, Light Step, Walker Instinct, Sniper

4. The Ninja

(Deadly blades)

Coming in at number 4 we have the ninja! The ninja is one of the more popular builds in all of the fallout series. It’s a stealth-based build that focuses on melee combat. The ninja wanders the wasteland hunting down their targets. Whether blocked by enemies, locked doors, or computers there isn’t a place around that the Ninja can’t get into. No one is safe when this build comes a knockin.

Why The Ninja is great:

This build, like most stealth-based builds, is one of the most powerful in the series. There are not too many situations where The Ninja can’t dominate.

The Ninja can get into anywhere. With a big focus on lockpicking and hacking, they can get into locked areas.

This is a very powerful build that actually makes use of most of the skills instead of specializing in one area.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Attributes:

Strength: 8, Perception: 5, Endurance: 4, Charisma: 1, Intelligence: 6, Agility: 8, Luck: 8

Traits: Skilled, Built to Destroy

Major Skills: Sneak, Melee Weapons, Lockpick

Minor Skills: Unarmed, Science, Survival

Essential Perks: Ninja, Piercing Strike, Tunnel Runner, Travel Light, Silent Running, Light Touch, Slayer

3. The Explosives Expert

(Nuclear winter is coming)

Coming in at number 3 we have The Explosives Expert! This build is one of the most fun and exciting to play as. The pure chaos you can rain down as The Explosives Experts is insane. Using weapons like the Fat Man, Grenades, as well as Euclid's C-Finder to blow up everything in their path this build is almost unstoppable. With a focus on carnage, this build will leave you excited to find the next big thing that you can explode.

Why The Explosives Expert is great:

This build is all about having fun. You will be a walking talking explosion that all of your enemies will have no idea how to deal with.

This build also makes very effective use of flaming weapons like the flamethrower as well as incendiary grenades.

There’s not a lot of story skills for this build as the whole thing is focused on the massive amount of chaos you can cause. So go through the wastes blowing everyone away and enjoy the fiery lights your character creates.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Attributes:

Strength: 8, Perception: 10, Endurance: 8, Charisma: 1, Intelligence: 1, Agility: 6, Luck: 6

Traits: Skilled, Built to Destroy

Major Skills: Energy Weapons, Explosives, Repair 

Minor Skills: Melee Weapons

Essential Perks: Heave Ho!, Demolitions Expert (3), Pyromaniac, Splash Damage, Hit the Deck, Solar Powered

2. The Cannibal

(Want to stay for dinner?)

Coming in at number 2 we have The Cannibal! Now this build is fairly different from any of the others on the list due to its focus on the cannibal perk which kind of pushes you into a dark playthrough. That being said it is one of the most interesting ways to do a dark playthrough. The cannibal perk itself will unlock some very hilarious and messed up dialogue choices that you can’t get in any other way.

Why The Cannibal is great:

The dark things that you can get up to with the cannibal tend to be portrayed in a hilarious light. You’ll end up with this almost horror/comedy feel to your playthrough.

There are many quest paths as well as dialogue options hidden behind perks and skill requirements. The cannibal will open you up to some things you can’t experience if you don’t have it.

This build while not the most powerful is certainly a force to be reckoned with and the cannibal perk itself can keep you healed up out in the field to allow you to keep coming at your enemies.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Attributes:

Strength: 9, Perception: 5, Endurance: 10, Charisma: 1, Intelligence: 9, Agility: 1, Luck: 5

Traits: Heavy Handed, Wild Wasteland

Major Skills: Unarmed, Melee Weapons, Medicine

Minor Skills: Survival, Repair

Essential Perks: Cannibal, Piercing Strike, Chem Resistant, Chemist, Bloody Mess

1. The Sweet Talker

(Talking your way out and into problems)

Coming in at number 1 we have The Sweet Talker! Now I’m a little biassed on this entry. The Sweet Talker is number one because it’s my number one. There is no build better than this in my opinion. From getting into all kinds of unique situations with your amazing persuasion abilities to winning battles with nothing more than a few words. The Sweet Talker in my opinion is the most powerful build in the series.

Why The Sweet Talker is great:

Nothing makes you feel more powerful than using your words to manipulate every situation into going your way. Your skills will allow you versatility in most situations

This builds unique abilities can get you into a lot of areas and quests that you might get locked out of due to lack of skills. It will also gain you allies that you never would have got otherwise.

This builds high luck also allows you to stay rolling in the caps whether it's from your gambling skills or your persuasion abilities.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Attributes:

Strength: 4, Perception: 4, Endurance: 4, Charisma: 10, Intelligence: 4, Agility: 5, Luck: 9

Traits: Skilled, Good Natured

Major Skills: Barter, Speech, Guns

Minor Skills: Sneak, Lockpick, Repair

Essential Perks: Intense training (4), Sneering Imperialist, Terrifying Presence, Mysterious Stranger

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Ultimate gun build WITH sneak crits.

traits -
Small frame
built to destroy

1. Intense training - +1 strength ( required for snipers//big guns )
2. Rapid reload
3. Educated
4. The professional
5. bloody mess ( optional, can be replaced with Living Anatomy which shows health+DT of enemies, ( however doesn't add 5% to overall animal dmg and non-feral ghouls, only humanoids )
6. hand loader
7. shotgun surgeon
8. cowboy
9. quick draw
adamantium skeleton
jury rigging
better criticals
weapon handling
Silent running

traits -
Small frame
built to destroy

str 4 / +1 implant , +1 intense training = 6 (required with weapon training for snipers/big guns) You will start with carry weight, and eventually get with 6 strength.
perc 5 / +1 implant = 6 = 6
Endurance 5 = 5
charisma 1 = 1
intel 10 = 10
agil 8 / +1 implant, +1 small frame = 10
luck 7 / +1 implant = 8

Armor increase implant = 5 implants with 5 endurance.Regeneration implant isn't needed as it heals so slow its practically useless.

Statistics - Bases + booklets + actual stat allocation (this build requires you to hunt down all skill booklets).

Repair 41 + 12 = 53 + 47 =
Guns 39 + 12 - 51 + 49 =
Science 26 + 15 = 41 + 49 = 90 (can be enhanced to with gear) (note: there are 5 books for science, only 4 for the rest)
Sneak 24 + 12 = 36 + 64 =
Speech 8 + 12 = 20 + 70 = 90 (can be enhanced to with gear)
Lockpick 16 + 12 = 28 + 77 = 95 (can be enhanced to with gear)
Medicine 41 + 12 = 53 + 37 = 90 (can be enhanced to with gear)
melee weapons 14 + 12 = 26 + 19 = 45 (required for cowboy)

that is points out of a total of , which means you have 75 left over after this.

I would recommend dumping it all into barter for easy and faster cash, as this build doesn't allow you to carry a lot of weight ( pounds max) for vendor trash early on or later on. This would put you at 83 barter. Plus mercs come in handy for vendor trash carrying anyway. There are also a few barter quests as well in the game.

This build is best played with companions:

Lily Bowen: melee and tank. Her companion perk: This perk increases the stealth boy's duration by % while also granting sneak attack criticals an extra 10% damage. She has rage fits so I'm not sure what that's all about as I haven't used her yet. So if it is a problem some alternatives could be

Boone, considering he has a high sneak skill or Raul, with Raul as a companion all weapons and armor decay 25% less. Combine that with a repair skill and it should be nuts if it stacks and would negate the "built to destroy" trait however he doesn't have any sneak abilities.

ED-E: Ranged attacker. Will play loud music the moment anything engages you in combat so you will know if your mercs are engaged. Will not run away from you as it is ranged unlike rex. With its perk you can detect enemies at a very far range which is too good to pass up with this sneak build, and enemies that are cloaked can also be targeted in V.A.T.S.

what do you guys think for this as a guns build? Any tweaks to make it better?

Between Cowboy and Shotgun Surgeon it seems like you're going for the Lever Action Shotgun, but the Professional doesn't apply to that. Is this more a generic "whatever gun you find" build?
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Fallout: New Vegas character build guide

Since you’re almost always going to be burdened down with lots of weapons and equipment, this guy is going to need to be tough but still able to use his guns. He’ll require a good deal of strength, endurance and perception to be able to function properly. First and foremost you’re going to need to aim for the best weapons and armor that you can possibly get your hands on.

When creating the character decide what sort of guns you’re going to use. If you want to use mini-guns and machine guns take Guns, but if you want to use flamers and gatling lasers take Energy Weapon. Your ultimate goal is to get your hands on some Brotherhood Power Armor and the biggest, loudest weapon you can get your hands on.

Strength: 7
Perception: 7
Endurance: 6
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 4
Luck: 5

Tagged Skills

Guns or Energy Weapons


Fast Shot (if planning on using mini-guns)


Rapid Reload
Hand Loader / Vigilant Recycler
Demolition Expert (up to three times)
Rad Resistance
Strong Back
Hit the Deck (if using explosives regularly)
Pyromaniac (if you’re planning on using fire weapons)
Splash Damage (if using explosives regularly)
Jury Rigging
Tag! Science (if using energy weapons)
Meltdown (if using energy weapons)
Solar Powered
Laser Commander (if using energy weapons)
Spray and Pray
Rad Absorption

Your perk progression here is heavily dependant upon how you’re going to play the game. If you are planning on using lasers then you’ll find Vigilant Recycler, Tag! Science, Meltdown and Laser Commander to be the most helpful. If you’re going to put a lot of effort into using Explosives, then take Hit the Deck and Splash Damage to tear through enemy offensives. But you’ll have to be careful because you will be prone to running out of ammo if you aren’t making good use of multiple skills. For example you can use Guns and Explosives (Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers) or abuse the crap out of a variety of Energy Weapons (even Flamers).

Even if you’re not planning on using too many explosives you’ll still want to put a good bit into the Explosives skill. Dealing with melee enemies will be made much easier indoors by using frag mines to line a path. This will prevent enemies from rushing you or in the least leave them entirely crippled by the time they reach you. Sneaking around with a Stealth Boy and laying down some mines can do amazing things.

Since you’re going to have to load up on weapons and armor you’ll want to do your best to minimize whatever else you’re carrying. By eliminating the need to carry Rad items you can sell these to fund your bullet addictions, Solar Powered will let you heal naturally while hiking through the Wasteland, Scrounger will net you lots of spare ammo you can sell for money / other ammunition and Strong Back helps you carry everything.

Partners: While you would normally want to have some close combat allies to back you up here it’s an incredibly bad idea here. This build can tear your followers to pieces if they aren’t careful. Instead, take Ed-E as well as a ranged human companion. While you will be vulnerable to enemies who rush you, like Nightkin, most enemies will be shredded by the fusillade of bullets they will face in coming at you.

The Laser Gunner is probably one of the most powerful attackers in the game. A talented Energy Weapon user will absolutely shred through enemies, dealing more damage than a close range shotgun blast at extreme ranges with the right weapons. Plus it seems to have a fairly easy job of blowing through armor which will help you deal with the heavily armored troops that are running around in the late game.

With this in mind your primary focus is going to be on hitting enemies and hitting them in the vitals. Enemies die rather easily to laser weapons so you don’t have to put too much work into killing enemies just so long as you can actually hit them. Early on it’s in your best interest to stay close to enemies and bean them with shots to their limbs. Take out the legs of melee enemies while trying to injure the arms of ranged attackers to disarm them. Later on though you can just aim for enemies heads and absolutely decimate foes.

Strength: 4
Perception: 7
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 6
Luck: 6

Tagged Skills

Energy Weapons
Barter or Repair (whatever you prefer to use to repair your weapons)


Good Natured


Rapid Reload
Comprehension (to aid in ammunition crafting)
Vigilant Recycler
Jury Rigging
Better Criticals
Robotics Expert
Action Boy / Girl
Grim Reaper’s Sprint
Laser Commander
Nerves of Steel

Pretty much the entire purpose of the perks for this character build are basically taken around two basic ideas: keeping your equipment at top functionality and inflicting lots of damage with your lasers. Vigilant Recycler and Scrounger will keep your ammo supplies fairly high while Jury Rigging will help keep your guns in top functionality. Most of the other perks that you’re taking will help you slaughter your enemies with devastating VATs attacks that will blow through enemy defenses.

In many ways this build works quite functionally like the Sniper build does with the main exception of this being a good deal more devastating. You’ll have a pretty easy time beaning enemies in the face with your laser blasts and they won’t survive too many of those as you get more and more deadly perks. If you can get your hands on a Gauss Rifle and pair it up with these perks then most enemies will be blown away easily, while the corona effect of Meltdown helps you kill off other enemies.

Partners: With this build it’s quite easy to completely recommend Rex as your back up with this build. He will close to melee range and tear enemies up while you take shots at them from a distance. As for your human companion you can either take Cass along, since she can do melee reasonably well but also shoot if you don’t want her in melee, or Lily since she can tear through enemies like a hot knife through butter.

Fallout New Vegas OP Smg and assault rifle build

Fallout New Vegas: Unique Builds You&#;ve Never Tried

Fallout: New Vegas is an expansive open-world video game with a lot to discover, which includes a large arsenal of powerful weapons and armor. There are also many skills to upgrade in New Vegas and many ways to merge them with specific equipment for a unique character build.

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Although there are lots of weapons and skills in New Vegas, it's easy to overlook them and not even realize that certain builds are possible. So here are some of the strongest character builds that most Wastelanders have never created.

10 The Space Alien From Earth

Energy weapons are great, especially the Alien Blaster. This weapon is perfect for a Courier that enjoys using laser weapons. You can acquire the Alien Blaster to the north of Horowitz Farmstead, but you'll have to fight a few Alien enemies to obtain it.

You can witness this other-worldly encounter if you have the Wild Wasteland trait, so be sure to pick it at the beginning of New Vegas if you want to become the Wasteland's very own extraterrestrial. The Alien Blaster deals 75 base damage and a critical hit upon impact.

9 The Nuka-Cola Grenadier

The Gun Runner's Arsenal DLC added many powerful new weapons to New Vegas; however, one of the best items added wasn't a standard weapon but instead an explosive device. By combining the Nuka-Grenade with the Explosive skill, you can deal massive amounts of damage to enemies. You can also use other explosive weapons with this build and save your Nuka-Grenades for large groups of enemies.

You can incorporate stealth into the Nuka-Cola Grenadier build to sneak up on enemies and throw your grenades before they ever see you coming. Nuka-Grenades are obtained by crafting them at a workbench with one Nuka-Cola, one Turpentine, one Abraxo Cleaner, one Tin Can, and one Quartz. You need the Mad Bomber perk and a level 60 Explosives skill to craft Nuka-Grenades.

8 The Samurai

Everybody wants to become a Samurai, and with the right equipment in Fallout: New Vegas, you can achieve this dream. First, you'll need to level up the Melee Weapons skill and Sneak skill.

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Next, you'll want to obtain a Shishkebab which you can purchase from the NCR Supply Officer inside of the Hoover Dam Office; the character's name is Quartermaster Bardon. The best armor for this build is the Stealth Suit MK 2. This suit of armor is found in the X Research Facility in the Old World Blues DLC.

7 The Brotherhood Of Steel Agent

The Brotherhood Of Steel has a role in the main storyline of New Vegas; however, it's not nearly as large as the Brotherhood Of Steel's presence is in other Fallout games. Because of this, many players overlook or completely ignore the idea of creating a Brotherhood Of Steel themed build in New Vegas.

But just because the Brotherhood Of Steel isn't as important to the main questline as other factions doesn't mean that you can't become a major asset to the Mojave Desert's branch of this advanced organization. You can join the Brotherhood Of Steel by interacting with their bunker in Hidden Valley, and you can even acquire Brotherhood Of Steel power armor and a signature laser gun to go along with it. This build focuses primarily on energy weapons and power armor.

6 The Master Of Speech

Speech is an important skill in New Vegas, but it's easy to ignore it completely since focusing on combat skills seems more important at the beginning of a new playthrough.

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However, you can use speech to solve quests, and it's the best skill to upgrade if you're interested in the least amount of combat possible because you can occasionally use the Speech skill to completely avoid a combat situation. If you want to play as a charismatic character or avoid combat as much as possible, then the Master Of Speech build is perfect for you.

5 The Chainsaw Wastelander

There are a few different chainsaw-type weapons to use in New Vegas, including the Ripper and the Gun Runner's Arsenal Chainsaw. Chainsaws are powerful weapons, and they deal a lot more damage than regular melee weapons since they continuously deal damage as opposed to hitting the enemy over and over again. Chainsaws could be described as the submachine gun of melee weapons. Rippers are carried by the characters found in Vault three, so defeating these enemies is the easiest way to obtain one.

A lot of Wastelanders don't even realize these weapons are in New Vegas, so it's a build you've probably never tried. However, pairing a chainsaw with power armor creates one of the strongest characters that you can create in New Vegas.

4 The Construction Courier

There are many unique DLC weapons throughout New Vegas; however, the H&H Tools Nail Gun is one of the most interesting. You can acquire the Nail Gun while exploring The Divide in the Lonesome Road DLC; it's found in many locations, including toolbox containers in Hopeville.

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The H&H Tools Nail Gun is an automatic weapon that functions similarly to a submachine gun, and it's considered a regular gun so you'll want to focus your attention on the Guns skill while creating the Construction Courier build.

3 The Dog Whisperer

Most people love dogs, so it's no surprise that there are many dog companions to recruit throughout the Fallout franchise. You can recruit the dog Rex in New Vegas by completing it's companion quest, "Nothin But A Hound Dog".

However, that's not the only dog that you can recruit; there's also a weapon that uses a canine brain as it's operating system. The K Cyberdog Gun is a powerful weapon that you can obtain from the Y Master Trauma Harness in the X Research Center while exploring the Old World Blues DLC. With this gun and Rex by your side, you'll be the strongest Dog Whisperer in the Mojave Wasteland.

2 The Pyromaniac

The Pyromaniac is a unique yet simple build, but it's very powerful, and you can easily overlook it while starting a new playthrough. To create the Pyromaniac build, you need to acquire a flamer. You can buy a flamer in the Silver Rush store.

Flamers are governed by the Energy Weapons skill, so this is the stat that you should increase when you level up. Explosive weapons also work well with the Pyromaniac build, such as Fire Bombs from the Honest Hearts DLC.

1 The Mine Master

If you want a stealth build that's also a lot of fun, then the Mine Master will be a great fit. Mines are explosive weapons that you can place on the ground to trap enemies when they walk by. Mines are found all over the Mojave Wasteland, similar to other explosive weapons.

The best way to use the Mine Master build is to place down mines near where an enemy is walking and then lead them into the trap. With this build, you don't need to fight enemies head-on. When you're trying to conserve mines, you can use other explosive weapons, including the Fat-Man and Dynamite. You can also use Plasma Mines if you prefer to deal energy damage.

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ConcernedApe is building upon the legacy of Stardew Valley in so many wonderful ways.

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The mutants and bandits that roam the Mojave wasteland are formidable opponents that will require stellar gear to take down. Luckily, there are plenty of unique weapons present in Fallout: New Vegas to make killing the toughest of Deathclaws a little bit easier.

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Unique weapons are variants of weapons that have special properties, which can take the form of better damage stats or properties never before seen. Revolvers, grenade launchers, melee weapons, practically every weapon category has unique variants that are hidden throughout the world. Here are the 20 best unique weapons players can find and use in Fallout: New Vegas.

Updated December 10th, by Charles Burgar: Replayability is a core part of any RPG, New Vegas included. Every playthrough can be radically different based on a player's S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats or weapons Listing ten weapons for New Vegas simply isn't enough when showcasing the best unique weapons. Here are ten additional picks to consider when creating a new build for Fallout: New Vegas. Note that this list covers unique weapons only, so the likes of the Anti-Material Rifle and Riot Shotgun are omitted from this list.

20 Ratslayer

Ratslayer is a highly-modified variant of the Varmint Rifle the Courier starts with. This powerful weapon can be found in the Broc flower cave hiding under a desk on the upper level of the cave.

Despite what its name implies, Ratslayer is not only good at killing rats. This weapon deals 23 damage a shot, has a 5x critical multiplier, and has every Varmint Rifle modification pre-installed. In other words, this is a fantastic early-game rifle that is equally deadly in chaotic gunfights and stealthy skirmishes.

19 Sleepytyme

Image from No Mutants Allowed

The Gun Runners certainly know how to make quality weaponry. Sleepytyme is a unique take on the 10mm SMG that comes with a suppressor pre-installed and higher base stats. It can be purchased from the Gun Runners outside of Freeside if you own the Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC.

With a fire rate of ten and a damage output of 20 per bullet, this small SMG can take down most targets in seconds. Its critical stats are rather lackluster because of its x critical multiplier, but that downside is counteracted by this weapon having the improved holdout weapon tag. You can bring Sleepytyme into casinos and other restricted areas so long as your Stealth skill is high enough. Considering this weapon is a full-auto monster, having this quality certainly makes it unique.

18 Christine's CoS Silencer Rifle

Image from thepcwalkthrough (YouTube)

Christine's CoS Silencer Rifle is a variant of the sniper rifle that features a suppressor and an absurdly high damage output of 62 per bullet—the highest damage per shot of any weapon in New Vegas. This weapon can be found leaning against a crumbling building near Little Yangtze, a location tied to the Old World Blues DLC.

On paper, this sniper has a lower DPS rating than the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle since it fires much slower. In practice, this weapon is better suited for stealth or critical-oriented builds since its high base damage and x critical multiplier allows it to one-shot most enemies in the game. Pair this gun with JSP rounds to annihilate any enemy that you can see.

17 Q Matter Modulator

Image from

Locked behind a Very Hard lock in the REPCONN headquarters, the Q Matter Modulator is a variant of a plasma rifle featuring a suite of improvement, most notably its doubled fire rate.

Plasma projectiles from this weapon travel much faster than other plasma weapons. While they deal seven less damage than a standard plasma weapon, the critical damage has been enhanced by 15 to make this better suited for Luck builds. Since this weapon fires twice as fast and consumes half as much ammo as a standard model, the Q Matter Modulator's improvements go from being niche to game-changing. This weapon combines the fast fire rate of a laser rifle with the hard-hitting nature of plasma. It's the best of both worlds.

16 Esther

This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning Esther, a unique variant of the iconic Fat Man rocket launcher. This weapon launches miniature nukes that annihilate anything remotely near the blast radius. It can be purchased from the Gun Runners outside of Freeside.

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Esther's unique modifications include a blast shield that grants your character passive damage resistance while the weapon is equipped. While it is ten pounds heavier than the non-unique counterpart, Esther can launch GRA mini nuke variants. These variants include Tiny Tots—a take on Fallout 3's MIRV Launcher—the Big Kid mini nuke that deals increased damage, and a timed mini nuke that gives you five seconds to find cover before it explodes. It is by no means a practical weapon, but not every gunfight in New Vegas demands a practical solution.

15 Lucky

Very few weapons in Fallout: New Vegas look as beautiful as Lucky. This elegant round revolver can be found in a hard safe found in an abandoned building in Primm.

If players can unlock this chest, prepare for an insanely strong revolver. For its ammo type, this weapon hits exceptionally hard and fires rather fast. Its boosted critical stats make this perfect for Luck-based perks and builds, causing nearly every enemy to explode in gore because of the frequent critical hits.

14 Li'l Devil

This modified mm pistol was added in the Gun Runner's Arsenal expansion for New Vegas, featuring dozens of new weapons and ammo types for players to try.

Li'l Devil is perfect for virtually any character that uses guns. It counts as a holdout 1 weapon, meaning it can be snuck into casinos. Compared to its base counterpart, it has a much better critical hit chance, damage, fire rate, and costs less AP to use in V.A.T.S. There are very few pistols that can match the damage output of this modified monster.

13 This Machine

The M1 Garand is one of the most iconic weapons in not just video games but in world history. Its iconic ping sound on a clip being expended makes it instantly recognizable in any medium.

This Machine is a slightly modified M1 that players can find by doing a rather obscure side mission for the NCR. In essence, the player will need to find out where critical supplies are being siphoned from and turn in who's responsible. The result of this unmarked quest is This Machine, a rifle with misaligned sights but a nasty bite. Aim for the head with this gun and nothing will stand more than a few rounds.

12 All-American

Image from LazyMonk (Nexus Mods)

All-American is a modified marksman carbine that can be found in Vault 34's armory. Unlocking the door through the overseer's terminal than locating the armory door can be quite the challenge, but the All-American is worth the hassle.

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A base DPS of makes this a fantastic semi-auto weapon in its class, which can be amplified as high as DPS with Gun skill and perks. Those with an itchy trigger finger will not be disappointed.

11 A Light Shining In Darkness

Joshua Graham, otherwise known as the Burned Man, is the main character players will talk to in the Honest Hearts expansion for New Vegas. He has a unique pistol that pistol builds will want to use.

To obtain this beautiful gun, players simply need to finish the main story quest arc. Upon completion, regardless of choices made, a footlocker near the entrance to Zion will contain unique items from NPCs the player interacted with. One of them is A Light Shining In Darkness, a unique pistol that has a high critical multiplier and amazing base DPS of

10 Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle

Who doesn't want to use a camouflaged sniper rifle? The Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle is located at Sniper's Nest, hidden in a skill gun case near a crate of ammo.

Power is all this weapon is about, featuring higher base damage and critical bonus than the standard sniper rifle. Also, the Gobi comes with a much lower weapon spread, making this one of the best long-ranged guns in New Vegas. Its downsides of not being able to be modded are made up with its raw stopping power and unique looks.

9 Paciencia

At first glance, the Paciencia seems to be a mediocre hunting rifle. Three shots per magazine seem lacking for the weapon's boost in damage, but that is not considering this weapon's immense critical stats. A 2x critical multiplier and critical damage stat make this gun comparable with the anti-material rifle when it crits. Any build that focuses on critical hits should pick this weapon up from the Gun Runners outside of Freeside.

8 YCS/

The YCS is a unique variant of the gauss rifle, featuring additional ammo conservation, more HP, and the chance to cripple enemies on a direct hit.

Players can find this weapon in the north-most part of New Vegas. Head to the gate at Freeside and continue north until a mountain range is close. A group of mercenaries should be there, who the player can kill to claim this sweet gun. If players can afford the ammo for this gun, it will cripple anything it doesn't immediately kill, setting up a perfect second shot.

7 Euclid's C Finder

When players make their way to Freeside, they might notice a little kid running around with a toy pistol. It looks like a plastic pistol that's based on a sci-fi design, but it's actually an orbital laser gun that doesn't have ammo.

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Players can either purchase this weapon off of the kid or convince him to give it away. Once obtained, players need to power up the HELIOS power station to wield this weapon's true power. It lives up to the work, firing a massive orbital laser that deals hundreds of damage to anything caught in the blast zone. Note that it can only be fired once a day, so make every shot count.

6 Oh, Baby!

Melee builds will have a hard time finding a better weapon than the Oh, Baby! super sledge. With a maxed melee skill and related melee perks, the Oh, Baby! has a whopping DPS rating. Better yet, this weapon can use the Mauler melee attack in V.A.T.S. for a 50% damage increase. Players can find this weapon in Charleston Cave in the southwest part of the cave near a dead nightkin.

5 Holorifle

Image from ghosta (Nexus Mods)

Technically speaking, the Holorifle isn't a unique weapon. It can be modified with modifications and it is given to the player at the start of Dead Money. That said, this is the only weapon of its kind in the entire game, so it ticks enough boxes to be considered a unique gun.

Regardless, the Holorifle is one of the strongest weapons in New Vegas. Every shot from this weapon applies a damage-over-time effect that deals 15 damage over three seconds. When fully modded, this gun out damages the anti-material rifle. With the right type of microfusion cell ammo, the Holorifle is easily the best close-ranged energy weapon in the game.

4 Medicine Stick

The Medicine Stick is a unique Brush Gun added in the Gun Runner's Arsenal DLC. To obtain this gun, players simply need to purchase it from the Gun Runner store near Freeside.

While it is easy to obtain, the Medicine Stick is nothing short of astounding. The weapon deals 78 damage per shot without Gun scaling or ammo differences. Compared to other Gov't ammo, the only other thing that compares to this gun is the anti-material rifle, New Vegas' version of a high-caliber sniper rifle.

3 CZ57 Avenger

Found in the Devil's Throat inside a blue truck is the CZ57 Avenger, a unique minigun that has the highest DPS weapon out of any weapon in Fallout: New Vegas. With a maxed Gun skill and related perks, the CZ57 Avenger can dish out an insane DPS rating.

While it comes with a reduced magazine capacity of 80, the increased damage this weapon deals more than makes up for it. Deathclaws, Cazadores, virtually any foe in New Vegas won't stand a chance against the CZ57 Avenger. Its only downside is being a heavy minigun that is unwieldy to use when compared to rifles and pistols.

2 Ranger Sequoia

The larger brother of most revolvers, the Ranger Sequoia is an insanely powerful round revolver that NCR Rangers wield. Players will have to find this off of NCR Veteran Rangers or Chief Hanlon at Camp Golf.

The Ranger Sequoia is worth the effort, however. It deals 62 damage a shot without any Gun skill or perk scaling, enhanced even further with fire rate perks. Its visual design is also stunning, with nice gold trimming and engravings that make this gun stand out from the rest of the Revolver archetype.

1 Survivalist Rifle

Honest Hearts added plenty of unique weapons from Colt pistols to Tommy Guns. The Survivalist Rifle, however, might be one of the coolest.

This modified service rifle can be found at the Red Gate in a duffle bag that its wielder once carried. As a weapon, it is unwieldy and equally powerful. Its bent iron sights and mismatched wood show a makeshift weapon that barely functions, yet every bullet fired from it hits like a truck. Better than the gun, though, is the story behind this weapon. The Survivalist was a survivor of the Great War and used this weapon through thick and thin during his life. It explains the worn appearance and the devastating power it contains.

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Fallout New Vegas OP Smg and assault rifle build
4 int should be max for anyone pretty much.
1 cha as well.

I suggest the following base stats:

Str 5
Per 5
Agil 9
Int 4
Cha 1
Luck 8
End 8

Str 5 + 1 from implant qualifies you for all perks and with power armor you get 8.
Per 5 +1 from implant is all you need for better criticals.
Agil 9 +1 from implant gives you max movement speedit's a big difference to me. AP bonus is nice too.
Int 4 +1 from implant lets you get educated and plenty of skill points. More is a waste. 3 if your hardcore.
Cha 1 worthless stat in this game
Luck 8 +1 gives you the full skill point bonus, gambling auto win and +9% crit chance.
End 8 nothing else boosts you as much as end at this point. +1 from implant and +1 from intense training.

The choice is between a 10 luck or 10 end in the above case. 1% more crit chance is all you get from another luck pointand while it's niceanother point of end gives extra hp and resistances.

Honestly playing with a less then 10 agility is torture to me. If you don't notice the movement speed difference I envy you. Even on melee builds I STILL aim for a 10 agility sacrificing endurance (only need 5 or 6) for the strength instead.

As far as traits unless you just don't care about science,speech,barter,medicine,repair for some crazy reason good natured should be universal. It's less of a bonus for melee/unarmed builds since you need to boost both (so you get skill points and +25). For gun or energy weapon builds though you gain +20 skill points from good natured. All of the skills are useful.

For a gun build I also strongly suggest going with Built to Destroy. +3 crit chance is quite large with better criticals later onit's basically like another 5% bonus to damage and repairing is not a problem at all in this game especially if you get jury rigging (but even if you don't).

Perception sadly suckswith it's biggest advantage being the ability to get better criticals. It's honestly worth grabbing a 5 base perception just for the skill bonuses and better criticals.

Thats pretty much it. As far as fast shotyou can take itbut honestly I rarely had a problem with AP with a 10 agility and action boy. If you have trouble with that many AP I don't think the bonus from fast shot is going to help much.

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